Headline Sports podcast with Tony Renteria: Cano’s career could be toast after second PED’s suspension; 7 Raiders come down with positive Covid-19 test; plus more

New York Mets Robinson (24) Cano greets J.D. Davis (28) after hitting a home run during their game on August 17, 2020 against the Miami Marlins (AP News file photo)

On Headline Sports podcast with Tony R:

#1 Tony the New York Mets second baseman Robinson Cano who was suspended on Wednesday for coming up positive for PEDs may not be back with the Mets. This is Robinson’s second suspension for PED use.

#2 Cano was considered a Hall of Fame candidate who was just 376 hits away from reaching a career total of 3,000 most likely will never see that plateau and no team may pick him up because of his steroid use and suspensions.

#3 Tony tell us about the Las Vegas Raiders here they go again seven players go on the Covid-19 list, saftey Jonathan Abram, defensive tackles Maliek Collins, Johnathan Hankins, Kendal Vickers, defensive end Arden Key, cornerback Isaiah Johnson, and defensive end David Irving from the practice squad. Tony how will the absence of these seven players impact the Raiders going into Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

#4 The Raiders had a success in the ground game in their last game against the Broncos could they get that same satisfaction against the Chiefs this coming Sunday at Allegiant Stadium? The Raiders are the only team in the NFL to beat the Chiefs so far this season.

#5 The Sacramento Kings Bogdan Bogdanovic will enter restricted free agency after a deal that would have been a trade and sign deal fell though that would have sent him to the Milwaukee Bucks. The Kings and Bucks did have an agreement but the Bucks were able to acquire Jrue Holiday from the New Orleans Hornets as the Bucks were looking for someone that could compliment Giannis Antetokounmpo on offense. Will Kings still try and deal Bogdanovic somewhere else or will the Kings work on trying to keep him.

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That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: Double Standard at Cooperstown?

Former Cincinnati Reds great Pete Rose poses near his statue outside of Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati is still serving a lifetime ban from Major League Baseball (file photo from WLWT 700 News Radio Cincinnati)

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

“T’was the night before Christmas when all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse, the stockings were hung by the chimney with care all the new Hall of Fame names were read with a flair, but the name of Pete Rose still was not there” -APG.2020.

The list for the 2021 first time nominees for Cooperstown is out, including those that felt short in previous years. They are still on the ballot and some like Roger Clements and Barry Bonds will probably not be elected this year. They might have to wait a few more years. But, what about Pete?

This is the time of the year for that perennial question. Why is Pete Rose not in the Hall of Fame as a player. No player alive or still playing is remotely close to Pete Rose record of 4,256 hits. The closest one, who still active is LA Angels Albert Pujols with 3,236 hits. Also active, Miguel Cabrera 2,866, Robinson Canó 2,624 ( who also was suspended for the 2021 season for PEDs), Nick Markakis 2,388 then Yadier Molina with 2,001. All of these active players are veterans towards the end of their careers; they have really no chance of getting remotely close to Pete Rose.

Gambling is the cardinal sin of baseball, and that is why Pete Rose is not in the Hall of Fame. In 1989 Major League Baseball punished Pete Rose, manager of the Cincinnati Reds for betting on baseball.

Rose accepted a settlement than includes a lifetime ban from the game. But every year when the names of the new class of Hall of Fame players that are nominated comes out, everybody debates if he should be given the chance of induction into the Hall of Fame.

Rose recently admitted to Jim Gray that he still bets on baseball. This confession is part of Jim Gray’s “Talking to Goats” FOX News special and book. As a civilian he can bet on baseball, it is legal, just visit any Casino in the United States and you probably can place a bet, or on the internet as well.

We are a betting nation. Draft Kings is a very popular Daily Fantasy Sports for Cash in baseball, the Superbowl is approaching and after March Madness tournament in Basketball. The Superbowl is the highest sports event in amount of bets. During the summer, baseball (usually 162-game schedule) allows more opportunities to bet each day.

We are also a forgiving nation. With the advances of science, i.e. DNA, people that were wrongly convicted of murder and have been serving for decades a life sentence, have been released after DNA showed that they were wrongly convicted.

