Headline Sports with Daniel Dullum: What’s in a name? Washington Football Team and Seattle Kraken; plus more

The logo flag of the NHL’s newest franchise the Seattle Kraken flies atop the Seattle Space Needle where below the needle the Kraken will open up their new arena Climate Change Arena in the 2021-22 season (AP photo)

Daniel on Headlines podcast:

1 What’s in a name? Generic rebranding for D.C. football; NHL’s Seattle team hits a home run with its nickname selection

2 ESPN’s opening night Yankees-Nats broadcast a huge ratings hit

3 Nomadic Blue Jays may have found a home in Buffalo

4 Rutgers, Michigan State football teams in Covid-19 quarantine

5 Rockies’ Daniel Bard gets first MLB win in seven years

6 Swingin’ A’s hire Tom Hanks to serve as virtual concessions hawker

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Cal Bears Football podcast with Jerry Feitelberg: Former ASU QB Rudy Carpenter leads Pac 12 in possible boycott if demands aren’t met

Former ASU quarterback Rudy Carpenter is leading the negotiations for player benefits for over 50 Pac 12 players who threatened to boycott if their demands are not met (espn.com file photo)

On the Cal Bears football podcast with Morris:

#1 Former Arizona State quarterback Rudy Carpenter is the designated representative for all 12 Pac 12 schools stating players from the various schools are making demands for revenue sharing, Covid-19 protocols, and improved insurance for post graduation.

#2 It was reported that over 50 players are involved in the negotiations in the Pac 12 and that the Cal Bears are leading the protest. Carpenter says another meeting is scheduled and will later report how far apart are the players and the Pac 12.

#3 Carpenter reported that he has contacted other Pac 12 players and the amount of players are growing in the fight for more insurance protections and Covid-19 protocols Carpenter says the players are considering boycotting if there demands are not met.

#4 The NCAA is considering instituting rules saying players must be tested for Covid-19 72 hours before each game in sports that are considered a high risk contact sport such as football, men’s and women’s basketball.

#5 Cal has the third most four star players in the Pac 12 the Bears don’t have the most total commits but they have enough to ranked fifth good enough to be competitive this coming season.

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Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Fed Ex, Nike sponsorship would be dropped if Washington didn’t change the name and mascot; Where St Mary’s College is with opening up athletics; plus more

Racist logo and name of the Washington Redskins will be dropped after Nike, Fed Ex, Amazon and other sponsors said they would drop out as team sponsors if Washington didn’t remove the Redskins name. The new name of the team has not been announced yet. (NBC Sports file photo)

On Headlines podcast with Barbara:

#1 Barbara, the Washington Redskins name is no more, Washington owner Dan Snyder has agreed to change the name after much pressure. He at one time said he would never change the name of the team but after the demonstrations regarding the murder of George Floyd and racial injustices and the possibility of losing Nike and Fed Ex as sponsors that all changed for Snyder.

#2 Snyder is not doing this because it’s the right thing to do but economically he has no choice but to make that choice and if didn’t change the name after all of that he would suffer economically when his sponsors start to pull out. Is it pretty obvious where Snyder’s heart is in all of this?

#3 How concerned should an athletic collegiate program like St Mary’s be regarding the future of their sports program. The obvious thing with the virus has everyone concerned and most likely they could have an athletic program much like what is happening in the Pac 12 being forced to close it down due to heavy spiking of Covid-19?

#4 Barbara, It’s not going well in MLB not only with the departure of Buster Posey catcher of the San Francisco Giants leaving to take care of his twins, but Chicago White Sox pitcher Michael Kopech has opted out who reportedly was having issues with anxiety and depression.

#5  The Houston Astros pitching staff including pitching coach Brent Strom did not workout with the team over the weekend due to an Astro employee who contracted Covid-19 from someone outside of the organization. At this rate will it be a miracle if MLB could even complete a whole month of baseball?

