That’s Amaury News and Commentary: Even If they Strike Out in Las Vegas, A’s are not coming back to Oakland

The proposed site of the Oakland A’s new ballpark at Tropicana Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas. The Nevada Legislation votes this week with a deadline of Mon Jun 5, 2023 (photo by the Las Vegas Review Journal)

Even If they Strike Out in Las Vegas, A’s are not coming back to Oakland

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

OAKLAND–During my recent Podcast here I mentioned that the Oakland A’s cannot wait to leave Oakland. I was correct. Nevada State Senate hearing this past Monday. A joint meeting of the Assembly Ways and Means and Senate Finance committees in Carson City. It was also video-conference at the Grant Sawyer State Office Building in Las Vegas.

Representatives for the A’s stated that if funding for the ballpark in Las Vegas doesn’t happen and they cannot get a deal, the A’s will explore other cities as relocation options, like Portland, Nashville and Salt Lake City, instead of going back to Oakland.

In other words, if they ‘strike out’ in Las Vegas, they will not entertain the idea of coming back to the table for more negotiations in Oakland. The whole session during Memorial Day lasted six hours.

Including opinions (via telephone calls) pro and con from residents, although since the chairman of the committee did not request that citizens participating disclosed their area code, there were some comments that some people from Oakland called, to “boycott” and vote against the team playing in Sin City.

The Legislative session (only hearing on the A’s stadium plan) revealed the real plans for the A’s in Las Vegas as their representatives, lawmakers and finance experts all participated. Oakland Athletics Consultant Jeremy Aguero spoke, below some of the most important points he made: – There will be no new taxes –

Project could be sustained within the sports and entertainment improving district. – State has the opportunity to recoup at least $90 million of its $180 million (Nevada is shelling $180 million in funds, while Clark County $120 million) – Relocation to Las Vegas by the major league team will NOT lead to the relocation of their Triple-A team Las Vegas Aviators.

The A’s will also have to enter into a non-relocation agreement with Las Vegas Stadium Authority for at least 30 years, Representatives for the A’s continue to make their points about the events that would take place at their new Tropicana location, like: 82 A’s games and other sports events like soccer, college baseball, volleyball, concerts, etc.

Quote by one of the A’s representatives, “This is just NOT for baseball events” He also estimated baseball events would draw 2,296,000, an average of 28,000 X 82 games. Gov. Joe Lombardo, State Treasurer Zach Conine, Clark County and the A’s all together announced the agreement for the stadium bill last week, saying Nevada’s commitment would be less than 25% of the projected $1. 5 billion project.

Governor Lombardo is expected to sign the bill if approved by all parties in Carson City, with a deadline of June 5. If approved, major league baseball will move to take a vote by all team owners, which is expected to pass with little opposition.

Where will the A’s play, since the date for inauguration of their new place in Las Vegas is now 2028 remains to be seen. They could play the whole 2024 season at the Oakland Coliseum (which they own by a 50% share and still have a lease) or they could just be playing their last season in Oakland, as like I previously stated, they cannot wait to leave Oakland.

Sacramento has also shown interest in hosting the A’s while they build a new park. From 2000 to 2014 the Sacramento Rivercats where the Triple A affiliate for the Oakland A’s, since then they are the SF Giants. Finally. If anybody wonders if Oakland could get another major league team, via an expansion team it will not be easy.

They still need a new ballpark in Oakland and as it looks now, the Howard Terminal is becoming another trivia question for the ages. It could take even longer than 2028 for the Athletics to get back to major league baseball in the city of Oakland.

If you hear this Commissioner talking about expansion in Oakland, congratulations you have a great story to tell. Las Vegas has sports fever as their Las Vegas Golden Knights are in the NHL Finals. They are facing the Florida Panthers in the Stanley Cup.

