Cal Bears podcast with Michael Duca: Bears suffers it’s seventh consecutive loss; Drops close game to Utah 76-75

Cal Bears Matt Bradley drives toward the basket against the Utah Utes on Thu Feb 11, 2021 at Haas Pavilion in Berkeley ( photo)

On the Cal Bears podcast with Michael:

#1 The Cal Bears (7-15) almost did what they did in Utah and that’s beat the Utes but took a tough one point loss at Haas Pavilion 76-75.

#2 After only scoring 24 points in the first half of the game the Bears roared back with 41 second half points only to fall a point short. On the Utes side of the ball after losing to Cal at home in their last meeting the Utes were determined not to lose again to the Bears.

#3 The Bears Matt Bradley led Cal in scoring and kept busy on the floor as he was basically the go to guy in the second half finishing up with 20 points.

#4 In any close game everyone’s offensive effort counts and Grant Anticevich  with 18 points finishing second in scoring. Anticevich has had some good games offensively for Cal this season.

#5 Cal hosts the Colorado Buffaloes this Sat Feb 13th at Haas Pavilion. The Buffaloes defeated Stanford on Thursday 69-51 and have won five out of their last six games. Will the Bears have their hands full on Saturday?

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Cal Bears podcast with Michael Duca: Tale of the two halves defense picked up in second half Cal still lost

Cal Bears Matt Bradley takes a free throw shot against the Pepperdine Waves Wednesday night in Malibu. This was Cal’s second straight road trip as they return back to Berkeley on Saturday against USF ( photo)

On the Cal Bears podcast with Michael Duca:

#1 Michael, how big is it for Cal that they didn’t have to suffer too many postponed games, rescheduled games and pretty much rely on playing their home games at Haas Pavilion during this very strict Covid-19 shutdown.

#2 In Cal’s last game men’s basketball game at Pepperdine it was the tale of the two halves. The first half the Pepperdine dominated with a 44-30 whereas Cal improved the defense in the second half with the Waves just edging out Cal 32-30 but as you know it’s what the scoreboard shows at the end of the game as it was 74-62 Pepperdine.

#3 All things considered Michael did that second half show any improvements for Cal as they played a close second half against a very good Waves team who have made handy work of post season tournaments.

#4 Cal has now lost two straight including a loss to UCLA the game before Pepperdine they come back to Haas Pavilion for Saturday night’s game against USF (4-2). The Dons have won four straight after going 0-2. Knowing how well coached USF is how do you see this match up on Saturday?

#5 Michael talk about two of Cal’s top scorers from Wednesday’s game Grant Anticevich with 21 points and Matt Bradley who lead Cal with 27 points they had to work hard against the Waves.

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Cal basketball in the win column with blowout of Northwest WA, 86-61

The Cal Bears Ryan Betley (00) led all scorers on Thanksgiving night at Northwest University at Gill Coliseum with 14 points in the Bears first win of the 2020-21 season (KLC Photos)

By Morris Phillips

It’s not the distinction the Cal athletic department was looking for but hey, it’s 2020 and just about anything goes.

The Cal men’s basketball team has a win at least a day before the Cal football team gets its initial win. Call it calendar confusion or a COVID cancelations conundrum, the Bears hoopers have their first win, 86-61 over Northwest (WA) a day before the Cal football team (0-2) faces Stanford in the Big Game.

Normally, the overlap between college football and college basketball is brief, but nothing is normal this season. In fact, it wasn’t until midway through this week that the Bears found out they would be playing on Thanksgiving day.

But once the novelty of it all played out the Bears got down to business, decimating the NAIA Eagles with a 27-4 run early in the first half on their way to a 20-point halftime lead and a 25-point win.

Five Golden Bears scored in double figures led by Ryan Betley with 14 points, nine rebounds. Andre Kelly an Matt Bradley each scored 11 points, Makale Foreman and Joel Brown each had 10.

Mark Fox jumbled his lineup, inserting Foreman, Kuany Kuany and D.J. Thorpe as starters after the team started sluggishly on Wednesday versus OSU. Fox took advantage of the big lead by getting playing time for his entire roster with Logan Alters, Blake Welle and Jalen Celestine making their season debuts.

The two schools were originally scheduled for Friday afternoon but the late scratch of the Colorado State Rams due to COVID issues forced the teams to move up 24 hours to accommodate a newly scheduled Northwest (WA)-Oregon State matchup on Friday.

The Bears return to the Bay Area early in anticipation of their home opener against Nicholls of the Southland Conference on Monday night.



Cal Bears Football podcast with Michael Duca: Covid cancels another game for Cal; Trip to ASU all for naught

Cal Bears and ASU Sun Devils kickoff on Sat Nov 14th at Frank Kush Field at Sun Devil Stadium (photo from

Cal Bears Football podcast with Michael Duca:

#1 Outbreaks have been the norm in college football Cal’s opener last week against Washington and this week at ASU was cancelled as in week one a player tested positive and his linemates were quarantined those same players are still in quarantined shortening the Bears defensive line forcing the game to be canceled.

