San Francisco Giants podcast with Michael Duca: How Covid issues will effect Giants-Padres series

San Francisco Giants manager Gabe Kapler (left) and team general manager Scott Harris right gets word that a player on the club had tested positive for Covid-19 and Friday’s game was canceled. They would later learn Saturday’s game was a scratch too. (AP News photo)

On the Giants podcast with Michael:

#1 One thought that was brought up after the game was canceled on Friday was how in hindsight what catcher Buster Posey who took the season off was out of caution and was it a good idea to even have a season knowing the risks?

#2 An unnamed Giants player was tested positive and you can imagine anyone in the traveling party has to be concerned no doubt testing and self quarantine in the Giants San Diego hotel was in effect.

#3 Yesterday and today’s games were canceled and Sunday’s game is in doubt if canceled the Giants are scheduled to go to Seattle is that series in doubt?

#4 The Oakland A’s when they were in Houston had found that pitcher Daniel Mengden came up positive and games were canceled on that trip and the A’s were forced to scratch their trip to Seattle. For the Giants right now they’ll have to test and see if they get a clean bill of health before moving forward?

#5 Tell us your feelings about the time you got to spend over the years with recently re-assigned Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval who had been part of three World Series Championships and what did he mean to the Giants organization?

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San Francisco Giants podcast with Michael Duca: Lots of promise, lot of expectations for Bart at catcher

On the San Francisco Giants podcast with Michael:

#1 How important is it to have Joey Bart behind the dish he’s been the anticipated player who they’ve been expecting to come up.

#2 How do you see Bart’s future coming to the big leagues comparing to the great career Buster Posey had?

#3 The Giants have won three of their last four games during the Angeles series and Bart came up with the club during the Angels series would you say it was no coincidence that Bart presence has the club turned around?

#4 His bats in his first game with the Giants on Wednesday he was one for three with a double and went one for four on Thursday night and Friday like you mentioned he got his first big league RBI, it’s early but how do you see him facing big league pitching at the plate?

#5 Talk about the pitching matches for tonight at Oracle for the Diamondbacks right hander Zac Gallen (0-0 ERA 2.40) and for the San Francisco Giants left hander Tyler Anderson( 0-1 ERA 4.84)

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San Francisco Giants podcast with Michael Duca: Nakken uniform enshrined at the Hall of Fame; Loss on opening night was not Cueto’s fault

Alyssa Nakken’s uniform is Cooperstown-bound. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

Miguel on the Giants podcast:

#1 Michael how important is it that Alyssa Nakken the first women to coach a game had her jersey as she coached first base in against the A’s Mon Jul 20th in the Hall of Fame?

#2 Former Angels Media Relations manager and Hall of Fame media president Tim Mead said that Nakken’s jersey “It should make for a nice addition to our collection!”

#3 Talk about some of the reactions of Alyssa’s Sacramento State teammates reaction regarding that they weren’t surprised that she made it on to coach a big league club.

#4 The Giants opened up their season to a 8-1 loss was this a matter of Giants starter Johnny Cueto struggling or the Dodgers having a potent line up.

#5 Michael talk about catcher Tyler Heinieman it looks as if he’s taking over the position for Buster Posey and Joey Bart talk about hows he fitting in.

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San Francisco Giants podcast with Michael Duca: Will Covid 19 force MLB to cancel the season too? photo: Oracle Park might be awfully lonely this season until there is a break in the Coronavirus epidemic as the Giants have canceled their game against the Oakland A’s on Mon Mar 24th

On the Giants podcast with Michael:

#1 How practical is it playing in empty ball parks and having teams spends lots of money on travel to play in front of empty stadiums could MLB just end up cancelling the season?

#2 The Giants have announced in working with the City of San Francisco that they have canceled their home game with the Oakland A’s on Mon Mar 24th which would have been the first game back in the Bay Area due to caution regarding Covid 19 virus.

#3 Talking about some of the players in camp Giants pitcher Logan Webb is trying to grab the last spot in the starting rotation how do you see his chances.

#4 How does Giants manager Gabe Kapler like pitchers Dereck Rodriguez, Trevor Cahill and Trevor Oakes chances to make the starting rotation?

#5 Talk about Giants outfielders Steven Duggar, Billy Hamilton, Jaylin Davis and Mike Yastrzemski and how they’ll fit in for this season?