Many countries around the world, if you are convicted of murder, you are executed very soon after your sentence. O.J Simpson is a free man, after his controversial ‘not guilty’ verdict, but we all know he got away with murder, he had to hire the best attorneys in the world to save his life, so there went most of what money OJ had.

Question for everybody: What is worst, Pete Rose betting on baseball or the Houston Astros cheating and winning the 2017 World Series?

Pete Rose is not going to manage or play again. To me it looks ridiculous the fact he is not in the Hall of Fame where he belongs. If we are going to be consistent with the world we are living today (this is not 1919 and the Black Sox scandal) I hope we can see Pete Rose soon, (not after he is dead) in Cooperstown. That is my opinion, you might disagree and I respect your opinion.

Stay well and stay tuned.

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That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast: Padres Clevinger out for 2021; Hall of Fame balloting as Bonds and steroid era players try again; plus more

San Diego Padre pitcher Mike Clevinger leaving game 1 of the NLDS on Oct 6, 2020 at Arlington will have Tommy John surgery for his elbow and will miss the 2021 season (AP News file photo)

On That’s Amaury:

#1 Amaury how shocking is it that San Diego Padres pitcher Mike Clevinger is now out for the 2021 season after having Tommy John surgery on his elbow. He was a big value pitcher coming over from Cleveland during the season.

#2 Amaury bolloting for the 2021 MLB Hall of Fame saw Mark Buehrle, Torii Hunter, Nick Swisher and Barry Zito enter as candidates while high vote getters from the steroid era Curt Schilling, Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds are also in the running.

#3 Former Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy LaSorda has been admitted into ICU at an Orange County Hospital. LaSorda 93 had a heart attack when he was Dodgers manager in 1996 and had attended game 6 of the 2020 World Series between the Tampa Bay Rays and Dodgers. LaSorda’s reason for being in the hospital was not disclosed.

#4 Turning to hockey Amaury, The San Jose City Council had a meeting on Monday at San Jose City Hall regarding the planning of development around SAP Center which include 65 new buildings on 84 acres surrounding SAP Center and BART also plans to develop right across the street. The Sharks had been opposed to BART coming to SAP Center and tried to go stop it in court in 2017. Their fear was too much traffic, too much congestion. The City plans another meeting on Dec 3rd regarding street closures and the Sharks said if there is sufficient gridlock and their parking revenue is cut they will consider moving out of downtown San Jose.

#5 Amaury is there any future consideration for Sharks on Spanish radio as you might recall last season Jesus Zarate called the play by play on the Sharks original flagship station 910 ESPN Deportes. Fans received a “Los Tiburones” t shirt for Hispanic Heritage night at SAP Center and it was former San Jose Mercury News columnist Mark Purdy who coined the “Los Tiburones” name. Will the Sharks return on Spanish radio again for the new season?

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That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: With New Vaccines Sports see Game Changer

The front of the offices of Moderna who have an effective 94.5 % vaccine for Coronavirus that is scheduled for distribution as soon as April 2021 (teletrader.com file photo)

With New Vaccines Sports see Game Changer

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

We heard all the projections that a vaccine for Covid-19 would take years, because most vaccines usually do. However within one week Pfizer and Moderna two very big and innovative pharmaceutical companies announced their new vaccines, both reporting their trials showed over 90 percent effective.

Next step is for the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) to approve and then the distribution to millions of Americans. An once-in-a-lifetime collaboration between the Federal Government and some of the world largest pharmaceutical companies worked together to bring results during a crisis of this magnitude.

The same Chemicals that in time of war are used to construct military missiles, to build weapons, drones, body armor now are fighting for the civilian population. The old Korean War-era law known as the Defense Production Act of 1950 was used again by the administration in power and named Operation Warp Speed.

To develop and built all that is needed to combat this Covid virus. Dr. Anthony Fauci calls is good news and now we have to work on getting it to the people. He called these vaccines impressive and that they could be out to the public by the end of next month.

It has taken these companies six to seven months to develop a vaccine, a much needed instrument against this virus and the sports world is breathing today some relief from months of uncertainty.

