Brady claims 7th ring, Bucs rout KC in Super Bowl LV 31-9

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady hoists the Vince Lombardi Trophy after their victory over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sun Feb 7, 2021 in Tampa Bay (photo by Shawn McCullough Sports Radio Service)

By Daniel Dullum
Sports Radio Service
Sunday, February 7, 2021

Different uniform, same results.

After winning six NFL championships with New England, Tom Brady added a seventh ring to his collection Sunday after leading Tampa Bay past Kansas City 31-9 in Super Bowl LV at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Fla.

Brady was also selected as the game’s most valuable player, his fifth overall, breaking a tie with Joe Montana. The 43-year-old signal caller completed 21 of 29 passes for 201 yards and three touchdowns – two of them to his old Patriots teammate Rob Gronkowski and the other to Antonio Brown.

Leonard Fournette and Ronald Jones combined for 150 rushing yards, and assistant Todd Bowles’ defensive game plan effectively shut off the Chiefs’ passing lanes and kept KC off balance throughout the game. Bucs linebacker Devin White racked up 12 tackles, plus an interception late in the fourth quarter.

Kansas City didn’t help itself by being flagged 10 times for 110 penalty yards, and the Chiefs were 3 of 13 on third down conversions.

After Kansas City jumped to a 3-0 lead in the first quarter on a 52-yard Harrison Butker field goal, the Buccaneers responded with an 8-yard TD pass from Brady to Gronkowski. At 6:05 of the second quarter, Brady found Gronkowski for a 17-yard scoring strike.

Butker booted a 34-yard field goal with 1:01 left in the second quarter, but the Bucs found the end zone with six seconds left in the half on a 1-yard touchdown pass from Brady to Brown. The Buccaneers led 21-6 at halftime.

Early in the third quarter, Butker’s third field goal – a 52-yarder – pulled the Chiefs to within 21-9. Tampa Bay finished the scoring when Fournette ran in from 27 yards out midway through the third quarter, and with 2:46 to go in the quarter, Ryan Succop tacked on a 52-yard field goal.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was held to 270 yards 26 of 49 passes, was intercepted twice and sacked three times. It was the first time he didn’t throw a touchdown pass in a game since Sept. 29, 2019, against Detroit in a 34-30 win over the Lions.

The Weekend performed at halftime, and the National Anthem was sang by country singer Eric Church and R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan. H.E.R. performed “America The Beautiful” in the pregame ceremonies.

Super Bowl LV podcast with Jessica Kwong: Mahomes focusing on winning a second Super Bowl; Do Bucs have the home field advantage?

Flashback Sun Feb 2, 2020 Miami Gardens Super Bowl 54 and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Pat Mahomes hoisting the Super Bowl Trophy after defeating the San Francisco 49ers. Mahomes is shooting for his second Super Bowl victory this Sun Feb 7, 2021 in Tampa Bay (AP News file photo)

Super Bowl LV podcast with Jessica:

#1 Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Pat Mahomes says that he’s not focusing on Tom Brady’s record of ten Super Bowl appearances and six Super Bowl championships but just a chance to win his second Super Bowl.

#2 Mahomes said that every time he hits the field his mindset is on winning the game and the goal is to win as many Super Bowls as possible.

#3 From the looks of it that has been Brady’s accomplished goal and for Mahomes he’s been staying very consistent with the kind of games that he’s been having as the Chiefs finished the regular season with a 15-2 record and first in the AFC Conference.

#4 Jessica this will be the first time that a Super Bowl team will play host on their home field. The closest that ever came was when the San Francisco 49ers played the Miami Dolphins in 1985 and the game was at Stanford Stadium but not quite the home stadium. This has to be pretty special for the Buccaneers to host this game.

#5 Practice has looked well for both teams as the prepare for Super Bowl Sunday. The Vegas line has the Chiefs by three in what is expected to be a razor close game.

