Headlines Sports podcast with Daniel Dullum: SEC Commissioner expecting the worse; Giants Posey will spend time with his twins; plus more

SEC Commissioner Greg Sanky has his doubts about the upcoming season if it’ll be safe or not, Big 10 and Pac 12 are considering just playing conference games only (NBC Sports file photo)

Headline Sports with Daniel Dullum:

1 Big-10, Pac-12 opting for league-only football schedules; SEC commissioner ‘pessimistic’ about upcoming season

2 Buster Posey the latest MLB player to opt out of playing in 2020

3 MLB reports 66 positive Covid-19 tests, which is less than 2 percent, in latest round of testing

4 NHL and players association reach deal to resume season on August 1; Toronto and Edmonton tabbed as hub cities

5 Report: Paramedic struck by a foul ball in the ALCS sues the Astros for $1 million

6 From the NFL: Eagles DeSean Jackson opens mouth, inserts foot; Randall Cunningham joining the Las Vegas Raiders as team chaplain

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Headline Sports podcast with Jerry Feitelberg: After two positive test results is it safe for the Giants?; A’s had to wait days for results; plus more

San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey gets his two bats ready for workouts at Oracle Park last Sunday. Workouts were canceled through Tuesday pending test results which came back negative and Wednesday workouts resumed (photo from AP)

Headline Sports podcast with Jerry Feitelberg:

#1 Jerry baseball training camp is underway some of the players have expressed safety concerns.

#2 The San Francisco Giants received test results from July 4th that showed all players are negative for the virus on Tuesday. Two unnamed Giants personnel were reported to be positive from results they received on Monday. Tests like these has everybody keeping their fingers crossed in a sports that is played almost everyday.

#3 If things go wrong in baseball does the blames squarely rest on a White House that has encouraged opening up and in some cases no social distancing in a country now that is exploding in the virus? In the matter of the recent spike does the buck stop there?

#4 How concerned are you about the Utah lab that baseball uses. Over the Fourth of July weekend test results were hung up in Oakland the A’s test results from Friday were still at the Coliseum on Sunday that needed to be in Utah. Has baseball since last weekend straightened out this problem?

#5 The Giants open on the road in Los Angeles and play four of their first six series on the road. How do you look at this as big trouble for the team or they’ll be road tested and come out if it just fine?

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That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: 1961 When Professional Baseball Died in Cuba (Memories)

Former Washington Senator pitcher Pedro Ramos in his first uniform in 1955 now 85 years old who pitched for six Major Leagues teams between 1955-1970 is part of Amaury’s Commentary today (photo from en.wikipedia.org)

1961 When Professional Baseball Died in Cuba(Memories)

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

I remember 1961 as I was arriving in the United States leaving behind Cuba. It was precisely that year for the first time that the Cuban-Communist government banned professional baseball, as well as all pro-sports.

The last year that there was professional baseball in the largest island in the Caribbean was the 1960-61 season, the old Cuban-Winter Professional League. The Cienfuegos (Elephants) won the season with a 48-24 record and finished 12 games ahead of the Tigres (Tigers) of Marianao.

Right hander pitcher Pedro Ramos won the MVP that year with Cienfuegos. Ramos threw side-arm had a nasty sinking fastball; he was a very popular player in Cuba as well as in the Major Leagues with the Washington Senators and Minnesota Twins.

Pedro Ramos (Pete) many called him Cuban Pete or the Cuban Cowboy was a colorful man that loved to wear cowboy boots. After one season I remember seen him in front of Union Radio a famous radio station next to Havana’s Central Park signing autographs and driving a shining brand new Cadillac with a pair of Longhorns at the front of the hood.

In the US Pedro Ramos was called a ‘hot dog’ something like another Cuban-born player today in MLB, Yasiel Puig. I always said and written about, there is nothing wrong if you are a ‘hot dog’ as long as you can play.

Ramos was a great athlete with great speed. There is a story that he once challenged Mickey Mantle in a sprint race in the outfield, prior to a game at Yankee Stadium when the Senators visited which he beat a young and very fast Mantle.

But I remember Pedro Ramos pitching next to another great Cuban pitcher, Camilo Pascual with a great curveball on those Cienfuegos teams of the old and famous league, considered one of the strongest outside the Major Leagues in the US.