For most of the year we have seen empty stadiums, protocols for players and staff, fans (when allowed like in the NLCS and World Series) and we have been living under a totally different lifestyle. MLB, NBA, NFL have lost billions of dollars in revenue, it has forced these leagues to reduce their regular-season amount of games played, where they play it and in some instances how they play it.

This virus has changed everything in the sports world, however, with these new vaccines; things should improve and eventually improve to the goal of everybody, to return to a normal world, and the world we knew before. When the only time you had your temperature checked was at your doctor’s office, that type of world.

I am sure everybody that is involved with sports, players and staff across the country and millions of fans sees this as very positive news.

The most appropriate and most used phrase in sports, applies here: This is a “game changer”.

Stay well and stay tuned.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the vice president of the Major League Baseball Hispanic Heritage Hall of Fame Museum and does News and Commentary each week at http://www.sportsradioservice.com


That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: Miami Marlins Break Glass Ceiling hire first woman GM in MLB history

Kim Ng joins the Miami Marlins as the first woman MLB general manager. Ng formerly worked with the New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox, and Los Angeles Dodgers. (USA Today file photo)

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

The Miami Marlins of Major League Baseball became the first team of any of the four professional sports leagues in the United States when they announced today the hiring of Kim Ng, a female executive as their new General Manager.

She is the first female GM in Major League Baseball history. Ng will turn 52 next Tuesday, after graduating from the University of Chicago Ng went to work as a Intern for the Chicago White Sox, where she worked for 21 years, later an executive with then NY Yankees and LA Dodgers.

“On behalf of principal owner Bruce Sherman and our entire ownership group, we look forward to Kim bringing a wealth of knowledge and championship level experience to the Miami Marlins”. CEO Derek Jeter said in a statement.“I entered Major League Baseball as an intern and, after decades of determination, it is the honor of my career to lead the Miami Marlins as their next general manager,” Ng said in a statement.

Just like the Brooklyn Dodgers were pioneers in 1947 when General Manager Branch Rickey signed Jackie Robinson as the first black player in MLB, the Miami Marlins are the first team to sign a woman as their General Manager. Florida is the third most populous State in the country and one of the most diverse.

Congratulations to the Miami Marlins organization and Good luck to Kim Ng.

Stay well and stay tuned

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the Oakland A’s lead Spanish radio announcer on 1010 KIQI San Francisco and does News and Commentary at http://www.sportsradioservice.com

That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: Baseball and Veterans Day

Amaury Pi Gonzalez author in uniform with the US Army is one of five staff writers at Sports Radio Service who have served in the US Military. As Amaury writes about Veterans Day celebrated Wed Nov 11, 2020 (photo provided by Amaury Pi Gonzalez)

That’s Amaury’s News and Commenty

By Amaury Pi Gonzalez

No sport is more intertwined with the US military than baseball. Through the years many baseball players have served their nation, during times of war or peace. Some volunteered for war, some were drafted, other served in uniform in the reserves, regardless of their circumstances all showed their patriotism and selfishness to their country.

Among Hall of Fame players that served are:

Cleveland Indians Bob Feller. He left an over six-figure contract and joined the US Navy right after the Japanese attack in Pearl Harbor. He was the first American professional athlete (among all sports) to enlist and served in the US Navy from 1941 to 1945. In 1946 Bob Feller’s fastball was clocked at 98.6 miles-per hour, by a US Army device. It was the fastest at that time.

Boston Red Sox slugger Ted Williams. Teddy Ballgame is frequently mentioned as the last man in major league baseball to hit over .400 when he ended the 1941 season with a .406 batting average. His military career was also exemplary as a pilot during World War II and the Korean War, he and Larry McPhail,(high ranking baseball executive) are the only two to have served in two wars.

New York Yankee Joe DiMaggio enlisted in 1943, and never saw combat. The Yankee Clipper served as a physical education instructor in the US Army Special Services, mostly stationed in California and Hawaii.

