A’s Fisher and Kaval to meet with Las Vegas casino owner regarding ball park site on strip

One of the proposed locations on the Las Vegas Strip for a new Oakland A’s ballpark. One location at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds and the other is at Resorts World as the photo indicates here (photo by google maps)

A’s Fisher and Kaval to meet with Las Vegas casino owner regarding ball park site on strip

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

The top brass of the Oakland A’s is back in Las Vegas today to continue discussions on a potential relocation to Las Vegas, Nevada. It has been reported that A’s owner John Fisher and team president Dave Kaval met with resort operators on the Strip.

There are two potential sites. One that went silent in recent months is the Las Vegas Festival Grounds owner and casino magnate Phil Ruffin. Now it is said that this site is back and still in play for the A’s. It is a 39-acre site for a potential retractable dome stadium. Perspective: How big are 39 acres for a baseball stadium? The San Francisco Giants Oracle Park is just 14 acres.

The other location for A’s interest is in the Strip (as the photo here indicates) as the executives meet on the 66th Floor of Resorts World, to get a good bird’s eye view. Meanwhile, there is total silence from the Oakland A’s and the City of Oakland regarding the projected Howard Terminal, which has suffered more setbacks recently.

Oakland failed to secure more than $180 million in federal funds that would have benefited the A’s proposed waterfront ballpark and surrounding development, raising the question of whether the city will be able to get the project done. The A’s also lost a lawsuit over regulating the steel company that’s next to a proposed site for building a new waterfront stadium.

This is what’s going on today in the A’s Saga.

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary podcast: How Fujinami fits in on the A’s pitching staff; A’s welcome new broadcaster Johnny Doskow

Japan pitcher Shintaro Fujinami pitches against the Netherlands in the sixth inning of an international exhibition series baseball game at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Nov. 12, 2016. Right-hander Fujinami (AP News file photo)

On That’s Amaury News and Commentary podcast:

#1 Amaury how big of a help will Japanese pitcher Shintaro Fujinami be for the Oakland A’s. Fujinami has an 3.17 ERA and is noted to throw in the 90s and could have been aligned with some like Los Angeles Angels pitcher Shohei Ohtani but Fujinami’s control has been in question.

#2 Fujinami signed with the A’s for $3.2 million on a one year deal the Nippon Hanshin Tigers did submit on the MLB posting system that Fujinami was available and the A’s scooped him up.

#3 Look for Fujimani to use the splitter when he has a hitter on two strikes, Fujinami has a 34% strikeout rate and 66% of facing hitter he gets them to ground out.

#4 The A’s this off season have signed third baseman Jace Peterson, right hander Drew Rucinski and Trevor May, catcher Manny Pina, and outfielder Esteury Ruiz from trades.

#5 Amaury, the Oakland A’s have added Johnny Doskow who joins the A’s radio broadcast team of Ken Korach and Vince Cotroneo for pre season and regular season games. Doskow comes from the triple A Sacramento River Cats.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the lead play by play Spanish radio announcer for the Oakland A’s on 1010 KIQI San Francisco

Latest on A’s Staying or Moving Saga; Nev Gov Lombardo open to A’s move to Vegas

Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo address in the state of the state speech on Mon Jan 23, 2023 at the Assembly Chamber at the Legislature in Carson City. Lombardo is open to financing an Oakland A’s move to Las Vegas but without using public funds (Nevada Independent photo)

Latest on A’s Staying or Moving Saga

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

OAKLAND–In November 2022, the voters of the State of Nevada elected Joe Lombardo (Republican) to be their next governor over Steve Sisolak (Democrat) who had told the Oakland A’s that the State will not be raising money so the A’s can build a new stadium in Las Vegas.

However, the current governor Joe Lombardo and the A’s recently met and; “discussed what options the team had in regards to public-private partnership opportunities. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal Lombardo on Wednesday night through a spokesperson said that although he “isn’t in favor of creating a new tax to lure a professional team to the state, there could be other avenues to entice an interested franchise.”

Baseball Commissioner who is in favor of the A’s leaving Oakland, because he doesn’t see a way the City of Oakland can keep the team, also met with the new elected governor Lombardo. who “hinted at and have chatted with the A’s about remain to be seen” this according to the governor spokesman.

The A’s however “appear to have zeroed in on a potential Las Vegas site.”The A’s have been looking at a potential site in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Festival Ground on the north end of the Strip and the other one, the Tropicana site on the south end. Earlier this month a spokesperson for Phil Ruffin, a casino magnate, said there had been no recent talks between him and the A;s regarding the festival grounds site.

