That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: Raiders take advantage of Jackson’s fumble; How 49ers held off Lions; plus baseball news

Baltimore Ravens quarterback LeMar Jackson (8) was stunned how things fell apart against the Las Vegas Raiders late on Monday Night Football at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on Mon Sep 13, 2021 (AP News photo)

On That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary:

#1 Las Vegas Raiders struggled against Baltimore Ravens all Monday Night Football but came out a winner in the end with a 33-27 victory. The Raiders Derek Carr threw for an amazing 435 yards and two touchdowns for the opening night win.

#2 The San Francisco 49ers on Sunday had control of their game against the Detroit Lions 31-10 at the half but the Lions attempted a come back in the second half scoring six points in the third quarter and another 13 in the fourth quarter and almost caught the 49ers as San Francisco gets by with a 41-33 win to open the season.

#3 Once again the Oakland A’s ran into a Texas Rangers club that gave them fits. The A’s who lost two out of three from the Rangers over the weekend are now three games back for a shot at the wild card. The loss on Sunday even tougher for Oakland losing to the Rangers 4-3.

#4 The San Francisco Giants would up clinching for a playoff birth the wild card at the very least but looks like they working to try and win the division a tight race in the NL West between the Giants who have just a 2.5 game lead either way Giants have played some exciting ball lately when they were in Chicago and Monday night against the San Diego Padres.

#5 Amaury, The Toronto Blue Jays maybe eight games behind the first place Tampa Bay Rays in the AL East but the Jays are the hottest team in baseball winning eight of their last ten games and hold a half game lead in the AL Wild Card over the Boston Red Sox. As the A’s know from their trip to Toronto the Blue Jays offense poured it on and the A’s like other clubs know how difficult it is to play a team like the Blue Jays.

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That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: 20 Year Memories of 911 and Baseball

The New York Yankees pay tribute to the victims of 911 at Yankee Stadium on their first home game back since the tragedy (file photo Society for American Baseball Research)

20 Year Memories of 911 – And Baseball

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

Refreshing our collective memories: September 11, 2001 game #2 in New York the Oakland Athletics (wild card) were to play the Yankees who easily won their division. Games were canceled on this day because of the 911 attacks. The Yankees lost the first two games in New York, and then they took the next 2 games at Oakland to tie the series, as the series returned to New York where they eliminated the A’s.

That Yankee team later eliminated the Seattle Mariners in the American League Championship Series; Mariners that year won a record 116 games. A few weeks later the World Series took place and the Arizona Diamondbacks defeated the New York Yankees.

Prior to moving to the Bay Area, I lived in New York after my US Army Honorable discharge in 1969. I worked for a Stock Brokerage company on Wall Street, although I lived in Queens just a couple of stops on the Flushing blue line from Shea Stadium where the Mets used to call home, I often traveled to the Bronx to see the Yankees at the Stadium.

I cannot forget how many times I had lunch right outside Cortland Street where I used to work just across from where the second tower of the World Trade Center was been build. That area was always busy and very dusty, I could see (when I walked around the construction site) how much water was been pumped from the ground, all the time. Later that summer of 1969 I moved to Northern California.

Move the clock all the way to the year 2001, when terror stopped baseball and the country. A coordinated attack using commercial planes (4 planes) hijacked by suicide-terrorist on the World Trade Center, The Pentagon, and one more plane that crashed in an open field in Pennsylvania which was headed to Washington, D.C. Major League games were canceled and for the first time in history, the Federal Aviation Administration grounded all civilian air travel in the United States.

We lived through one of the most evil planned attacks in history. No guns were used, not one shot was fired, but Islamic terrorists with box-cutters hijacked US commercial planes filled with gasoline used as suicide bombs.

Move the clock forward again to the year 2021, today, twenty years later. Who can forget? I was broadcasting Giants baseball back then. That early morning I watched on television (like most in the world) the horrific live scenes, as the second plane crashed in one of the towers of the WTC.

Later the third plane crashed in the Pentagon Building. The US was under attack at home, Wall Street (Financial), Pentagon (Military), and Washington D.C. (seat of government). This was (if anything) a declaration of war against the United States.

After and when the attacks happened, baseball, at that time, was the last thing on my mind. I thought like many others, this was the beginning of WWIII, just like when I was a teenager in Miami recently arrived from Cuba I thought it was going to happen during the Cuban missile crisis, the face-off between the US and the Soviet Union, over nuclear missiles in Cuba. These two events provided some of the scariest days I can remember in my life.