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San Francisco Giants podcast with Michael Duca: Can Cueto stay healthy for 2020; Will Bart be the starting catcher this season? photo: San Francisco Giants pitcher Johnny Cueto (72) talks with infield coach Kai Correa (50) during a spring training game Wednesday at Scottsdale AZ

On the Giants podcast with Michael:

#1 Talk about Johnny Cueto is he back healthy again he says he ready to come back, can he stay the test of time for a whole baseball season?

#2 Cueto pitched for 2 2/3 innings on Wednesday then gave up four runs but Cueto said he was happy to get 49 pitches in.

#3 The Giants catcher Joey Bart ranked number seven on ESPN’s 100 prospect list and Giants TV analyst Mike Krukow said Bart should not be brought up to the show just to sit on the bench.

#4 The Giants pitcher Tyler Beede had an MRI on Tuesday and it revealed that he had a flexor sprain and UCL sprain and he could be considered for Tommy John surgery.

#5 What’s up with Yapson Gomez’s delivery in relief for the Giants he has that hesitation delivery and moves the suspended leg and then delivers.

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San Francisco Giants podcast with Michael Duca: Now first baseman Belt says he would like to give the rodeo a try file photo: Brandon Belt (9) the San Francisco Giants first baseman and who grew up in Texas says he can rodeo too just like former Giant pitcher Madison Bumgarner

On the SF Giants podcast with Michael:

#1 How special was it for the Giants to see the Arizona Diamondbacks Madison Bumgarner again as they faced off with Arizona on Monday at Scottsdale?

#2 Talk about Giant starter Drew Smyly who comes on board with the Giants after signing a $4 million deal after pitching for the Rangers and Phillies last season.

#3 Talk about the Giants Jaylin Davis who hit a two run home run and Jacob Heyward who doubled and homered on Monday.

#4 Branden Belt the Giants first baseman says he could rodeo. Belt says he’s watched it and he grew up in Texas would like to give it a try.

#5 Giants catcher Joey Bart is just a matter of time before he comes to the big leagues do you see him coming up in June before the All-Star break.

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San Francisco Giants podcast with Michael Duca: It’s a real Boston Marathon, Giants edge Sox in 15 innings; Yaz scores twice, gets two hits

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On the San Francisco Giants podcast with Miguel:

#1 There was no giving up in this one and the Giants and Red Sox were not going to cry uncle anytime soon as this marathon went 15 innings that went to the Giants 7-6.

#2 Someone cried out “someone score!” as this one went until 2 AM EDT. Since one of the teams was a National League team (the Giants), there would be no 2 AM curfew, and lucky for both teams, they didn’t have to go until 2:30 AM.

#3 Anyone who works at Fenway press, concessions, security, engineers, front office, media or players will have to be glad that they don’t have to be back at the park until after 12 except the TV production crew, whose call time is the early morning. They might as well sleep in the production truck.

#4 Big night for Giants leadoff hitter outfielder Mike Yastrzemski and grandfather Carl, who had a mini reunion at the park before the game. It’s not too often the Giants get to come to Boston. This had to be something special.

#5 Taking a look at tonight’s pitchers. For the Giants, Jeff Samardjiza (10-12, 3.72 ERA), and for the Sox, Jhoulys Chacin (3-10, 5.44 ERA). Michael talks about the matchup.

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San Francisco Giants podcast with Michael Duca: Seeing Red Birds, Giants drop 3 of 4 from Cardinals, lose in laugher on Thursday 10-0

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On the Giants podcast with Michael:

#1 At this juncture, how anxious does this club seem to be to end this season regroup and see what next spring brings?

#2 The Giants faced two Cardinals pitcher Dakota Hudson and reliever Genesis Cabrera, who both shut the Giants out. The Giants simply could not figure either pitcher out.

#3 Giants starter Logan Webb got lit up going 2.2 innings, eight hits and seven runs, two walks and strikeouts with the Red Birds scoring three in the bottom of the first and five in the bottom of the third.

#4 The Giants used six pitchers, but most of the damage had been done in the five-run third. Webb was charged for all eight runs in the early going.

#5 The Giants hope to turn the page with a series coming up Friday night at Dodger Stadium. For the Giants, Jeff Samardzija (9-11, 3.61 ERA), and for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Clayton Kershawn (13-4, 2.96 ERA).

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