That’s Amaury News and Commentary: Three points on why A’s are leaning towards moving to Las Vegas

7 year old Indie Erardy shows off her newly signed baseball as Oakland Athletic players sign for the fans at Las Vegas Ballpark on Sun Mar 4, 2023 before their exhibition split squad game against the Cincinnati Reds (Las Vegas Register Review photo)

Three points on why A’s are leaning towards moving to Las Vegas

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

Three big points for the Oakland A’s today and their possible move to Las Vegas are all related to money. Here they are: 1-Revenue sharing:

During the Winter Meetings in December, commissioner Rob Manfred pointed to January 15, 2024, as something of a deadline for the A’s to have a binding agreement with the City of Oakland. Under the terms of the new collective bargaining agreement, the A’s would lose their status as a recipient of revenue-sharing

(MLB teams will receive at least $100 million annually from TV rights contracts)

2-MLB relocation fee:

Commissioner Rob Manfred said that under current guidelines he has control of charging a franchise fee and has already gone to his executive council, which has endorsed the position. “That’s why I was prepared to say it publicly,” Manfred said: “If they can get it done in Vegas, there will not be a relocation fee for them.”

(How much does it cost to relocate an MLB team? An expansion fee would run at least $2.2 billion, Manfred said in April 2021, calculating the average value of major-league franchises at the time) 3-Las Vegas factor:

While the A’s played a couple of games this weekend at their Las Vegas Aviators Stadium (AAA affiliate) at Summerlin. Clark County Commission Chairman Jim Gibson told the San Francisco Chronicle that while “the governor has said no new taxes, that doesn’t mean there aren’t public revenues available” The Commissioner appeared ready to lobby state officials (in the Nevada legislation) for some “gift” close to the $750 million that Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis received for a new stadium.

The Oakland A’s, according to the state of Nevada records, has recently formed a lobbying group for Nevada’s 2023 legislative session. A’s President Dave Kaval is listed among the names that make up the “Athletics Investment Group”. These lobbyists for the A’s are trying to influence legislation in Nevada’s government decisions regarding facilitating their relocation from Oakland to Sin City.

Stephen Edwin King is an American author of horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, crime, science-fiction, and fantasy novels, some adapted to many famous films. Credited with saying this: “Money talks and BS walks”.

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary: Nevada Governor on the Oakland A’s -Negotiations early in the process-

An artists rendering of a potential Las Vegas A’s ballpark located near the Tropicana hotel on the Las Vegas Strip complete with retractable roof as speculated. Parking is missing from this rendering and public transit isn’t enough to shuttle 35,000 fans to 81 home games which needs to get worked out. (rendering by Stadium 51 in Las Vegas)

Nevada Governor on the Oakland A’s -Negotiations early in the process–

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

On Monday, February 13, one day after the Superbowl, Joe Lombardo recently elected Governor of the State of Nevada was mum on what public assistance the Oakland A’s could receive if they chose to move to Las Vegas and built their $1 billion ballpark.

The Governor said today; “Those negotiations are so early in the process that it would be detrimental for me to even talk about any details.” Last month Lombardo, through a spokeswoman, said he is not in favor of raising taxes to assist the A’s, but hinted that the team could be eligible for existing Nevada State Economic Development programs.

What the Governor said today leaves the door still open for the A’s to relocate to Sin City. Just two weeks ago the owner of the Oakland A’s was welcome by a group of casino magnates as the A’s seemed to have picked their favorite location in Las Vegas.

The Oakland A’s or an expansion team:

-There is a belief in Las Vegas by the government and local Casino magnates, that they will eventually have a major league baseball franchise, via expansion, but they also recognized that they see the Oakland A’s relocating to their city as a much quicker opportunity than if they are awarded an expansion team which will take a few more years.

The Baseball Commissioner already is on the record for telling the A’s that MLB would forfeit relocation charges. Commissioner Manfred said in April 2021, calculating the average value at the time that an expansion fee would run at least $2.2 billion for the team that chose relocation, the average value of a major league franchise that is huge bait for the A’s if they indeed make the move to Sin City.

