San Francisco 49ers podcast with Marko Ukalovic: Will Mayor’s office payback 49ers for what some called a dirty campaign?

Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor who was re-elected as confirmed on Wed Nov 16, 2022. The 49ers spent over $4 million to try and defeat Gillmor which failed. (file photo Mercury News)

On the San Francisco 49ers podcast with Marko:

#1 San Francisco 49ers owner Jed York paid millions to deliver mayoral candidate Anthony Becker who ended up losing to current Lisa Gillmor 14,376 to Anthony Becker 13,686. Gillmor wins by 687. How concerned has Jed have to be knowing that there was heavy campaigning against Gillmor sometimes some mudslinging and the 49ers could see payback from what some people called a nasty campaign.

#2 The election was Tue Nov 8th and in a tight race with over 95% of the ballot counted Gillmor was the decided winner on Wed Nov 16th from the Register of voters office in Santa Clara County. This was a crucial vote for York and the 49ers as York had been butting heads with Gillmor since Gillmor had been mayor and now they will have to try and do business another four years into her second term.

#3 Gillmor had sought maintenance revenue from the 49ers something both sides had haggled with over the years and when the opportunity came to vote Gillmor out of office York spent over $4 million in campaign money to get her voted out of office which the 49ers failed to do but by a narrow margin.

#4 Turning the 49ers next game up the team had been in Colorado Springs all week adjusting to the high elevation climate in preparation for tonight’s Monday Night Football game in Mexico City against the Arizona Cardinals. How beneficial do you see working out in Colorado and going onto Mexico City for Monday Night Football?

#5 Marko, how ready is Cardinal quarterback Kyler Murray he had been out with a hamstring and is expected to start on Sunday. He can be potent and drive the offense against the 49ers not to mention he can carry the ball.

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