That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast: MLB and players meet again for second day in row; 49ers-Rams predictions

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred (left) and the Players Union Rep Tony Clark (right) both sides will meet again to discuss how to settle the lockout on Tue Jan 25, 2022 (file photo from

On That’s Amaury’s podcast:

#1 Amaury both MLB and the players union met on Monday and the players have agreed to drop the five year waiting period for free agency and wanted to discuss revenue sharing with the owners. MLB and the union although not concluding to a deal agreed to meet again today.

#2 It’s been 43 days since the owners declared a lock out on the players and having their first sit down bargaining session. It is thought to have negotiations two days in a row to be a good sign that there might be some kind of talks and a ray of light to getting things moving again.

#3 The players union dropped the proposal that would allow a player nearing 30 years of age to declare free agency after five years of service. The players said they would alter their proposal for revenue sharing.

#4 Amaury you’ve seen how close these post season NFL games have been. This Sunday’s game in Los Angeles with the San Francisco 49ers against the Rams for the NFC Championship should be a classic match between evenly matched teams.

#5 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo had a strain shoulder injury from their game in Dallas on Sun Jan 16th. The defense pretty much won the game for the 49ers on a blocked punt that was returned for a touchdown and special teams kicker Robbie Gould who booted a game winning field goal to get the 49ers in the NFC Championship.

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That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: MLB–2022 Hall of Fame Ballot PED Guys will fall Short

Barry Bonds (left) and Roger Clemens (right) are holding out hope that the MLB Baseball Writers of America Association will vote them into the Hall of Fame but reports say it’s very unlikely (ESPN file photo)

MLB–2022 Hall of Fame Ballot PED Guys will fall Short

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

These “steroids era” players will probably fall short. Barry Bonds with an MLB record 762 home runs and seven MVP Awards, Roger Clemens, with a record seven-Cy Young Awards, are the two first and then possibly Alex Rodríguez, who some time ago admitted to using PED’s and said it might cost him the Hall of Fame.

David Ortíz is an interesting case, he also admitted to using PED’s years ago. Other interesting characters are Samuel “Sammy” Sosa, who said he “never tested positive for steroids” during his career and in 2005 he appeared in front of the US Congress House Committee on Government Reform together with Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro as well as some baseball executives.

But if you want to talk about it interesting, how about Curt Schilling, who a year ago asked to be removed from the 2022 HOF list, but was rejected and will remain on the BBWAA ballot for the tenth and final time.

About a year ago Schilling called the Baseball Writers Association of America a bunch of “spineless cowards”. Schilling was never connected to steroids use or any PED’s during his career, but his controversial twitters became a litmus test for most of those that opposed his point of view.

If you are eligible you are eligible, it should only be about your baseball career. It is the Hall of Fame not the Hall of Saints and baseball should not bring statues down, but build it for their heroes.

I do give a lot of credit to the BBWAA for rejecting Curt Schilling’s wishes to be removed from the ballot. If we go down that rabbit hole, we must also, never elect or maybe remove some that are already in Cooperstown.

I am sure if research is done there will be found to be some very unsavory characters in the Hall. Such Hall of Fame luminaries like Roger Hornsby, a .358 lifetime hitter who batted over .400 three times, there were persistent rumors he was a member of the KKK.

The great Ty Cobb, who by all accounts was a terrible human being who won a history-leading 12-batting titles, was an admitted racist. He is in Cooperstown. Cap Anson was widely reported by the media he was totally opposed to black players in baseball.

Back to the present. Some of the greatest sluggers in recent history who are tied to the use of PED’s, steroids and their home run totals: Barry Bonds 762, Alex Rodríguez 696, Sammy Sosa 609, Mark McGwire 583, Rafael Palmeiro 569, Manny Ramírez 555.

Among the luminaries of the mound; Roger Clemens, a tremendous 24-year career ended with 354 wins, 3.12 earned run average, and 4,672 strikeouts, a 6-time 20+ game-winner. Clemens won a MLB record of seven Cy Young Awards.

