Headline Sports podcast with Jeremiah Salmonson: Players and Commissioner still working on a deal; A’s refuse to pay rent to Coliseum Authority

As the Oakland Coliseum sits empty the A’s organization refuses to pay for something their not using and didn’t pay the rent for the 2020 season to the Oakland Coliseum Authority (AP file photo)

On Headline Sports pod with Jeremiah:

#1 Jeremiah baseball negotiations is on between the players and the Commissioner and his staff as to how the 2020 season will start. Amongst some of the key concerns revenue sharing and how the players will get paid?

#2 Another concern is where the games will be played will baseball will they be in Arizona and Florida contained only to their spring training locations? Or will they play in their home parks which would mean more air travel involved and playing in front of empty parks?

#3 Baseball’s biggest concern is social distancing, no interacting with the fans, no high fives, celebrations after games, no sitting together in the dugout, and a new baseball must be in play after every closing play.

#4 Oakland Coliseum management said on Thursday that the Oakland A’s are using the Covid-19 pandemic to get out of their rent they said that they didn’t use the Coliseum in April and will not pay the $1.2 million they annually pay to the Coliseum.

#5 The A’s said they were of the understanding the Coliseum would be used and reserve for potential Covid-19 victims and housing them at the Coliseum where needed. With that understanding the A’s have said they can not pay rent. Coliseum Authority Board member Ignacio De La Fuente said, “It’s just an excuse to try to not pay when the city needs the money the most.”

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Headline Sports podcast with Charlie O: Former Sac Bee Kings beat writer Marty McNeal dead at 64; MLB 67 page proposal to players

Marty McNeal, sports reporter for the Sacramento Bee, squeezes between two other journalists to interview Shaquille O’Neal at the 2003 NBA All-Star Game in Atlanta. Hector Amezcua Sacramento Bee photo file 

Headline Sports podcast with Charlie O:

#1 The Commissioner of Baseball Rob Manfred and MLB presented MLB Players Association representative with a 67 page operations manual to Player Representative Tony Clark which included health and safety issues there was nothing about the 50-50 sharing revenue issues.

#2 We’ll go over some of the proposed safety rules, no spitting, no sitting next to each other in the dugout or in the bull pens it may sound simple but in the Show that’s some old habits that’s tough to break.

#3 One of the key things to get the players interest is the 50-50 gate revenue split as Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Blake Snell said “I want my money” the other thing he said “I risk my life” can MLB get a deal done with such stringent policies from the Commissioners office?

#4 Our former colleague former Sacramento Bee beat writer for the Sacramento Kings Marty McNeal passed away from Leukemia at age 64 on Thursday. He was surrounded at a Dallas Hospital by family. Marty as we knew very well in covering Kings games for 13 years was a friendly and knowledgeable writer he was very funny and he was just great with the TV-radio reporters. He will really be missed.

#5 There were so many stories about Marty a favorite as told by the Sacramento Bee in Thursday’s edition that Marty was involved with not only covering the team but almost was like an assistant coach former King Mike Bibby was having a bad night as the reporters were seated at courtside. As Bibby was walking off the court Marty would say to him “What the hell is wrong with you” Bibby and Marty would end up talking.

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That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: MLB By Tuesday maybe good news

photo of MLB image

MLB: By Tuesday maybe good news

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

Another week has gone by (two weeks to date) and there still no final agreement to begin an abbreviated 2020 season. But early next week, maybe by Tuesday, there could be the news the sport is waiting for. Let me explain.

During this week, MLB presented to the players union a 67-page proposal on a plan to keep the players and staff safe from Covid-19 and still open the season. The MLPA went through it and had over 130 players on-line, many posting questions, seems players want more testing and more often. So, they seem receptive and MLB will probably take those recommendations and amend the proposal. The union on behalf of the players they represent sent the notes on the MLB health and safety plans during this pandemic.

Now for the economic side of things. Remember originally the MLB/owners 50-50 revenue sharing proposal was basically DOA, (dead on arrival). Now we know the MLB/owners plan to deliver a “new economic proposal” and it might be the one that the players union agrees with. In that case, there could be an agreement.

