That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast with Barbara Mason: Curry’s wife on Jada Pinkett show to talk about lack of attention from men; Kerr says Green’s a wrecking ball; plus more

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On That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast:

#1 On the Facebook Red Table Talk show with Jada Pinkett, reported Golden State Warriors wife Ayesha Curry said that while she didn’t like groupies hanging around her husband, she had developed a bit of “an insecurity” and getting “zero male attention.” One writer Bari A Williams tweeted Ayesha might feel this way is because she’s 30, has three kids and might not feel and look the same way she did before she had kids.

#2 Golden State Warriors head coach Steven Kerr said that Draymond Green was a wrecking ball in Game 3 on Saturday with 20 points, 12 rebounds, 13 assists, four steals, and a blocked shot.

#3 St. Louis Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington said about San Jose Sharks Timo Meier’s one hand pass assist that led to the Sharks’ game-winning goal in Game 4 for the overtime win on Eirk Karlsson’s goal: “It’s just madness. You hope for the best and try to close the door.” The Blues were pretty angry and took it out on Game 5 in San Jose on Sunday for the win 5-0 to take a 3-2 series lead.

#4 The red-hot New York Yankees have won 10 of their last 14 games and Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner said of the 17 starters or key players who are on the injured list the replacement by the younger players have come out and done a great job. ”Young guys are stepping up, they realize this is an opportunity that they might not otherwise have had and they’re making the most of it.” said Steinbrenner.

#5 The Oakland A’s, during this current road trip after losing two straight in Seattle, won three straight in Detroit. The A’s regrouped after the pair of losses to the Mariners and are really making a go of it in Detroit.

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LA Cops look for Dodger fan who beat down victim in parking lot; No video of attack

Reyna family photo: Rafael Reyna victim of a Sunday March 31st Los Angeles Dodgers parking lot beating which fractured his skull was breathing on his own and reportedly has gain consciousness as of Tuesday. Captain Bill Hayes of the LAPD says that Reyna’s condition is improving.

By Jeremy Harness

Los Angeles police have released information with a brief description of the two suspects one of who beat victim Rafael Reyna, 45, a Dodgers fan in the Dodgers parking lot last week as the Dodgers were hosting the Arizona Diamondbacks. According to witnesses a Hispanic man wearing Dodgers fan gear in his 20s attacked Reyna and fractured Reyna’s skull. The suspects were seen driving away in what is described as a white SUV.

The Reyna family which includes Reyna’s wife Cristel through their attorney are asking the Dodgers to increase and improve security after the beating. Reyna was on life support but as of Tuesday is breathing on his own “As of Tuesday we became aware that Mr. Reyes was removed from the ventilator and that he is breathing on his own and is regaining consciousness,” according Los Angeles police captain Bill Hayes.

Former O.J. Simpson attorney and now the Reyna family attorney Carl Douglas met with the media outside Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center and asked, “This tragedy urges the question what has the Los Angeles Dodgers done?” when referring to security improvements in the team’s parking lot since eight years ago when San Francisco Giants fan Bryon Stow was also beaten and left with skull injuries.

David Lira, who was on the Stow legal team during the Stow family’s lawsuit that saw them win $18 million from suspects Marvin Norwood and Louis Sanchez and the Dodgers, said that the Reyna beating is just too familiar to what happened to Stow eight years ago.

“The facts between this incident and the Stow case are eerily similar,” Lira told the media during a press conference.

Lira added saying that the parking lot is poorly lit and has a lack of security.

Cristel said that she was on facetime with Reyna during the assault and said that the sound of the fracture sounded like a “baseball bat hitting a ball.” Police continue to investigate saying that the suspect was also accompanied by a female companion who was wearing Dodgers fan gear. There was no video of the attack that took place in Lot 3.

Jeremy Harness covers Major League Baseball for

Brandon Moss goes to Cleveland

by Jerry Feitelberg

The last few days at the A’s headquarters in Oakland have been a beehive of activity as “Trader” Billy Beane had decided to break up A’s and rebuild the team once more. The Trades that he made this summer starting with Cespedes for Jon Lester and Jason Hammel and Jeff Samardizija appeared not to have been the recipe for getting the A’s into the World Series. Lester was a two monthe rental and is ,right,now, in line fro a huge payday from either the Cubs, Red Sox, Dodgers or Giants. Jason Hammel

went back to the Cubs and Jeff Samardizija is on his way to the White Sox. The A’s also sent pitcher Muchael Ynoa to the White Sox and got four players with little or no majr league experience. They received Pitcher, Chris Bassitt,cather Josh Phlegley, first baseman Angel Raveda and infielder Marcus Semien.In the Meantime, the A’s lost their number one prospect, shortstop Addison Russell, to the Cubs in the trade for Samardizija and Hammell.

After the one game loss in the playoffs to the Royals, the conventional thinking was that the A’s would strengthen their core by addition rather than subtraction. Beane shocked the baseball world be sending their best player Josh Donaldson to the Toronto Blue Jays for Brent Lawrie and three prospects. Not only was the baseball world shocked, the A’s fans were in a state of disbelief as the team lost its best player for a third baseman who was ok defensively but not in Donaldson’s league as a hitter.

Then to compound matters, Beane sent Brandon Moss to Cleveland for a double-A second baseman who was about number nine on Cleveland’s list of prospects. Moss, who was really sad to leave Oakland, said that the A’s gave hime a chance to play and he came through big time for them. He played first base, right field and left field for the A’s. Unfortunately, Moss had a hip injury that slowed him down in the second half of 2014 but he had surgery and was looking to rebound in 2015.

The A’s have traded their number 3,4 and 5 hitters and have gotten back some prospects and a lot of question marks.

The starting pitching looks solid with Sonny Gray,Scott Kashmir, Jarrod Parker and A.J. Griffin returning. The last two , Parker and Griffin, are coming off Tommy John surgery and it remains to be seen how effective they will be. The bullpen lost Luke Regression but still has Dan Rooter, Ryan Cook and Sean Doolittle.

The team has holes that may or may not be fixed by these trades. The A’s have three catchers, John Jaso, Derek Norris and Stephen Vogt. That gives them some flexibility as Vogt can DH or play first base. The A’s signed the former Royal Billy Butler as a right handed DH and first baseman,too. They still do not know who will be at shortstop or second base. Eric Sogar is a possibility at second but is he an everyday player? The A’s outfield will have Josh Reddick in right field. Reddick played well his first year but was slowed by injuries the last two years but did come to life late in the season. Coco Crisp is getting up in age and seems to have more injuries every year and left field duties will be split by Sam Fuld and Craig Gentry.

This scenario does not look a team that is going to contend for the western division crown in 2015, The Mariners have gotten better with the addition of Nelson Cruz. The Angels won the division by 10 games behind MVP Mike Trout, Albert Pujols, Josh Hamilton and Howie Kendrick. The A’s can’t match the Angels or Mariners firepower now.

So for Cespedes, Donaldson and Moss, I wish you all well in your new baseball homes. It was great fun watching the three of you play here in Oakland. Brandon, I will miss you the most as you let me go home at 20 minutes of two one morning in a nineteen inning game against the Angels when you hit the winning home run. Would love to have all three of you back in the green and gold but because of the way you produced, it looked like the A’s were not willing to let you to have any more green or gold. That would have to come from your new employers.