NHL podcast with Joe Lami: The NHL’s 11 day hiatus works just fine for everybody

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On the NHL podcast with Joe:

#1 Joe talks about what the 10 day bye means for the players and explains the value of the break

#2 The league and the players have begun collective bargaining and no doubt the 10-day break is something they’d want to keep doing around the All-Star break.

#3 Joe talks about some the highlights and experience of the All-Star Game in San Jose from last weekend.

#4 Sidney Crosby who won the All-Star Game MVP. Joe talks about how Sid the Kid achieved the award.

#5 The second half of the season is starting this Saturday. Joe talks about some of the teams to look for.

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San Jose Sharks podcast with Mary Lisa Walsh: Players glad for 11 days off during All-Star break; Sharks host Arizona Saturday

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On the San Jose Sharks podcast with Mary Lisa:

#1 A look at how important it is for NHL teams to get an 11 days off

#2 Through the physical rough and tumble play of the first half, the players appreciate a chance to re-group before jumping into the second half.

#3 On the All-Star experience, did 3-3 experience live up to it’s reputation last Saturday in San Jose?

#4 Sidney Crosby was voted NHL All-Star MVP. What did you like about his game?

#5 The Sharks host Arizona Saturday night at SAP Center to get the second half of their season started. The Sharks had a successful first half and are looking to have another successful second half.

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San Jose Sharks/NHL All-Star Game podcast with Len Shapiro: The differences between All Star Game ’97 and 2019 with host San Jose

bleacherreport.com file photo: Brent Burns of the host Sharks will play a key role in this weekend’s All-Star Game

On the SJ Sharks/NHL All-Star Game podcast with Len:

#1 It has been since 1997 that San Jose last hosted the All-Star Game. What differences as host city and in the arena have you seen? It’s been a while since the East-West format change in the All-Star Game, do you see a big difference since the All-tar game has gone to the 3-on-3?

#2 San Jose has always been welcoming city for visiting hockey fans and are expected to extend that same warm hospitality again.

#3 Talk about the Sharks’ All-Stars Brent Burns, Erik Karlsson, and Joe Pavelski. This has to be something special playing in front of the home crowd.

#4 You were the media relations manager for the California Golden Seals. The team is now defunct, but what would an All-Star Game mean for the city of Oakland and a team like the Seals during that time?

#5 The Sharks will have 11 days off to the next game, which is Feb. 22 vs. Arizona. Working on defense, they’ve been giving up six goals a game and looking at goaltender Martin Jones so he won’t give up six goals a game.

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San Jose Sharks podcast with Mary Lisa Walsh: Sharks glad to get the win before hosting the NHL All-Star Game Saturday

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On the San Jose Sharks podcast with Mary Lisa:

#1 The San Jose Sharks played to a victory just before the NHL All-Star break this Saturday with a win over the Washington Capitals 7-6 on Tuesday night, snapping a three-game losing streak.

#2 The Sharks didn’t want to host the NHL All-Star game in San Jose with a fourgame losing streak. That could have been another incentive to take it to the Caps in the overtime win.

#3 Lots of goals in for a 7-6 game, lots of offense, as the Sharks’ Logan Couture got the game-winning goal in overtime.

#4 There’s nothing like hosting an NHL-All Star game in your own rink. This has to be something special for the Sharks.

#5 It’s the skill competition Friday night and the NHL All-Star game Saturday night. Mary Lisa is covering both events and talks about how special this one will be.

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