In other words, the decision by the Commissioner to waving relocation fees to the Oakland team enhances the chances for Las Vegas of acquiring a storied franchise. The Athletics then representing Philadelphia was one of the charter members of the American League in 1901, with stops later in Kansas City and since 1968 and four World Series titles later in Oakland, California.

Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas is set for February 11, 2024, at Allegiant Stadium.

-Las Vegas, Nevada is growing in sports. The Pro Bowl took place early this month in Las Vegas and drew more than 50,000 people to Allegiant Stadium In March the NCAA men’s basketball West regionals will take place in T-Mobile Arena, the first time a portion of March Madness is taking place in this city In November the inaugural Formula One Las Vegas Grand Prix will take place on portions of Las Vegas Boulevard and surrounding streets.

Lombardo said about the Grand Prix “We’re excited to bring them into the State of Nevada and be their host. It’s going to be a fantastic deal for us”. Currently, the NFL Oakland Raiders and the NHL Golden Knights made their home in Las Vegas and it is expected the city will eventually be also home to MLB and NBA.

Rob Manfred MLB Commissioner says 2023 is a big year when it comes to the future of the Athletics franchise.

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary: Las Vegas Casinos give Full Support to A’s

Southwest corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Sahara Avenue on the Las Vegas Strip the proposed new location for an Oakland A’s new ballpark (photo from Amaury Pi Gonzalez)

Las Vegas Casinos give Full Support to A’s

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

Oakland A’s owner John Fisher and President Dave Kaval made another trip to Las Vegas, trying to select their site to build a new stadium, since they have not been able to move forward with their proposed Howard Terminal by the Port of Oakland.

On Wednesday Oakland A’s top brass met with casino magnates in the North Strip and downtown resorts operators who gave the A’s their full support for their $1 billion stadium. Scott Sibella, President of Resorts World, Las Vegas and a group of casino magnates welcome the A’s executives “We reinforced our support that we believe the best site is on the Sahara/Las Vegas Boulevard,” Sibella wrote in an email. “Having the A’s in Las Vegas will be great for the Strip properties and the Las Vegas community. “The meeting did not discussed economics, only that the A’s will have our full support” Sibella said .

Derek Stevens, co-owner of the Circa, Golden Gate and the D.Properties downtown confirmed Wednesday meeting, adding that the key players want to see the A’s relocate to Las Vegas for several reasons. “I talked with ownership in John Fisher and their President Dave for a while yesterday”, Stevens wrote in a text message. “This is very good for Las Vegas, very good for jobs, very good for hotel rooms (i.e. the LVCA). The key thing is getting the location nailed down and moving forward.

Nevada’s recently elected Governor Joe Lombardo is not willing to have any taxes on the people in order to help build the A’s ballpark in Las Vegas, but he also said that there are other ways to accomplish this without taxing the people. This recent trip by Fisher and Kaval to Las Vegas was a big step for the A’s in their “parallel plan” to seek a new stadium in Las Vegas or Oakland.

There has been no news from the City of Oakland who is dealing now with a set of issues including new elected council members and a new Mayor. As of mid-afternoon of Thursday, the A’s have not disclosed any details on their meeting yesterday in Las Vegas. The A’s only have one more year (2024) after this season when their lease expires at the Oakland Coliseum.

Does the City of Oakland wants the Oakland A’s? Or is Las Vegas a step closer today to welcoming this historic American League franchise?

This is a developing story

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary: A’s following Raiders to Las Vegas

Oakland A’s owner John Fisher (left) is prepared to move his team to Las Vegas and build on the strip as an Oakland downtown stadium looks about dead (San Francisco Chronicle file photo)

A’s following Raiders to Las Vegas

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

Bob Nightengale’s Twitter: Commissioner Rob Manfred tells @MadDogUnleashed that he’s no longer optimistic the #A’s will remain in Oakland (‘It just doesn’t look like it’s going to happen’) and likely will move to Las Vegas….”

The Oakland Raiders announced they were relocating to Las Vegas on January 22, 2020. Less than two years since then, the Oakland Athletics are poised to follow the Raiders and settle their new home in the desert.