#2 Midweek Cal head coach Justin Wilcox had to wonder if there would be a game at all. This week how hard is that on a coaching staff and the players when you have to stop and then prepare again.

#3 I know you’ve talked about the tight Covid-19 protocols from the Berkeley Public Health Department which has Cal’s entire defensive line under quarantine which expires Saturday night.

#4 The game for Saturday at ASU had been a question mark and the players have been working out and the defensive line have been allowed to do some individual supervised workouts.

#5 Wilcox said he’s complained regarding the way the Berkeley Public Health Department has handled deciding who sits on the Bears. Wilcox said they would like to know why that some of the players he has are in quarantine when they are negative.

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Cal-Stanford Football podcast with Morris Phillips: Cal’s Garber and Stanford’s Mills looking forward to invite family to games

The Cal Bears quarterback Chase Garbers (7) looks for a receiver in this file photo as Garbers says he’s looking forward to the Pac 12 allowing family and fans in the stadium for Pac 12 games this season (file photo from

On the Cal/Stanford podcasts with Morris:

#1 Cal Bears quarterback Chase Garbers was asked how much it means to him to quarterback against his younger brother Ethan quarterback for the Washington Huskies on Nov 7th at Berkeley.

#2 Garbers did say if it’s safe he would be excited to see players parent but his own parents there for the game against his brother Ethan and the Huskies. Just to have family there Garbers said would be extra special.

#3 Right now fans are banned from Pac 12 games but last September 24th the Pac 12 Conference board voted for student athlete familes to be able to attend Pac 12 games.

#4 Stanford Cardinal quarterback David Mills family who live in Georgia got to see Mills on the last day of last season in Central Florida. Mills says his family is ready to travel see Mills for home games at Stanford this season family and fans permitted.

#5 Morris WSU running back Max Borchi said that it’s important to the student athletes to have family at games it’s the backbone of having your family’s support at the games.

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Pac 12 Foootball podcast with Morris Phillips: Can Scott get the Pac 12 on network television?

What will be the next move for Pac 12 Commissioner Larry Scott as major network television are not interested in broadcasting Pac 12 games (

On the Pac 12 Football podcast with Morris:

#1 Morris how much trouble is the Pac 12 in when they can’t get a TV deal?

#2 Morris talk about the networks who didn’t want any part of the Pac 12 CBS, Fox, and ESPN.

#3 Morris turning to Cal Bears football, outside linebacker Tevin Paul had opted out and lineman Luc Bequette transferred. Cal defensive coordinator Peter Sirmon said that since the season was switching to the fall from spring he had little time to find replacements and is working with what he has to get ready for the season.

#4 Sirmon said that he has enough players to develop outside linebackers in place of Paul’s departure for example Sirmon said he has Cam Goode is an excellent rusher and Braxton Croteau physically has developed into a good linebacker. Sirmon sounds pretty confident in the linebacking position.

#5 Cal lineman Brett Johnson had Covid 19 during the summer but has been cleared for practice. Johnson said while he had it he didn’t take a second test during his time in quarantine because of dead traces of the virus in your body. Johnson said he just stayed in his house playing video games and eating chicken pot pie.

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Cal Bears Football podcast with Michael Duca: Is bringing back the Pac 12 all about health and safety or the big bucks?

Cal Bears and Pac 12 Football will return on November 6th the first of a seven game schedule and will be headed up by Cal Bears head coach Justin Wilcox (USA Today file photo)

On the Cal Bears Football podcast with Michael Duca:

#1 There have been arguments already about the return of Pac 12 football namely that it is a mistake for them to return after it was originally postponed. The Cornavirus count has not gone down and could hit as many as 250,000 into January and February. Is the Pac 12 making the responsible decision in enacting a new season next month?

#2 The Pac 12 CEO and University of Oregon president Michael Schill said Thursday that health and safety is one of the Pac 12’s number one priority. Do you still see right through the real motive here that these universities are under immense pressure by the alumni donars, sponsors and parents of the student athletes because it’s really about the bottom line?

#3 The Mountain West also with the Pac 12 announced they will return in November and like the Pac 12 the MWC will tell you this is all about that the students and their academics come first, and as student athletes that their health and safety and following the safety protocols for the players and it’s team personnel and education come first before anything else.

#4 The Pac 12 has a seven game season starting Nov 6th and the MWC plans to have a eight game season starting October 24th. Did the conferences decide to play this fall because they feel it was better for more interest to than in the spring?

#5 Pac 12 men’s and women’s basketball is also set to return on Nov 25th which gives basketball just a month to prepare and get ready for regular season play other than the safety issues do you see this being like any other Pac 12 basketball season and being competitive and worry free?