Next, the Bally’s Corporation President George Papanier, in charge of the company’s casino operation confirmed that talks between them and the A’s on the Tropicana site “were ongoing”.

We could, could have some Breaking News this year, why? because this cannot go forever. This was one of the lines from “Major Bowes Original Amateur Hour” which was a radio show that ran from 1934-1948, when it made the transition to television as the “Ted Mack Original Amateur Hour” and ran until 1970; It goes like this: “round and round it goes, where does she stops, nobody knows”.

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A’s get a double whammy loss on Howard Terminal with no federal funding and Supreme Court appeals loss on hazard materials push on recycling plant

The Oakland A’s attempts to make Schnitzer Steel an environmental hazardous liability failed when the State Supreme Court ruled that Schnitzer is treating it’s recyclables with water and cement that satisfies their landfill dumping. Could this be a show stopper for the A’s Howard Terminal project? (photo of Howard Terminal by the Port of Oakland)

By Jerry Feitelberg

OAKLAND–This week was a double loss for the Oakland A’s they were turned down for federal funding as ruled by the state Supreme Court as they lost a lawsuit to classify recycling company Schnitzer as a hazardous waste recycler and wanted to get them classified as such.

Last Tuesday a spokesperson for the City of Oakland said that federal funding for the Oakland A’s were denied funds that would help the Oakland A’s Howard Terminal project in the amount of $182 million. The A’s will not receive any of the monies from the federal Transportation Department’s Megaprojects.

According to the Oakland Department of Transportation director Fred Kelly the city will continue to explore other avenues in trying to secure funding sources. Kelly said that he and the city will look for sources that will help finance and get the project off the ground. The A’s goal is not only a new ball park at Howard Terminal but also development for 3,000 residential units, commercial space, retail, an indoor performance center, 400 hotel rooms, and public space.

The City of Oakland has secured government grants amounting $321.5 million that would help pay for the infrastructure. The $321.5 million is still short as the city sought funding, $55 million for regional grants, $25 million for other federal grants, and $60 million in state grants.

The City is also seeking a limited obligation bond for $150 million. Kelly’s efforts in seeking another $182 million is crucial for the funding of the project and Kelly will have to find what government agency who will be willing to kick in.

Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao said is committed to keeping the A’s in Oakland and said during her inauguration that she wants to keep the A’s rooted in Oakland and wants to protect Oakland’s values. Sheng did say that she hopes the A’s and the city can reach an agreement that safeguards the tax payer and the city.

With the federal department of transportation turning down the A’s for the $182 million the A’s lost a Supreme court appeal decision on Wednesday that would reclassify car recycling company Schnitzer who are located next to Howard Terminal as a hazardous materials outfit that are a environmental threat which deposits hazardous materials in landfills. Schnitzer recycles unused and junked automobiles.

The state department of Toxic Substances Control said that the mix of recyclables of scrap metal, plastics, lead, cadmium, copper, and zinc has been made safely for landfill deposit as the recycler mixes the material with cement and water which acts a cover over soil in landfill. The A’s argue that materials mixed next to the ball park and Howard Terminal project is a environmental threat being next door.

The First District Court of Appeal in San Francisco found that the recycled material is not a threat and did not contaminate air or water and does not threaten humans. The Department of Toxic Substances Control reviewed the study and said that the recycled materials in the landfill that was treated with the water and cement did not bear any threat to people near the plant or landfill.

The A’s main goal to building the project is to move Schnitzer out of Howard Terminal but Schnitzer whose been at the Howard Terminal location for decades does not want the A’s at the location likewise. Schnitzer with cargo operators, port workers, and truckers have filed lawsuits saying their businesses are not an environmental threat. Alameda County Superior Court Judge Brad Seligman ruled on lawsuits back in September saying safety measures are in use and that the work that Schnitzer does doesn’t contribute to air pollution.

The state of Nevada’s newly elected governor Joe Lombardo has not made it clear where he stands on using state public funds to bring the A’s to Las Vegas. Previous governor Steve Sisolak said he would not use public funds for the A’s ballpark but would consider using other avenues to fund the project. Sisolak was voted out of office and Lombardo has been quiet about funding the A’s stadium project.

Lombardo who has been more focused on other political issues like abortion, immigration and catalytic converter thefts. If Lombardo follows Sisolak’s method of using other ways to find money to pay for a new ballpark that could put the A’s funding in play. The A’s have been silent on any commitments on moving to Las Vegas as both scenarios for staying in Oakland and moving to Las Vegas are not quite clear.