New York Giants center-fielder Willie Mays was drafted by the US Army in 1952 during the Korean War. Although he did not see action during the war, he was much valuable to the military participating in media campaigns and public exhibitions to raise troop moral. He returned to the Giants in 1954 and led the National League with a .345 batting average, winning the Most Valuable Player.

New York Yankee legendary catcher Yogi Berra volunteered during the assault on Normandy, France, during the famous D-Day. Berra was told not to mention his secret mission to his family. He was on a rocket boat during the first waves of the allied invasion of Europe, landing at Normandy, France, which began the eventual undoing of Hitler and his occupation.

The most famous #42. Jackie Robinson joined the US Army in 1942 and was commissioned a second Lieutenant in 1943. Honorably Discharged in 1944. While serving Robinson was arrested and court-martialed protesting segregation, but was acquired later. Pitcher Hoyt Wilhelm (He threw the best Knuckleball ever) pitched for the NY Giants and eight other teams, served in the US Army during the Battle of the Bulge, was injured in and received a Purple Heart

These Hall of Famers also served in uniform: Roberto Clemente, Tom Seaver, Rod Carew, Nolan Ryan, Don Larsen, Pee Wee Reese, Johnny Mize, Joe Gordon and many others.

Sandy Alderson, once Executive for the Oakland Athletics, new York Mets and San Diego Padres, served during the Viet Nam war as a US Marine Lieutenant.

My apologies to those I did not mentioned and the many more that also served the country.

On behalf of all the staff here at Sports Radio Service and our veterans we salute you and thank you for your support. past and present collaborators; Ken Gimlin, US Army, Joe Cronin, US Army, Tony Rentería, US Marines, Jerry Feitelberg, US Army, Amaury Pi-González, US Army.

Stay tuned and stay well.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the Oakland A’s Spanish radio lead announcer on 1010 KIQI San Francisco and does News and Commentary at http://www.sportsradioservice.com


That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: Baseball Is Cheating Rewarded?

AJ Hinch gets a new lease on life after spending the 2020 season suspended from the Houston Astros scandal. Hinch will be at the helm for the Detroit Tigers for 2021. (photo from the Detroit Free Press)

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

Alex Cora was hired by the Boston Red Sox as their new skipper for the next two years running through 2022 with a two-year club option for the ’23 and ’24 seasons. In 2017 Alex Cora was the bench coach for the World Champion Houston Astros.

Because of a coordinated cheating of signs, he was suspended for a year, together with manager A.J Hinch as well as General Manager Jeff Lunow, who is a very good General Manager, proficient in Spanish who sat with us during a few innings of a broadcast, a few years ago as the Astros visited Oakland.

Alex Cora’s suspension expired immediately after Dodgers eliminated the Rays in this most recent World Series. Cora also assumed the manager’s position (during that 2017 cheating season with the Astros) every time manager Hinch was ejected; which was in three occasions. To refresh our memories: The 2017 Astros team won the West with 101-61 record, 21 games over second place LA Angels. A’s finished in last place, 26 games behind. Then the Astros took the World Series from the Dodgers. Obviously, the cheating paid off.

Not a surprise Cora is returning to Boston, he is well regarded by the Boston Red Sox organization. As a rookie manager Cora guided the Red Sox to 108 victories and a World Series title in 2018. However, the next season (2019) under Cora, the club ended with a 84-78 record, in third place 19 games behind the NY Yankees.

The most famous baseball scandal was that of the 1919 World Series, between the Chicago White Sox and the Cincinnati Reds, most well known as The Black Sox Scandal. In 1920 four players admitted to a Grand Jury they had thrown the 1919 World Series in return from a bribe by a gambling syndicate led by Arnold Rothstein and his associates.

A total of seven players were involved. “Eight Men Out” is an excellent movie about that most famous scandal. 1920’s and 2020, are two different planets in baseball. The highest paid player in 1920 was the great Ty Cobb, $20,000 a season with the Detroit Tigers. The Detroit Tigers franchise in 2020 is worth an estimated $1.25 billion.

Major League teams have the right to hire whomever they want, they are a private business and that is their right. And, granted, Cora won a World Series as Manager of the Red Sox and nobody accused the Red Sox of cheating that year.