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Super Bowl LV podcast with London Marq: Players enjoy week away from media days; Brady oldest player to play in Super Bowl

A jubilant Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady after defeating the Green Bay Packers on Sun Jan 24, 2021 in the NFC Championship will be the oldest player to play in a Super Bowl in NFL history (for the file photo)

On Headline Sports with London:

#1 London not having in person media days does take away the media’s opportunities to get in person perspectives from Super Bowl players in a socially distanced situation like this?

#2 On the other hand it’s safe to say the players certainly won’t miss doing media days and sitting and meeting with the press in person during Super Bowl week.

#3 Tom Brady at age 43 quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will break the all time NFL record for the oldest player to play in a Super Bowl what does that have to mean for Brady?

#4 Kansas City Chiefs defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo has set up defensive plays against Brady before when he was with the New England Patriots do you see his play calls being different against Brady since he’s now with Tampa Bay or Spagnuolo will execute plays based on knowing Brady’s habits?

#5 This game will be played in front of only 22,000 fans a limited amount of fans because of social distance concerns. The NFL wanted the Super Bowl to be played with some people in the stands so they can get some real crowd noise in stadium as opposed to piped in sound.

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That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: Super Bowl LV, The Great One vs. The Cool One

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (15) meets with then New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) ( file photo)

Super Bowl LV: The Great One vs. The Cool One

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

Super Bowl LV is ready for a great match-up of quarterbacks between The Great One, Tom Brady of Tampa Bay Buccaneers champions of the NFC, future Hall of Famer and The Cool One, Patrick Mahomes of the AFC Champion and reigning NFL Champions Kansas City Chiefs.

No team has repeated as Super Bowl champion since the 2003-04 Tom Brady’s New England Patriots, who are currently tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers with six Super Bowl wins. The Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers are the only other franchises with at least five Lombardi Trophies. Two Quarterbacks for the Ages, Tom Brady vs. Patrick Mahomes

The Great One: Brady, His style is solely about what wins games. If that means throwing the ball less, he will do that. If it means giving it to his running back more often, he will execute that also. If he needs to pass, he still has a very powerful and accurate arm to do the job.

When he turned 40 years of age, he was the oldest QB to start in Super Bowl history, back in Super Bowl LII, when he surpassed Payton Manning, when the Patriots faced the Eagles. Now he is 43 and he still doing it.

Brady was as drafted as a baseball catcher at Serra High School in San Mateo, California, also attended by NFL Hall of Famer Lynn Swann as well as baseball’s Barry Bonds, Jim Fregosi and Gregg Jefferies, among others.

Tom Brady in Super Bowl’s is Número Uno: First all time in the following – QB to start in three different decades: 2000’s, 2010’s, and 2020’s. Ten Starts. Most pass completions 256. Most passing yards in history 2,838. Most pass Touchdowns 18 with New England and most SB wins with six; last time he won a SB was in 2017.

The Cool One: Mahomes: All-around athlete. He can throw it for a touchdown or he can run it into the end-zone to score. Very quick, can and will throw from different positions, different arm angles, can throw the football sidearm.

There is little he cannot do at his age of 25. He plays with great style and flair when he was 23 he became the second African-American quarterback to win the NFL MVP award. This season he threw for 5,097 yards, 50 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.

Only QB in history to throw over 5,000 yards in a season in both, college at Texas Tech and in the NFL with the Kansas City Chiefs. He owns the largest contract (moneywise) in US sports, history. Ten-years with Kansas City worth $503 million.

In the world, only one athlete has a bigger contract, Argentinean-born Lionel Messi of the FC Barcelona (Soccer) of La Liga in Europe. $4 years $674 million, Who will win, Great or Cool? Not getting into the weeds, both of these teams and quarterbacks are championship caliber.

However, if it is between Great and Cool, I am afraid I will take Great 9 of out 10 times. When: Sunday, February 7, 2021 – Where: Raymond James Stadium, aka “Ray-Jay” Tampa, Florida.– Seating capacity: 65,618, with 22,000 expected to be in attendance, 7,500 of those are health care workers who were given a free ticket by the NFL. They all had received a covid-19 vaccine.

