AFC Playoff picture podcast with Tony Renteria: Bills-Bengals players still processing Hamlin and when they’ll resume

The Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals are praying for a recovery of Damar Hamlin. Hamlin still critical is showing signs of improvement with his vitals but doctors still waiting for more improvements going forward. Any make up game between the two teams remains on hold. (AP News file photo)

On the AFC Playoff picture with Tony Renteria:

#1 Tony, the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals will be a game that will never be forgotten with Damar Hamlin hanging on but doctors say he’s improving and vitals are normal.

#2 The Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs have the two best records in the AFC the Chiefs have the edge 13-3 and the Bills are 12-3. The Cincinnati Bengals 11-4 have the third best record question is will the Bill and Bengals be able to make up their game. Right now it appears the Bills are waiting for Hamlin to regain conscientiousness or to get some sort of positive word that he’s going to make it before they move forward.

#3 The Bills before the Monday Night Football game was suspended after Hamlin’s injury have won six straight games and are looking to get a decent seed does the suspended game change that dynamic of winning for the Bills

#4 The Bengals have won seven straight games and same kind of question Tony will their being off this week impact their momentum going into this Sunday’s game.

#5 The Chiefs who are the number one seed so far in the AFC standings play in Las Vegas against the Raiders this Saturday. The Chiefs look to have home field throughout the playoffs in the event the Bills-Bengals game is scrapped and if they beat the Raiders.

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary podcast: Bills Hamlin vitals normal on breathing tube; Nevin acquired by Tigers for cash; Plus more news

Buffalo Bills defensive back Damar Hamlin (right) takes a hit from the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins (left) in Cincinnati on Monday Night Football Mon Jan 2, 2023 (still photo from ESPN Monday Night Football)

On That’s Amaury podcast:

#1 Amaury, We’ll start the podcast with the tragic Monday Night Football story as last night the Buffalo Bills defensive back Damar Hamlin took a hit that appeared to be in head and upper body area from Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins who was charging full speed on a carry. Hamlin got up after the hit and then collapsed, medics applied CPR and he was taken immediately to a local Cincinnati hospital where it was learned that Hamlin listed in critical condition and was out to sleep to have a breathing tube down his throat according to his marketing agent Jordan Rooney.

#2 Staying with football Amaury, this a rough and tumble game if you stand on the sidelines no matter what league it is the CFL, Arena football, high school, college, or the NFL it’s a collision sport and guys know a serious injury can result and medics have to make quick decisions how to treat a player such as the case in Damar Hamlin last night.

#3 We switch to MLB, the Detroit Tigers have acquired infielder Tyler Nevin from the Baltimore Orioles for cash last Saturday. Nevin hit .197 in 58 games for the Orioles hit two home runs and 16 RBIs. Nevin is the son of Los Angeles Angels manager Phil Nevin.

#4 San Francisco Giants team president Farhan Zaidi said that the move to end their agreement with the Carlos Correa was not an 11th hour decision and that the Zaidi said the Giants that as soon as the Giants had the information regarding Correa not passing the physical he shared it with the media.

#5 The Giants are ready for the Taylor and Tyler Rogers bullpen show to begin. Taylor who did a introduction call with the media on zoom said that this was a too good to be true situation and that this just so happens to be with the Giants and he said that if happens great if not great too.

#6 New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge named as the 16th captain in Yankees history has been voted the Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year for 2022. Judge who set the American League record for the most home runs with 62 edged out other pro athletes Shohei Ohtani Los Angeles Angles who finished second and Golden State’s Stephen Curry finished in third.

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San Francisco 49ers podcast with Joe Hawkes:49ers adjust to high altitude from Colorado to Mexico City for Monday Night Football

Arizona Cardinal quarterback Kyler Murray (1) gets hit by the Seattle Seahawks safety Ryan Neal (23) forcing a fumble in first half action at State Farm Stadium in Glendale on Sun Nov 6, 2022. Murray is a question mark for Monday’s game in Mexico City due to a hamstring injury (AP News file)

On the 49ers podcast with J Hawkes:

#1 How important was it for the San Francisco 49ers to practice this past week in Colorado Springs before playing above sea level in Mexico City on Monday Night Football.

#2 The 49ers are noted for building drafts which had players that had injuries previously like Javon Kinlaw, Kavon Alexander, or getting Dee Ford in a trade.

#3 Could the 49ers sign wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Beckham 30 could be somewhat of a liability who is recovering in his ninth month from his second surgery from torn left ACL.

#4 The situation is shaky at the cornerback position Jason Varrett is out for the season, linebacker Samuel Womack sat for the second street week, Ambry Thomas has had his share of injuries and needing rest.

#5 The 49ers and Arizona Cardinal kick off a prime time spectacular in Mexico City on Monday Night Football. Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray was out with a hamstring pull and is questionable for Monday. How do you see Murray’s possible return and these two teams matching up on Monday night.

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Las Vegas Raiders podcast with Rich Perez: Jackson expected to fill the Ruggs III void

Newly acquired wide receiver DeSean Jackson working out with the Las Vegas Raiders will be featured on Sunday Night Football Nov 15, 2021 as one of the keys to the Raiders offense as they host the Kansas City Chiefs at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas (photo by

On the Raiders podacast with Rich:

#1 Rich talk about how crucial it is for the Las Vegas Raiders (5-3) to get someone like veteran wide receiver DeSean Jackson and do you see him filling in the void left by former wide receiver Henry Ruggs III.