The A’s have spent plenty of money on lawyers to move to Howard Terminal already. The A’s most likely location to move to in Las Vegas is at the Tropicana hotel and casino site on the strip but that might have to be done with private money. The A’s will be playing in Las Vegas’ minor league ballpark of their affiliate the Aviators March 4th and 5th and will evaluate the crowds for that weekend and where they go from there.

That’s Amaury News and Commentary podcast: No one will touch Bauer now; Only a miracle now can prevent A’s from leaving Oakland; plus more news

Former Los Angeles Dodger Trevor Bauer was not claimed on waivers and the Dodgers could be on the hook for Bauer for $22.5 million if Bauer is not picked up by another big league club (AP file photo)

On That’s Amaury News and Commentary podcast:

#1 Former Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer who was unclaimed on waivers. Bauer’s leaving will cost the Dodgers $22.5 million which he will be owed if he not claimed by another club. Bauer if picked up by another big league club will be paid the MLB minimum at $720,000 that would offset the $22.5 million. The Dodgers as it looks right now will be on the hook for the balance as Bauer is persona non grata after several sexual misconduct allegations were made against him.

#2 The Oakland A’s will not see any kind of funding money in the neighborhood of $180 million in federal funds and now it’s a question of how the City of Oakland can finance the A’s ballpark at Howard Terminal at Jack London Square. The federal department of Megaprojects may not grant some of the monies or none of it at all.

#3 Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis expressed how Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas has now become less of a home field advantage for the Raiders because more fans travel to visit the visiting team than home fans that turn out. Also Davis observed that local fans in Las Vegas aren’t coming out to support the Raiders during the season home games.

#4 The Miami Marlins announced on Tuesday that they have come to an agreement with veteran pitcher Johnny Cueto to a one year deal with an option. Cueto formerly pitched for the Chicago White Sox last season going 3.35 ERA, 158 1/3 innings with 102 strikeouts and 33 walks. Cueto could get as much as $8.5 million this season from the Marlins.

#5 The Toronto Blue Jays keep on dealing they signed five players including a 16 year old pitcher named Emmanuel Bonilla who signed for $4.1 million the biggest contract for a bonus in Blue Jays history.

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary: Cuban Pitcher No.5 International Prospect selected by the A’s

Luis Dany Morales Cuban National pitcher and the No.5 International Prospect selected by the Oakland A’s (photo by Diario De Cuba)

Cuban Pitcher No.5 International Prospect selected by the A’s

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González.

Since 1968, first year in Oakland, the Oakland A’s had many Latin American players, like Dabogerto Blanco (Campy) Campaneris, José Canseco, Miguel Tejada, Tony Armas and many others. Today between 30-33 % of all players in the major leagues are born in Latin America.

The Oakland A’s agree to terms with 17 International prospects, all the 17 from Latin America. Among the 17, the No.5 prospect by MLB right handed pitcher Luis Dany Morales out of Cuba. Morales pitched for Sancti Spiritus in Cuba’s Serie Nacional in 2021 and was 3-3 with a 5.95 ERA in 11 games, nine starts.

He struck out 58 in 42.1 innings and walked 30 while surrendering just two home runs as an 18-year-old. Major League team traveled to watch Morales pitch in Mexico City earlier this year. He has a fastball that can reach the high 90s and a breaking ball that “projects to be above average” according to scouts.

In 2021 Morales was arrested by Cuban authorities, along with his parents trying to escape Cuba. But at the end the 18-years old Morales succeeded and was the one that lead a bunch of other Cuban players defect from Cuba as they were playing in México.

Others were Yeiniel Zayas, Ubert Mejias, infielder Miguel Antonio González, catcher Loidel Rodríguez and outfielders Reynaldo Lazaga and Diasmany Palacios. pitcher Brayan Chi, and also outfielders Loidel Chapelli and Yandy Yanes joined. Among all these Cubanos, only Morales was signed by the A’s.

After Morales and all these other Cuban players defected while playing in México, the Cuban Baseball Federation released an official statement blaming the last two US Presidents Donald Trump and Joe Biden for the defections. This is normal for the communist country and that is how their propaganda machine operates. When in doubt, blame the US.

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary podcast: Have A’s really thrown in the towel by dealing Murphy?

Oakland Athletics catcher Sean Murphy, left, tries to tag Chicago White Sox’s Adam Engel (15), who scored the tying run during the ninth inning at the Oakland Coliseum Sep 9, 2022 (AP file photo)

On That’s Amaury News and Commentary:

#1 Amaury, the recently traded Sean Murphy heads from the Oakland A’s to the Atlanta Braves how much is this a reflection of the A’s pretty much throwing in the towel for the 2023 season?