Today, during an interview on Sirius XM, Rob Manfred, Commissioner of Baseball said he is no longer optimistic the A’s will remain in Oakland, and a move to Las Vegas is likely. On May 2, only 2,488 people came to see the A’s take on the Tampa Bay Rays, whom Manfred says thinks will remain in St. Petersburg.

The Oakland A’s and City of Oakland officials had been in discussions regarding a new stadium in Oakland, as part of the Howard Terminal project, but recently deadlines passed without any progress. Negotiations have been pushed for next year, but that will not work, since A’s President Dave Kaval already said (many times) that “all but doom our efforts to stay in Oakland”.

In just over a week there will be an election in Oakland. The biggest supporter for the new Howard Terminal project has been the Mayor of Oakland Libby Schaaf, however her term as Mayor is running out and soon will be done with that job. The uncertainty under a new Mayor of Oakland that will be elected in a few days and a new administration with newly elected officials is the nail in the coffin to Howard Terminal.

The new administration at Oakland City Hall will be taking over a bevy of problems like: affordable housing, homeless crisis, and spike in crime, shortage of police force and others that would override the importance of a new park for the A’s.

The Oakland A’s lost 102 games this season, finishing in last place and for the second time since 1968 playing in Oakland lost over 100 games and averaged under 10,000 people per game. The team average 9,973 per game which was last (No.30) all of teams in the major leagues.

The future of the A’s has been in limbo for a few years. There were plans to move the team from the Oakland Coliseum to other places in Oakland, as well as southern Alameda County, in Fremont, about 25 miles south of Oakland, with a population of 230,000, the fourth most populated city in the Bay Area. Even the City of Sacramento was a place years ago; there was talk they could relocate.

I have written and spoken in my Podcast how important was this off-season for the future of the Oakland organization. There were many disagreements about the new stadium situation, but one that everybody seemed to agree was that by this 2022 season’s end, the team was ready to make an official announcement.

While the team has not made an announcement, at the time of this article, prior to the second game of the World Series, the Commissioner of Baseball made news on Sirius XM. The commissioner has ran out of patience, since has previously said in more than one occasion, he was “not very confident” that Oakland and the A’s could come to an agreement.

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary: A’s Ballpark Soap Opera Episode No. 45

Artists rendering of the new Howard Terminal ballpark in downtown Oakland (file photo SF NIMBY)

A’s Ballpark Soap Opera Episode No. 45

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

OAKLAND–This is for sure. The Oakland A’s will finish the 2022 season at the Oakland Coliseum with the game on Wednesday October 5, at 1PM against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, But, the next few months could bring us the final chapter of this long running soap regarding the proposed Howard Terminal ballpark in downtown Oakland, or a possible move out of town.

City of Oakland and the Oakland A’s are negotiating the $12 billion waterfront park and surrounding area. They will have to figure how to pay for the upgrades in infrastructure which includes affordable housing.

They are securing $320 million in public money for the A’s ballpark, but some expect $320 million will not be enough. The City of Oakland has applied for more than $180 million in federal grants and also looking for other regional, state and federal grants. The city doesn’t expect to be awarded the $180 million federal grants. It is all about money, what else is new?

At stake: -$1 billion privately financed ballpark of 35,000 seats (A’s will pay for the park) -$11 billion development -3,000 residential units -1.5 million square feet of commercial space (retail and outdoor) -3,500 seat performance center -400 hotel rooms -18 acres of open spaces for the public to enjoy.

Do not “tune out”. Soon, more votes to come and by November the expected conclusion!

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That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast: Las Vegas magnate throws enticing benefits at A’s to come to Vegas

Oakland A’s team president David Kaval and team officials have met with the owner of Circus Circus and Treasure Island in Las Vegas Phil Ruffin in Oakland and in Las Vegas regarding land space for a new ballpark for the A’s if the City of Oakland does not elect by the end of this year to have the A’s move into Howard Terminal near Jack London Square in downtown Oakland (San Francisco Chronicle file photo)

On That’s Amaury News and Commentary podcast:

#1 Las Vegas Magnate Phil Ruffin has approached the Oakland A’s with serious sites to lure the team to near or on the Las Vegas Strip. Ruffin had flown out to Oakland to meet with A’s team president and team officials to discuss moving the team to Vegas this month.