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Headlines Sports podcast with Daniel Dullum: SEC Commissioner expecting the worse; Giants Posey will spend time with his twins; plus more

SEC Commissioner Greg Sanky has his doubts about the upcoming season if it’ll be safe or not, Big 10 and Pac 12 are considering just playing conference games only (NBC Sports file photo)

Headline Sports with Daniel Dullum:

1 Big-10, Pac-12 opting for league-only football schedules; SEC commissioner ‘pessimistic’ about upcoming season

2 Buster Posey the latest MLB player to opt out of playing in 2020

3 MLB reports 66 positive Covid-19 tests, which is less than 2 percent, in latest round of testing

4 NHL and players association reach deal to resume season on August 1; Toronto and Edmonton tabbed as hub cities

5 Report: Paramedic struck by a foul ball in the ALCS sues the Astros for $1 million

6 From the NFL: Eagles DeSean Jackson opens mouth, inserts foot; Randall Cunningham joining the Las Vegas Raiders as team chaplain

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Headline Sports podcast with Morris Phillips: Reopening spikes have impact on college programs and recruiting

Fatuvalu Iosefa is one top recruit that Cal picked up during the off season but the program has slipped from being in the top three in recruiting in the Pac 12 being overtaken by Oregon and USC (Golden Bears blog)

On Headline Sports podcast with Morris Phillips:

#1 NCAA Football Division 2’s Moorehouse College in Atlanta announced that they have canceled their program this season due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Moorehouse is one the best known black colleges in the NCAA.

#2 Also it was reported that the official US Covid count was really ten times higher than the reported two million plus cases causing fears and forcing games scheduled with Memphis against Tennessee State and Jackson State to be canceled due to the pandemic.

#3 The Covid crisis is also impacting Under Armour who had to cancel their $250 million 15 year deal with UCLA also their ten year $86 million deal with Cal, as revenue has dried up due to high umemployment and less people spending money.

#4 The Cal Bears who were No.3 in recruiting in the Pac 12 has slipped out of the top three as Washington and UCLA have moved past Cal.  Oregon and USC have moved into No.1 and 2. Cal who had recruited Fatuvalu Iosefa but he was not enough to keep them in the top 3 recruiting list.

#5 Coronavirus has played a role in recruiting. Cal is looking to pick up some players to come west but their are many players who are hesitating right now. So far Cal has offered out 101 scholarships.

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Headline Sports podcast with Morris Phillips: Cal to allow outdoor workouts football goes first; MLB players mulling over 60 game proposal; plus more

Cal Bears football head coach Justin Wilcox will prepare the program with Covid-19 protocols as outdoor workouts will start on a voluntary basis (si.com file photo)

On Headline Sports with Morris:

#1 Cal athletes have been given the go ahead to start working outdoors, still the issue of safety will be a question as Coronvirus has spiked in places like Florida. The Bears workout will be voluntary.

#2 Some of the ground rules set up to start workouts as all workouts will be outdoors that include running and conditioning. These workouts are required to be under supervision of the Cal athletic staff and the players workout in small groups.

#3 The Cal football program will be the first of the athletics program to start at outdoor workouts the plan is in motion as other athletic programs will come back throughout the summer.

#4 In baseball MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has rejected MLB Players Association representative Tony Clark’s proposal to come back playing 70 games instead of the 60 game offering by Manfred. Manfred said the season must end by September 30th because of the second wave of Coronavirus that Dr. Anthony Fauci said that is coming. The players reject the 60 game schedule because they will not get as much from prorated pay as opposed to the 70 games.

#5 Dr. Fauci further noted that it might not be possible for an NFL season because of a second wave. Some of the country has re-opened but has spiked and in Florida with some 3,000 new cases everyday.

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Headline Sports podcast with Morris Phillips: Cal Football dropping admission tests doesn’t mean entry is easy

si.com file photo: Inside the Cal football press box during game action as admissions for the UC athletic programs and academics with ACT and SAT requirements eliminated for school admissions

Headline Sports podcast with Morris:

#1 Morris with the elimination of SATs and ACTs admissions at the UC colleges how much easier does that make it for football recruiting at schools like Cal and UCLA?

#2 Thursday was a big day for both schools when the announcement went down that students can apply for admission without taking an SAT or an ACT. The UC Board of Regents voted to eliminate the testing and it was said it could have ripple effects for higher education for high school students.

#3 Scott Carrell professor of economics at UC Davis said the impact for academics and the athletic programs at the Universities would be one less barrier. Carrell said that admission to Cal and UCLA is a lot tougher than most universities saying “At many places, you just need the NCAA minimum to be admitted.”