This Saturday, September 11, 2021, we remember the many who died (nearly 3,000) on that faithful day including those heroes, crew, and passengers who crashed the fourth plane in a Pennsylvania field, one that was headed with terrorist kidnappers to either the White House or the Capitol Building.

This Saturday many teams and fans will remember 911, for a while many teams (after the attacks) played God Bless America during their regular season games at home. 2021 the New York Yankees are the only remaining team in baseball to regularly play “God Bless America” during the seventh-inning stretch of their home games.

September is always the ‘home stretch’ month in baseball for many teams still in contention, but on September 11, 2001, baseball took a back seat to one of the biggest events in history.

That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: The Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum Hall Fame September Inductions

The Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum Hall of Fame will be inducting on Sat Sep 11th at Progressive Field, Cleveland, Candido (Candy) Maldonado, Sandy Alomar and Carlos Baerga. On Sunday Sep 19th at Fenway Park in Boston Juan Santiago former Red Sox pitcher all players were born in Puerto Rico (logo image from

That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary

The Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum and Hall of Fame: September Inductions

By Amaury Pi-González

September is Hispanic Heritage month as designated officially by President Ronald Reagan in 1988 to cover a 30 day period starting September 15 and ending October 15. Originally the observation started under President Lyndon Johnson and was later extended by Reagan. The Hispanic or Latino population, which includes people of any race, was 62.1 million in 2020.

The Hispanic or Latino population grew 23%, the largest ethnic minority in the country. Many publications have emphasized that there are at least 11 to 15 million Hispanics who are undocumented, today in the country. For obvious reasons, if those numbers are accurate, they were not included in the recent US Census.

The official US Government Census only uses Hispanic or Latino, not LATINX to classify the largest minority. The term LATINX, is used mostly by academia and activists.

The Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum and Hall of Fame, founded in 1999 as a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization in San Francisco, announces inductions in the month of September. The following players will be inducted this September.

Saturday, September 11 at Progressive Field, Cleveland. Candido (Candy) Maldonado, Sandy Alomar and Carlos Baerga

Sunday, September 19 at Fenway Park, Boston. José Santiago. All these inductees were born in Puerto Rico.

The Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum and Hall of Fame have 78 members which include the above inductees.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the vice president of the Major League Baseball Hispanic Heritage Hall of Fame Museum and does News and Commentary at

That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast: A’s need to get hot to catch Yanks and Sox in AL Wild Card; Giants Covid problems continue Wood positive, Cueto flu symptoms

Oakland A’s Mark Canha was dropped from the leadoff spot to the seventh position of the A’s line up after hitting for a .151 average after the New York Yankees series over last weekend (San Francisco Chronicle file photo)

On That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast:

#1 Amaury, how much work do the Oakland A’s have in front of them after splitting the four game series with the New York Yankees over the weekend in their bid to sniff post season.

#2 The A’s are 5 1/2 games behind first place Houston Astros in the AL West and in the AL Wild Card they are 2 1/2 game back behind the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees with a month left in the regular season the A’s have a huge task in front of them if they plan to get back into post season hunt.

#3 A’s leftfielder Mark Canha has been moved from the leadoff spot to the seven hole of the line up because his numbers have dwindled Canha is hitting .151 and said that when he’s off and getting o-fers it’s not a fun place to be. Canha said he needs to relax a little bit easier mentally.

#4 On other baseball news the San Francisco Giants had to switch out pitchers Alex Wood and Johnny Cueto Monday night because it was revealed that Wood had come down positive with Covid 19 and Cueto has the flu symptoms. Giants Donavon Solano and hitting coach Justin Viele are still back in a New York hotel quarantined after testing positive for Coronavirus.

#5 Cueto was scheduled to pitch on Monday against the visiting Milwaukee Brewers and with Wood out for Tuesday. Giants pitcher Jose Alvarez started on Monday for the Giants a big task after the Giants lost last Sunday in Atlanta 9-0 and opening up for four home games against another first place team like the Brewers.

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That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast: Stephen Curry’s parents divorce; A’s Marte stealing fans hearts and bases

Dell Curry and Soyna Curry are divorcing which turned out to be a very public split with all the headlines on Tue Aug 24, 2021 (USA Today file photo)

On That’s Amaury’s podcast:

#1 Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry and Philadelphia 76ers Seth Curry parents Dell and Soyna Curry are divorcing in a very public split that was well covered on Tuesday.

#2 Was A’s centerfielder Starling Marte a big base stealer when he played in Miami?

