Super Bowl LV podcast with Jessica Kwong: Mahomes focusing on winning a second Super Bowl; Do Bucs have the home field advantage?

Flashback Sun Feb 2, 2020 Miami Gardens Super Bowl 54 and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Pat Mahomes hoisting the Super Bowl Trophy after defeating the San Francisco 49ers. Mahomes is shooting for his second Super Bowl victory this Sun Feb 7, 2021 in Tampa Bay (AP News file photo)

Super Bowl LV podcast with Jessica:

#1 Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Pat Mahomes says that he’s not focusing on Tom Brady’s record of ten Super Bowl appearances and six Super Bowl championships but just a chance to win his second Super Bowl.

#2 Mahomes said that every time he hits the field his mindset is on winning the game and the goal is to win as many Super Bowls as possible.

#3 From the looks of it that has been Brady’s accomplished goal and for Mahomes he’s been staying very consistent with the kind of games that he’s been having as the Chiefs finished the regular season with a 15-2 record and first in the AFC Conference.

#4 Jessica this will be the first time that a Super Bowl team will play host on their home field. The closest that ever came was when the San Francisco 49ers played the Miami Dolphins in 1985 and the game was at Stanford Stadium but not quite the home stadium. This has to be pretty special for the Buccaneers to host this game.

#5 Practice has looked well for both teams as the prepare for Super Bowl Sunday. The Vegas line has the Chiefs by three in what is expected to be a razor close game.

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