#2 Braves general manager Alex Anthopoulos said that while it’s hard to trade players away this is a great opportunity to get some great defense in a catcher like Murphy.

#3 Amaury, The Milwaukee Brewers are getting All Star catcher William Contreras and the A’s are getting catcher Manny Piña and pitchers Kyle Muller, Freddy Tarnok and Royber Salinas who are prospects from Atlanta and from the Brewers outfield prospect Esteury Ruiz.

#4 Murphy was third ranked amongst catchers only trailing the Phillies J.T. Realmuto and the Baltimore Orioles Adley Rutschman. Murphy hit .250, 134 hits, 18 home runs, and 66 RBIs in 2022. Besides his bat the Braves main reason for Murphy’s acquisition is defensive prowess.

#5 Murphy’s resume is incredible coming to the Braves he won the 2021 Gold Glove Award and was fourth in voting for the AL Rookie of the Year in 2020. The A’s are going to miss Murphy behind the plate and in the clubhouse.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez and Manolo Hernandez Douen are the Oakland A’s Spanish radio play by play announcers on flagship station 1010 LeGrande KIQI San Francisco and Amaury does News and Commentary at http://www.sportsradioservice.com

That’s Amaury News and Commentary: Sean Murphy, Last of The Mohicans

Oakland Athletics’ Sean Murphy (12) follows through on a solo home run swing as Texas Rangers catcher Meibrys Viloria looks on in the first inning at Globe Life Park in Arlington on Wed Aug 17, 2022 (AP News photo file)

Sean Murphy, Last of The Mohicans

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

OAKLAND–Since they began play in Oakland in 1968, the As’ had some terrific catchers, one of them was Gene Tenace who hit 4 home runs in the 1972 World Series and won the MVP, he was part of the A’s dynasty (1972-73-74). During the glory years of the 1980’s Terry Steinbach, a three-time All Star and the MVP of the 1988 All Star Game, a clutch hitter who drove in seven runs during the A’s 1989 World Series sweep against the San Francisco Giants, was very productive and in my opinion underrated.

Ramón Hernández who was one of six All Star catchers in Oakland A’s history also played the backstop for the A’s. Most recently, and although he only played in Oakland for a brief time, one of the most popular receivers, Stephen Vogt, who started his career with a home run and ended it with a home run in his final at bat this past season., Vogt became the third player in MLB history to have that type of home-run-book-end of a career. Of course, we cannot forget Ray Fosse for the A’s behind the plate, as well as very popular radio and television commentator for the team.

Currently still an Oakland A’s, Sean Murphy, named one of the Top-10 best catchers in MLB. He is the last one of the most recent star players that have left the A’s the last couple of seasons, mostly notably; Chris Bassitt, Frankie Montás, Matt Olson, Matt Chapman, just to mention a few.

While the A’s traded their first baseman (Olson) and third baseman (Chapman) and their shortstop Elvis Andrus was signed by the White Sox, right after he was released by the A’s.Murphy is the only regular A’s on the infield that remains. At least a half-dozen teams are interested in Murphy’s services.

One of the best candidates involving a trade for Murphy are the San Diego Padres, under the direction of ex-A’s manager Bob Melvin (who was also a catcher) is probably the #1 contender for Murphy. Also in the mix are the Chicago White Sox, St Louis Cardinals, and Boston Red Sox.

Murphy was a nominee for the AL 2022 Gold Glove Award, won by Yankee’s José Trevino. He will be missed if he changed jerseys this off-season, but we can say that of most of the players that have left Oakland recently.

Because the A’s are strong and young in the catching position, now with Shea Langeliers, 25 years old, who became a strong #2 catcher behind Murphy this past season, and will probably be their #1 catcher next season, plus 21 year olds in the minors like Daniel Susac and Tyler Soderstrom, it is likely they will depart with Murphy this winter and acquire more prospects and maybe one established veteran.

Why do I say this? Because there is a precedent, this is what the A’s have been famous for, especially when rebuilding. So why are we going to expect anything but… plus like Casey said.

“You have to have a catcher because if you don’t you’re likely to have a lot of passed balls”. – Casey Stengel.

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary podcast: Will Billy Beane’s new role in ownership save A’s from moving from Oakland?

Oakland A’s former executive vice president and new senior advisor to managing partner Billy Beane (left) and David Forst general manager (right) stand in front of the Oakland A’s dugout before the game against the New York Yankees on Aug 28, 2022. (AP News photo)

On That’s Amaury News and Commentary podcast:

#1 Amaury, Oakland A’s executive Billy Beane will no longer run the day to day operations for the A’s but moves up to the number two position in the organization as senior advisor.