This next week, could determine the future of baseball for the next few years. This Pandemic has left 40 million Americans, (size of California) unemployed and so far thousands of businesses that might never comeback. The country will comeback, because this country always does, but image if the power-to-be in baseball didn’t come to an agreement. How can they justify this fight between billionaires vs. millionaires? Baseball would suffer serious damage much more than in previous work-stoppages by strikes and lockouts. It would truly be unconscionable.

If settled,Spring Training for two weeks in June and season starts by Independence Day July 4th,the biggest American holiday,with the National Pastime.

Baseball could go from goat to hero, if they even only play 82 games. This would be the best medicine for the American people in 2020. Let’s hope it happens, because life will eventually be normal sometime in the future.

Both sides will enjoy this Memorial Day weekend and will return to the table next week.

One thing is for sure, if by the end of next week there is no agreement, there will not be a season

I hope everybody enjoys the summer-type weather here in the Bay Area. Go out get some sun/vitamin D,enjoy yourself and stay well

Hasta la vista.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the Major League Baseball Hispanic Heritage Museum vice president and does News and Commentary each week at http://www.sportsradioservice.com

That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: The New Constitution for Baseball 2020

Former Pittsburgh Pirate Dave Parker wore a mask at one time while playing for the Bucs. This illustration gives you an idea what some creative looks are to come. (espn.com file photo)

The New Constitution for Baseball 2020

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

This week the Commissioner of Baseball, Rob Manfred, presented to Tony Clark, in charge of the Major League Players Association a 67 page “Operations Manual” for the players union, to review, give their input, recommendations/amendments, and ultimately approval. This one is all about the health of the players and not about the 50-50 sharing of revenues, which still has not been approved. These are all for the 82-game “regular” season. No Spring Training rules are listed here, but they are also very stringent

These are some of the key new “rules”.

-No spitting. -No chewing of gum or anything, including seeds -No sitting next to each other in the dugout -No fighting -No traditional pregame exchange of lineup cards -Coaches must wear masks and no touching of their faces with their hands (including to give signs) -Balls that are in play and touched by player(s) should be removed and exchange for a new baseball. -After an out, players are discouraged from throwing the ball around the infield. -Pitchers should bring their own rosin bag to the mound -Hitters should have their own pine tar and batting donuts that they bring with them to and from the on-deck circle -First and third base coaches must remain in or behind the coach’s box and shall not approach a base-runner, fielder or umpire. -Using the indoor hitting cage is discouraged -Players are not to high-five or any type of demonstration even after a walk-off -No use of saunas, steam rooms or other hydrotherapy at the ballparks clubhouse are prohibited -The duties performed by bat boys/girls will be performed by existing team employees -No Mascots allowed

Traveling to hotels also has restrictions, like no venturing outside the hotel on the road. Cannot use Uber, Taxi, Public Transportation, but only buses provided by the team. While at the hotel, limit the amount of players on each elevator. No congregation in the lobby, player family or friends. And there are more not listed here. Like for team charters to try to use smaller airports if possible. But these will give you an overall flavor of what it would be.

And of course, no fans.

Spring Training rules not listed here.

Stay tuned and stay well.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the Spanish radio play by play voice for the Oakland Athletics and does News and Commentary each week at http://www.sportsradioservice.com

Headline Sports podcast with Tony Renteria: Raiders sign three defensive players; Nat’s GM says players could be ready in two weeks

Former Los Angeles Ram defenseman Cory Littleton is one three Las Vegas Raiders who signed with the Raiders on Wednesday (photo credit radierswire.com)

On Headline Sports with Tony R:

#1 How important is it for the Las Vegas Raiders to have their defensive players Cory Littleton, Maliek Collins and Nick Kwiatkoski signed Wednesday?

#2 The other question is will the Raiders sign Caleb Nassib a veteran defenseman?

#3 In Nassib’s last two seasons with the Tampa Bay Bucs he started in 17 games and had 12.5 sacks over the 2018 and 2019 seasons.

#4 In MLB the Washington Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo said that it would take about two weeks to get everybody ready before the first pitch of the season which has a target date of July 4th

#5 It all goes back to one thing that Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Blake Snell said “I want my money” and “I will risk my life” this seems to be a sentiment echoed by the players who quietly feel the same way as Snell. Can MLB and the players get a deal done?