#2 Ruffin is the owner Treasure Island and Circus Circus in Vegas. Ruffin has land near Circus Circus that is currently a 10 acre RV park which is near the strip and a 37 acre space that is currently used for the Las Vegas Festival Grounds that is in the back of Circus Circus that the A’s could use for retail, casino and other commercial development along with a brand new ballpark.

#3 The other location is the Tropicana Casino currently owned by Bally’s. Bally’s is considering using the Tropicana location right on the Vegas Strip for an A’s stadium.

#4 MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has given the City of Oakland until the end of this year to decide if they will approve the Howard Terminal location at Jack London Square for the A’s to start building their new ballpark project or if voted down the team will move to Vegas.

#5 A design for the new stadium in Las Vegas has not been rendered yet but it might be safe to say ballpark, retail, condo, office, and entertainment space much like the Howard Terminal idea is on the drawing board.

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Oakland A’s podcast with Jerry Feitelberg: Will latest lawsuit be the one to stop A’s move to Howard Terminal?

Oakland A’s team president David Kaval in green shirt said that the lawsuit filed by the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association could stop the Howard Terminal project (AP News photo)

On the A’s podcast with Jerry F:

#1 Bay Conservation and Development Commission who voted for the Howard Terminal project is now facing a lawsuit brought on by the East Oakland Stadium Alliance and Pacific Merchant Shipping Association, the Harbor Trucking Association and the California Trucking Association the plaintiffs say that the vote by the BCDC was too fast with not enough thought process going into the project.

#2 Pacific Merchant lawyer and vice president Mike Jacob said that the A’s are only interested in doing something fast where the plaintiffs want to do something right.

#3 MLB and David Kaval the A’s team president have made it clear if the A’s don’t get to move to Howard Terminal there headed to Las Vegas and Kaval stated that he has visited several potential sites and said that it’s easy to build in Vegas than in Oakland.

#4 Jerry, with the trades of Frankie Montas and Lou Trivino how much of a setback will it be for Oakland going forward.

#5 For today’s fourth and final contest in Anaheim going for the A’s Paul Blackburn (6-6, 4.15) and for the Angels Janson Junk (1-0, 0.00) a 12:07 pm PDT fist pitch.

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The Angels and Bundy bounce back on Saturday to hand the A’s a 4-1 loss

by Charlie O. Mallonee

The Oakland Athletics were not able to capitalize on their big Friday night extra-inning win on Saturday. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim came out and played the game as if Friday night never happened. In a term every little leaguer knows, “they just flushed it!” and beat the Athletics 4-1.

Dylan Bundy made the difference for LAA

Bundy (1-0) made his debut as an Angel after having been with Baltimore his entire career. As a former number one draft pick, much was expected of Bundy, but many have graded his time as an Oriole as a disappointment. He posted a record of 38-45 in 127 starts with a 4.67 ERA. During most of that time, the Baltimore baseball operations department has been less than stellar.

Bundy came to the Angels in an off-season trade in exchange for four minor league players.

On Saturday, Bundy gave up just one run (earned) on three hits while striking out seven and walking none in 6.2 innings. He faced 24 batters and threw 90 pitches (64 strikes).

Manaea was not a mystery on Saturday

Justin Upton put the Angels up on the board in the fourth inning when took a 1-1 pitch from Manaea over the left-field wall for his first home run of the season. It was also the 299th home run of Upton’s career.

Manaea had retired the previous 11 hitters he faced.

The fifth inning proved to be Manaea’s downfall. The Angels scored three runs off four hits. That sent Manaea (0-1) to the showers as J.B. Wendelken came on in relief.

With their 4-0 lead, the Angels never looked back.

A’s threatened in the seventh

With two out in the bottom of the seventh, Stephen Piscotty doubled down the left-field line. After a pitching change, Robbie Grossman drove Piscotty home with single to left. Grossman was able to steal second base and Chad Pinder walked. Grossman moved up to third on a wild pitch by Keynan Middleton. Austin Allen then grounded out to end the inning.

That would be all of the scoring for Oakland in the game.

The highlight for the A’s

Jesus Luzardo entered the game in the top of the sixth inning for Oakland. Everyone was anxious to see if the young pitcher could pick up where he left off from last season.

