Where could A’s move to if Howard Terminal fails?

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred spoke on Tuesday regarding the future of the Oakland A’s and Tampa Bay Rays who are in need of brand new stadiums and where they could move to if they don’t get them in Oakland or Tampa Bay (ABC 7 News file photo)

By Charlie O

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred was in New York on Tuesday and was speaking and attending the CAA World Congress of Sports. He was asked about the stadium plans for Oakland and Tampa Bay that was provided via video by the Sports Business Journal.

Manfred admitted that the stadiums plans are at the critical point saying the Oakland Coliseum is in such poor condition, “particularly in the case of Oakland” Manfred said “we’ve had to open up the opportunity to explore other locations, just because it’s dragged on so long”

What are some of those locations? Manfred and Oakland A’s team president David Kaval have only explored Las Vegas and Kaval himself has made several trips to the Vegas South Nevada greater area looking at places just outside of Vegas like Henderson and mostly Summerlin home of the A’s triple A team the Aviators.

The list goes on of cities who want a MLB team either the Tampa Bay Rays who just were eliminated in the ALDS playoffs and the Oakland A’s who had a competitive season chasing the first place Houston Astros but failed to make post season.

Amongst those cities: New Orleans, Montreal, Indianapolis, Portland, Orlando, Nashville or Las Vegas. The list actually has more cities but these are the top places mentioned but Vegas being the most serious amongst those. What works against Vegas is that the community is “stadiumed out” having new stadiums for the Vegas Golden Knights, Las Vegas Aces, and the Las Vegas Raiders not to mention UNLV basketball. Also Las Vegas is the 39th ranked TV market in the country and Oakland is in the sixth largest TV market.

The city of Las Vegas will grow from a non big league market to a four team pro market with their top college basketball team UNLV. Nothing officially decided yet but word is to no ones surprise Vegas is the front runner for getting the A’s.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaff said that nothing has changed and that it’s been frustrating getting the Howard Terminal agreement to get signed and agreed upon, “The commissioner remains very frustrated and impatient as am I about the progress toward locking down the Howard Terminal project.”

Schaff said that the next big move is when the Alameda County Board of Supervisors meet on Oct 26th to vote on using tax district dollars that would pay for the project and would help construct the surrounding infrastructure. Schaff said that the commissioner wants a total commitment for the developing and financing of affordable housing and public parks to make this a complete success and going forward with making the new A’s park a success.

That’s Amaury News and Commentary: National Job Creators Network Suing MLB Say Commissioner is All Strikes and No Balls

Workers remove the MLB All Star Game sign back in April 6, 2021 after MLB pulled the mid summer classic from Trust Park in Atlanta and moved the game to Coors Field in Denver scheduled for July 2021 (AP News file photo)

National Job Creators Network Suing MLB: Say Commissioner is All Strikes and No Balls

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

OAKLAND–Here in the Bay Area one of the main topics in the world of sports was the decision by Major League Baseball to the Oakland Athletics to start looking for another city in lieu of the impasse of the new Howard Terminal Ballpark. But there is another relocation battle going on in baseball right now.

More than 30 partners from the Nevada Chamber of Commerce to the National Restaurant Association and the Jobs Creation Network filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court this Tuesday. The national trade group founded by Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus, filed the lawsuit alleging that MLB decision to move the All Star Game from Atlanta to Denver, because of the new ID voting law in Georgia, has greatly hurt the business community who was hit very hard by the pandemic and was hoping to bounce back during the All Star Game.

Alfredo Ortíz, the President of Job Creators Network, a Hispanic, said that Rob Manfred, Commissioner of Baseball is “All Strikes and No Balls”. Ortiz, who is also a board member of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, noted that when it comes to identification, “Major League Baseball itself requests ID at will call ticket windows at Yankee Stadium in New York, Busch Stadium in St. Louis and at ballparks all across the country.”

Ken Blackwell, once Mayor of Cincinnati and Ohio secretary of state, a “mover and shaker” in Ohio politics, an African-American minority owner of the Cincinnati Reds said; “This action is not a surprise given the real damage that’s been done” and added “the Baseball Commissioner didn’t do his homework”.

The lawsuit will demand that MLB immediately moves the game back to Atlanta or pay damages to small businesses impacted by its decision. Spokesmen for the MLB and the players association had no comment. On April 6, Major League Baseball announced that Coors Field in Denver, Colorado, home of the Rockies, will play host to the 2021 All-Star Game after previously announcing that Georgia would not house the event.