I have a feeling a lot of ballots will be blank this year. However, if a BBWAA writer does not send a ballot that means he/she is abdicating his/her responsibility. Each of the writers who vote can choose from 0 to 10 candidates. Last year no player reached the 75% minimum

Inductees from the era committee, elected last year: Six, Buck O’Neil, Bud Fowler, Jim Kaat, Tony Oliva, Orestes (Minnie) Miñoso, and Gil Hodges are in already. Remote possibility they will add any others on this list

There is a guy that played more games than anybody else, 3,562 and also lead everybody in history in hits with 4,256, was selected to 17 All Star Games, yet he is the first to be banned from baseball (1989), for life since 1943 as an investigation determined he bet on games with the Cincinnati Reds while he was the manager.

Peter Edward Rose “Mr.Hustle”, is still waiting for a Commissioner who will Pardon him. Note: His violation was while he was managing, not as a player. But gambling has always been the “capital sin” in the game.

Each voting cycle, qualified members of the BBWAA name no more than ten eligible players whom they consider worthy of Hall of Fame honors. To be enshrined, a player must be named on at least 75% of the voters’ ballots. Currently, players are removed from the ballot if they are named on fewer than 5% of ballots or have been on the ballot ten times without election.

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That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: MLB Lockout, Matt Olson, Oakland voters and Warriors

Baseball remains locked out between MLB and the Players Association (file photo CBS TV)

MLB Lockout, Matt Olson, Oakland voters and Warriors

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

Lockout: MLB and the MLPA have held their first important negotiations round via Zoom this Thursday. Both sides are in the top of the first inning in this 2022 very important Collective Bargaining Agreement. MLPA: Looking to shorten the years for free agent eligibility, also revenue sharing at the top of their list. MLB offered a 14-team postseason and a Competitive Balance Tax. There are many other issues that are yet to come to the forefront.

Many in the industry believe for them to start the season as scheduled on March 31, they will have to come to an agreement before the early part of February. Otherwise, Spring Training (to begin mid-February) is in jeopardy, and by then, even the possibility of regular-season games being canceled.

Matt Olson: The New York Yankees and Oakland A’s have a deal on the table for A’s first baseman slugger Matt Olson, who would be traded to the Yankees for some of the Yankee’s top prospects. That is likely to happen after the lockout ends. For the Yankees is what they are looking for, since Mike Rizzo is a free agent and not expected to return to the Yankees.

For the A’s is nothing new. Their system is to develop stars and then trade them for younger future stars and although it has not produced a World Series title, they continue to be competitive most of the time. Would this trade benefit either team? only time will tell.

The Yankee’s last World Series was 2009, which is a long time for the most successful team in American professional sports and their fans to wait; Yankees are a top baseball franchise, they always have the urgency to win. As far as the A’s, (if the trade is made) they get more young future stars and they keep their plan to be a competitive team every year. So, let’s say the Yankees win this year’s World Series and the A’s win their division, which would be a good trade for both teams.

Oakland A’s poll: A recent poll of 500 registered voters shows that 46% of Oakland citizens oppose spending their tax money to build the Howard Terminal park for the Oakland A’s. The poll also revealed A’s fan support of 44 percent to 42 percent. Originally there was no plan anyway to spend any taxpayer money for the project. The A’s are fishing in two markets, Oakland and Las Vegas and both are still alive for the hopes of a new ballpark.

2022 will be the year we know if the A’s stay or they go. Anybody that knows Oakland politics can’t question Oakland citizens, they were left on the hook paying for the construction of Mount Davis (20,000 seat section) at the Oakland Coliseum in 1995 after Raiders owner Al Davis left for Los Angeles and then came back to play in Oakland.

Warriors: One of the minority owners for the Golden State Warriors was recently embarrassed and had to apologize nationally, after he made a remark on Twitter that “nobody cares about the Uyghurs in China”. For years the United Nations have written and spoken about the crimes against humanity committed in communist China.

The last 3 years about the Uyghurs (Muslims) include torture, mass arbitrary detentions, mass surveillance, cultural persecution, and forced labor camps. Last October Boston Celtic’s player Enes Kanter Freedom strongly criticized China for its human rights abuses. China censored the Celtics games after those remarks. There are 500 million fans that watch the NBA games in China, a business worth over $5 billion.

