Super Bowl LVI podcast with David Zizmor: Battle of quarterbacks Stafford and Burrow get ready to slog it out in the Southland

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow (left) and Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matt Stafford (right) preparing to battle it out for Super Bowl LVI at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles on Sun Feb 13, 2022 (image by MARCA)

On the Super Bowl LVI podcast with David Zizmor:

#1 David, taking a look at Cincinnati Bengals (13-7) quarterback Joe Burrow he’s had some miracle games and Burrow has led the Bengals to winning six out of their last seven games. The Bengals are underdogs in this Super Bowl but Burrow has beaten the odds throughout those six wins to get here.

#2 Dave, talk about the Los Angeles Rams (15-5) quarterback Matt Stafford has led the Rams to winning eight of their last nine games and led the Rams in that miracle comeback game against the San Francisco 49ers (12-8) last Sunday in the NFC Championship in LA at SoFi Stadium. Stafford has certainly come a long ways from his struggling days with the Detroit Lions to getting to the Super Bowl with

#3 Dave, talk about the advantage the Rams have here they are the first team in Super Bowl history to host the Super Bowl in their own stadium the closest any other football team to do it was in 1985 when the San Francisco 49ers played at Stanford Stadium in Palo Alto against the Bengals. With the Rams in their own stadium how big of a difference does this make?

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Super Collapse in Super Bowl LIV

photo from San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) stands on the field, during the second half of the NFL Super Bowl 54 football game against the Kansas City Chiefs’, Sunday, Feb. 2, 2020, in Miami Gardens, Fla

By: Joe Lami

This one is going to sting the faithful for quite some time. The Kansas City Chiefs completed their third double-digit comeback of the postseason to blow past the Niners 31-20 in the closing minutes of Super Bowl LIV to capture the franchises’ second Lombardi Trophy, and first in 50 years.

Epic collapses are becoming a common theme for Kyle Shanahan in big games, as the 49ers coach has been the offensive play-caller for two of the largest blown leads in Super Bowl history. 10-point, fourth-quarter leads have been blown three times, with Shanahan now operating the offenses of two of them.

ESPN’s Ed Werder later pointed out that the Niners had 14 snaps with the lead, and Garoppolo drop backed to pass on nine of them, a higher dropback percentage than his first Super Bowl mishap with the Falcons.

His misfortune becomes Andy Reid’s celebration as the future Hall of Famer finally captures his first Lombardi Trophy. Patrick Mahomes was named MVP, solidifying his position as the face of the league. His electric playmaking ability was just too much for a tired-looking 49ers’ defense to hang on at the end.

The Niners played great up until the fourth. The run-game was dominant, with Deebo Samuel leading the way with three carries for 52 yards, while hauling in five catches for 39 yards. Jimmy Garoppolo threw a TD and an interception, completing 17 of 20 passes for 183 yards.

Then, Shanahan began to out-think himself with shotty playcalling, with a tired defense on the other end that held Mahomes to what would have been a career-low 10 points. After intercepting a pass on Kansas City’s first drive in the fourth, the offense stalled with what should’ve been the dagger.

The Niners started to get pass-happy on the drive, dropping back on three of the five plays with two being incompletions and one turning into a Jimmy G scramble. After just taking three minutes off the clock, it quickly gave the ball back to K.C. as they jump-started their comeback.

There was no need to pass the ball; they were averaging 6.4 yards-per-carry and dashing the Chiefs every time they ran to the right, finishing with eight carries for 79 yards. Instead, they coughed up momentum to the NFL’s best player with a championship on the line.

The Niners’ next shot to end it came on the ensuing possession. They even forced Kansas City into a 3rd and 15, but Mahomes found Tyreek Hill on a 44-yard bomb, (that was set up by an obvious non-holding call), thanks to Emmanuel Moseley biting off of his Cover 3 zone to an underneath route. Later a defensive P.I. Call set up the Chiefs on the one-yard-line for an easy score, making it 20-17.

Shanahan then turned to the dull, run, pass, pass for a quick three and out, only taking 1:03 off the clock, allowing Mahomes ample time with 5:03 to go to set up the victory. He quickly marched down the field, picking up a huge chunk of their 65-yard drive on a pass to Sammy Watkins that burned Richard Sherman in one-on-one coverage, eventually setting up the score.

Thanks to the quick score, they were given another chance with 2:44 to operate, down 24-20. After advancing the ball to midfield, thanks to a 17-yard rush by Mostert (to the right side), and a quick pass over the middle to Kenrick Bourne, they decided to take their chance. Garoppolo fired one deep to Emmanuel Sanders, attempting to cement his name in the record books alongside Joe Montana and Steve Young, but overthrew the wide-open target by five yards.

