San Francisco Giants podcast with Morris Phillips: Giants pitch third shutout in a week; Alex Wood, relief core blank Marlins 1-0

Miami Marlins third baseman Brian Anderson puts the tag on San Francisco Giants’ Mike Yastrzemski (5) in the first inning of play on Sun Apr 18, 2021 (AP News photo)

On the Giants podcast with Morris:

#1 Morris, the San Francisco Giants (9-6) on Sunday used five pitchers and the Florida Marlins (7-8) used four pitchers you would think both teams would be putting on a hitting clinic but just the opposite both teams were trying to stop any runs from scoring in the 1-0 Giants win.

#2 Taking a look at pitcher Alex Wood’s performance five innings, three hits not that he would be allowed but Wood looked like he could have got some late innings for the Giants.

#3 The bullpen has to get a lot of credit to hold the Marlins line up to no hits after Wood departed for the rest of the four innings.

#4 The Marlins starter Pablo Lopez went six innings giving up six hits and striking out nine batters before being lift on the Marlins side of the coin they got good starting pitching and great relief help but lost the game.

#5 Morris, the Marlins proved to be a worthy opponent beating the Giants in the first two games of the series but they sure found out why San Francisco has the second best record in baseball with some great pitching on Sunday. The Giants open up a three game series in Philadelphia starting tonight.

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