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That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast: How tough will it be for 49ers in Green Bay Saturday?; Raiders get to post season then fire GM; plus more

After making the post season for the first time since 2016 and after working as Las Vegas Raiders general manager for three years Mike Mayock (right) was fired by owner Mark Davis (left) on Mon Jan 17, 2022 (file photo USA Today)

On That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast:

#1 Amaury, how tough will it be for the San Francisco 49ers (11-7) to beat the Green Bay Packers (13-4) this Saturday night in the NFC Divisional Round at the Frozen Tundra Lambeau Field in Green Bay?

#2 The Las Vegas Raiders after being defeated by the Cincinnati Bengals in a close loss by a touchdown last Saturday let go of their general manager Mike Mayock does the Mayock firing make any sense even after the Raiders got to the post season?

#3 Amaury, how concerned should 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan be after the 49ers suffered injuries last Sunday in Dallas with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo shoulder sprain, pass rusher Nick Bosa in concussion protocol, and linebacker Fred Warner suffered a high ankle sprain but tweeted he was confident he would be in the line up on Saturday night. Three big names not to be 100% healthy against Green Bay.

#4 After winning three World Series titles former Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cub Jon Lester is retiring from baseball after 16 years in the big leagues. Lester looked like he was at the end of his career in 2021 pitching for the St Louis Cardinals going 4-1 with a 4.36 ERA.

#5 Tampa Bay Rays bullpen catcher Jean Ramirez who passed away at age 28, Rays manager Kevin Cash said that Ramirez brought energy and passion each day to the clubhouse. The Rays did not release information of what was the cause of death.

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary: Winter Olympics US Team warned of Phone Surveillance

Photo of burner phones recommended by US Olympic Team for use for athletes and staff as Androids and digital phones can be invaded or spied on while at the 2022 Olympics in Beijing ( file photo)

Winter Olympics: US Team warned of Phone Surveillance

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

The US is getting ready to send its athletes to the Winter Olympics beginning February 2 in Beijing, China. The US government has warned all US Olympic team members to leave their phones at home and use burner phones during the games, because of potential digital surveillance from the Chinese government.

Computers, data applications on cell phones are subject to malicious intrusion, infection and data compromise, Team USA advisory reportedly stated, as they encouraged the use of “burner phones”.

Like it was not enough the current tensions between the USA and China, with the case of professional Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai, (the WTA has suspended tournaments in China because of concerns about Peng’s safety) it is sad for American athletes that have spend some of the best years of their youth training for this Olympic event, now they have to be fearful of their own private information on their phones, because they are traveling to a country that doesn’t respect individualism and where the government rules foremost with little to no opposition.

In other words they are traveling to the biggest and most powerful communist country in the world. China is not a country where an athlete can “take a knee” and becomes famous, that only happens here in the United States, where Thank God we enjoy those freedoms.

China is the subject of an Olympic boycott movement. The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Japan, have joined together with the US for a diplomatic boycott as no government officials from these countries will attend this 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

In June 2021, a letter signed by 200 rights groups was delivered to NBC urging the broadcaster not to show the games in Beijing on human rights grounds specifically on the treatment of Uighur Muslims by the Chinese communist government.

It would be interesting to see what are the ratings for this upcoming Winter Olympics on NBC, the official rights holder. The last Tokyo 2020 Olympics viewing figures for the Opening Ceremony were reported to be the lowest for more than 30 years for an Olympics at 16.9 million.

Ultimately the Chinese government controls every sporting event including the Olympic games and censorship is a “normal”practice for the communist. The government has banned for example Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and since 2019, Wikipedia.

Their government could care less if it’s NBC or Al Jazeera. China internet censorship is regarded as the most sophisticated in the world, as a matter of fact their system is commonly referred as “The Great Firewall of China”.

Good luck to all athletes, especially the United States team.

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary: Las Vegas the New Gold Rush for Sports

A view of the front doors of the Tropicana Casino Hotel Resort in Las Vegas which could wind up being the home to either the Oakland A’s or a new MLS franchise (photo by

Las Vegas the New Gold Rush for Sports

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

Major League Soccer Commissioner, Don Garber is looking to Las Vegas for expansion: “Las Vegas is a frontrunner for MLS 30th team” said Mr. Garber, who added, “We are looking to build a stadium right off the strip”.

Sin City has gained national attention in recent years with the birth of the NHL Las Vegas Golden Knights and the Oakland Raiders, now Las Vegas Raiders, both playing in the most famous desert in the country.