However, I would think that the memory of the 2017 Houston Astros cheating and winning a World Series, still very much fresh in our minds. In a way looks like you can cheat and wait a couple of years and you are back in the game. I do not want Alex Cora suspended for life, that would be ridiculous, but coming back this soon? I do not think is a very good look for Major League Baseball. The wounds are not healed yet.

If there is cheating inside an organization, the most culpable are those in charge, from the top down, General Manager, to the Field Manager, then the players, and in some instances, maybe even the owner. During these times, owners are not that involved with what happens down on the field.

Unlike the days of black and white television, and prior, where some owners were really “hands on” with the teams. Not that very long ago, owners that come to mind are Charlie O. Finley with the Kansas City and Oakland A’s and George Steinbrenner of the New York Yankees, those were hands-on owners, they were really bosses with lots of passion for the game and they were not shy to show it.

Back in the days of the Black Sox Scandal, things were different, teams were mostly owned by families with certain affinity to the game and not big corporations like today. Not to mention a record that will never be broken, that of the Owner and Manager of the Philadelphia Athletics for over 50 years. Connie Mack who won 3,731 games, tops in major league baseball, he also played prior to his managing-owner years and never wore a uniform while managing, famous for his white straw hat.

“Cheating is baseball’s oldest profession. No other game is so rich in skullduggery. -Thomas Boswell.

Stay tuned and stay well.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the vice president of the Major League Baseball Hispanic Heritage Museum and does News and Commentary at http://www.sportsradioservice.com

That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: MLB Owners and Winter Meetings Cancelled

Major League Baseball calling off it’s winter meetings is a cause for concern after losing over $3 billion in revenue will MLB open the season and stand to lose more revenue again for 2021? (file photo from CBS Sports)

By Amaury Pi-González

2020 Baseball season is over; the Los Angeles Dodgers were crowned World Series Champion during an unprecedented 60-game season and Playoffs. However, the pain inflicted by this 2020 in baseball is not over yet.

The league announced the cancellation of both the owners meetings in November and winter meetings in December. The agendas will be conducted virtually as needed, by the now very well-known Zoom meeting. Owners meeting: Owners, presidents, general managers and managers from the 30 teams talk about economics, on-field issues as well as trades and free agents.

Winters meeting: All Major League baseball teams and their minor league affiliates convene each December to discuss business and conduct the off-season trades and all transactions.

According to The Wall Street Journal the 30 teams lost an estimated of $3 billion. The biggest blow, no fans in the stands, no ticket sales no parking revenues, no food drink or souvenirs sold. And we must not forget that some businesses in the vicinity of many parks also suffered, even if they were open.

No surprise that most MLB teams have reduced their staffs, some more than others, its early October MLB released schedules for all 30 teams for the 2021 season, however, the Office of the Commissioner Rob Manfred has still two biggest fears for next season which are, (1)-Are we going to have a vaccine, and (2) – Are we past the Pandemic. If both answers are yes, things could begin to return with a sense of “normalcy” of some form.

Even if 2021 is played with a 162 game schedule, like for example (2019 when nobody could predict this Pandemic) and everything went ‘honky dory’ there is another problem in the horizon. After the conclusion of the 2021 season there is bitter labor-management negotiations looming. The Basic Agreement between Major League Baseball and the Players Association expires.

Baseball fans do not sweat it. The greatest Baseball philosopher Yogi Berra once said: “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future”.

Stay well and stay tuned.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the lead Spanish radio announcer for Oakland A’s baseball on 1010 KIQI San Francisco and does News and Commentary each week at http://www.sportsradioservice.com

That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: Tony LaRussa returns as Manager after Nine year Hiatus

Tony LaRussa in 1979 in his first managing job with the Chicago White Sox (1979-1986) has come full circle after managing the Oakland A’s (1986-1995) and St Louis Cardinals(1996-2011) and after nine years (2020) LaRussa is back managing the White Sox once again (file photo from pinterest.com)

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

Tony LaRussa last managed in 2011 guiding the St Louis Cardinals to a World Series title. The Hall of Fame manager, now 76 is coming back as manager of the Chicago White Sox. During the wild card Series between the Oakland Athletics and the Chicago White Sox this past September, Tony was seated to my left a few booths away, by himself, taking notes.