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary podcast: Nevada Legislature joint session meets tonight on Holiday; Both committees to vote on Tropicana ballpark

The Nevada State Legislature meeting on Tue May 16, 2023. The Legislature meets tonight Mon May 29, 2023 in Carson City in a special joint session that will lead to voting for tax credits for a Las Vegas A’s Tropicana ballpark. If the legislature votes no on the park the A’s may have to revisit their other alternative in talking to Oakland and Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao. (photo from the Nevada Independent)

On That’s Amaruy News and Commentary podcast:

#1 The Nevada Legislature announced late Sunday that they will meet on the Memorial Day Holiday in a joint session with the senate and the assembly. If approved the bill would need to signed by Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo.

#2The FAA also needs to approve the resolution as home plate faces the runaway at Las Vegas Airport. The FAA needs to look the safety path relative to the ballpark and lights and height of Tropicana Park.

#3 Amaury, wanted to ask you about the renderings, the ballpark will be built on nine acres with a retractable roof but the renderings look more larger than a nine acre area more like 19 acres. The arch over the park looks like a glass dome or see through structure could that the retractable roof.

#4 The renderings also face the strip but the plans are for the park to face the airport. The arch is as tall as the MGM Hotel and is that arch the retractable roof that folds on top of Tropicana Park?

#5 A’s president David Kaval basically said that the design that was presented is not the project in the literal sense but it was something to show the joint session tonight when making the case why it would make sense to have a the A’s in location and why it would be a benefit for Las Vegas residents and visitors.

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary podcast: Vegas Renderings take on some looks of Oakland Coliseum

Artist rendering of Tropicana Ballpark in Las Vegas in night game mode at the cost of $1.5 billion and the smallest venue in MLB with 30,000 seats near the Vegas strip (image from the Oakland Athletics)

On That’s Amaury News and Commentary podcast:

#1 Amaury, the renderings are out on the Las Vegas A’s new ballpark. It’s a circular looking park that take on the shape of the original Oakland Coliseum but with much less seating 30,000 the smallest park in MLB. The park has a arch above it and it looks like a see through room that would be retractable.

#2 Home plate face the Las Vegas Airport and the park is subject to FAA approval due to lighting and height when planes land and take off.

#3 The renderings of the field show that there’s lots of foul territory similar to that of the Oakland Coliseum

#4 Nevada and Clark County are committing to $380 million towards the park, $180 million in tax credits and $120 million from Clark County in issued bonds.

#5 That said Amaury how hard will this be for many of the current and former players, the fans, the jobs, that will be left behind in Oakland?

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary: Nevada Governor announces agreement to bring A’s to Vegas

Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo waves to the crowd shorty after he was inaugurated governor in Jan 2023. Lombardo announced on Wed May 24, 2023 that the State of Nevada and the Oakland A’s have reached an agreement to finance a 30,000 seat ballpark at the Tropicana Casino and Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip (Las Vegas Review Journal file photo)

By Amaury Pi Gonzalez

The Las Vegas Culinary Union has assured it’s working staff if the Oakland A’s and the State of Nevada will have union protected jobs at the Tropicana Casino and Resort. The Culinary Union is the strongest union in Vegas and they are assured union paying jobs as the Tropicana plans to build another tower across the street from the ballpark. The old tower will be torn down and the newer tower will be part of the square block with the A’s who will have their ballpark on nine acres of land.

Nevada governor Joe Lombardo announced on Wednesday a tentative agreement between the A’s and the State of Nevada a bill that will go forward to the Nevada Legislature that would bring Major League Baseball to Las Vegas. “The agreement follows month of negotiations between the state, the county, and the A’s and I believe it gives us a tremendous opportunity to continue building on the professional sports infrastructure of Southern Nevada.” said Lombardo.

The agreement will be drafted into legislation and later will be introduced to the Nevada State Legislature that will allow the public and lawmakers to debate over the project. Las Vegas A’s team president David Kaval said “We’re very appreciative of the support from the State of Nevada and Clark County leadership. We want to thank Governor Lombardo the Legislative leadership, the treasurer, and Clark County Commissioners and staff on the collaborative process. We look forward to advancing this legislation in a responsible way.”

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary podcast with Jerry Feitelberg: Any outside chance that Las Vegas deal would fail for A’s?