#3 Marte Leads the A’s in stolen bases with 17 and it took 19 games after arriving in Oakland July 28th for him to build up the total. Manager Bob Melvin is executing on Marte’s talent to steal bases.

#4 Former A’s players Sal Bando, Eric Chavez, Joe Rudi, director of player development Keith Lieppman, and clubhouse manager Steve Vucinich will all be inducted into the A’s Hall of Fame as the class of 2022.

#5 In other baseball news Tampa Bay Rays designated hitter Nelson Cruz was put on the team Covid-19 injured list. Cruz was hitting .195 in 24 games since joining the Rays on July 22 coming from the Minnesota Twins.

#6 The Detroit Tigers Miguel Cabrera became the 28th MLB player to hit 500 home runs. Cabrera did it against the Toronto Blue Jays on Sunday.

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary: A’s Lose their Best pitcher rest of the Season

Chris Bassitt Oakland A’s starter will be out for the rest of the regular season and could be back as early for the post season in October (@C_Bass419 photo)

A’s Lose their Best pitcher rest of the Season

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

Chris Bassitt Medical Update

Chris was released from Rush University Medical Center last night. He received stitches for two facial lacerations and was diagnosed with a displaced tripod fracture in his right cheek that will require surgery. An exam of his right eye was normal for vision and no other damage is currently noted in the eye or the orbital bone. In addition, a head CT scan revealed no further injury. We are grateful to the White Sox, their medical staff, and the doctors and nurses at Rush for their excellent care. We’ll have more information on Chris as it becomes available. (Statement from the Oakland A’s)

Last night In Chicago, Chris Bassitt, Athletics All Star pitcher and ace of the staff was pitching in the second inning during the second game of a four-game series against the White Sox, when Eloy Jiménez and Yoán Moncada hit consecutive singles, then Brian Goodwin lined a 1-1 pitch back to the mound hitting Bassitt on the face.

The ball that hit Bassitt was at a speed of 100.1 mph, according to Statcast. Bassitt remained down and after getting help from trainers of both teams, was carted out of the park. He left with a towel covering his face. Bob Melvin, manager of the team said Bassitt remained conscious and aware and was taken to the local hospital. After the game, a 9-0 win by the Chicago White Sox, manager Tony LaRussa and players like Jake Lamb (who was a teammate of Bassitt at Oakland) sent their best wishes to the pitcher.

Before starting the game Bassitt was 12-3 with a 3.06 ERA, ranked sixth in the league in strikeouts. The All Star pitcher led the Athletics in innings pitched with 151. His strike out rate is the highest of his career with a 24.3 percent and his walk rate lowest of his career, 5.8 percent. With over a month left in the regular season, the A’s ace was among the contenders for the coveted Cy Young Award.

Chris Bassitt was pitching against the Chicago White Sox, the team that originally drafted him in 2011 and made his major league debut with them in 2014. He has been a starter for the A’s since 2015 and his seven year record in the major leagues is 31-25 with a 3.22 ERA in all 25 games, all as a starter.

We here at Sports Radio Service also wish Chris Bassitt a speedy recovery.

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That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast: A’s Bassitt under careful watch after taking come backer to the head; Wagner card Holy Grail of all baseball cards valued at $6.6 million;

Oakland A’s pitcher Chris Bassitt (40) took a line drive around the area of his eye by the Chicago White Sox hitter Brian Goodwin. Bassitt was taken to the hospital and is getting x-rayed on Tue Aug 17, 2021 in Chicago (photo from @BrodieNBCS)

On That’s Amaury’s podcast:

#1 Amaury, Oakland A’s starter Chris Bassitt who was hit on the area of his eye by a line drive hit by the Chicago White Sox Brian Goodwin. Bassitt was taken into the A’s clubhouse for observation and then to the hospital for x-rays. Players are praying for a good outcome. Bassitt is the winningest pitcher on the A’s pitching staff.

#2 Amaury, the price now for a Honus Wagner T-206 baseball card from 1909 is now worth more than some masterpiece paintings, the Wagner is valued at $6.6 million. In 1991 former NHL star Wayne Gretzky at one time owned the rare card with Los Angeles Kings owner Bruce Knoll for $451,000.

#3 Fernando being Fernando as the San Diego Padres Fernando Tatis Jr ripped home runs 32 and 33 against the Arizona Diamondbacks on Sunday. Tatis in his first at bat hit a double and later the two home runs. It looked like Tatis never missed a step upon his return on Sunday.