Now they are also in the mix for MLS 30th team according to Garber who added “our 30th team is really going to round out expansion in Major League Soccer, so stay tuned, because in the first quarter of 2022 we should be announcing a 30th team”.

It makes sense for the MLS build a new stadium for their expansion team in Las Vegas, since that is an outdoor sport with the regular seasons beginning in late February and ending early October, they play lots of games in the summer and in Las Vegas you need an indoor-air conditioned stadium.

Obviously, Oakland A’s aficionados are still in a unique situation where the team is moving forward with two parallel plans one for the Howard Terminal new ballpark at Jack London Square in Oakland, and one someplace in Las Vegas.

That is sort of good news for each plan. In Oakland the EIR (Environmental Impact Report) a 3,500 page document which the city of Oakland planning commission could vote next month and approve. This is just one step in a very long process as the A’s and the city of Oakland are still in on-going negotiations about how to pay for the project and the infrastructure around it.

Meanwhile in Las Vegas, the A’s are also involved in looking for land to build a new stadium. After earlier in 2021 MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred gave the team permission to look for alternate sites in other cities, in case they cannot build the Howard Terminal new park.

The Tropicana Hotel site on Las Vegas famous strip a primary target, also Dave Kaval President of the A’s and John Fisher owner have made repeated visits to the desert and are evaluating other options like a plot owned by Wyndham Hotel and Resorts Las Vegas and another by betting on casino company Caesars Entertainment.

It has been reported also (although not confirmed) that the Hughes Corporation (originally owned by Howard Hughes) has offered “free” land to the Oakland team if they wish to build their new park in Summerlin, an affluent suburb, minutes from the strip. Las Vegas media also has reported the A’s have looked at Henderson, Nevada, just a few minutes from the Strip for their new park

A’s fans by now have heard just about everything they need to know, stuff they like, and stuff they do not, like the team announcing last year a substantial increase in their season tickets, which was not very well received.

The one positive is the Howard Terminal plans are moving along, although (we must keep in mind) still a non-binding agreement. Many scenarios are floating around here in the Bay Area among fans and media.

One is that the A’s will play in 2022 at the Oakland Coliseum but sometime during the season they will announce their plans for the Howard Terminal although it’s still in development however, they do not believe that is going to materialize and announce that they will be moving out of Oakland. By 2023 they will be playing at their AAA facility Las Vegas Aviators Park, while they build their new permanent home in Sin City.

Your guess is as good as anybody. But two things that you can bet on, in the near future Las Vegas will have an MLS team and the other one: sometime this year we will finally know where the A’s are going to play. The Commissioner has made it abundantly clear that his patience with Oakland is about to expire. The ‘fish or cut bait’ scenario is coming soon.

During the 2021 season the Oakland A’s played 80 games at the Oakland Coliseum and averaged 8,767 fans per game, that ranked #29 among the 30 teams in baseball, the Miami Marlins finished last averaging 7,933.

We have to consider that most teams attendance have gone down during the past two seasons because all the Covid-19 restrictions. And this upcoming 2022, which has been in a lockout by owners since last December 2, could figure to be a wild card.

Is another variant on the way after Omicron? How will States handle all this, we are a big and complex country we have 50 States and they all have different laws and regulations.

Like we say on radio as well as television “stay tune for more news to come”

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That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast: 49ers head to Dallas Sunday; Raiders in Cincinnati Saturday; MLB lockout update; plus more

San Francisco 49ers cornerback Emmanuel Moseley (4) picks off a pass for an interception intended for Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Ben Skowronek (18) at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles on Sun Jan 9, 2022. The 49ers advanced to the NFC playoffs Sun Jan 16, 2022 against the Dallas Cowboys in Arlington (AP News photo)

On That’s Amaury’s:

#1 The San Francisco 49ers on the last day of the season needed to defeat the Los Angeles Rams in a game that could not have been scripted any better. Winning on a field goal in the fourth quarter 27-24 and now advance to the NFC Playoffs for this Sun Jan 16th in Arlington against the Dallas Cowboys.