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Cal Bears report: With California leading in Covid cases in the nation Pac 12 shuts down sports for the fall

Cal Athletics image from

By Morris Phillips and Michael Duca

BERKELEY–In what seems like no end in sight the Pac 12 group today voted to cancel all fall sports through the end of 2020 and will plan to resume play in the spring. This was given careful consideration after consulting with the Medical Advisory Committee and the athletic directors of each of the Pac 12 schools.

The committee made clear they were very concerned about practices that involved contact sports such as football. The Pac 12 said when they see that the virus has flattened in a safe way and that cases have gone to a safe number the conference will consider returning competitive sports with a target date of Jan 1, 2021.

Student athletes will have their scholarships guaranteed, the Pac 12 also is offering NCAA grant students who already have opted out of sports programs another year of eligibility for this school year. Those students will receive from their universities advisement and tutoring as support from canceled sports programs and their academic education.

University of Oregon president Michael H. Schill said that he along with students, coaches, and staff is disappointed that it had to come to this but Schill said putting safety is job number one, “All of the Pac-12 presidents and chancellors understand the importance of this decision, and the disappointment it will create for our student-athletes, the coaches, support staff and all of our fans,” said Schill. “Ultimately, our decision was guided by science and a deep commitment to the health and welfare of student-athletes. We certainly hope that the Pac-12 will be able to return to competition in the New Year.”

Cal Athletic director Jim Knowlton and Cal Chancellor Carol Christ put out a heartfelt statement knowing that this impacts students athletes who have worked all their school lives to get to this point only to see their season canceled under such pandemic circumstances, “We are aligned in our support for the Pac-12’s decision to postpone fall sports. While the decision was difficult, it is consistent with our shared commitment to the health and well-being of Cal’s student-athletes, coaches and staff. Our hearts go out to the student-athletes who will not have the opportunity to compete this fall. We are incredibly proud of how they have been navigating the disappointments and uncertainties surrounding their athletic pursuits, and we will do all that we can to support them during these difficult times. We look forward to the day when they will be able to, once again, train for and compete in the sports they love. We look forward to the day when we can, together with members of Cal’s extended family, once again cheer them on as they pursue excellence on the field of play.”

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Cal Bears podcast with Michael Duca: Pac 12 Commissioner dismissive on players demands

Pac 12 Commissioner Larry Scott said that he will not meet with Pac 12 players any further regarding stronger safety protection issues and eligibility protection status if they opt out for this season (file photo from

On the Cal Bears podcast with Michael:

#1 Pac 12 players have said that in their discussions with Pac 12 Commissioner Larry Scott regarding Covid-19 safety issues and stronger protection status said Scott had not offered any concrete mandates.

#2 Over the weekend Pac 12 players said they will opt out for this season if the following is not instituted out of concern for safety issues, continuous Covid-19 testing and the protection of players eligibility status that choose to opt out due to safety reasons.

#3 In the NFL close to 70 players have already opted out will that be kind of signal for college players that opting out might be the choice to make based on all the safety data and all the latest news

#4 The players had a statement through The Players Tribune which outlined the players needs before the start of the season, the players also said that Scott was “condescending, unprepared and unwilling” to meet with them again and that Scott said the players could go meet with conference’s medical advisory board.

#5 There were a combined number of Cal and Stanford players involved in the negotiations with the Pac 12 up to at least 15 players from both schools but after seeing how Scott handled his last meeting with the players do you see a number of players coming on board to opt out and joining in to be more vocal for their demands?

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Headlines Sports podcast with Morris Phillips: Pac 12 scheduling conference games only; SEC Commissioner says season highly likely in jeopardy

Stanford Cardinal Athletic Director Bernard Muir shared his concerns as the Stanford Athletic Department has already cut 11 programs and are looking at more than a $12 million deficit for the Stanford Athletics 2021 season (photo from

On Headline Podcast with Morris:

#1 The Pac 12 took the Big 10’s lead and have scheduled only conference games only.  The decision is not only for the football program but it extends to other college sports as well.

#2 Cal reported that 47 new cases of Cornoavirus has spread these cases were confirmed just last week  when the Cal Greek Club met and reported that they were infected. Which confirms that classes won’t be held on campus this fall.

#3 At the beginning of the crisis back in March there were 23 reported cases of Covid-19 on  the Cal campus but since the re-opening at the end of last May these 47 new cases and the spiking of the epidemic have the Cal campus scrambling not to have classes at the campus.

#4 Last week Stanford canceled 11 athletic programs and as SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey stated he highly doubts their will be a football season in the SEC and that extends to the Pac 12.

#5 Not only is Stanford cutting sports programs they reported that their starting to have budget problems. Stanford Athletic Director Bernard Muir shared his concerns stating that even before the pandemic Stanford was looking at a $12 million projected deficit for 2021.

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