#4 Amaury, how important is it for the New York Yankees to get pitcher Gerrit Cole back in the rotation after coming off the Injured List from Covid-19. Cole had been gone since August 3rd and is 10-6 ERA 3.11 and started on Monday night against the LA Angels.

#5 Amaury, just to get your comment on the comment former MLB pitcher Brandon McCarthy had said about Fox broadcaster Alex Rodriguez saying, “A-Rod doesn’t speak like a person who’s ever had a normal conversation. Tonally, inflection, the points he’s making, and how he makes them…all of it pushes you away as opposed to drawing you in,” McCarthy tweeted.

#6 Frustrations are boiling over at the New York first the Mets lost on Sunday night as Met’s pitcher Carlos Carrasco melted down in his outing and Mets starter Noah Syndergaard was besides himself because ESPN and MLB rescheduled Sunday’s game to a night game for prime time purposes against the LA Dodgers. Syndergaard said “whose dumb f–king idea was it to change Sunday’s game to a night game?” The Mets would get in the wee hours of Monday morning and have to play a 9:45 pm EDT first pitch Monday night at Oracle Park in San Francisco after flying all night cross country from New York to San Francisco.

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Field of Dreams Game; Most Watched game in 16 years

The Field of Dreams in Dyersville Iowa on Thu Aug 12, 2021 hosted by Major League Baseball featuring the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox. The most watch game in 16 years. (photo from Fox Sports TV)

Field of Dreams game. Most Watched game in 16 years.

That’s Amaury News and Commentary.

By Amaury Pi-González

Fox’s Field of Dreams game that aired last night (Aug 12th) on the FOX network was the most watched regular season baseball game in the US in 16 years.

Years past Major League Baseball games were played in different countries. MLB has played regular season games in: England, Japan, México, Puerto Rico, Australia. The game has become more international than ever, and there is nothing wrong with that. We live in a smaller world with social media and instant communications; everybody is more “tuned-in” than ever before. In some of these games outside the US, the game was the season opener.

It is worthwhile to remember that this great game of baseball that we love was originally invented here in the United States of America. There was nothing wrong, but a touch of genius by The Commissioner of Baseball and the powers-to-be, to come up with the idea of a Field of Dreams game, at the same location where the popular 1989 movie of the same name took place.

In the small country town of Dyersville, Iowa, in the middle of the country. The #1 corn producer in the country, Iowa was the scene for the game this Thursday, a total Home Run by all involved.

Baseball is the ultimate team sport, but at the same time, it emphasizes individualism, like no other sport. When a hitter stands alone at the plate, he stands there, trying to hit the ball and help his team into victory, which is exactly what Tim Anderson did in the ninth inning.

The Field of Dreams game was a total success and shows how great baseball can be. The romanticism and escapism of the location (a field build next to the original field and house, where the movie was filmed) was an awesome thing to see. FOX TV carried the game and spectacular shots, specially doing the sunset with a sky that could have been painted by sports painter-artist LeRoy Neiman.

“It was a small movie” said star of the film Kevin Costner, who is the first to say, it has become a film that forever will be a reminder of what baseball can do. He said: “A movie where there was no car chase, no love scene, but the final scene was a man playing catch with his father.”

Any of us who had played baseball from little league to high school or beyond, understand the love involved of playing catch with your father. That connection that is forever connects us all. One of the most poignant scenes was prior to the game, when Kevin Costner came out of the corn field followed 30 seconds later by players from both teams, New York and Chicago, walking slowly and shaking hands with Mr. Costner.

The television production was supreme, in a surreal setting in the middle of a corn field, where an 8,000 seat baseball park and diamond was build. Two Major League teams, contending to go deep in October, the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox, played an exciting game, a “traditional” nine innings game like it would had taken place in the 1920’s with uniforms of that time. Then a Hollywood ending when the lead changed twice in the ninth, culminating with the dramatic home run to right field by Tim Anderson, the leader of this White Sox team, their shortstop and leadoff hitter.

The main reason this was a total success? The players loved it, and let’s face it; the players are the key part of the game, which is what people come to see. The players were truly enjoying this game, they were smiling, they were talking, they seemed to be part of ‘taking it all in’ the whole experience. Most of these players where little boys, some not even born, when Field of Dreams first came to the screen 32 years ago.

