San Francisco 49ers podcast with Joe Hawkes: Second half falls apart for 49ers on both sides of the ball

Tennessee Titans kicker Randy Bullock (14) boots a 44 yard field goal in the closing seconds against the San Francisco 49ers at Nissan Field in Nashville on Thursday Night Football Dec 23, 2021 (AP News photo)

On the 49ers podcast with JHawkes:

#1 In the first half Joe, the San Francisco 49ers (8-7) held the Tennessee Titanss (10-5) on defense shutting them out in the first half 10-0.

#2 In the second half the Titans turned the tables with some defense of their own allowing the 49ers to score only one touchdown in the fourth quarter and the Titans scoring ten points in each of the second and third quarters.

#3 Joe, talk about the Titans down 10-0 and rallying back like they did. Ryan Tannehill got the Titans in the red zone in those third and fourth quarters which paid off for the three point 20-17 win over the 49ers.

#4 The 49ers just completely could not getting anything going on offense as the Titans stopped them talk about quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and his throwing against the Titans defense going 26-35 for 322 yards, one touchdown and it was the turnovers that was the difference two interceptions.

#5 The 49ers host the Houston Texans (3-11) on Sun Jan 2. The Texans face the Los Angeles Chargers Sunday. The Texans have lost seven out of their last nine games and just about a lot of things have gone wrong for the Texans. Joe how do you see this match up between the 49ers and Texans on Sun Jan 2 at Levi Stadium.

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