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Headline Sports podcast with Jerry Feitelberg: Offer still sits on the table for MLB players; Dr.Fauci says there could be a second wave from opening up

Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry interviewed Dr. Anthony Fauci on Thursday March 26th during the early days of the sheltering in. Fauci said without a vaccine opening up will not bring down the curve. Protesters say it’s their constitutional right to leave the house and go back to work. (file photo from npr.org)

On the podcast with Jerry F:

#1 We all know in order for baseball to return they must play in empty stadiums, check temperatures, there will be no showers for the players, social distancing for all players and employees while working in the park. How practical is this going to be.

#2 There have been a number of high profile athletes and celebrities coming out for Dr. Anthony Fauci. Dr. Fauci simply said that continuing to open up America will lead to a second wave, raising the curve, and those who are screaming that it’s unconstitutional to shelter in will be the very same people that will have to shelter in in a second wave.

#3 The San Francisco Giants have said they will be keep their 350 full time employees at least through September. The ball club will furlough it’s 60 part time workers and employees who make over $75,000 a year will get a 25% pay cut.

#4 The A’s have a Cornavirus relief fund for their contract employees from ProPark, Aramark, Landmark, Allied Universal and AEG have applied for the tax free grant. Oakland A’s full time employees are being paid through May. Everyone on board at the A’s are hoping that the players vote to come back by July 4th which means if the games are in Oakland. However with games played in front of an empty stadium it will still be a skeleton crew if the players comeback.

#5 Jerry with all this opening up going what chances is there that a spike of the virus could repeat itself and could force everyone back to shelter in?

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary: Umpires Impartial Pillars of Judicial Dignity

Former Baltimore Orioles manager Earl Weaver (left) and former umpire Ken Kaiser (right) get into it during their MLB active days (New York Times photo file)

Umpires: Impartial Pillars of Judicial Dignity

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

It should not be lost during the baseball negotiations between owners and the players union, that the Umpires are “all in” and ready to go,if there is a 2020 season, Let’s give the umpires some love, because slowly but surely their jobs will not exist.

While distrust exist between the owners and the players union during these negotiations, trying to bring baseball back and save the season, the umpires reached a deal weeks ago to cover the 2020 season during the Covid-19 pandemic. In that agreement umpires took a 50 percent cut in pay in May and nothing more if no games are played. They usually make between $150,000 and $450,000. They agreed to play with masks and to abide on whatever new restrictions are put in place.

On July 10,2019 in York, Pennsylvania the independent Atlantic League became the first American professional baseball league to use a computer call balls and strikes, this was during their All-Star Game. The umpire behind the plate wore an earpiece connected to an iPhone in his pocket and then relayed the call after receiving it from TrackMan computer system that uses a Doppler radar In other words, during this “experiment”the umpires was like a baby-sitter, because he depended on a computer to tell if the pitch was a ball or a strike. During the 2018 season the MLB umpires at home plate were wrong by 20 percent of the time, that is the most important umpire on the field and he sees hundreds of pitches during each game.

Umpires never get any love from the crowd,unless they get hurt, as they walk out of the field, or if they are trying to stay in the game after they get hit by a ball a bat or collusion with a player. In some parks (including Oakland) umpires sometime get booed just when their names are announced before the game. It is a ungrateful profession, by any means. They get a lot of verbal abuse and it takes a special man to be an umpire. I always admired the baseball umpires, they are part of the game we love.

Quotes about umpires.

-I didn’t mean to hit the umpire with the dirt, but I did mean to hit that bastard in the stands. -Babe Ruth -Umpire’s heaven is when he works third base every game. Home is where the headache is., -Ron Luciano(Umpire) -I never questioned the integrity of an umpire. Their eyesight yes. -Leo Durocher -In a way an umpire is like a woman. He makes quick decisions and never reverses them and doesn’t think you are safe when you are out. -Larry Goetz – I’ll never forget the time he came out there to argue, and he turned his hat around. I turned my hat around, too, and he said he wanted to punch me. I said, ‘Go ahead you midget, you’ll hit my knee.’ (talking about Orioles manager Earl Weaver) -Umpire Ken Kaiser.