Oakland A’s manager Mark Kotsay looks out of the A’s dugout at the Oakland Coliseum the A’s who are in Seattle dropped the first game of a four game series on Mon May 22, 2023. Kotsay he beats himself up everyday about the struggles of the A’s. (San Francisco Chronicle file photo)

On the Oakland A’s podcast:

#1 How practical is it for the Nevada tax payers to front the A’s some $200 million to 75 million to cover the existing gap to cover the $395 million to pay towards the $1.5 billion A’s new ballpark at the Tropicana site in Las Vegas. Some people interviewed in Las Vegas are against paying for a ball club that’s deliberately not trying to win and bringing them to Vegas.

#2 The A’s currently have a $59 million payroll while most of the other MLB clubs have a $100 million which keeps most of them somewhat competitive. If the A’s are in Vegas and fans are only showing up to see Shohei Ohtani or Aaron Judge will the A’s be able to sustain business as usual?

#3 The A’s manager Mark Kotsay said that losing is 100% his responsibility. That Kotsay beats himself up everyday about it and he doesn’t know how to hide it. It’s a constant struggle. It’s not going to change much at this point because A’s Money Ball genius Billy Beane and general manager David Forst are not going on the free agency market anytime soon.

#4 The A’s as it turned out could have pushed during their times of trying to move to San Jose that the San Francisco Giants no longer had territorial rights because those territorial rights that the A’s gave them so they could have moved to San Jose were used so they could try and build a stadium in the South Bay and once they had built their own stadium in the City they should no longer have those territorial rights anymore and the A’s should have had a chance at trying to get a ballpark in San Jose which they are being blocked by the Giants.

#5 Taxpayers in Las Vegas are skeptical about spending the $395 million of public money for the stadium tax credits towards the Tropicana Ballpark when they see how A’s owner John Fisher is not putting any money into trying to be competitive. Most likely Fisher and the A’s will be competitive after they get the new ballpark at Tropicana but on the face of it the taxpayers in Vegas are wondering if the A’s come will they continue compete with a low payroll.

#6 Do you see any outside chance that the A’s Tropicana deal could fail and Fisher would go back to Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao and try to iron out a deal at Howard Terminal?

#7 The NBC Bay Area Sports fired TV broadcaster Glen Kuiper for using the N word on a pre game broadcast during a series in Kansas City. Kuiper joined the A’s broadcast team in the early 90s. Some critics say you don’t use that word unless you use that word.

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary: Las Vegas expansion Is more than the A’s

Actor Mark Wahlberg who is behind moving Hollywood film production to Las Vegas is one of the other major industries leaving California (AP file photo 2022)

Las Vegas expansion Is more than the A’s

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

OAKLAND–Major League Baseball and the Oakland Athletics are not the only ones moving to Las Vegas. Hollywood movie studios are also making the move to Sin City. A group of bipartisan Nevada lawmakers just introduced a bill that would give massive credits towards luring Hollywood film production to Las Vegas including a proposed $1 billion Sony Studios expansion. Filmmaker Mark Wahlberg is one the biggest proponents of this Hollywood studio migration to Las Vegas.

Southern Nevada is fast becoming a center for entertainment like few other cities in the world, with lots of available land, lower taxes, and less political drama, than “for example” neighboring California which has also seen an exodus of its residents to Nevada and other States that are more “tax-friendly”. An executive in the hospitality industry said, quote” “California has become prohibited for business, with so many regulations and high rates of taxes.

A Sony Studios spokesperson said the company supports the film industry expansion with a commitment of $1 billion on production over the next ten years.

After being hit by the pandemic, Nevada now has become a “happening place” and Las Vegas is at the center of it all. The Nevada lawmakers are giving $190 million in tax credits for 20 years to the people and businesses of the State. This is the largest tax incentive package in recent history

While here in the Bay Area, the departure of the Oakland A’s is big news, as the A’s would be the first franchise to relocate out of state since the Montreal Expos (who were under National League ownership) in 2005, now playing in Washington, D.C., as the Washington Nationals. They relocated out of the country from Canada to the US.

–On November 18 the Formula 1 Heineken Silver Las Vegas Grand Prix will take place.