Instead, the Niners turned the ball over on downs and the Super Bowl to Kansas City.

It’s unfair to point all of the blame for this collapse solely on Shanahan. The defense didn’t step up when it needed like it had most of the season, and Garoppolo misfired a couple of crucial throws. But then again, it was Shanahan that forced them into that situation due to poor clock management and only running the ball three times with the lead in the fourth.

Super Bowl LIV/San Francisco 49ers podcast with Joe Lami: Taking a look at quarterbacks Garoppolo and Mahomes for Super Bowl LIV

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan addresses the press on media day in Miami before Super Bowl LIV (photo by Shawn McCullough Sports Radio Service )

On the Super Bowl LIV/San Francisco 49ers podcast:

#1 San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan was noted to said he spoke to a Navy Seal that told him don’t let the enemy reach the surface for any air and a good example of that was when the 49ers didn’t give an inch to the Green Bay Packers in their last game in their NFC Championship victory 37-20.

#2 There’s a lot of comparisons that the 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo will not get nearly as many completions as Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes on Sunday and that Mahomes can move the pocket or carry in either case.

#3 Patrick Mahomes during media day said that his biggest influence was former teammate and quarterback Alex Smith who took Mahomes under his wing and show him plays and the way around quarterbacking in the NFL

#4 Some critics say that current San Francisco 49er Dee Ford who was with the Chiefs last season was call for lining up in the neutral zone that nullified a interception that some say led to the Chiefs loss. Head coach Andy Reid said it wasn’t Dee’s fault and that it was everybody’s fault the Chiefs were just four inches short

#5 Sad news Hall of Famer and former San Francisco 49er Chris Doleman died at age 58, Doleman a had brain cancer that was similar to former Senator John McCain. Doleman played for the 49ers between 1996-98.

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Headline Sports with London Marq: Big fan push for changing NBA logo to Kobe; How Reid and Shanahan will coach to win on Sunday; plus more photo: Simulated look at new Kobe NBA logo if switched from the current Jerry West NBA logo

On Headline Sports with London:

#1 Huge fan push to change NBA insignia from Jerry West to Kobe Bryant and the push is catching on

#2 The Super Bowl is normally one of sports biggest events but after the death of Kobe his death has overshadowed the big game.

#3 Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is looking for his first Super Bowl with the Chiefs while San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan is looking to recover from the last Super Bowl he coached in. As an assistant coach Shanahan had the Falcons ahead in the Super Bowl only to cave and lose the Super Bowl. Shanahan is looking to get it done on Sunday.

#4 On ESPN Stephen A said there was no way that the 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo outplays the Kansas City Chiefs Pat Mahomes on Sunday

#5 How important is it that Dusty Baker hired by the Houston Astros who are trying to get away from the sign stealing scandal and Dusty is a player’s manager, doesn’t use technology or computers to manage a game or need to steal signs.

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Super Bowl LIV/San Francisco 49ers podcast with David Zizmor: 49ers-Chiefs get ready for the Dog and Pony show and media day

photo from The San Francisco 49ers Emmanuel Sanders and Deebo Samuel exit down the stairs after arriving at Miami International Airport on Sunday Jan 26, 2020 for Super Bowl LIV

On the San Francisco 49ers podcast with David Zizmor:

#1 The San Francisco 49ers who arrived in Miami on Sunday get set for media days and practices throughout the week in preparation for Super Bowl LIV as head coach Kyle Shanahan calls it a “dog and pony” show.

#2 For the Kansas City Chiefs their first Super Bowl since 1970 that was when Hank Stram was coaching the team. For head coach Andy Ried and quarterback Pat Mahomes a lot of hard work to get to this point.

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Super Bowl LIV podcast with Joe Hawkes: Mahomes can throw for days as his record speaks for itself

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes puts a stop on New England Patriots linebacker Kyle Van Noy, right, with his left arm on Sun Dec 8th at Foxborough MA, Mahomes got a personal foul penalty on the play file photo

Super Bowl LIV podcast with Joe Hawkes:

#1 Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Pat Mahomes had a great regular season throwing for an impressive 4,031 yards, for 26 touchdowns and only five interceptions.

#2 One thing that could be said about Mahomes he has an offense that prevents him from turning the ball over.

#3 It’s been over 50 years since 1970 for the Kansas City Chiefs to be in the Super Bowl but head coach Andy Reid has put together a power house team how do you see them matched up against a San Francisco 49er team who made very little mistakes

#4 On the other hand the 49ers have won five Super Bowl since 1982 and made their last appearance there in 2012.

#5 The oddsmakers have this game as a toss up how do you see it?

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