#2 Will part of being a senior advisor include having a say in where the A’s go in the event that the new mayor and new city council in Oakland vote against a Howard Terminal project in downtown Oakland?

#3 Beane said he was appreciative of A’s owner John Fisher and the working relationship that the developed over the years since Fisher became team owner. Beane also said that he has confidence in team general manager David Forst leading the club to being competitive and being one of the best executives in baseball.

#4 Beane had said that he had great hopes for the future of the A’s but were those hopes in Las Vegas or in Oakland. There is also a possibility that the new governor of Nevada Joe Lombardo might not fund a new A’s ballpark with public money and the City of Oakland may not vote for a new Howard Terminal ballpark.

#5 Worst case scenario for the A’s if both Vegas and Oakland projects go down the only choice left for the A’s are to stay at the Coliseum something that A’s president David Kaval and Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred said is not even a consideration but never say never.

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary: Las Vegas Oakland and Elections

Sheng Thao who leads for the Oakland Mayor’s race is seen here at her campaign headquarters on Tue Nov 8, 2022. Thao’s decision on whether or not to back the Oakland A’s Howard Terminal ballpark weighs heavy on the A’s future in Oakland. (photo by Saskia Hatvany and from oaklandside.org)

Las Vegas Oakland and Elections

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

OAKLAND–For just a moment forget about the possible relocation of the Oakland A’s to Las Vegas; more on that at the end. The Raiders now play in Las Vegas at Allegiant Stadium the most expensive stadium ever built among all the current NFL teams, Las Vegas gave the Raiders $750 million in public financing. The Vegas Golden Nights, of the NHL, who in 2018 (their inaugural season) won a conference title, also make their home in the desert.

Let’s see what’s happening in Sin City, when it comes to the world of sports.

-MLS Soccer has been planning to have a team in Nevada and recently called Las Vegas “soccer town”. The MLS is serious about having a team in Las Vegas

-NBA Mega star, LeBron James made a direct appeal to the league’s Commissioner Adam Silver and the owners about owning an NBA team in Las Vegas. The NBA is very positive of Las Vegas for a new NBA team.NBA Commissioner Adam silver said in October: “Las Vegas will make a great location one day”.’This is not imminent, but eventually (if I was a betting man) I would put some chips on the NBA playing in Las Vegas in a few years.

Other sporting events coming to Las Vegas:

1-NFL-Football: Sunday, February 5, 2023 the multi-day AFC vs NFC competition will culminate in an action-packed Flag game featuring Pro Bowl players at Allegiant Stadium. A week-long celebration of flag football.

2-Racing: The Formula 1 Heineken Silver Las Vegas Grand Prix, November 16-18, 2023. Where is the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix racetrack? The Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix 2023 will be held on and around the Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada.

3-Superbowl LVIII. Las Vegas is scheduled to host the Superbowl LVIII on February 11, 2024 at Allegiant Stadium. Considered the biggest live sporting event in the United States every year and one of the biggest sporting events in the world.

Other Pro-Sports teams in Las Vegas. Las Vegas Aces – Basketball-WNBA, Las Vegas Aviators-Baseball, Oakland A’s AAA team, Las Vegas Knight Hawks- Pro Hockey (owned by Las Vegas Golden Knights) plays in Henderson, a suburb of Las Vegas.

Show original message Latest with the A’s new stadium. With the recent election results, the dynamics could have changed for the Oakland A’s to build their new park at Howard Terminal, Oakland and Las Vegas. Oakland will have a new Mayor and Nevada already elected a new Governor.

The Governor in Nevada plays a larger role regarding the current expansion in Las Vegas, while the situation in Oakland City Hall is still unknown. Joe Lombardo (R) a former Sheriff was elected Governor of Nevada beating Steve Sisolak(D) who was opposed to using taxpayer’s money for the construction of the A’s new park in Las Vegas.

The intentions of the new elected Governor of Nevada, Joe Lombardo are still unknown regarding the A’s. In both elections, Come January 2023 there will be new leadership in all positions from Governor to Mayors to members of city councils in Las Vegas and in Oakland. As of this article, it appears Sheng Thao will be the next mayor of Oakland, she led Loren Taylor by 680 votes in the latest ranked-choice-voting numbers by the Alameda County elections office Friday night.

But regardless of who was elected. The clock is ticking for the city of Oakland and the Athletics to hammer out a deal to move forward with the team’s planned $12 billion waterfront ballpark development by year’s end. And that year is 2022, almost Adiós. That is why there is so much pessimism about the A’s staying in Oakland.

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