Announcers: Play by Play- Jim Nantz. Commentary – Tony Romo… Time: 3:30 Pacific Coast time CBS will use 120 cameras. Thirty-seconds of advertising approximately $5.5 million one of the most watched annual sporting events in the world, the NFL’s championship game is broadcast in over 130 countries in more than 30 languages.

Fly Over: Three (3) Air Force bombers to perform first ever trifecta for National Anthem. The planes: All in one of Super Bowl 55: B-52+ B-2+B-1 = 55! Half Time Show. The Weekend will perform.

Firsts: First time a team participating in the Super Bowl (Tampa) plays at their regular season stadium. Super Bowl that is played during a Pandemic. Those three Air Force Bombers do a flyover. Sarah Thomas first female Super Bowl official.

Tie breaker: The AFC has won the Super Bowl 27 times and the NFC has won the Super Bowl 27 times. Why do Super Bowl games have Roman numerals?. Lamar Hunt, Kansas City Chief Founder, is also credited for introducing Roman numerals to keep track of the championship title bowls.

Roman numerals are an ancient numeric system where numbers are represented by symbols. Developed around 500 B.C. as the Romans conquered most of the world that was known to them. Their numeral system spread throughout Europe, where for centuries if was their primary way of representing numbers. Happy Super Bowl!

Stay well and stay tuned.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez in his career does has covered the Super Bowl for Telmundo TV and does News and Commentary at


That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast: How tight are the A’s?; Who do you like in Super Bowl LV?

Oakland A’s outfielder Mark Canha seen here slugging a double against the Seattle Mariners on Sun Sep 27, 2021 at the Oakland Coliseum  says the clubhouse will be a lot different without former A’s infielder Marcus Semien around (file photo AP News photo)

On That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast:

#1 In a recent interview with NBC Sports Oakland A’s outfielder Mark Canha said that the impact of losing Marcus Semien will be felt and his presence will be lost in the clubhouse.

#2 Canha said that when he and Semien first came to the A’s in 2015 the clubhouse culture at that time was veterans ran the clubhouse and the rookies and younger players were expected to keep quiet and follow along.

#3 After some time Semien was instrumental in changing the clubhouse culture and was a positive presence and younger players and rookies were inclusive to say what was on their minds.

#4 There has been heavy criticism about the A’s letting pitcher Liam Hendriks and Marcus Semien that the organization is cheap and won’t spend the money. Critics feel that the team is less competitive without them. How does this image bode going into the pre season this month?

#5 Turning to the NFL and Super Bowl LV: A lot of anticipation Amaury is riding on this Sunday’s Super Bowl LV with two of the NFL’s best quarterbacks going head to head. For the Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes and for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tom Brady in a game that could be one for the ages.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the lead play by play announcer for the Oakland A’s at Spanish radio flagship station 1010 KIQI Le Grande San Francisco and does News and Commentary at

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Super Bowl LV podcast with Barbara Mason: Mahomes looking for second consecutive Super Bowl ring; Bucs and Brady hosting the Big Game

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is on the fringes of winning his second consecutive Super Bowl and is the highest paid quarterback in the NFL. Here is Mahomes celebrating a touchdown pass to tight end Travis Kelce in the second half of Sun Jan 24, 2021’s game against the Buffalo Bills (AP News photo)

On the Super Bowl LV podcast:

#1 Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is enjoying the biggest salary for a quarterback in the NFL after last years defeat of the San Francisco 49ers Mahomes signed for a ten year $450 million and signed an off season contract worth $503 million.

#2 Mahomes could very well be on his way to being one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history his star is rising and he’s looking at winning his second consecutive Super Bowl ring if he can get past the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next Sunday.

#3 Barbara talk about Mahomes 2020 season numbers, 1687 yards, 1114 completed passes, 114 touchdowns and 14 interceptions.