#2 The Las Vegas Raiders were another team that just got into post season battling it out with the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday Night Football. With the game all tied 32-32 in overtime and no time left the Raiders kicker Daniel Carlson booted a 47 yard field goal that got the Raiders into post season 35-32 in a game that was almost scripted for a Hollywood movie. The Raiders had their share of tragedies this season but bounced back winning their last four games to get into post season.

#3 Amaury, why aren’t the owners and players talking in MLB from the sound of it spring training in February and March could be put on hold until something is agreed upon. Feb 26th is the first spring training game and it looks in question.

#4 The St Louis Cardinals announced they have canceled their annual winter warmup Bill Dewitt III the Cardinals team president said unfortunately due to the current circumstances of the lockout the planning of the winter warm up has been canceled. This was an opportunity to allow fans to interface with Cards players. Baseball is huge in St Louis so you can imagine many Cardinal fans will be disappointed.

#5 In the MLB Baseball Hall of Fame voting Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens it was reported on ESPN will not get enough votes to make the Hall of Fame and former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling who was 16 votes short last year will be much shorter last year due to that dark cloud of steroid use.

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary: AT&T Stadium in Arlington ready to host Superbowl LVI Feb. 13th as a back up

AT&T Stadium ready to host Superbowl LVI Feb. 13, 2022, as a back up in the event the Coronavirus protocols are ramped up and mandated in Los Angeles at SoFi Stadium home of the Los Angeles (Arlington Convention and Visitors Bureau file photo)

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi Gonzalez

The NFL announced that AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas is available to host the 2022 Super Bowl if they need it. Roger Godell, Commissioner of the NFL has picked AT&T Stadium in Arlington/Dallas,

Texas area as a back-up in case Los Angeles impacts fan attendance with more mandates because of Covid-19. That is the concern for Roger Goodell and the NFL is that Los Angeles might enact new COVID-19 mandates that would impact fan attendance for the big game.

Texas is the second most populous State in the country behind California, but California has been much more strict than Texas when it comes to mandates regarding the Pandemic. During the baseball season, Texas (Texas Rangers) were the first team in Major League Baseball to allow full attendance.

At that time, many in the country believe that would result in a ‘super spreader’ Covid, but that did not materialized. California officials say they have no intention of losing Super Bowl LVI, even with current Covid-19 surge in Los Angeles.

The Super Bowl is the most watched sporting event in the United States, with total coverage around the world. Super Bowl 2022 will be televised by NBC and will be available for live stream on Peacock or with the NBC Sports App. At least 180 countries pick up the NBC feed and then broadcast in: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Russian.

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary: 49 years without El Cometa de Puerto Rico

Former Pittsburgh Pirate Roberto Clemente a proud ball player wanted to be called Roberto and not Bobby and was very charitable losing his life trying to charter a flight to Nicaragua following a disastrous earthquake New Year’s eve 1971 (photo from

49 Years without El Cometa de Puerto Ri

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

This December 31, 2021, marks the 49th anniversary of the great Roberto Clemente plane crash on board a mercy mission flight he chartered to Nicaragua.

Roberto Clemente was the 11th player, among a total of 32 (to date) in major league baseball history to reach the magic 3,000 hit plateau. His 3,000 hit on September 31, 1972, was his last. Not by design but by fate. Just three months after that 3,000 hit (a double to left field at Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh against New York Mets lefty Jon Matlack, who was the NL Rookie of the Year that same season ) Roberto Clemente died, when the plane he chartered with friends on a mercy mission crashed soon after take-off from Puerto Rico.

The plane was loaded with aid to the people of Managua, Nicaragua, which suffered a terrible earthquake of 6.3 magnitudes that killed and injured dozens of thousands, just a week earlier to Clemente’s plane crash.

Roberto’s best friend in baseball was his teammate with the Pittsburgh Pirates and catcher Manny Sanguíllen, who told me during an exclusive telephone interview (published in Sports Radio Service last year) he could have easily joined Roberto on that fateful flight, but for reasons he could not control, never did.

During his rookie season (1955) with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Roberto wore No.13, but when center fielder Earl Smith parted ways with the Pirates, Clemente took No.21 which was used by Smith. Today that number 21 is one of the most famous numbers ever used by a player during a stellar Hall of Fame career. Just like all players (especially black players) love to wear No.42 during Jackie Robinson Day, over 30% of Hispanic players in MLB are very proud to wear #21 on Roberto Clemente Day.