Although it is unlikely at this late time (with just a month and a half for the ASG to take place) that the game will be moved back to Atlanta, this group of national business people hope to get a ruling in the Manhattan Federal Court where they will order MLB and the Players Association to pay damages to small businesses for the financial destruction they have caused.

The lawsuit will claim that Atlanta, Georgia like all the cities that get picked to host an All Star Game prepare for years, from the moment they get the rights to host the game and Atlanta (is not different) and has been preparing for the game for years prior to the event.

How early are cities picked by MLB to host and All Star Game? Here is an example: Philadelphia will host the 2026 All-Star Game as part of its celebration of the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence being signed. In 2020 for the first time since World War II an MLB All Star Game was postponed, due to the pandemic. It was to be held at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. The Dodgers are now on schedule to host the MLB Midsummer Classic next year, 2022.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the vice president of the Major League Baseball Hispanic Heritage Baseball Hall of Fame Museum and does News and Commentary at http://www.sportsradioservice.com

A’s environmental report for Jack London Square ballpark released: City of Oakland goal park to be a destination

Oakland A’s team president David Kaval stands by the glass door at the Oakland Coliseum. Kaval  hopes if everything works out the construction of the A’s new park at Howard Terminal at Jack London Square should break ground by 2023 (file photo from the San Francisco Chronicle)

By Jerry Feitelberg and Joe Hawkes (SRS staff writers)

OAKLAND–The City of Oakland released an environmental impact report on Friday that proposes a new state of the art stadium for the Oakland A’s on the waterfront site at Howard Terminal. The new park would included 35,000 seats, 3,000 units of residential condos, housing, apartments, office working space consisting of 1.5 million feet and retail business space of 270,000 feet.

The A’s who have offices at Jack London Square will move the rest of their operations from their offices at the Oakland Coliseum to Jack London Square when the park is ready. The city said that they had envisioned big plans and ideas for the waterfront site and to convert it into a neighborhood for living, shopping, entertainment, and the A’s new park.

This is the A’s second attempt to get a park built in downtown Oakland their first attempt was at the Laney College location located at Lake Merritt but that was shot down after the college’s faculty staff objected to the A’s building a stadium at the site and it would disrupt business and traffic.

The A’s are now seeking the Howard Terminal site this time they have the city behind them on this project not to mention the 2018 legislation bill AB734 which the legislature passed which requires all complaints against the construction of the new park be filed under 270 days.

If the A’s can not move to Howard Terminal it had been suggested that the A’s could stay at the Oakland Coliseum location but the A’s and Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred are all in for moving to Howard Terminal and that the Coliseum location for a new park is not an option.

Kaval said that he was pleased about getting the environmental impact report out and looked at it as a step forward towards getting started on the new Howard Terminal ballpark “We are really excited to get our draft out there, and to advance the project forward so it can be voted on by the City Council this year, which is really our key goal.”

Opponents to the new park have stated that traffic, parking, poor transit access are some of the issues that dockworkers and maritime residents have said they are concerned about. The port is concerned about conducting their business while their are ball games taking place, traffic from retail, restaurants, and housing residents.

Stadium opponents spokesman Mike Jacob vice president of the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association said “that Oakland’s working waterfront is no place for a stadium, office and luxury condominium complex at this location.”

Jerry Feitelberg is an Oakland A’s beat reporter and Joe Hawkes is a news contributor at http://www.sportsradioservice.com



Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Manfred says Astros disciplined enough; Fans miss most of outdoor hockey game because of traffic; plus more

photo from bleacherreport.com: MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred will not punish any of the current players on the Houston Astros and is investigating if the 2019 Boston Red Sox stole signs under former Red Sox manager Alex Cora 

On Headlines podcast with Barbara:

#1 Barbara big league players are upset that MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred did not discipline any of the Houston Astros players for the sign stealing scandal how much of a consequence will this be for MLB?

#2 Manfred said that in a perfect world the Astros players would face suspension of some type but he said he and MLB were satisfied with the suspension of former manager AJ Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow and that should be enough discipline for now

#3 The game started at 6:00PM for an outdoor hockey game between the Los Angeles Kings and Colorado Avalanche in Colorado Springs at the Air Force Academy’s Air Force Base fans said they missed a large portion of the game due to bad traffic conditions. Some fans left at 3:30 to get to Colorado Springs and didn’t get in until after the first period ended

#4 The Stanford Cardinal are on a four game losing streak their latest loss came against Arizona a home loss 69-60 the Wildcats are noted for their physical size and offense.