Numerous American players participated in that Cuban winter league. I remember players like Wilmer (Vinegar Bend) Mizell, Bob Allison, Al Cicotte, Bob Shaw, Jackie Brandt, Bobby DelGreco, Forest Jacobs, Bill Werle, Al Spangler, Rocky Nelson, Jim Bunning; my favorite US-born player in Cuba was Brooks Robinson, and many others. They will be scattered on rosters of the four teams that made that league: Cienfuegos, Havana, Marianao and Almendares with some great Cuban players like Minnie Miñoso saw him with Marianao Tigers, Luis Tiant with the Havana Lions, Chico Fernandez, shortstop with the Scorpions of Almendares, and I am just mentioning a few.

Cuba until Castro killed professional baseball was the #1 country sending talent to the Major Leagues. Baseball has always been the top sport in Cuba, after many decades of the actual Cuban dictatorship many Cubans have escaped the island in small man-made crafts, or defected with their teams when they were playing tournaments outside the island. As of today’s rosters there are approximately 20 to 25 Cuban players in the Major Leagues.

Bill Werle who pitched with Marianao, was born and lived here in the Bay Area was pitching last time that club won the Cuban title in 1956. He was a popular major league scout. I had many conversations with him when he was scouting here and he would tell me “during those years the best league outside the major leagues was that Cuban league and many of us players were lucky to be able to go and play winter ball there, where they also paid the best”. Bill Werle was born in Oakland, California (1920-2010) pitched for the Pittsburgh Pirates, St Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox.

The memories of baseball from Cuba to the US are precious to me and my family and no matter what happens in baseball, today or in the future, those 1950’s and 1960’s years are some of the best in the history of the game. The Castro governments took my family’s property and change our way of life, but the memories that I have from those years, nobody can take away from me.

Stay well and stay tuned.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the Spanish radio voice for Oakland A’s baseball on 1010 KIQI San Francisco and does News and Commentary each week at http://www.sportsradioservice.com

That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast: Too many roadblocks for A’s new park bulid; A’s working out all week at Coliseum

Manica Architecture image: Howard Terminal ball park design for the Oakland A’s which is facing a lot of roadblocks

On That’s Amaury’s podcast:

#1 The Sierra Club has raised environmental concerns regarding traffic and transit issues at Howard Terminal for the A’s new ball park build will this be another road block to stop the A’s construction at Jack London Square?

#2  Among other issues that were mentioned by the Sierra Club Sea level rise, contamination toxic waste and parking. The Sierra Club suggested that the A’s were better off staying at the Oakland Coliseum location where there was BART and freeway access. The A’s are dead set on getting out of Coliseum.

#3 Oakland City Council had already agreed on the sale of the city’s share of the Oakland Coliseum and Alameda County is prepared to sell their share of the Coliseum property as well.

#4 The A’s will buy the property to develop the land for retail, entertainment and a ball park for local schools and colleges. The A’s will not purchase the Coliseum land until they are 100% approved to develop their new ball park at Howard Terminal.

#5 On Sunday the Oakland A’s had 42 players at the Oakland Coliseum ready for workouts but due to results from testing last Friday were delayed due to the 4th of July Holiday weekend and workouts were rescheduled on Monday.

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Headline Sports podcast with Daniel Dullum: Redskins and Indians will eventually have to change the names; Push to get Landis name off MVP Award by players; plus more

mlb image: The American League Kenesaw Mountain Landis Award, some players have requested that the Landis name be removed from the award because Landis refused to integrate MLB

Daniel on Headlines pod:

1 What’s in a name? Redskins and Indians feeling pressure to rebrand themselves

2 Past MLB MVPs would like to see Kenesaw Mountain Landis’s name removed from the award

3 Dodgers pitcher David Price won’t play this season because of coronavirus; he’s not alone

4 Covid-19 issues in the NBA, Heat and Clippers shut down practice facility, Lakers and Pelicans assistants skipping NBA restart

5 RIP Gay Culverhouse, advocate for retired NFL players dealing with CTE

6 Multiple players on the St Louis Blues have tested positive for Coronavirus and practice on Friday was canceled. NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said the Blues had taken all the safety steps necessary.