Although he played for 18 years, was selected to 15 All-Star Games, won four Batting Titles, 12 Gold Glove Awards, won the National League MVP Award, and the World Series Award, the Press never gave him the credit he deserved.

Had 3,000 hits at the time of his death and a .317 combined batting average, but he was black and Puerto Rican so the racist media had “two strikes” on him, since his debut in the Major Leagues. Some in the media called him Bobby, but he hated that, he always said “my name is Roberto and that is how I want to be called”; he was a very proud man.

During his last season in1972 (in a visit to San Francisco to play the Giants at Candlestick Park) I witnessed a Pittsburgh writer shout in the press box after Clemente struck out, the following: “send him back in a banana boat!” Imagine all the verbal abuse this man had to withstand, to play baseball, one if not, the most difficult game. Baseball is one (if not the most) difficult team sport to master.

Most baseball fans love to see a guy hit a ball 450 feet over the fence. I am proud to say that I saw Roberto Clemente play, and hit and drive in runs, and play defense like nobody else. His instinct was acute and seldom did he have to dive for a ball in the outfield, he knew how to play the outfield.

His arm and accuracy on his throws were legendary. Many superstars of that era like Willie Mays, Stan Musial (just to mention a couple) have statues erected in the cities/ballparks where they played, but Roberto Clemente is in a class by himself, he has a statue at PNC Park in Pittsburgh and a bridge named after him, The Roberto Clemente Bridge, also known as the Sixth Street Bridge, over the Allegheny River in the Steel City, as well as Statues in the South Bronx, New York, a city with the largest population of Puerto Ricans, as well as a Statue at the entrance of Ciudad Deportiva Stadium in Carolina, Puerto Rico, the city where he was born.

We at the Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum are very proud to have Roberto Clemente among our greats enshrined forever, he was a great man. Among our numerous exhibits and displays for over two decades, Roberto is still the most popular Latino player and fans are always inquisitive about Roberto Clemente’s history and especially the way he left us, helping people that he didn’t know in a country that was not his own. I like to end with a baseball quote as we remember the Cometa de Puerto Rico.

There are many, many baseball quotes about Roberto Clemente, but my favorite is by a gentleman, in my humble opinion, the best play by play baseball broadcaster who ever lived, who said: “Roberto Clemente could field the ball in New York and throw out a guy in Pennsylvania.” -Vin Scully Brooklyn Dodgers and Los Angeles Dodgers Play by Play.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Felíz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo.

That’s Amaury News and Commentary podcast: Curry could break record tonight in New York; Puig taking his talents down to South Korea; plus more

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry takes a practice shot before their game against the Indiana Pacers at Gainbridge Field House in Indianapolis on Mon Dec 13, 2021 (AP News photo)

On That’s Amaury News and Commentary podcast:

#1 The Golden State Warriors (22-5) have defeated the the Indiana Pacers (12-17) 102-100 in Indianapolis on Monday night. The Warriors who seldom lose were coming off a game that left a bad taste in their mouth losing to Philadelphia on Saturday night.

#2 The Warriors Stephen Curry is hitting his shots and got five three pointers on Monday night and is just one away from tying Ray Allen’s all time three point record but despite that teams are figuring out how to shut down certain shooters on Golden State as the Warriors trailed for a good portion on Monday’s game.

#3 In baseball former Los Angeles Dodgers star Yasiel Puig has signed on with the South Korean baseball league in a one year deal with the Kiwoom Heroes. Puig was not picked up by any MLB clubs since he last played with his last team the Cleveland Guardians in 2019.

#4 Making an exception MLB approved a two year deal in a $50 million two year deal with Justin Verlander who signed on with the Houston Astros. Verlander signed the deal before MLB locked out the players. Verlander pitched in only one regular season game going 1-0 with a 3.00 ERA.

#5 Oakland mayor Libby Schaff said that she had met with US vice president Kamala Harris to discuss the build back better program regarding possible funding for Howard Terminal, the neighborhood, retail, new residences, and the A’s new ball park. Schaff tweeted out a photo of her and Harris on Dec 7th but met with Harris on Nov 2. The discussion reportedly was on the possibility of Howard Terminal with a new ballpark and also improving the neighborhood with a park as well.

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