#2 Raider head coach Rich Bisaccia said that Jackson can run and that he was a big part of the Los Angeles Rams offense and could be expected to contribute big for the Raiders.

#3 Rich, we wanted to ask you about the 23-16 loss in New Jersey last Sunday to the New York Giants (3-6) did the recent troubles of Henry Ruggs and Damon Arnette play a role in the loss last week?

#4 Rich, just wanted to get your take on the Raiders Max Crosby being considered for defensive end of the year. Crosby does not lead the NFL in sacks but has been called one of the more consistent pass rushers in the league.

#5 Raiders host the Kansas City Chiefs (5-4) for Sunday Night Football the Chiefs have won four of their last six games they are a game just above .500 that said they have won their last two games and beat the Green Bay Packers (7-2) last Sunday 13-7. Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers was out due to Covid 19 protocols and was the center of remarks he walked back regarding be vaccinated. Was this an advantage for the Chiefs in beating the Packers last week?

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Las Vegas Raiders podcast with Tony Renteria: Lawyers trying to keep medical records from prosecution; Ruggs formally charged could now face 50 years

Former Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs seen in Las Vegas Superior Court in the morning Tue Nov 2, 2021 in Las Vegas of the accident. Ruggs is expected in court as the Clark County DA are preparing to add more charges that could land Ruggs in jail for 50 years. (Las Vegas Review Journal photo)

On the Raiders podcast with Tony R:

#1 Former Las Vegas Raider wide receiver Henry Ruggs III who is now charged with four felonies which includes reckless driving and now additional felony DUI and a misdemeanor charge for possession of a firearm while intoxicated.

#2 Lawyers for Ruggs are trying to block medical records from becoming evidence at trial as the Clark County DA is considering adding a second felony DUI charge as Rugg’s girlfriend Kiara Je’nai Kilgo-Washington was injured in the accident. Under Nevada law a passenger who is injured could be addendum to a reckless DUI case which the DA is considering doing. Prosecuting lawyers say with the additional charges Ruggs could face from 46 to 50 years in prison.

#3 Attorneys for Ruggs David Chesnoff and firm partner Richard Schonfeld have sited a privacy law in trying to ask the court to block Ruggs medical records. Chesnoff said state law supersedes federal health records privacy requirements.

#4 Tony, the Raiders released Damon Arnette for taking a video of himself and saying he’s going to kill a fan who said he sucked on social media. With all that is going on with the Raiders after Ruggs and former head coach Jon Gruden will this team who will grip together and weather the storm or will they fall like a house of cards?

#5 The Raiders have added wide receiver veteran DeSean Jackson to the roster knowing his experience and what he can do in catching ball will he be a big help on the Raiders offense and quarterback Derek Carr.

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Headline Sports podcast with Tony Renteria: Washington sending scout to watch Kaepernick practice; 49ers look to get back in win column Sunday against Arizona; plus more

photo from tmz: Seeking work in the NFL Colin Kaepernick will be trying out his handwork this week in his quest for an NFL job.

On Headlines with Tony Renteria:

#1 Washington is one of the NFL teams that will be taking a look at quarterback Colin Kaepernick for his tryouts to get back on an NFL team. It was mentioned that Washington might not be interested in Kaepernick because they have rookie Dwayne Haskins as a team starter.

#2 49ers host the Arizona Cardinals next. It’s just one day less to rest as the 49ers are coming off that tough loss on Monday Night Football to the Seattle Seahawks. After a loss like that, how quick do you see the 49ers regrouping?

#3 The Oakland Raiders just edged out the Los Angeles Chargers on Thursday Night Football last week 26-24. The Raiders’ Derek Carr threw for 218 yards and went 21 for 31 with one touchdown.

#4 The Sacramento Kings are believing in themselves. They have won four of their last five games and are getting great offensive production from Bogdan Boganovic, Buddy Heild, Nemanja Bjelica, and Harrison Barnes.

#5 After former Houston Astros pitcher Mike Fiers said that the Astros were stealing signs during the 2017 season and 2017 World Series, how far down does the Astros’ credibility go down from here?

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Headline Sports podcast with London Marq: Can Raiders make it three in a row against the Pack?; Garoppolo, 49ers take lots of confidence to Seattle this Sunday; plus more

Photo credit: @Raiders

On Headline Sports podcast with London:

#1 For the Oakland Raiders, they’re nice and rested from their jet lag after their trip to London on October 6th and a bye week on October 13th. Now they prepare to play a Green Bay Packers (5-1) team, who are coming off a 23-22 narrow edge victory against the Detroit Lions last Monday Night Football. Can the Raiders pull off their third straight win at the Frozen Tundra this Sunday?

#2 The Packers got a late field goal in the fourth quarter — a 23-yarder with just over a minute left in the game from kicker Mason Crosby after quarterback Aaron Rogers took two knees before electing to kick a field goal for the one point win.

#3 San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has no doubts and lots of confidence going into these games, on Sunday against the LA Rams Garoppolo threw 24-33 for 243 yards and their fifth straight win 20-7.

#4 The Sacramento Kings picked up their first preseason win against the Utah Jazz Monday night with a 128-115 victory. The Kings’ Buddy Hield was all over the place with 23 points and he was the key to the offense in the Kings win.

#5 In the baseball playoffs, the Houston Astros took a 2-1 ALCS lead over the New York Yankees on Tuesday at Yankee Stadium. The Astros’ Garrett Cole threw for seven innings, four hits, five walks, and seven strikeouts.

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