–The 58th Super Bowl is scheduled to be played on February 11, 2024, at Allegiant Stadium, in Las Vegas. This will mark the third straight year that the Super Bowl has been played in the Western United States.

–Las Vegas Golden Knights are back in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, now as the Pacific Division champions and the top seed in the Western Conference, after they missed the playoffs last season.

The A’s have company: The new trend is the “California Exodus”, as California’s population still shrinking. According to the latest population estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau, California’s population declined by more than 500,000 between April 2020 and July 2022. You do not need an MBA from UCLA to know that the high cost of living in California and so many other problems, housing, homelessness, and crime in the cities have become the factors for this exodus right after the Covid years on why so many people are saying Adios to the Golden State.

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary podcast: Countdown to $395 M less than 30 days for A’s new Vegas ballpark

The front of the Tropicana Casino and Hotel entrance in Las Vegas site of the proposed 9 acre new ballpark location of the A’s set to open in 2027 (photo from WJAR 10 Providence)

On That’s Amaury News and Commentary podcast:

#1 The Oakland A’s proposed new ballpark site in Las Vegas at the Tropicana site is facing opposition by casino owners and slowing traffic on the strip.

#2 Amaury, wanted to get your thoughts on the long shot possibility of A’s owner John Fisher selling the team to Bally’s who owns the Tropicana property and Bally’s would run the team from that point.

#3 If the tax credit fails or time runs out for the $396 million that the A’s are seeking for the Tropicana project and it’s not likely that Bally’s would put in their own money for the project unless they have ownership of the team.

#4 State of Nevada residents have sounded off that they don’t want to spend anymore public money on state funded arenas or stadiums. The Tropicana site is a nine acre site that has a reduced price tag from the Wild Wild West location that was $500 million to $395 million but that’s still not sitting well with the local tax payers.

#5 It’s been said with the expiration of last Friday’s deadline to extend the Howard Terminal plan that ship sailed and if the $395 million in tax credits fails if MLB or someone comes up with the $395 million the A’s may not have end up in a homeless situation.

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary: Memories of Oakland – (2nd in a Series) The 1979 Athletics

Former Oakland A’s infielder Mario Guerrero circa 1979 once recorded a 45 and was told by the author to keep his day job (photo from

Memories of Oakland – (2nd in a Series) The 1979 Athletics

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

OAKLAND–The similarities between the 1979 Oakland A’s and the 2023 Oakland A’s are truly remarkable. The 1979 team ended last (7th place) with a 54-108 record. Their attendance was 306,763, an average of 3,984 per game, the worst since the days in Philadelphia. It involves, (a) Owners, (b) City of Oakland, (c) poor performance on the field (d) very low attendance (e) one of the lowest payrolls in Major League Baseball and (f) a future Hall of Fame player.

That season Charlie O Finley nearly sold the team to buyers who would have relocated to New Orleans, but back then the City of Oakland had smarter representatives and much more community-minded than today and the city refused to release the A’s from their lease with the Oakland Coliseum.

A year later in 1980, Finley was forced to turn to local buyers and sold the A’s to Walter Haas, Jr., president of Levi Strauss & Co for $12.7 million. This 1979 A’s team had many colorful personalities.

I remember Mario Guerrero, who played shortstop whose hobby was singing, as he gave me a copy of his 45rpm recording in Spanish of “A Mi Manera”, the classic Frank Sinatra “My Way’ one of his many big hits. When I listened to Mario’s version I had nothing but to tell him, “do not quit your day job”, he was a good guy but not a good singer. He took it well and laughed all the time with me about it.

Tony Armas had an arm from right field. Many used to say his arm was raw and not educated, but he was one of their best players and in Spring Training he (who was shy) would give me some great interviews. His good friend on that team was Dwayne Murphy who played center field.

Mitch “The Rage” Page. Who can forget him? He hustled all the time and played with a lot of passion and then there was catcher Mike Heath, Wayne Gross at third base and guys on the mound like Matt Keough and Mike Morgan and many others with personality.

