Headline Sports podcast with Jessica Kwong: NBA players to wear social justice jerseys; Harden and Westbrook strong tandum for Houston; plus more

Lonzo Ball of the New Orleans Pelicans plans to wear “Equality” or “Black Lives Matter” on his jersey for social justice message when NBA players return for practices and games (sports.yahoo.com file photo)

On Headline Sports with Jessica Kwong:

#1 NBA players will be wearing bubble jerseys with their selected social justice message on it which includes the Utah Jazz’ Rudy Gobert and the Portland Trailblazers CJ McCollum and seven more players.

#2 The messages are expected to replace the last names of the jersey in a movement that has grown stronger each day since the murder of George Floyd that sparked the social justice movement.

#3 James Harden of the Houston Rockets had to be happy when the Rockets acquired Russell Westbrook that helped compliment the team and Harden and Westbrook could launch the team once the playoffs start.

#4 The Brooklyn Nets have two players who have tested positive for Coronvirus Taurean Prince and Spencer Dinwiddie. The Nets have four open roster spots as they head to Orlando for the bubble.

#5 The New York Knicks have expressed interest in the Phoenix Suns Devin Booker. The hang up is Booker’s long contract agreement with the Suns at $158 million dollars and four years left thats a long time left on his contract and the Knicks may not want to be on the hook for that amount. They do like Booker’s stats at 22.3 points career and 20 points game average in his second year in the NBA.

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Sacramento Kings beat report: Lawsuit filed against officers for putting knee on trespasser at Golden One Ctr killing him

Golden One Center home of the Sacramento Kings; security camera still: Video from cameras at Golden One Center in Sacramento show Mario Matthews pinned to the floor by six police and security officers on the morning of July 2, 2019. One of the security officers put a knee on Matthews killing him which triggered a lawsuit by the Matthews family

By Charlie O

SACRAMENTO–Three Sacramento Police officers and three security guards at Golden One Center home of the Sacramento Kings pinned down a man who entered into the arena around 3 AM on the morning of July 2, 2019 in a lawsuit saying that the six officers unreasonably restrained Mario Matthews and killed him.

Matthews entered a propped door and actually got onto the floor of Golden One and started dancing and moving erratically and had to be escorted out to a hallway area where officers restrained and detained Matthews. It was at that point where Matthews was slammed to the floor in the Golden One hallway where one of the private guards put a knee on Matthews cutting off his breathing.

Matthews family filed a lawsuit saying that while during the restraint the guard put his knee on Matthews and were using unnecessary forced and he became unresponsive. Matthews was rushed to the hospital where he never regained consciousness. The amount of the lawsuit was not disclosed and what law firm is representing the Matthews family.

The lawsuit stated the Matthews family is holding the security officers and their company responsible, Golden One Center, Sacramento Police and the City of Sacramento. The lawsuit goes onto say Matthews, “needlessly died because he was unreasonably restrained by the combined efforts of three private security guards and three Sacramento Police Department officers.”

The Sacramento City Attorney’s office said they have received the lawsuit and are looking into the matter. The entire detainment of Matthews from handcuffing to his handling to putting a knee on his neck was video taped by in house security cameras at Golden One Center.

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Headline Sports podcast with Daniel Dullum: Redskins and Indians will eventually have to change the names; Push to get Landis name off MVP Award by players; plus more

mlb image: The American League Kenesaw Mountain Landis Award, some players have requested that the Landis name be removed from the award because Landis refused to integrate MLB

Daniel on Headlines pod:

1 What’s in a name? Redskins and Indians feeling pressure to rebrand themselves

2 Past MLB MVPs would like to see Kenesaw Mountain Landis’s name removed from the award

3 Dodgers pitcher David Price won’t play this season because of coronavirus; he’s not alone

4 Covid-19 issues in the NBA, Heat and Clippers shut down practice facility, Lakers and Pelicans assistants skipping NBA restart

5 RIP Gay Culverhouse, advocate for retired NFL players dealing with CTE

6 Multiple players on the St Louis Blues have tested positive for Coronavirus and practice on Friday was canceled. NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said the Blues had taken all the safety steps necessary.

