Cal upends UC Davis 34-13; Golden Bears master Aggies on both sides of the ball

Cal Bears starting quarterback Jack Plummer fires a pass past the UC Aggies defense at Memorial Stadium in first half action on Sat Sep 3, 2022 (AP News photo)

By Morris Phillips and Michael Duca

BERKELEY–Quarterback Jack Plummer found receivers three times for touchdowns which led the Cal Bears (1-0) to a convincing 34-13 win over the visiting UC Davis Aggies at Memorial Stadium in Berkeley on Saturday afternoon on the opening day of the college football season for Cal.

Plummer threw for 268 yards, three touchdowns and 268 yards. The Bears got behind the eight ball early in the first quarter when the Aggies scored a first quarter touchdown for a 7-0 lead. The Bears came back to take a ten point lead at the half making it 17-7.

Bears head coach Justin Wilcox said the team was a little nervous getting out of the gate on opening day like this but Wilcox said that the team talked things over and they got whatever was wrong out of their system by having that explosive 17 point second quarter.

Plummer from then on was hitting his wide outs starting with Jeremiah Hunter for a three yard touchdown, an eight yard pass to Jaydn Ott in second quarter action and in fourth quarter action Plummer found Marvin Anderson for a 14 yard touchdown.

Plummer as it turned out had a great offensive day 23 for 35 for 268 yards, Plummer said that the team got into a bit of a rhythm and realized once they found that opening on offense they were confident about putting the Aggies on their heels.

Craig Woodson for Cal picked off Aggies quarterback Miles Hastings pass for a return touchdown during the opening drive for 39 yards in second half action for a 24-7 lead and the Golden Bears were in the drivers seat pretty much most of the way.

Aggies head coach Dan Hawkins said while the team was not perfect it was playing excellent football saying the team battled hard for much of the game and that the Aggies had a good practice camp coming into the season and that it’s tough road on the opening of the season. Hawkins said to flush this game and move on.

The Bears host UNLV next Sat Sep 18 for a 1:00pm PDT kick off at Memorial Stadium in Berkeley.

Morris Phillips and Michael Duca cover Cal Bears football at

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