Three takeaways from San Jose State’s 31-13 loss at Fresno State

Photo credit: @SJSUSpartanFB

By: Ana Kieu 

After a dismal 2-11 season in 2017, the football shenanigans at San Jose State actually worsened to a depressing 1-11 season in 2018. Needless to say, San Jose State finished this season with a 31-13 loss at Fresno State and failed to capture the Valley Trophy for the second year in a row.

Here are my three takeaways from San Jose State’s loss at Fresno State. 

Stranger things 
What stood out to me was that Spartan linebacker Jesse Osuna was called for 2 unsportsmanlike penalties–one in the third quarter and the other in the fourth quarter. Yet, Osuna somehow managed to play another down for the Spartans. 

And, on the very next play, a Bulldog running back fumbled and Osuna recovered the ball. That was a rather odd sequence and there was a chance that none of the media knew why Osuna was still on the field. 

Osuna led the Spartans in tackles with 14 in the second half. 

Light that defense up 

Spartan wide receiver Tre Walker continued to light that defense up when he scored his first touchdown of the game–a 4-yarder off a pass from quarterback Michael Carrillo. 

Walker finished the game with 11 receiving yards, 116 yards and 1 touchdown. The Spartans weren’t red-hot, but Walker proved to be the real deal for the rebuilding Spartan team. 

Unlikely moment 

Spartan cornerback Nehemiah Shelton did something that probably no one saw coming. Shelton broke up a pass intended for Bulldog wide receiver KeeSean Jackson in the back of the end zone late in the second quarter. As a result, Shelton’s pass breakup forced a Bulldog field goal for a 3-0 lead to close out the first half of the game. 

Although it wasn’t a pretty sight that the Bulldogs got on the board first, you can’t deny that Shelton’s pass breakup was a really tough thing to do against a top 3 wide receiver in the nation. 

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