#5 Gerrit Cole pitcher for the New York Yankees is getting attention for his hard work and attention to detail and was a 20 game winner for the Houston Astros last season

Barbara Mason is a sportswriter for areagrande.com and does Headlines podcasts each Tuesday at http://www.sportsradioservice.com




That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast: Pats and Brady to decide future; Can Vikings surprise 49ers Sunday? plus more

usatoday.com file photo: Tom Brady might have played his last game in New England however Robert Kraft team owner is knocking at Brady’s door

On the podcast with Amaury:

#1 The New England Patriots have lots of questions in their off season about Tom Brady’s future where does head coach Bill Belichick and the Patriots go from here?

#2 The San Francisco 49ers are hosting the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings are coming off a huge win New Orleans one thing for sure the 49ers can’t be too over confident going into this game.

#3 Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones is not one to keep coaches long although his last one Jason Garrett survived nine seasons and finished this season at 8-8 as the Cowboys failed to make post season. Garrett will be replaced by former Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy.

#4 It was mentioned that congress might take away baseball’s exemption status if MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred goes ahead and reduces 42 minor league teams. Will this give Manfred something to think about before pulling the trigger on the 42 minor league teams.

#5 He’s called the Cuban Ohtani- Oscar Luis Colas who defected from Cuba is headed for The Show. Colas is a left handed pitcher, an outfielder and a first baseman.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the radio play by play talent for the Oakland A’s and can be heard on KIQI 1010 San Francisco and does News and Commentary at http://www.sportsradioservice.com


Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: People still asking are 49ers for real; Raiders continue out of town trip in Green Bay Sunday; plus more

Photo credit: mercurynews.com

On Headline Sports with Barbara:

#1 Are the San Francisco 49ers an optical illusion or are they for real? People are pinching themselves over the Niners at 5-0 and their amazing performance on both sides of the football.

#2 The Oakland Raiders continue their long strange trip this time against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on Sunday. The Raiders play their fourth game out of the last five weeks out on the road and they’ve won their last two games.

#3 MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said for the Oakland City Council to get its act together soon or the Oakland A’s will move to Vegas. Some question if Manfred was more on the hasty and demanding side, while the city has put a legal hold on the A’s ability to buy the Coliseum property. In the meantime, CA Gov. Gavin Newsom said he will try to expedite the construction of the A’s new stadium at the Howard Terminal.

#4 The Cal Bears are coming off a tough loss to Oregon October 5th and host OSU at Cal this is expected to be a much better game this Saturday than their last game in Oregon.

#5 No one would have thought that San Jose Sharks’ Patrick Marleau would be the difference in turning things around after the Sharks went 0-4 and now they’re up to 2-4 and could close in on .500 on Wednesday night with a win over the Carolina Hurricanes at SAP Center.

#6 Calls went against the Detroit Lions Trey Flowers for hand to the face on Monday Night Football on the second hands to the face call it forced the Lions into their own red zone and the Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers took a knee twice and with just a little over a minute left the Packers kicker Mason Crosby kicked a 23 yard field goal for the 23-22.

Catch Barbara for Headlines Sports podcasts each Tuesday at http://www.sportsradioservice.com

Larry Baer suspended by MLB for physical altercation with wife

sfgate.com file photo: San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer is serving a five month suspension including retroactive time going back to March 4th and will be back to work July 1st. The suspension was issued by MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred on Tuesday.

by Jeremy Harness

SAN FRANCISCO — Calling for warranted discipline and after reviewing a TMZ video of San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer on March 1st getting up and pulling a cell phone out of the hands of his wife Pam where she was seated and fell off her chair and Baer walking away in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred has suspended Baer without pay until July 1st.

Manfred said that the suspension without pay will be retroactive from March 4th when Baer had went on voluntary leave of absence from the club on March 4th. Baer had made a statement after the incident that he apologized for his actions the same evening of the altercation.

Baer’s wife Pam at the time said that she had an injured foot and that she couldn’t keep her balance while hanging onto the phone and Baer was pulling up on the phone and she fell off her chair screaming “oh my God help.”

The question now remains can Larry Baer remain CEO of the Giants after something like this and still have the respect of the community, players, fans, women’s right’s groups and have his front office and MLB colleagues still listen and respect his business decisions?

Manfred said that Baer is held to a higher standard and as the face and front person of the Giants he should have been better than that. The total amount of suspension time including retroactive time without pay amounts to a five month suspension. Baer will be allowed to return to work on July 1st but the Giants partnership may also decide to ask Baer to step down when he returns.

Jeremy Harness is a San Francisco Giants beat writer for http://www.sportsradioservice.com