That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast: Giants Casali to back up Posey as Bart opens season in Sacramento; A’s Murphy expected back by opening day

Former Cincinnati Reds catcher Curt Casali joins the San Francisco Giants in the back up roll to start the 2021 season. Catcher Joey Bart who started most of 2021 will open the season in Triple A Sacramento (AP News file photo)

On That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast:

#1 Amaury, How smart is the move sending San Francisco Giants catcher Joey Bart to Triple A Sacramento for more instruction. Last season Bart hit .233 and struck out 41 times.

#2 When Giants catcher Buster Posey opted to sit out the 2020 season due to Coronavirus concerns Bart was made the starting catcher. With all the high expectations of Bart he lapsed at the plate and will not be with the big club to start the season.

#3 The Giants acquired catcher Curt Casali as the back up catcher for Posey. Casali has been in the big league since 2014 playing for Tampa Bay before moving onto the Cincinnati Reds 2018 and now joining the Giants this season. Casali hit .167, 12 hits, no homers and 3 RBIs. Casali joins the Giants mostly for his defensive skills and experience working with pitchers behind the plate.

#4 Amaury, the A’s moved on acquiring players like Trevor Rosenthal pitcher, DH Mitch Mooreland, infielder Elvis Andrus, pitcher Sergio Romo, and resigning Yusmerio Petit after former A’s players Marcus Semien and Liam Hendriks had left are these big enough pieces to fill their shoes?

#5 A’s catcher Sean Murphy is recovery from lung surgery and is expected to be ready to start on opening day. The A’s will be looking at his back up Aramis Garcia who will be doing a lot of the catching in spring training. Garcia hit .143, six hits, five runs, five RBIs. Garcia spent the 2020 season in the minors.

#6 Amaury, the Oakland A’s Fanfest is normally at this time of the year but due to Coronavirus there have been no fanfests for the last two seasons normally held at Jack London Square.

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