#4 The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is looking to pick up a record seven Super Bowl rings if he can get by the Chiefs next Sunday. Entering his tenth Super Bowl this Super Bowl will not be typical he’s in his first year with the Bucs and they just happen to be hosting the Super Bowl with the home field.

#5 With a pandemic going on and most NFL games played in front of empty stadiums this will be a Super Bowl like no other. Although it won’t be an empty stadium in Tampa Bay they will allow only 22,000 fans in.

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That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: Are Super Bowl Parties Super Spreaders?

Inside dinning back in the day at Habana Cuba Restaurant in downtown San Jose as all dining now is outdoor. Habana says they plan to prepare food during Super Bowl LV for pick up ( photo)

Are Super Bowl Parties Super Spreaders?

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

One of the biggest days to party is coming next week, when Superbowl LV will take place in Tampa between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs. And millions of Americans will party at home with family and friends as well as many others who usually go out to sports-bars, restaurants and places where sometimes the game is secondary to the festivities.

Millions of people gather and party together during the holidays, like Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, Fourth of July and other festive days. In sports, the Superbowl is one of those days where millions of people gather to celebrate, millions (not all necessarily football fans) celebrate Superbowl at home or on the road.

During regular times, regular bars. Sports bars and restaurants usually have a “very good day” when it comes to Superbowl Sunday. Although is not a Federal Holiday, it might as well be because of the popularity on this one day, which always takes place on a Sunday, the one day of the week where most people do not work.

Nevertheless, restaurants expect good business this next Superbowl Sunday. Here in the Bay Area restaurants were recently allowed to open outdoor dining areas. The hospitality business has been hit as hard as any other business. It has been suggested that the day after the Superbowl should be a Federal Holiday, since the attendance to work is as bad as any day of the year.

In pre-covid years, hundreds of thousands of people traveled to Las Vegas each year for-Superbowl weekend, always a huge event in Sin City. Obviously this year is different, still airlines are offering very tempting low prices as well as the Casinos with special and seductive packages for accommodations.

The 2019 Super Bowl brought roughly 310,000 visitors to Las Vegas and had an estimated economic impact of $425 million; according to research company Applied Analysis.

According to protocols in Nevada, casino operators are prohibited from hosting big crowds this year. Hotel estimates people gatherings a lot of 50-person events in ballrooms, much smaller events than in the past.

If they fail to comply they can be fined or have their licenses suspended or revoked. But Las Vegas is open for business and it will be interesting to see the numbers this coming Superbowl weekend.

Restaurants in the Bay Area are now open for outside dinning as take-out continues. Jennifer Echeverri, owner of Habana Cuba Restaurant on SoFA Market 387 South First Street in San José told me: “things are starting to pick up” and added “we are going to have a Superbowl special”. Like most places they have been just doing take-out, and will continue, and too many restaurants take-out has been the only lifeline and what has kept them in business.

Whatever you do this Super Sunday February 7, remember to keep doing what you have been doing taking all regular common sense precautions, like wearing masks (double-up if you want) separation, washing hands, etc.

Getting vaccinated has not been easy in California, there still a lot of confusion, people over 65 waiting to get their shots, others are awaiting the call from their medical providers and things are moving slowly. I was lucky to get my first Moderna shot and scheduled for my second one in mid-February. Enjoy the Superbowl, preferable with your immediate family. Have a good time. And remember Superbowl parties do not have to be Super Spreaders.

Stay well and stay tuned.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the lead play by play announcer for Oakland A’s Spanish radio on 1010 Le Grande KIQI San Francisco and does News and Commentary at

Super Bowl LV podcast with London Marq: Chiefs’ Remmers to replace Fisher; Brady’s father says Belichick on hot seat

The Kansas City Chiefs left offensive linebacker Eric Fisher is laid out after tearing his Achilles and will be out for Super Bowl LV in Tampa Bay. Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said he will replace Fisher with right tackle Mike Remmers (photo from The Athletic)

On the Super Bowl LV podcast with London:

#1 London, talk about Kansas City Chiefs offensive left tackle Eric Fisher losing him for the Super Bowl to a Achilles injury that he incurred during the Championship game against the Buffalo Bills. Fisher was blocking and fell on his back. His leg and foot took an awkward twist as he went down. Fisher will be replaced by right tackle Mike Remmers.

