Pac 12 Foootball podcast with Morris Phillips: Can Scott get the Pac 12 on network television?

What will be the next move for Pac 12 Commissioner Larry Scott as major network television are not interested in broadcasting Pac 12 games (

On the Pac 12 Football podcast with Morris:

#1 Morris how much trouble is the Pac 12 in when they can’t get a TV deal?

#2 Morris talk about the networks who didn’t want any part of the Pac 12 CBS, Fox, and ESPN.

#3 Morris turning to Cal Bears football, outside linebacker Tevin Paul had opted out and lineman Luc Bequette transferred. Cal defensive coordinator Peter Sirmon said that since the season was switching to the fall from spring he had little time to find replacements and is working with what he has to get ready for the season.

#4 Sirmon said that he has enough players to develop outside linebackers in place of Paul’s departure for example Sirmon said he has Cam Goode is an excellent rusher and Braxton Croteau physically has developed into a good linebacker. Sirmon sounds pretty confident in the linebacking position.

#5 Cal lineman Brett Johnson had Covid 19 during the summer but has been cleared for practice. Johnson said while he had it he didn’t take a second test during his time in quarantine because of dead traces of the virus in your body. Johnson said he just stayed in his house playing video games and eating chicken pot pie.

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