Michelle Richardson on the NCAA

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by Michelle Richardson

 Stanford 24 UCLA 10: Stanford they want to be the best that the Pac 12 has to offer and right now it looks like with the exception of Oregon they maybe that team. It’s going to be a tough battle in the Pac 12 and the best talent is in the north. You have Oregon, Stanford, and Washington all lined up to get into the Pac 12 championship which most likely they’ll play UCLA.

UCLA or Arizona State I would put my money on UCLA but wow Stanford really played a vicious game on Saturday with 23 first downs and they converted nine of 17 third downs, total rushing yards 419. Stanford’s defense really held they only had one interception but they had a turnover as well. They really put the brakes on that defense.

That defense was playing they knew that UCLA had a an air it out kind of a game, UCLA doesn’t do a lot of ground and pound they like to throw the ball and UCLA’s defensive back and the defensive line really kept UCLA in check. It’s really hard to explain just how well Stanford played and they played well on both sides of the football.

Mississippi 27 LSU 24: This game didn’t come down to a field goal it came down to a lot of things but I will say this this was a dog fight this was a game that was really in the trenches. They really held LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger to 19-33 for 274 yards and one touchdown. Mettenberger turned over the ball three times you just really can’t do that against a up and comer like Mississippi.

The way the defense played for Mississippi they really took Mettenberger off his game, they got to him with frequency and they got to him with ease and they really covered their receivers very well. At the end of it I love the fact that LSU head coach Les Miles was man enough to say that he did not compare his team well enough to play that one.

Most coaches will blame the players, they’ll blame the coordinators Miles said “that one was on me, I did not prepare them” he basically said he did not prepare his coaches correctly and there are many things he could have done to change the situation in that game and he didn’t blame his players and I really want to commend him for that.

State of Grambling State: Last Saturday the Grambling State players boycotted the game at Jackson State University. They were boycotting the facilities, they were boycotting the inadequate facilities. I’ve been listening to a lot of people and I have to side with the players. They have mildew where the players are lifting weights and there are big chunks of the floor where there is no matting plus the team was taking 20 hour bus rides for their road trips.

You have benches that are tore open, you have mold and mildew on your football pads. This is not safe and this is not healthy. I was listening to sportscaster Lou Holtz and he was saying “your just have to play the game” my response is Lou I’m sorry sir without being disrespectful to you I don’t know what game you’ve been thinking about.

Holtz would never allow his players to play in a facility like that. I’m tired of people evoking the name of the former legendary head coach of Grambling Eddie Robinson. Players do not disrespect coach Robinson’s memory by evoking it for this cluster of ignorant and negligence towards the students. Grambling president Frank Pouge he said on ESPN he didn’t know about mold in the facilities and the floor was torn up.

How are you president of Grambling and you don’t know the state of your facilities and then when asked about it you throw your staff underneath the bus. I’m sorry sir you are the president and CEO of Grambling State you should know.

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