#2 London, after everything that has happened to Chiefs quarterback Pat Mahomes in recovering from his pinched nerve and turf toe back on Sunday 17th, his rebound was impressive to get the Chiefs the win and in the Super Bowl after the Chiefs’ Championship win over the Buffalo Bills 38-24.

#3 It was a quite an afternoon for Mahomes, who had showed no signs of being hurt, throwing for 325 yards and three touchdowns. Mahomes also was quite mobile and not afraid of getting sacked from behind.

#4 London, how good of a position would you say the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in for the Super Bowl? They’re coming off a convincing win over the Green Bay Packers 31-26 and Bucs quarterback Tom Brady with his resume of ten Super Bowls and six Super Bowl rings.

#5 Tom Brady Sr. says that Tom Jr’s former coach Bill Belichick is on the hot seat right now. How much is that true after Belichick and the Patriots see how far Brady has come with the Bucs?

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Super Bowl LV podcast with Barbara Mason: Chiefs and Bucs to match up in Super Bowl LV

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady (12) holds the NFC Championship Trophy after defeating the Green Bay Packers on Sun Jan 24, 2021 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay (AP News photo)

Super Bowl LV podcast with Barbara Mason:

#1 The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tom Brady has accomplished it again he’s heading to his tenth Super Bowl after defeating the Green Bay Packers 31-26 at the Frozen Tundra Lambeau Field today.

#2 A big game for Brady throwing 280 yards for three touchdowns and three interceptions, Brady and the Bucs have momentum to get this far and win the NFC Championship.

#3 After getting his bell rung last week against the Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Pat Mahomes came right back and threw over 300 yards as the Chiefs dominated the Buffalo Bills on offense to advance to Super Bowl LV.

#4 The Bills offense was pretty much shut down all game long they held onto 15 points most of the game until fourth quarter. Bills quarterback Josh Allen whose had a great season and post season just couldn’t get anything going to get anywhere near the Chiefs in the 38-24 loss of the AFC Championship.

#5 So here they are your Super Bowl LV match up for Sun Feb 7th for next month the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Barbara how do you see this match up for the Super Bowl.

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NFL Championship podcast with Jessica Kwong: Chiefs medical staff say Mahomes return 50-50; Packers have slight edge with home field

On the NFL Championship podcast with Jessica:

#1  Jessica, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Pat Mahomes’ recovery is still up in the air after getting a concussion from last Sunday’s game against the Cleveland Browns defender Matt Wilson. The hit didn’t like it was helmet to helmet?

#2  Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said that it’s primarily up to the doctors right now how they will evaluate Mahomes from the sound of it on Wednesday Mahomes was 50-50 and Reid said the medical staff is using all the concussion protocols and that the doctors don’t want to take any chances he just might not be available for Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills.

#3 On the other hand things are coming along for the Bills as they have moved through post season to get the point that their one game away from getting to Super Bowl LV. Bills quarterback Josh Allen 206 yards and one touchdown against the Baltimore Ravens last Sunday.

#4 The Green Bay Packers have home field they handled the Los Angeles Rams on defense last Sunday and Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers had thrown a fantastic game 296 yards and two touchdowns against Los Angeles for the 32-18 win.

#5 The Tampa Bay Buccaneers got a resounding ten point win over the New Orleans Saints 30-20. The Bucs scored 13 in the second quarter and ten in the fourth and it was key quarters to get that ten point win led by Bucs quarterback Tom Brady who threw for 199 yards and two touchdwons at the Superdome in New Orleans.

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