Super Bowl LVI podcast with Jessica Kwong: Can Bengals beat the odds; Rams Stafford key in guiding Rams to big game

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow shakes fans hands after the Bengals advanced to Super Bowl LVI. The Bengals had defeated the Kansas City Chiefs on Sun Jan 30, 2022 in the AFC Championship. (AP News photo)

On the Super Bowl LVI podcast with Jessica:

#1 Jessica, the Cincinnati Bengals (13-7) coming into Sunday’s Super Bowl have won four out of their last five games wins that got them to the Super Bowl a lot of the credit has been going to quarterback Joe Burrow who has led the club into the red zone and executing the score.

#2 It’s been a long while since the Bengals have got to the Super Bowl the last time they were here was in 1988 and before that in 1982 both times they faced the San Francisco 49ers (12-8) and lost this Sunday they want to be able to hoist that trophy.

#3 Jessica in that last Bengals game for the AFC Championship they just edged one of the league’s best the Kansas City Chiefs (14-6) in a three point 27-24 win. A win that really demonstrates the poise of this team to get this far.

#4 The Los Angeles Rams are coming off a three game winning streak entering Super Bowl LVI this Sunday. They narrowly beat the 49ers 20-17 for the NFC Championship title. The Rams last Super Bowl appearance was in 2019 and are looking to capture a win in this Super Bowl.

#5 Jessica, talk about Rams quarterback Matt Stafford who went 31-45 for 337 yards, and two touchdowns in that win against the 49ers. After 16 years with the Detroit Lions and in his second year with the Rams he takes them to the Super Bowl.

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