Rickey Henderson. That was the brightest note in 1979 playing left field as a rookie, very fast who would go on to steal 1,406 bases, current record. After a 25 year career with various teams (including the Yankees) he seems to always come back to Oakland where he had four different stints from 1970 to 1998.

He is “The Hall of Fame” player of that 1979 team. Rickey was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2009. When the team was in a hitting slump, he would get a free pass to first, steal second ( and maybe third) and then score of the sac fly. That became known as “The Rickey Run”. Rickey. Nothing more needs to be said.

“There was only one Rickey Henderson in baseball,” said George Steinbrenner, former Yanks chairman. “He was the greatest leadoff hitter of all time.”

In 1979 Julio González was my broadcast partner as the A’s carried all home weekend games, plus other selected games on BOX 19, to our left was Larry Baer, now a top executive with the SF Giants, he was a student at Cal and was broadcasting weekend games, since the A’s owner never contracted a commercial radio station, he gave the rights for $1 to the Cal Berkeley campus radio station. Yes, 1979, was a year to remember.

(Port of Oakland) The A’s lease with the port of Oakland for the site, where the baseball team hoped to build a multi-billion dollar waterfront ballpark and surrounding development, named Howard Terminal, is set to expire today, Friday May 12, 2023.

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary podcast: Royals Yarbrough out on 15 day IL for facial fractures; Yankees clobber A’s to open 3 game series; plus more

Kansas City Royals Ryan Yarbrough gets assistance from Royals trainer after taking a line drive in the face off the bat of Oakland A’s Ryan Noda at Kaufman Stadium on Sun May 7, 2023 (photo by USA Today)

On That’s Amaury News and Commentary podcast:

#1 Amaury, Kansas City Royals pitcher Ryan Yarbrough who took that shot off Oakland A’s hitter Ryan Noda’s comebacker during Sunday’s game at Kaufman Stadium. The shot hit Yarbrough in the face and laid him out. The Royals on Monday said that Yarbrough has been placed on the 15 day IL for facial fractures.

#2 The Oakland A’s opened up their three game road trip in New York with a 7-2 loss at Yankee Stadium on Monday night. The A’s pitching got clobbered in the middle innings with New York runs with two in the fifth, three in the sixth, and two more to close out the scoring in the seventh.

#3 Amaury, You knew Vida Blue for decades when he first broke into the Major Leagues and when he was a three time World Series Champion in 1972-74, an All Star, and Hall of Fame pitcher who passed on Sun May 7th at 73. Talk about Vida the pitcher but most important the person.

#4 Amaury, We didn’t get a chance to speak to you about the indefinite suspension of Oakland A’s TV play by play announcer Glen Kuiper. Kuiper suspended for using a racial slur on live TV Friday night before the A’s and Kansas City Royals game. You knew Glen since he started doing A’s TV in 1992.

#5 Turning to NBA basketball playoffs the Los Angeles Lakers go up 3-1 in game 4 defeating the Golden State Warriors for the second straight game 104-101. Stephen Curry led Golden State in scoring with 31 but it wasn’t enough. The Lakers defense shutdown the Warriors key scorers to get away with a three point win. Game 5 is at Chase Center in San Francisco on Wednesday a 7:00pm tip off.

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary: Memories of Oakland – The Athletics Last World Series Title

October 17, 1989. The third game of the A’s vs Giants World Series. Amaury Pi-González and Evelio Areas Mendoza, at Candlestick Park, San Francisco minutes before the 6.9 Loma Prieta Earthquake shook the Bay Area and postponed it for 10 days. KNTA 1430AM Radio, Santa Clara.  (Photo APG Sports)

Memories of Oakland – The Athletics Last World Series Title

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

Some things in life are truly unpredictable, like an earthquake during a World Series. And that was the story in 1989. The first and only time in history.

That year the Oakland A’s won 99 games and their division by seven games over the Kansas City Royals. The San Francisco Giants also won their division with 92 wins by three games over the San Diego Padres. In October they both had a date for the 1989 World Series.