#4 Morris Cal is has a four star, top 200 status and are the third best class in the Pac 12 and are looking to recruit running back Byron Cardwell from Morse High in San Diego. Cardwell is rated the 11th best running back in the country and has rushed for 872 yards, 21 touchdowns, in ten games. Cal head coach Justin Wilcox is looking forward to get to work with Cardwell.

#5 Fatuvalu Iosefa defensive back for Cal is now the eighth member of the Golden Bears 2021 recruiting class which he announced on Thursday. Iosefa said he was glad to give his verbal commitment to Berkeley saying “All glory to God without him none of this would be possible.”

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NCAA basketball shutdown podcast with Morris Phillips: Cancellation of games sinking in

calbears.com photo: Haas Pavilion Berkeley home of the Cal Bears will sit empty until next basketball season next fall and when the Coronavirus epidemic is lifted which is expected at it’s earliest by the end of March or the beginning of April

March Madness shutdown podcast with Morris:

#1 Cal won that last and final game of the 2019-20 season with a win over the Stanford Cardinal on the night before all NCAA games were suspended putting the Bears and Cardinal and the NCAA in an uncharted position never seen before.

#2 Over the weekend it finally sank in all games in the NCAA for 13 tournaments and the NITs will not be planned.

#3 For the selection process on the brackets the NCAA committee announced it could announce the brackets

#4 Women’s basketball hasn’t started the selection process yet and men’s has only began to put the bracket together but now it’s not possible that the games will be played.

#5 For the students a double whammy not only their classes are all canceled but now but their teams are now on hold until this virus breaks.

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Headline Sports podcast with London Marq part 1: March Madness many students will never get another chance; Pro Sports suspends all games going forward

photo from lafc.com: Covid 19 breifing from LAFC and advice to fans and media

On Headline Sports podcast with London:

#1 London there will be no games going forward as the NCAA cancelled all it’s games for March Madness.

#2 MLB, MLS, NBA, and the NHL all have suspended all games in an unprecedented situation unheard of. The NBA has said they will allow players to work out.

#3 Two Utah Jazz players Rudy Cobert and Donavon Mitchell who contracted Coronavirus was the starting point to end the NBA season. Cobert today apologized for touching everything and possibly passing the virus to his teammate.

#4 Economically this has effected thousands employed in professional and college sports who work the games including much of our own staff

#5 London you covered the MLS and the San Jose Earthquakes this is a weekly game for the most part this has to be disheartening and scary for people who work at the MLS and have to make house payments and now there is no work there.

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Stanford falls in Pac-12 tourney, on the Big Dance bubble

photo from sfgate.com: Stanford’s Bryce Wills (2) shoots between California’s Grant Anticevich, left, and California’s Joel Brown during the second half of an NCAA college basketball game in the first round of the Pac-12 men’s tournament Wednesday, March 11, 2020, in Las Vegas

By Daniel Dullum
Sports Radio Service
Wednesday, March 11, 2020

After being dispatched in the opening round of the Pac-12 men’s basketball tournament in Las Vegas, Stanford now plays the waiting game to see where it continues its season.

California knocked off the Cardinal 63-51 and advances to the second round. With the win, the Golden Bears took the season series; the teams split their conference matchups.

Stanford (20-12) is a bubble team for the NCAA tournament and could possibly be selected for the National Invitation Tournament. The Cardinal are trying to reach the Big Dance for the first time since 2014.

In what might have been the last game either team would play in front of a crowd this season, the contest went on, despite concerns about the coronavirus situation.

Prior to the game, the Pac-12 released a statement saying a decision was made to “only have essential staff, TV network partners, credentialed media, and limited family and friends in attendance” for the remainder of the tournament.

Earlier on Wednesday, the NCAA announced that its men’s and women’s tournaments would be played with similar stipulations.

Stanford trailed 30-20 at the half and never got much closer in the second half, as the Cardinal was held to 32.1 percent field shooting (17 of 53, 5 of 12 3-point), and 12 of 18 at the free throw line.

Daejon Davis topped the Stanford scoring column with 16 points, followed by Bryce Wills with 10. Tyrell Terry and Spencer Jones each score six points. Oscar da Silva, a first team all-Pac-12 selection, was held to 2 of 11 field goal shooting, but led the Cardinal with seven rebounds.