I went over to say Hi. He has served in front office jobs for multiple teams since 2014. After the news of his hiring by the White Sox, he told ESPN “My heart was always in the dugout” He has always been a perfectionist who hates to lose a game, some might call him a “control freak”. During the recent national anthem protest he told ESPN Dan LeBatard Show, “I would not allow it on my team”, while he was the Chief Baseball Officer for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Tony LaRussa was one of the first managers to use everybody in his bullpen to win many games, with the likes of Gene Nelson, Rick Honeycutt and Hall of Fame close Dennis Eckersley. El Show de Tony LaRussa (about 5 minutes) was in Spanish preceding every A’s game during his years with the Athletics, he loved to talk about pitching and his great pitching coach Dave Duncan.

He was always talking baseball strategy and he loved each minute of it. The ultimate baseball professional. Many games he would ask a starter like Mike Moore to give him 5 1/3 innings and then he would turn it to the bullpen. Now that “style” is in vogue, but on steroids as in the recent World Series where there was more action in the bullpens than on the field.

When the White Sox parted ways with Rick Rentería after his White Sox were eliminated by the Athletics, they were looking for an experienced manager, with wisdom and success and the gravitas of Tony LaRussa. Tony is one of two managers in history to have won World Series with teams in both leagues, with the Oakland A’s in 1989 and with the St Louis Cardinals in 2006 and 2011. George (Sparky) Anderson with the Cincinnati Reds in 1975 and 1976 and then with the Detroit Tigers in 1984

Born in Tampa, Florida, Tony LaRussa will take over a young and very talented ball-club in the Chicago White Sox, who is loaded with young and established Latino stars and a team that could be very close to winning a World Series.

The White Sox hope Tony is “el hombre” to take them to the Promised Land, as he returns to the Windy City where he managed for the first time in the major leagues in 1979. Tony resides here in the Bay Area and is the founder of the Tony LaRussa’s Animal Rescue Foundation, a non-for-profit organization with offices in Walnut Creek.

Questions like: At 76, would he be able to relate to his young ballplayers? He has not managed for nine (9) years, how would he be received in their locker room and with the media in Chicago? And many others. It will be interesting to see how his first season develops.

In Major League history, these are the top three managers in wins. 1-Connie Mack 3,731 2-John McGraw 2,763 3-Tony LaRussa 2,728

As of today the two oldest managers in MLB: Tony LaRussa, 76 and Dusty Baker, 71.

Buena suerte Tony.

Stay well and stay tuned.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the vice president of the Major League Baseball Hispanic Heritage Museum and does News and Commentary each week at http://www.sportsradioservice.com

That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast: Rays Snell goes up against Dodgers Gonsolin in game 6 tonight

Los Angeles Dodgers Max Muncy rounds the bases as he’s cheered on by Cody Bellinger (35) and the Dodgers dugout in the fifth inning of the World Series game 5 at Globelife Stadium in Arlington. Both teams had Monday night off before game 6 on Tuesday. (LA Times photo)

On That’s Amaury’s podcast:

#1 Amaury it might have been a brief 60 game schedule for the regular season and a different format for the post season, and the Dodgers didn’t play at Dodger Stadium for the post season but none the less after losing three of the last three World Series the Dodgers have one more game to get a shot at the ring.

#2 Amaury Joe Pederson added to the Dodgers run tally with a home run in game 5 it proved to be important as the Dodgers beat the Tampa Bay Rays by two runs 4-2.

#3 The Dodgers got some great pitching from starter Clayton Kershaw pitching over five innings and giving up two runs striking out six.

#4 Max Muncy also hit for a key home run in the fifth inning a 406 foot shot to center right and it was enough for the Dodgers to come away with the two run victory.

#5 A crucial game for both teams tonight at Arlington as the Rays need to win game 6 to tie and stay alive in the series and for the Dodgers to win game 6 to wrap their first World’s Championship in their last four World Series tries.

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