San Jose Sharks podcast with Len Shapiro: Will former Shark Kane correct some of his past mistakes in Edmonton?

Newest Edmonton Oiler Evander Kane who met with the Edmonton media on Fri Jan 28, 2022 at Rogers Place in Edmonton for an introduction presser will make his Oilers debut against the Montreal Canadiens on Sat Jan 29, 2022 at the Belle Center in Montreal (photo by Canadian Press via AP)

On the Sharks podcast with Len:

#1 Len, how much of clean slate is it for former San Jose Shark Evander Kane to correct some of the mistakes or misunderstandings that he went through while he played in San Jose now that he’s with the Edmonton Oilers.

#2 TSN 1050 Toronto talk show host Jeff O’Neill said that Kane should fix his relationship with his daughter, O’Neill on the air called Kane an idiot, jerk and a goof. Kane responded by saying that he wished that O’Neill played in the NHL right now and he didn’t know anything about his relationship between Kane and his daughter.

#3 Kane said during Friday’s press conference at the Rogers Centre in Edmonton for fans, teammates, and the Oilers front office to be patient and “see what I bring to the table”

#4 The San Jose Sharks (22-19-2) who surprised the Washington Capitals (23-12-9) on Thursday night with a 4-1 win the Sharks face off against a very good Florida Panthers (30-9-5) team at FLA Live Arena in Sunrise this afternoon talk a little about today’s contest?

#5 The Sharks and Carolina Hurricanes (29-9-2) share something in common they both will be playing back to back games this Saturday and Sunday the Sharks coming from Florida tonight and the Hurricanes play the New Jersey Devils tonight. The Sharks and Hurricanes face off at 2:00 pm PST at PNC Arena Sunday.

Join Len Shapiro for the San Jose Sharks podcasts Saturday nights at

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