That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast: White Sox surprised Yanks Donaldson got just a one day suspension; Cardinals Molina out for bereavement after pitching Sunday

New York Yankees Josh Donaldson (left) and manager Aaron Boone (right) talk during the first inning against the Chicago White Sox at Guarantee Rate Field in Chicago on Sun May 22, 2022 (AP News)

On That’s Amaury News and Commentary podcast:

#1 MLB suspended New York Yankees Josh Donaldson one game for making a Jackie Robinson reference to Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson on Saturday. Donaldson after the game in New York made the Jackie Robinson reference and said he meant no disrespect but White Sox pitching coach Ethan Katz was surprised that he only got one day.

#2 The Jackie Robinson reference was an undertone a dog whistle to Anderson who is black and Donaldson is white player. Donaldson said that he was joking around in the past with Anderson about the Robinson reference when Anderson said he feels like today’s Jackie Robinson.

#3 Amaury, Sunday the St Louis Cardinals pitcher Yadier Molina who pitched in relief giving up two home runs and four runs after the Cardinals swept the Pittsburgh Pirates in four games at PNC Park. The Cardinals have placed Molina on the bereavement list the reason for the bereavement was not disclosed.

#4 The San Francisco Giants are coming off losing a three game sweep against the San Diego Padres at Oracle Park. The Giants also lost first baseman Brandon Belt to the 10 day IL for an inflamed right knee. Giants manager Gabe Kapler said the team is still in good shape.

#5 The Oakland A’s have lost seven of their last ten games and have lost two of three to the Los Angeles Angels over the weekend including Sunday’s 4-1 loss. A’s pitcher Cole Irvin lost the contest and the A’s are not getting any run support.

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary: Baseball Do you enjoy position players pitching?

St Louis Cardinal pitcher Yadier Molina is not too thrilled after giving up a two run ninth inning home run at PNC Park on Sun May 22, 2022 to the Pittsburgh Pirates Jack Suwinski. Molina is one of two position players to have pitched this season for the Cardinals (AP News photo)

Baseball: Do you enjoy Position players Pitching?

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

Today it has become more common to see a position player pitching at the end of a game with a lopsided score. Because it is now more common and it has lost a lot of the “fun” that it used to be. And the more it happens in the future, the more it would mean “not much”.

Unless those are Hall of Fame players, such guys as Albert Pujols and his good friend Yadier Molina, both in St Louis, they are first vote Hall of Famers in the future and those are guys that have done everything in baseball, except pitch, until recently.

During the Phillies 2018 Spring Training, manager Gabe Kapler experimented with his utility players throw occasional bullpen sessions. The purpose of this was to use them in game situations. It was not meant to be as a “joke” or fun if your team was winning or losing by 15 runs in the ninth inning. Kapler’s experiment was just that, an experiment.

Gabe Kapler, (now managing the Giants) used outfielder Luis González to pitch against the San Diego Padres on Sunday at Oracle Park, when the game was 10-1 in favor of the Padres, who swept the Giants. González did a great job as he pitched for 2 innings gave up 1 hit and no runs, his ERA 0.00

The first 40-40 man in history, José Canseco came to pitch for the Texas Rangers against the Boston Red Sox on May 29, 1993. He pitched one inning (the 8th) gave up 2 hits 3 earned runs, walked three and his earned run average ended at 27.00.

Canseco injured his arm and underwent Tommy John surgery to end his season. José had said in the past his dream was to pitch during a major league game. Was that fun José? By-the way, just three days prior to his pitching debut and retirement, on May 26, his head produced a home run, as he was playing right field when a batted ball hit his head and went over the fence.

That also was not a lot of fun for José, but he took it in stride after all there is no Tommy John surgery for your head. José Canseco played for another 10 years and retired after the 2001 season. He played for 17 years in the major leagues as an Outfielder-Designated Hitter and…Pitcher.

In conclusion. Using a position player to pitch, in any situation is like ordering Babe Ruth to lay a bunt. However, Ruth had a sacrifice bunt every year between 1915 and 1930. From 1922 to 1930 The Bambino hit 403 homeruns and also laid down 33 sacrifice bunts.

However, Ruth also won 65 games as a pitcher. In my book, I like to see a super star like Albert Pujols and Yadier Molina to pitch in a game that is already decided, but I will not enjoy an average player taking the ball, unless his team has totally ran out of pitchers.

But that is only my opinion, I am sure many would disagree. One thing we could all agree is that today, their is only one Shohei “Showtime”) Ohtani, he can really hit and really pitch, with the best of them.

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That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: Yadier Molina to the Gigantes, in Puerto Rico

The St Louis Cardinals Yadier Molina has reached out the Cardinals for a two year contract but says it’s God’s will if he does or doesn’t get an offer from the Cards and if not plans to retire (AP file photo)

Yadier Molina to the Gigantes, in Puerto Rico

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

Yadier Molina, future Hall of Fame catcher of the St Louis Cardinals was approved by Carlos Berroa, Director of the Roberto Clemente Professional Baseball League in Puerto Rico to play in the island. Molina belongs to the reserves of the Gigantes de Carolina.