Commissioner of Baseball Fred Manfred told everybody, “This will not be the only time”. This was a great idea by MLB, to marry the nostalgia and romanticism of a great baseball film-story to a real baseball game, not an exhibition, but a game between two contending teams in a typical American setting, a small town in the Midwest. Norman Rockwell would have loved this. Burt Lancaster was there in spirit.

This Field of Dreams game sends us all back to the days when baseball was the National Pastime.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the vice president of the Major League Baseball Hispanic Hall of Fame Museum and does News and Commentary at

That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast: Marte seeing the ball well since joining A’s; Sweet revenge for Pujols homered against old team Halos

He can do it all hit, field, and run the bases the Oakland A’s outfielder Starling Marte steals second base under the Texas Rangers glove of second baseman Isiah Kiner-Falefa in the first inning of Sun Aug 8, 2021 at the Oakland Coliseum (AP News photo)

On That’s Amaury’s podcast:

#1 Starling Marte went 4 for 5 on Sunday in the Oakland A’s efforts to complete a four game sweep over the visiting Texas Rangers 6-3 at the Oakland Coliseum.

#2 In Marte’s nine games since joining the A’s on July 28th from Florida Marte has gone 17 for 40 (.425) and have won seven of those nine games.

#3 Teammate and A’s pitcher James Kaprielan said of Marte that he wouldn’t want to pitch to him and that Marte is an underrated player.

#4 How big was it for Los Angeles Dodger pinch hitter Albert Pujols to hit a two run homer against his old teammates the Los Angeles Angels last Sunday at Dodgers Stadium. Pujols threw away the bat and admired the shot before circling the bases.

#5 For Pujols who left the Angels under not the best of circumstances. The Angels said they were going to use Shohei Ohtani at designated hitter and Jered Walsh as their first baseman and Pujols would have an opportunity to play when the Angels needed to rest Ohtani or Walsh. That didn’t sit with Pujols too well who was rumored to have had a loud argument with Angels team president John Carpino and general manager Perry Manasian just before the trade. The home run for Pujols had to have some sweet revenge to it.

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That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: The Race to .400

The Race to .400

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

In today’s game, batting averages are in the back of the bus, when it comes to hitting. It is all about the launch angle and hitting as many home runs as possible. Boston’s Ted Williams was the last player to end a season hitting .400, when he ended the 1941 season with a .406 average.

That would be inconceivable today. Ironically “the shift” that is a regular part of defensive alignments today, was specially designed for Teddy Ballgame by Cleveland Indians player-manager Lou Boudreau. Then it was called “the Boudreau Shift”, however historians noted that the first to use a shift against Ted Williams was Jimmy Dykes, manager of the Chicago White Sox on July 23, 1941.

Two hall of fame players, which I had the privilege to cover and interview were involved in a race to 400. Rod Carew and George Brett, two great players who were among the best in baseball during the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Kansas City Royals George Brett ended the 1980 season with a .390 batting average; he won a total of three batting titles. Rod Carew ended the 1977 season with a .388 average and won seven batting championships. During that great 1977 season the Panamanian-born Rod Carew of the Minnesota Twins, was the day-to-day story for his country of Panamá.

So much that I remember meeting Iván Molino-Mola who was following Carew across the country, a sports radio reporter for a leading station in Panamá. When the Twins visited the Oakland Coliseum Molino-Mola who had a regular telephone and every time Carew came to bat he would pick it up and send a play by play description LIVE of each at bat.

He told me he was doing that from every city where Carew and the Twins were playing on the road. Carew had captivated his country, just like Japanese superstars Ichiro Suzuki did with Seattle and currently Shohei Ohtani of the Angels are doing with the people in Japan.

Rod Carew was a very quiet player, who usually didn’t give many interviews. I remember when he told me: “yo vengo aqui a jugar no a hablar” trans- “I come here to play not to talk”. I joked with him that I was there to talk, just like hitting was his job, talking into a microphone was mine.

I did get to speak with him a few times. He was pleasant and mild-manner and never wanted to talk about his accomplishments. Over two decades later (years after his retirement) he visited the LA Angels FSN Spanish television booth at Angel Stadium and sat for a few innings as José Mota and yours truly asked him questions about his ordeal.

Carew was there for a press conference prior to the game, which many attended, including yours truly. During that press conference he introduced his surgeons and talked about the massive heart attack he had suffered in 2015 and talked in detail talk about his successful heart transplant.

Rod Carew is one of the biggest sports heroes that were born in the small (about 4 million) Central American country of Panamá, as well as Hall of Fame great closer Mariano Rivera and great boxer and champion of the world Roberto Durán.

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