Larry Leavitt on Pro hockey: Bulls late scoring could inspire offense

by Larry Leavitt

DALY CITY–It was an interesting game that was very physical the game between the Stockton Thunder and the San Francisco Bulls on Friday which was the first of five in a row scheduled meeting between the two teams.The five game set up runs last Friday at the Cow Palace, then three games away in Stockton and then one game at home back at the Cow Palace next Saturday. So their going to see a lot of each other and it started out with some bad blood in the first period of the game.

The two teams didn’t take but 40 seconds to get the first fight in and there were a couple bad boardings from the Stockton players which led to more fisticuffs the Thunder and the Bulls weren’t really playing really great hockey they were just hanging in there and then comes the third period they came back and closed out the win and actually put in an empty netter so it looked better and it was a close game all the way to the end.

The Bulls stuck with it all the way through and came out with a 5-2 win which included a really good showing from coming from behind and playing the game. While it was that the Bulls Adrian Foster opened the game up with the first goal of the game you still have to play the full 60 minutes of hockey. This goes to show you you can’t let up you got to keep on playing. You got to play the game all the way through until the last buzzer the Bulls really did come with a complete game at the end.

To be fair the ice was tilted into the Stockton end quite a bit they were just missing that last pass to knock it in the net quite a bit there’s a lot of cross ice passes in front of the goalie they didn’t have the timing down and it could have been worse for the Bulls. Credit goes to where it’s due they really stuck with it and came from behind and had two quick goals which really turned it around and then Stockton was on their heels.

San Jose Sharks update: The Sharks who maybe are in a tie with the L.A. Kings in the Pacific division and they have their thrid straight win against the Coyotes Friday but their doing it in shootouts and it’s giving the other team a point there. The Sharks are not closing out games granted they came from behind a lot against the Coyotes.

The Sharks didn’t have the lead until until the third period, they finally got the lead and then they coughed up the lead where they really need to close it out. That’s a shame and the Sharks really need to get better at that if their going to continue and be an elite team they need to get that lead and shut them down.

When it comes to shootouts it’s purely whose hot now type of a thing could it be a freaky goal that happen to goaltender of the Coyotes Mike Smith at Phoenix where the puck dropped in the back of his jersey and went into his hockey pants and he backed into his own goal for the score which turned out to be the winning goal for the Buffalo Sabers.

Maybe that was in the back of Smith’s mind Friday night when he was starting to have some problems and when it comes to winning I’d rather be lucky than good. The Sharks are still putting it in the net. Right now the Sharks Patrick Marleau is gold for the shootout and he’s been one of the Sharks most consistent players of this year and the fact that he wasn’t invited to the Olympic camp might have been a way that he showed them that they might have missed something.

Larry Leavitt does Pro hockey commentary for Sportstalk each week

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