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Headline Sports podcast with Charlie O: Will Bagley’s return put a shot in Sacramento’s arm?

On Headline Sports podcast with Charlie O:

#1 How important is it to have forward Marvin Bagley III to return, after playing 13 games with the Kings before he went out on an injury can Bagley live up to the expectation and be a help for Sacramento in the last eight games of the regular season?

#2 Bagley is noted as being one of the key players on the Kings roster does he need to step up his game and how grateful should he be to return after four months of a general shutdown due to the pandemic?

#3 With Bagley back will head coach Luke Walton have to do some line up scrambling, he does have Richaun Holmes, Nemanja Bjelica, Harry Giles III and Alex Len.

#4 This season the Kings were a team in transition and they can clean the glass and Charlie talk about the Kings half court defense which has been blamed for some loses and falls.

#5 Charlie talk about the Kings and the NBA’s chances to really get this thing off the ground and getting this season finished with the US having a king size spike?

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Headline Sports podcast with Tony Renteria: Kings new schedule out; Kings Parker playing tennis in Chicago after Covid-19 diagnosis

The Sacramento Kings De’Aaron Fox billboards the new Kings regular season schedule the last eight games starting July 31st though August 13th (NBC Sports image)

On Headlines podcast with Tony R:

#1 Tony with Covid 19 spiking and no end in sight of flattening the curve how long do you see professional and college sports starting and then having to call it off.

#2 Tony it was just reported today that last Saturday the Sacramento Kings Jabari Parker was filmed playing tennis without a mask in Chicago after testing positive for Coronavirus last week Wednesday.

#3 Additionally Parker was seen at a restaurant but told the press that he fulfilled the shut in protocols for isolation but might have been in violation of the NBA shut in which is 14 days

#4 Taking a look at the Kings remaining eight regular season games just before post season starting July 31st through Aug 13th can the Kings do it? They’ve got some very tough opponents including Mavericks, Rockets, and Lakers.

#5 Tony talk about what this does for the fans watching at home, the players and the employees who work Kings games to finally be back.

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Headline Sports podcast with Daniel Dullum: MLB determined to play season despite Covid spikes; 16 NBA players come up positive; plus more

You Tube file image: The New York Yankees will open their regular season against the Washington Nationals July 23rd to kick off the MLB season

Headline Sports podcast with Daniel Dullum:

1 MLB season could continue even if Covid-19 outbreak forces teams to drop out

2 MLB season to open on July 23 with Yankees at Nationals

3 NBA: 16 of 302 players have tested positive for Covid-19; reveals opening night lineup at Disney World

4 Amazon buys naming rights to Seattle’s NHL arena

5 Group proposes to become NFL’s first Black team owners – and bring another team to Oakland

6 Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott sued by pool cleaner after alleged dog attack

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Headline Sports podcast with Michael Duca: With the US spiking how practical is it to return to MLB; No hub cities everyone from all over coming in; plus more

Ballparks will remain empty through the 60 game regular season and post season as baseball is expected to open by July 24th with no hub cities and teams traveling. Reports of surging cases of Covid-19 could play a huge concern in the opening of the baseball season. This image describes some of the ground rules players will have to follow when returning back to work. (MLB image)

On Headline Sports podcast with Michael:

#1 Michael baseball will be using all sorts of caution when they return one of the first orders of the day no fans in the park and all the precautions taken. In spite of all of that three MLB training facilities had closed and several players have tested positive how practical is it to allow the return of the game when the country is also spiking?

#2 Baseball will not be doing hub cities like the NBA or NHL and using their home parks with that said how risky is it that in cities that are spiking like Houston, Arlington, Miami and Tampa Bay to name a few to return back to action.