According to the bylaws of the league, Yadier Molina, according to Section 1.06 of the league as stated by their Director Carlos Berroa announced the catcher is eligible to play during the postseason in Puerto Rico because he is a Major League player and native of Puerto Rico.

Such players, born in Puerto Rico who are currently in rosters in the Major League are eligible to play in the Puerto Rican League during the postseason, even if they have not played during their regular season. The spirit of this Section 1.06 “allows these Puerto Rican-born players to play in front of their fans in their homeland” according to Director Berroa.

With roughly a month left before the Cardinals are scheduled to have pitchers and catchers report to Jupiter, Florida for spring training, Molina remains unsigned. The team has been in touch with Molina’s representative and both sides expect the dialogue to continue and increase in the near future.

Molina, a free-agent, now 38 years of age, has made it clear he wants to stay in St Louis and is seeking a two-year contract, but acknowledged that if an appealing offer is not there, he will consider retiring. “Getting ready as always and God will tell” Molina said in an interview with Cardinals broadcaster Polo Ascensio. Molina added “If God wants me to come back, then I’ll come back. And if not I will retire with my head held high”.

Yadier Molina has played for the St Louis Cardinals his whole career from 2004 to 2020, 17 years. One of the greatest defensive catchers of all time has won nine Rawlings Gold Gloves and six Fielding Bible Awards. Two-time World Series champion with eleven playoff appearances and four National League pennant winners. Molina’s compatriot, Iván Rodríguez has won the most Gold Gloves at catcher, with 13. Rodríguez was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2017.

Puerto Rico is the land of catchers. José Molina, Bengie Molina and Yadier Molina all from the “Isla del Encanto”(The Enchanted Island) are the only three brothers in Major League Baseball history to all win World Series rings. And of course, all catchers.

Stay well and stay tuned.

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Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Important win for US women’s team; Verlander says the ball is juiced 100%; plus more from the All Star Game

On Headline Sports podcast with Barbara:

#1 How important was this win in the World Cup women’s soccer final for the U.S. team?

#2 The television ratings for the finals were through the roof with 14.3 million viewers watching the US vs. the Netherlands in a 2-0 shutout.

#3 In Major League Baseball Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander says he blames baseball for the juiced ball and that it could travel as far as it could and it hurts pitchers.

#4 Verlander at the MLB All Star Game this week said that the balls are 100% juiced and a testimony of that is Verlander whose one of the big leagues best pitchers has given up 26 home runs this season.

#5 St Louis Cardinal catcher Yadier Molina dropped a few words that can’t be used here in regards to Angels catcher Jonathan Lucroy who got hammered at the plate by Houston Astros runner Jake Marisnick who laid Lucroy out after knocking him over on a bang bang play at the plate. Molina basically said something needs to be done about runners taking out the catcher.

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Cano both likely and unlikely star of stars in the 88th All-Star Game

American League’s Seattle Mariners Robinson Cano (22), second from left, congratulated Cleveland Indians pitcher Andrew Miller, after winning the MLB baseball All-Star Game, Tuesday, July 11, 2017, in Miami. Cano hit a home run in the tenth inning to win the game. The American League defeated the National league 2-1. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

By Morris Phillips

More than three hours before Robinson Cano clubbed the 10th inning home run that decided the 88th All-Star Game, the veteran slugger had his All-Star moment.  In a pre-game ceremony Cano took the field with Juan Marichal, Rod Carew, Orlando Cepeda and the late Roberto Clemente’s wife, Vera.  The ceremony celebrated the contributions of Latin America to Major League Baseball, a history as vast as those assembled on the Marlins Park field on Monday.

Cano added his own contribution to the story with his home run off Wade Davis that would catapult the American League, 2-1.  Ironically, Cano was a late replacement, his eight All-Star appearance which had been uneventful until the 10th inning Monday.  Cano had just eight at-bats, one hit in All-Star competition previously.

In the pre-game ceremony Cano was one of eight catchers for the legends that threw out the first pitches.  Cano received his pitch from Marichal as the cameras flashed.

“I can’t wait to get to social media and get that picture and put it in a frame in my home,” Cano said.

The American League won for the fifth straight time, but it won’t secure home field advantage in the World Series for the AL. That rule was abolished by new commissioner Rob Manfred prior to the game, and Cano wasn’t initially aware the rules had changed.

Yadier Molina homered for the National League–their only run–as the two 34-year olds stole the show from the younger All-Stars, 28 in all making their first All-Star appearance.  Molina and Cano were the oldest, and most voluminous All-Stars with eight appearances each.

Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton, the biggest names on the marquee for the Home Run Derby, both went 0 for 3.