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Headline Sports podcast with Jeremiah Salmonson: Giants Samardzija says owners interested in money more than safety; Sierra Club says environmental issues should stop A’s downtown stadium build

mercurynews.com file photo: San Francisco Giants pitcher Jeff Samardzija winds up and has spoken out about the owners making it more about the money than the players safety

Headline Sports podcast with Jeremiah Salmonson:

#1 San Francisco Giants pitcher Jeff Samardzija is just about had enough of the MLB owners saying they’ll do anything to make a buck at the cost of the safety of the players.

#2 How bad is the look for the owners for their pushing 60 games on the players and the players are contractually obligated to play the games with great risk?

#3 The Oakland A’s team president David Kaval was upset over a letter drafted by the Sierra Club stating that environmental issues including parking, congestion, the railway system that surrounds Howard Terminal, no transportation to the park and other sticking issues to try and stop the A’s from trying to build.

#4 The A’s have reportedly are seeking to find a new radio station that would pick up their games for the 2020 season as they were originally going to stream all their games on Tune Ins but have been looking for a flagship to broadcast their games. The general manager of the A’s flagship station from 2019 860 KTRB has approached the A’s about returning. The A’s left because of KTRB’s right wing broadcast format.

#5 The Washington Redskins are under a ton of pressure to end their mascot name and after all the racial discussions in the country the heat has been turned up on Washington to dump the racist name can it really be true?

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary: Why We Need Sports to Return

Lionel Messi of the Manchester United who is the highest paid futbol player in Europe and in the middle of a four year $92 million deal (kitbag-us.com file photo)

Why We Need Sports to Return

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

MLB, NBA, NFL, and the NHL. Those are the four biggest and most popular sports leagues in the country. No disrespect to MLS, but while the best baseball, basketball, football and hockey pro-players in the world play in these US leagues, the top soccer/fútbol players in the world do not play in the MLS, they play in Europe.

As a matter of fact Lionel Messi is the highest paid soccer player in the world and the highest paid athlete in the world with the FC Barcelona. Born in Argentina, Messi signed a four year deal in 2017 makes $92 million a year in salary, plus he compliments his salary with sponsorships with Adidas, Gatorade, Pepsi and other worldwide companies, total (playing and endorsements) around $400 million dollars. In China, a theme park called Messi Experience Park opened in Nanjing last year.

But leaving Fútbol/Soccer, the other three leagues are part of the physique of the country, followed by millions of fans and generating billions of dollars for our economy. In the USA during normal times, there is always one of these four leagues playing.

We are just beginning the second half of this year 2020, and there is no doubt this country can use some entertainment, trying to escape what has been the longest first half of a year, maybe in the history of the US. Adding to this shortage of quality entertainment, thousands of theaters/movie houses are closed. I know many have been watching movies on TV, but let’s face it,there is nothing like attending a movie in a nice theater with a big screen.

MLB will begin a 60-game season the 23rd of this month, so far a handful of players have opted-out, and they will not play, most by fears of the Covid-19, in situations with their families and the unpredictability of this virus.

Some other players might follow, or maybe not. MLB has been following the recent developments with the rise of infections in California, Texas and Florida, where almost one-third of the 30-teams that make the league play. Aproximately 20 players and staff members have tested positive for Covid, with the Philadelphia Phillies leading the list, with seven players and five staff members. SF Giants 2019 first round pick Hunter Bishop tested positive.

The NBA is scheduled to begin traveling to Florida next week, with arrivals between July 7 and July 9. They plan to re-start action July 30 at Disneyworld, Orlando, Florida. Adam Silver the Commissioner said “returning to work is not all about dollars and cents”. Unfortunately the Warriors will not be there. Some 16 players have tested positive for Covid so far.

NFL just cut the preseason to two games, with Week 1 and Week 4 to be eliminated from their schedule. Travel will be limited, maybe some staying at their home cities during preseason. The regular NFL season is scheduled to begin on-time (according to league officials) despite the pandemic. The first game schedule for the Texans at Kansas City Chiefs on September 10 and the regular season ending on January 3. Around 10 NFL teams have Covid cases.

NHL plans to return with 24-teams competing for the Stanley Cup, with the best of five series, round robin games in two hub cities, dates not determined yet. Unfortunately, the San José Sharks are not one of those 24 teams and will not be there. Some 16 NHL players have tested positive for Covid.

We need sports to comeback this second half of this year, and we need it badly. It is bad enough that people had to stay inside their homes, with everybody with at least one TV but none of these top leagues in action to watch anything but games from years ago.

