NBA Playoffs report: Heat seeking revenge on Pacers after game 1 loss;Spurs handle OKC with no problems

by David Zizmor

San Antonio vs. Oklahoma: The Spurs have the home court advantage opeing up their first two games against the Thunder and they already took game one by a wide margin 122-105. It really wasn’t much of a battle on Monday night in San Antonio.

They outscored the Oklahoma City Thunder by 17 and the Spurs outscored the Thunder in the fourth quarter by 14 points. OKC came within striking range in the first three quarters but the Spurs pulled away and got the victory. The Spurs Tim Duncan had a very Tim Duncan like game he came out there and dropped 27 points, seven boards, 11-19.

Because San Antonio had such a nice lead late in the game Duncan only had to play 29 mintues in this one and that was even a bigger plus for them. The older guy has the impact and doesn’t even have to stick around for all 48 minutes of this because OKC didn’t even keep it close enough.

Duncan is going to be very fresh for game number two on Wednesday and it’s kind of what you expect from the Spurs, they just go about their business and get it done. They’ve been there so many times at this point it’s almost like clock work. It’s not going to be this easy in game number two on Wednesday night or the rest of the series because the Thunder are too good of a team.

Indiana vs. Miami: The Indiana Pacers victory over the Miami Heat is surprising in game number one 107-96, and we’ve been saying all along the Pacers have not been playing well for maybe half of this season. It’s one thing when you have a lousy game for a stretch of a couple of weeks, the Pacers have not been good since January 1.

The Pacers were struggling for five and half months and were almost in June at this point, The Pacers were not playing well in some five months.Then all of sudden against Washington in the last couple of games in round two they kind of seem to find their mojo again.

The Pacers Roy Hibbert came around finally and got his offensive game back and got his defensive game back and sort of made an impact and took Indiana past Washington in six games. Then they go into game number one against Miami the defending World Champs and they beat them by 11.

The Pacers were in control most of the game they took the lead in the first quarter and just carried it all the way through the Pacers made a game of it. It wasn’t a blow out by any means as the Pacers won by 11. At the same time the Pacers were never really close enough for the game to be in doubt. It’s definitely surprising lets keep in mind the Pacers are the number one seed and they have home court advantage.

The Heat are back for game two in Indiana on Tuesday night.

David Zizmor is covering the NBA for

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