Headline Sports podcast with London Marq: 49ers acquire WR Emmanuel Sanders; Astros Assistant GM apologizes for not so ringing Osuna endorsement; plus more

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On Headline Sports podcast with London:

#1 San Francisco 49ers have acquired wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders from the Denver Broncos on Tuesday. Sanders said he enjoyed being a Bronco and had 30 catches for 367 yards, and two touchdowns in seven games.

#2 Houston Astros assistant general manager Brandon Taubman shouted in front of a group of female reporters after game 6 of the NLCS “I’m so f—ing glad we got Osuna” during the Astros clubhouse celebration. Osuna was suspended 75 games by MLB for domestic abuse. Taubman later apologized for the language he used and how he framed it in from of the female members of the press. The story broke on Sports Illustrated and the Astros released a report saying the story was “misleading and completely irresponsible.” There were a number of members of the media who vouched that he story was accurate and who saw Taubman shout in from the reporters.

#3 Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan said that Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry is not a Hall of Famer yet. “He’s a great player” said Jordan. Curry said “Jordan has own version of what it takes to be in the Hall of Fame in his head.”

#4 One of the nicest people to play the game of football was former Oakland Raider wide receiver Willie Brown, who died at the Oakland Raiders offices in Alameda on Tuesday at the age of 78 after a long bout with cancer. Brown played for the Broncos (1963-1966) and Raiders (1967-1978).

#5 The XFL opens with eight teams going into next season. The XFL teams will play five home and away games, a total of ten, that starts February 2 to April 12th. The XFL folded after one season in 2001. There will be no team in the Bay Area representing the XFL. In 2001 the XFL had a San Francisco team that played at Pac Bell Park.

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Will 49ers waive territorial rights to allow Raiders to play in the City?

San Francisco Demons XFL file photo: AT&T Park football configuration during the 2001 season of the XFL San Francisco Demons. The Oakland Raiders and San Francisco will share the park during the 2019 season.

By Joe Hawkes Beamon

SAN FRANCISCO — Plans by the Oakland Raiders are on the drawing board and sources say it’s very close that an agreement between the Raiders and San Francisco Giants will be hammered out. Matter fact it’s understood there is an agreement on the table as of Monday morning.

If an agreement is made it’s almost assured because of the smaller size of Oracle Park compared to the Oakland Coliseum the Raiders would most likely sell out every home game plus the idea that it’s the Raiders last season in the Bay Area and many Raider and NFL fans will want to take a last look at the team before they leave.

At issue is the San Francisco 49ers who have territorial rights in San Francisco and will they allow the Raiders playing in San Francisco. The 49ers are said to be studying any possible financial loses if the Raiders play in the city. The 49ers who play in Santa Clara a good hour drive from the City may ok the deal as the Raiders will play their last season in the Bay Area at Oracle Park.

The 49ers are looking to see what they would benefit from the deal from having the Raiders playing in San Francisco and that the 49ers may ask for a cut on tickets and TV shares from the Raiders if they waive their territorial rights. The 49ers have not commented on the Raiders playing in San Francisco and negotiations are still on the way.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said last week that he wanted the Raiders to make a decision as to where they will play as soon as possible. The NFL wants to begin making the schedule for the 2019 season without further delay.

The Raiders who chose not to play at the Oakland Coliseum anymore after the city of Oakland filed a lawsuit against the team in December. The Raiders had a tentative deal with the Oakland Coliseum and withdrew after Oakland filed the suit stating that the suit was over the relocation to Las Vegas calling the deal “illegal” the city of Oakland is seeking million of dollars from the Raiders and the NFL.

For football Oracle Park would seat up to 40,000 fans. Oracle Park hosted football when the XFL’s San Francisco Demons who played there in 2001, The California Mountain Lions in 2009 of the United Football League, Cal in 2011, NCAA bowl games the Shriners, Diamond, Kraft and Foster Bowls in 2002 to 2013.