#3 MLB said that they will not interfere or get involved in any individual team’s policy but at what stage will they feel they might have to get involved if more and more reports of positive tests come out?

#4 In the NBA the Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant said if his teammates wanted to play he’s cool with that but on the side of caution Durant said he probably wouldn’t and would just “chill” Durant’s teammate Kyrie Irving said there should be more of a push on the social issues of racial issues rather than return to play in risky conditions.

#5 MLB will soon set the ground rules up as to who will be allowed to have access to work at the park. Could you go over who will have access such as front office employees, trainers, medical staff, camera crews, media, security, custodians, players, coaches, and managers to name a few.

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Headline Sports podcast with David Zizmor: Kings Hield, Parker, and Len test positive for Covid-19; Gerould interim TV play by play announcer for Kings

Sacramento Kings forward Jabari Parker who tested positive for Coronavirus with teammates Buddy Hield and Alex Len puts the breaks on the Kings practices for now. (yahoo!sports.com file photo)

On Headlines pod with David:

#1 The Sacramento King’s guard Buddy Hield, forward Jabari Parker, and center Alex Len all have tested positive for Coronavirus. After the discovery it was suggested by a number of media outlets that the NBA should shut it down.

#2 The Sacramento Kings announced on Thursday that longtime radio play by play announcer Gary Gerould will be the team’s television interim play by play announcer while the team tries to find a replacement for former television play by play announcer Grant Napier who resigned after tweeting “All Lives Matter” which the Kings organization was under pressure to do something about Napier at the time.

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Headline Sports podcast with Jeremiah Salmonson: Ranadive says Disney bubble in Florida better than playing in Sacramento

Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadive said that playing in Orlando would be safer than in Sacramento because of the safety guidelines set up by the NBA for employees and players (amazon.com/books/business file photo)

On Headlines podcast with Jeremiah:

#1 The Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadive said that playing at the Disney World bubble in Orlando is the best way to go and that Ranadive said he’s confident this is better than playing at home.

#2 There will be 22 teams at the Disney World bubble a 113 page outline describes how safety steps will be in place to guide the players and their families during this first time bubble format which includes mask wearing at all times, hand washing, and social distancing.

#3 The Kings are in a three way tie with Portland and New Orleans going into these last eight regular season games in Florida how much of a long shot would you say the Kings are from getting that last and final coveted eighth spot?

#4 Jeremiah the Kings had some rough goes during the season before the shutdown which included an eight game skid and also two five game losing streaks has there been enough time that has gone by that the Kings can make these last few regular games interesting?

#5 One other possible advantage is the Kings had eight players in double figures with points per game averages led by De’Aaron Fox 20.4 per game and Buddy Hield with 19.8 per game.

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Headline Sports podcast with London Marq: Belmont Stakes one of the very few sports live; MLB negotiations

Tap with jockey John Valazquez is a favorite to win 6-1 in the Belmont Stakes this Saturday at American Grade Stakes Race (AP file photo)

On Headline Sports pod with London:

#1 London one of the very few sports that are live and with little doubt draw millions of fans who are starved for sports action of any kind the Belmont Stakes this Saturday the first of the Triple Crown races.

#2 The Belmont normally is the third race of the Triple Crown behind the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness. The other differences in the Belmont as expected no spectators and the length will be 1 1/8 miles instead of the traditional 1 1/2 miles.

#3 Somewhere between 60-70 games the haggling continues with the MLB and the players union, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred proposed 60 games with full prorated pay to MLB players rep Tony Clark and the union has come back saying 70 games and they would have a deal.

#4 MLB also wants to have expanded playoffs with an extra round also with sponsors on the jerseys. These changes although nothing is officially announced are expected to be permanent to help raise revenue.

#5 Some of the NBA players are questioning if coming back is the right thing to do and not because of Coronavirus issues but is it the right thing to do with such racial strife happening in the US?

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