Cal football podcast with Morris Phillips: Modster looking to regroup against OSU photo: Cal Bears defensive back Jaylinn Hawkins (6) and defensive back Erik Harutyunyan (26) got some joy before Oregon put the kibosh on the Bears happiness with a 17-7 win at Oregon on Saturday.

On the Cal football podcast with Morris Phillips:

#1 Another tough loss for Cal quarterback David Modster, who threw two picks. How much did the turnover play a role in the lack of offense against Oregon?

#2 How tough of a role was it for Modster to step into throwing 17-34, 190 yards and one touchdown.

#3 Knowing head coach Justin Wilcox, he really wanted to set up some kind of rally down 10 points to get back into this game. How uphill was his game plan to execute?

#4 Oregon is noted for its tough defense and they succeeded with holding Cal to just a touchdown. Talk about how the Ducks were able to stop the run?

#5 Oregon State comes to Cal Saturday Oct 19th. There’s no doubt that Modster wants to avoid the interception and get the scoring up. How much of a workload does he have this Saturday?

Morris Phillips does Cal podcasts every Monday at

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