Stay tuned and stay well.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the Oakland A’s Spanish play by play announcer on 1010 KIQI San Francisco and Tune In and does News and Commentary at http://www.sportsradioservice.com

Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Expect Posey to break out the bats as a DH; Negotiations to start season with players; plus more

San Francisco catcher Buster Posey is expected to excel as the team’s DH when the universal designated hitter is put in place in the National League this season (mlbdailydish.com)

On Headline Sports podcast with Barbara:

#1 There is little doubt that San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey will take advantage of the universal designated hitter once that is put in place in the National League if and when the season gets started.

#2 It would give Posey a huge break from the beating he takes from behind the plate and give him the opportunity to exhibit his hitting prowess that much more

#3 There are a lot of fans and players of the National League that are not fans of the designated hitter but they might be outnumbered because from the business stand point it creates more jobs on a MLB roster to have the DH.

#4 Sadly former Los Angeles Dodger Carl Crawford had a five year old boy and a woman Bethany Lartigue who tried to rescue the boy that were guests at his house drown in his pool. Crawford tried to revive them through CPR but couldn’t. Lartigue was not related to the boy and was there at Crawford’s house to film music videos.

#5 Talks still remain as it’s been a week now since MLB owners have put a proposal on the table to get the players to start the season targeted for July 1st. The players concerns were getting their salaries cut to nearly 50 percent and for their safety.

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That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast: The A’s will be the only big league club to stream all games (no radio); Will announcers do all games in Arizona?

Tune In image from tunein.com

That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast:

#1 When baseball does return the A’s will be introducing it’s new non radio streaming casts on tunein.com. The A’s president David Kaval said this will be the state of the art way to listen to MLB games as he said the A’s are trying to reach for a younger demographic that will use their phones and computers to stream games.

#2 Critics of the A’s leaving their last two radio stations 97.5 The Game and 860 KTRB The Answer say traditional radio is the best way to listen to A’s broadcasts and how can you listen in the car or at the ball park?

#3 Tune In will be streaming A’s games in Spanish and English for all pre season and regular season games as the regular season is expected to return if negotiations with the players works out.

#4 Critics also say that the move to go to Tune In was solely done to save money from paying airtime to the local radio stations.

#5 If the A’s do not play their home games in Oakland and play them at their Cactus League location in Mesa will A’s English announcers Ken Korach and Vince Cotroneo and Spanish announcers Manolo Hernandez-Douen and yourself broadcast all games from Arizona?

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the Oakland A’s Spanish play by play announcer on the A’s Spanish flagship station 1010 KIQI San Francisco and does News and Commentary at http://www.sportsradioservice.com

Headline Sports podcast with Morris Phillips: What will be the new normal?; A tip of the cap to the late Bob Watson; plus more

Former major league player Bob Watson talks about the selections made to the baseball Hall of Fame by the pre-integration era committee at the baseball winter meetings on Monday, Dec. 3, 2012, in Nashville, Tenn. Former New York Yankees owner Jacob Ruppert, longtime umpire Hank O’Day and barehanded catcher Deacon White have been elected to the baseball Hall of Fame by the committee. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

Headline Sports podcast with Morris Phillips:

#1 Morris while MLB still is trying to work the details on how to return by July 1st the one big sticking point with the players are their salaries being cut again to just 50% of the revenue with the owners if and when they return.

#2 Fans, media, front office staff, trainers, medical staff, stadium employees, players, coaches and managers many more must take their temperatures, self distance, wear a mask, wash hands frequently before entering the park.

#3 Last week Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Blake Snell said “I’m risking my life” and also questioned why he should take a pay cut to risk his life. The sentiment was supported by Philadelphia Phillie star Bryce Harper. Although Baseball wants to insure safety a number of Coronvirus cases are spiking in the country.

#4 Baseball lost a great figure in former Houston Astro Bob Watson who passed away on Friday at age 74. Watson was the first black general manager to win a World Series in 1996, Watson played 14 seasons with the Astros, and is well known as the player who scored MLB’s one millionth run on May 4, 1975.

#5 From a media stand point what’s it like not be involved in baseball on that day to day schedule that you’ve had over the years you covered the Giants and A’s on an everyday basis.

Morris does Headline Sports each Monday at http://www.sportsradioservice.com