That’s Amaury News and Commentary: The Gods of Baseball are with the Giants

Donovan Solano connects for a two run homer in the eighth inning at the Oakland Coliseum on Sun Aug 22, 2021 (AP News photo)

The Gods of Baseball are with the Giants

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

OAKLAND–I was the Spanish play by play man for the Giants back in June 1997. I called that very first Inter league game, from what was then, The Ballpark at Arlington, Texas, and the Giants won that historic game. Later MLB re-structured their format to make is a “regional affair”, i.e, A’s vs. Giants, Yankees vs. Mets, Cubs vs. White Sox, Dodgers vs. Angels. It has been a great success, when the teams that play in the same area, in the case of NY and Chicago within their own city limits. It is no different here in the Bay Area.

The A’s and Giants concluded their last head-to-head series of the season. The Giants beat the A’s in June taking two out of the three games at Oracle Park and the Giants repeated the doses, beating the A’s at Oakland in two of the three games. If you watch enough baseball in your life, you know when there is something going on, where a team can’t make much wrong.

The only way we would see these two Bay Area teams again this year, would be another World Series, like 1989, but hopefully with no earthquake in the middle. I can never forget 1989, and specially that World Series as I was broadcasting A’s radio from an auxiliary box almost next to the roof at Candlestick Park during that October 17 around 5:05PM, and how the Athletics where better that the Giants, before and after that strong Loma Prieta earthquake.

The San Francisco Giants are the biggest surprise this 2021 season. Nobody could have predicted this type of season for a team, that although their front office never mentioned the R word, “rebuilding” because that word signifies, loosing for a while until you can win again and is not popular with your fan base.

Rebuilding never sells tickets, especially in the Bay Area. As simple as that. Their three veterans (all in the infield) Buster Posey, Brandon Belt, and Brandon Crawford visited Ponce De Leon Fountain of Youth in the off-season, Crawford is having one of his best years at the plate, where he had struggled in recent years, his glove has never been an issue.

An assortment of journeymen and young players have combined to provide Giants fans with an unexpected thrill as a winning season on the way to 100 victories. How far the Giants will go this season nobody knows, the Dodgers had more injuries than a Vietnam US Army battalion in 1966 yet they are right there. But there is no doubt who is the Manager of the Year and Executive of the Year in the National League.

The Oakland Athletics are not a surprise. They were picked to either win the division again or contend with Houston Astros, again, and that is exactly what is happening. The A’s brain-power made some very good strategic trades before the deadline acquiring Starling Márte, Yan Gomes, Josh Harrison and Andrew Chaffin.

The four made an instant impact with Bob Melvin ballclub. Especially the veteran Márte who is leading off at the top with 39 stolen bases in baseball this year. He came at the moment they needed that infusion of talent, especially after center-fielder Ramón Laureano was suspended for 80 games for the use of PED.

With the situation of the wild card nowadays figuring big during the last six weeks of a season, right now the hot Yankees have kidnapped that first wild card spot and put the Athletics in a precarious situation as they might have to fight in two fronts, trying to catch Houston for the division and having the troops to survive the Wild Card Assault, Boston in right behind the A’s. The teams fighting for the two wild card spots. Melvin says he doesn’t worry about the other teams, and he should not, he is correct, he is managing one team, which is his responsibility.

As far as the Giants protection from the Gods of Baseball, during the last two games which they won. Manager Gabe Kapler used a pinch-hitter, and they both delivered the winning blow. On Saturday Lamonte Wade Jr. came off the bench and hit a two run home run against A’s closer Lou Trivino in the top of the ninth as they beat the A’s 6-5.

On Sunday, the A’s were winning the game 1-0 until the eighth inning, when Kapler used his magic wand again and sent Donovan Solano to the plate as a pinch-hitter. Seconds later Solano hit a home run to left field with a runner on for the final 2-1 win. Every move the Giants manager made worked.

Whatever the last month and a half of the season has in store for us will be fascinating for these two Bay Area rivals.

Over 100,000 people paid to see the A’s host the Giants this weekend at the Oakland Coliseum.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the lead Spanish play by play announcer for Oakland Athletics baseball on flagship station 1010 KIQI LaGrande San Francisco and does News and Commentary at

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