That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: Maybe the Warriors’ Main Goal Is to Conquer the Moon

Photo credit: @Deadspin

By: Amaury Pi-González

The Warriors are such a good team who are doing nothing but winning. So maybe they are bored with their success, and when that happens, and you are on top of the world like the 1970s A’s and Raiders, 1980s 49ers and 2000s Giants, this is bound to happen. A player will say something outrageous that will make news outside the sports world. Actually after winning three NBA titles, the Warriors’ only goal might be to conquer the Moon.

Stephen Curry said recently that man has never been to the Moon. Since then, Curry clarified his comments saying it was “a joke.” Nonetheless, NASA is offering Curry and the Warriors a tour of their facilities next time they visit the Houston Rockets. NASA offers to school Curry on moon landing, to show him some rocks that the astronauts brought from the Moon. Obviously, since NASA can’t offer Curry any advice of how to improve his game. Earlier this year, NBA star Kyrie Irving said flat Earth claims were an experiment and he was just having a little entertainment.

It is all fun, but in today’s social media world–every statement,every word is dissected, especially by famous people like Curry. I have no doubt if you take a poll across this country you will find a percentage of people that believe we never went to the Moon, that it was done inside a Warner Brothers studio, that 9/11 was an inside job by the US government to send us to war, and that Elvis still alive.

Recently, Virgin Galactic–Richard Branson’s outlet–flies its first astronauts to the end of space, taking one step further to space tourism and taking the lead over Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. Today is the private world, entrepreneurs (not NASA and the government) that is taking the lead in space. In the future, Curry might be able (he sure can afford it) to actually take a trip to the Moon and tell his grandkids someday.

It is going to happen like Frank Sinatra’s huge hit in 1964: “Fly Me To the Moon.”

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