Nobody could have predicted all the events so far during this 2020 eventful year. Just think that just three to four months ago we were living in a normal world, yes with all the problems always easy to identify, but we have exceeded the negative and it is time for the positive. Sports is able to do that, it is the best medicine for the mind in days like these. We are a sports nation, we need the entertainment value, but at this time it is more than entertainment, sports has become a much needed therapy.

“It’s not whether you get knockdown; it’s whether you get up” -Vince Lombardi.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the Spanish radio voice for Oakland A’s baseball on 1010 KIQI San Francisco and does News and Commentary each week at http://www.sportsradioservice.com

Headline Sports podcast with Jerry Feitelberg: A’s excited for Soderstrom signing; Will more players drop out before opening day Jul 23rd?

The A’s 26th overall draft pick Tyler Soderstrom who can hit for average and has been said to be the A’s future catcher (spokeo.com/search-free file photo)

On Headline Sports with Jerry F:

#1 The Oakland A’s assistant general manager Billy Owens was proud assistant GM on Monday when the A’s announced that they signed catcher Tyler Soderstrom to a $3.3 million signing bonus and will be in training camp for the A’s.

#2 Soderstrom 18, was the A’s 26th overall pick and will be in camp this week. The A’s minor league starting pitcher Daulton Jefferies said he was taught by Soderstrom’s father Steve since age 9. Steve who played with the Royals and Rangers said Soderstrom is going to come into his own and could be a big help for the A’s.

#3 Soderstrom hit .450 hit for four home runs, 1.340 OPS, in 28 contests, Soderstrom hit an impressive .373 in 82 games at Turlock High School.

#4 With the Covid 19 pandemic spiking four MLB players former SF Giant Mike Leake, the Washington Nationals  Joe Ross and Ryan Zimmerman, and the Colorado Rockies Ian Desmond have decided to sit out the 60 game 2020 season out of caution.

#5 Oakland A’s team president David Kaval said he objected to a letter that was written by the Sierra Club stating that the A’s motivation and plans for building at Howard Terminal were solely based on taking “shortcuts and exemptions from environmental laws to avoid strict remediation on the land to meet a residential standard, which could seriously harm environmental and public health.”

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That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast: Will DH change the culture in the NL; The day SF Giant Marichal threw a no no; plus more

San Francisco Giants’ pitcher Juan Marichal, in uniform without cap, acknowledges his teammates’ congratulations as he marches off the playing field, June 15, 1963, after throwing a no-hitter against the Houston Colts. Teammates and man in suit are unidentified. (AP Photo/Robert H. Houston)

On That’s Amaury’s pod:

#1 Fourth of July is coming and that is the one day that you could always count on working an MLB game now that the season has been rescheduled for July 23rd it’s an awkward time of the year to open the season.

#2 Amongst some of the changes coming into the 2020 60 game season one of them is the Universal Designated Hitter where the National League will longer allow the pitcher to hit. Will this be a big adjustment for the pitchers and will the NL miss allowing all fielders to hit?

#3 Amaury how much will the Universal DH be a departure from the culture of the game and how much impact will it have as a change in the rules of the game.

#4 On June 15, 1963 a high kick wind up of Hall of Famer and San Francisco Giant pitcher Juan Marichal was all that the visiting Houston 45’s saw all afternoon as Marichal threw a no hitter at Candlestick Park in San Francisco.

#5 The Oakland A’s English broadcasters are considering going back to last season’s flagship station and carry all 60 games on KTRB 860. The A’s left the station last year that there was just too much right wing programming. 860 tried to appeal to the A’s and now the team might reconsider and come back.

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Headline Sports podcast with Daniel Dullum: MLB determined to play season despite Covid spikes; 16 NBA players come up positive; plus more

You Tube file image: The New York Yankees will open their regular season against the Washington Nationals July 23rd to kick off the MLB season

Headline Sports podcast with Daniel Dullum:

1 MLB season could continue even if Covid-19 outbreak forces teams to drop out

2 MLB season to open on July 23 with Yankees at Nationals

3 NBA: 16 of 302 players have tested positive for Covid-19; reveals opening night lineup at Disney World

4 Amazon buys naming rights to Seattle’s NHL arena

5 Group proposes to become NFL’s first Black team owners – and bring another team to Oakland

6 Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott sued by pool cleaner after alleged dog attack

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