Podcast: The Fantasy Football Doctors – Playoffs Week One



Your hosts: Dr. Vasu Vaddiparty & Dr. Charlie O

  • It’s time to get very serious about your team because money is on the line
  • Which QB should you start this week?
  • What running back will put up the big points this weekend?
  • Who are the best wide receivers that are playing this week?
  • Don’t overlook the Tight Ends – those points could make the difference!

Plus, you will get Charlie O’s review of “The Irishman” from an Irishman!

And, you will hear an appeal to the Federal Government to bail out Detroit’s sports teams!

That plus much more on this week’s edition of the Fantasy Sports Doctors! 

Podcast: Daniel Dullum talks sports that will make you think and laugh!!!

black headset hanging on black and gray microphone
Photo by Barthy Bonhomme on Pexels.com

Podcast: Daniel Dullum talks sports that will make you think and laugh!!!

  • Daniel is a reporter for SportsRadioService.com and the sports editor for the Apache Junction – Gold Canyon News in Arizona
  • Daniel and Charlie O have a great time talking baseball
  • They talk about the wild combined Astros no-hitter on Saturday night
  • Daniel and Charlie discuss the huge trade that brought Zach Grienke to the Astros and the impact that will make
  • What about the Giants and their moves?
  • Could they have been the Henderson, Nevada D-backs?
  • Will the Philly Phanatic be a free agent in 2020? Really!

Join Daniel and Charlie for some fun talking about all things baseball!

Podcast: Duca on baseball and the Giants

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Photo by Tommy Lopez on Pexels.com

Podcasts: Duca on baseball and the Giants

  • Michael Duca joins Charlie O to talk about the most important topics in baseball
  • Is the new trade deadline a good thing?
  • Why didn’t the Yankees and Dodgers get a deal done at the deadline?
  • Did the Giants do good hanging on to “MadBum”?
  • Did San Francisco move out the right players at the deadline?
  • What about Scooter? Does he fill a need?
  • Plus a discussion about hair or no hair!

Check out the talk! If you are a baseball fan, you will have a good time!!!

NFL Week 4: Fantasy Football Doctors podcast has right prescription for you to win on Sunday

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hosts Dr. Vasu Vaddiparty & Dr. Charlie O

  • Is this the week Tom Brady and the Pats get it together on the field?

  • How will Aaron Rodgers fare versus the very tough and energized Buffalo Bills defense?

  • Who is going to start for Tampa Bay – Jameis Winston or Ryan Fitzpatrick?

  • Why has there been so much fantasy buzz this week about Eli Manning?

  • Will Matt Breida have a larger role in the 49ers offense with Beathard at QB?

  • Is the game where Marshawn Lynch has a real impact for the Raiders?

  • Should you take a chance and start Giovani Bernard?

  • Will this be the game that the Pats begin using Josh Gordon?

  • Doug Baldwin says he is ready to play – should you add him to your lineup?

Vasu and Charlie O have the answers to these questions and many more in this week’s podcast.

The Fantasy Football Doctors Are In! Podcast Episode No. 1 “The Draft Edition”

Fantasy Football Doctor’s Podcast 8-30-18


+ Fantasy Football is back and it’s time for the fun to begin

+ Should you draft a running back or a wide receiver in the first round?

+ Will missing the entire preseason make a player ineffective early in          the season?

+ In what round should you draft your quarterback?

+ What do you mean playing fantasy football is like playing Monopoly?

+  I don’t want much – I just want to destroy everyone in my league!

+ Dr. Vasu and Dr. Charlie O are here to help you in your time of need.

   Every week their podcast will offer the news and advice you need to

   win your fantasy football league