Game One: October 14 at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, Dave Stewart threw a gem as he pitched a complete game blanking the Giants on 5 hits as the A’s won 5-0 in front of 49,385 fans. In 1989 Stew ended with a 21-9 record, a 3.32 ERA during his penultimate season of 4 years in a row of 20-plus wins.

Game 2 is back at the Coliseum. A’s won 5 to 1 and took a two games lead. Mike Moore “took his time” and dominated the Giants lineup for seven innings and the bullpen did its usual job the rest of the way. That year Moore ended with 19-11 and a 2.62 earned run average pitching 241 2/3 innings

Game Three: October 17 it was a very warm day with temperatures between 80 and 90 degrees around the Bay Area. A temperature of 81 was registered in downtown San Francisco, hours before the first pitch of the game, a very muggy day. What people call here in California “Earthquake Weather”. I left earlier than usual from Fremont, to Candlestick Park, about a 40 mile drive. Since it was the World Series between the two bay area teams, I knew there was going to be traffic and there was. An hour plus drive time.

As I arrived at Candlestick, I first went to check the A’s Spanish broadcast booth. It was an auxiliary booth just a few feet away under the roof of the stadium. My broadcast partner was Evelio Areas Mendoza, who lived near San Francisco. Our engineer Erwin Higueros was working our broadcast.

After checking our booth, I went down to the field to conduct “The Tony LaRussa Show”, a short three minute pregame show and then returned to my booth. In 1989 we needed broadcast lines, and a couple of telephones in case we went off the air, which little I knew at that time, were going to be the case a few minutes after 5 PM.

The hectic moment was about to happen. Our pregame show was usually 15 minutes, but because these were World Series games, we got 30 minutes of pregame air time. The General Manager at KNTA 1430AM in Santa Clara was Gene Hogan, one of the real good guys running radio stations those years, he loved sports. We played the Tony La Russa pregame segment, which this time was a little longer than the usual three minutes on regular season games.

I remember Evelio Medoza and yours truly were talking about the difference between A’s and Giants fans and other topics, like the history of both teams since their arrival in the Bay Area, and regular baseball stuff. At that same time, when we were on the air that little auxiliary booth shook like somebody had pushed us up to the roof, I honestly thought I was “buying the farm” we kept talking but we have lost the broadcast lines.

We were lucky the telephone line was still “alive” so we chatted for a few minutes and sent it back to the studios via the telephone. I was surprised the radio station never went off the air, although some others in the bay area did lose their signal.

The earthquake happened at 5:04 PM take or give a minute or so, and before the game was scheduled to start at 5:35 our time, 8:35 PM east coast time. Later as I went down to the regular press box, I watched KPIX CH 5 on a monitor as Ana Chávez, Anchor, was showing a video of the Bay Bridge, the tremors caused a portion of the Bay Bridge to collapse onto the lower deck, also ragging fires of various homes in the Marina District in San Francisco. It was a 6.9 Earthquake, called Loma Prieta Earthquake, and also acquired the name The World Series Earthquake.

A couple of hours later when it was quiet, I drove out of Candlestick Park parking lot, but the Bay Bridge was closed as well as other bridges and I had to drive all the way down south on Hwy 101, around the bay. I was taking Erwin back to his place in Oakland and later Evelio in San Francisco.

At a service station maybe a quarter mile from Candlestick Park, José Canseco wearing his A’s uniform at a gas station filling gasoline in his car. I also stopped to check on my mom. She was fine, however scared and shaken like many others. However there were others in the Bay Area were not that lucky.

That was one of the longest days of my life. I got home before midnight. The Fall Classic was postponed for 10 days, they played again on October 27, and the Athletics won the last two games and took the trophy via sweep. A’s #1 pitcher Dave Stewart won the MVP.

Because the game was at 5:00 PM, it has been attributed to saving lots of lives. Everybody was either home, watching the game, or left earlier to get to “The Stick” on time, for the game.

I recommend “Goodbye Oakland” a great book by Andy Dolich and Dave Newhouse. A fascinating tour of Oakland sports history and a look toward the future of professional sports in the East Bay. Oakland is a sports city like no other.

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