San Francisco 49ers podcast with David Zizmor: What’s keeping 49ers from dealing Garoppolo?; Is the $24.2 million pact keeping teams away?

San Francisco 49ers quarterbacks Jimmy Garoppolo (left) and Trey Lance (right) tune up in practice camp back on Jul 29, 2021. Garoppolo is still being shopped by the 49ers. (AP photo file)

On the 49ers podcast with David:

#1 Dave, Jimmy Garoppolo has been said to have practically vanished from the team after he signed the big contract in 2018.

#2 There was talk that Garoppolo ignored the coaching staff after signing the contract. An unnamed member of the 49ers coaching staff said that Garoppolo virtually disappeared and did not contact the team for weeks after signing the big contract in 2018.

#3 Garoppolo is in the last year of his contract and the team wants to deal him do you think the biggest reason why he hasn’t moved onto a new team yet is because of the price tag of the last year of this contract at $24.2 million.

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