Luzardo threw 3.0 scoreless innings allowing just one hit while striking out two and walking one batter. He faced 10 hitters and tossed 44 pitches (28 strikes).

Luzardo ended 2019 with four scoreless outings and now has a 10.0-inning scoreless streak. He has given up just two runs in 15.0 career innings with 1.20 ERA.

Up next

There will many eyes watching the game on Sunday. The Angels will send their two-way superstar – Shohei Ohtani – to the mound to make a pitching start for the first time since 2018. He was unable to pitch in 2019 while recovering from “Tommy John Surgery’. In 2018, Ohtani posted a record of 4-2 with a 3.31 ERA in 10 starts. He recorded a 1.16 WHIP.

Mike Fiers will make the start for the A’s. Fiers finished 2019 with a record of 15-4 in 33 starts and an ERA of 3.90. He worked 184.2 innings and struck out 126 batters with a 1.19 WHIP.

San Jose State suffers 83-48 loss to Oregon State in Las Vegas Classic

Photo credit: @PickDawgz

By Ana Kieu

The San Jose State men’s basketball team traveled to the Nevada desert to play in the Las Vegas Classic against the Oregon State Beavers at Orleans Arena on Wednesday evening. The game was nationally televised on FS1.

The Spartans’ new-look starting lineup featured Brae Ivey, Omari Moore, Christian Anigwe, Sam Japhet-Mathias and Craig LeCesne. SJSU won the tip and the game went underway in Las Vegas.

SJSU made it rain with buckets early in the first half. Brae Ivey buried one from deep, which was a bright spot even though the Spartans trailed 8-7 at the first media timeout. The Spartans continued to trail at the second media timeout 18-11.

But the Spartans chipped back with back-to-back buckets by Richard Washington and Zach Chappell, and as a result, SJSU cut the deficit to 23-18 midway through the first.

The Beavers continued to lead 28-20 at the under-8 timeout, which wasn’t good for the Spartans, but at least they knew OSU was going to be a tough test. SJSU trailed 45-24 at the break.

Things didn’t get any better for the Spartans, who trailed the Beavers 78-35 with seven and a half minutes left in the second half. OSU outscored SJSU 33-11 at the time, thanks to buckets by Sean Miller-Moore and Payton Dastrup. Miller-Moore also threw down a windmill dunk to make it 83-38 Beavers with under four minutes remaining.

Just minutes before the shot clock winded down, SJSU welcomed back Caleb Simmons, who returned to the hardwood after missing all last season and the first six games this season due to an injury. Also, Sam Japhet-Mathias made the most out of his first start as a Spartan with 10 points and 5 rebounds.

SJSU lost to OSU by a final score of 83-48. The Spartans fell to 3-4, while the Beavers improved to 6-1.

The Spartans head to Los Angeles to take on the UCLA Bruins at Pauley Pavilion on Sunday, December 1 at 5 pm PST. The game will be broadcasted on the Pac-12 Networks.

San Jose State gets run over by UNLV 94-56

Photo credit: @SJSUMBB

By: Ana Kieu

San Jose State men’s basketball had hoped for the Thomas & Mack Center, home of the UNLV Runnin’ Rebels, to see a Spartan win Saturday night. After all, Thomas & Mack has seen a lot of excellent events throughout the years.

Spartans head coach Jean Prioleau went with a starting lineup featuring Brae Ivey, Noah Baumann, Zach Chappell, Michael Steadman and Oumar Barry.

Last time out, Baumann knocked down a program record tying seven 3-pointers. Fast forward to Saturday when SJSU started a two-game road trip, starting at UNLV.

SJSU won the tip and the game went underway in Las Vegas. The Spartans trailed 10-4 at the first media timeout. Things faltered from there, as the Rebels went on a 11-0 run and the Spartans fell into a larger deficit, 21-6, at the second media timeout.

It was all Rebels in the first half. Nickalas Blair found Jonathan Tchamwa in transition for the dunk. Bryce Hamilton got the steal, save and score for a notable heads up play. Trey Woodbury hit a corner 3 to extend the Rebels’ lead to 21. The Spartans shot just 31% compared to the Rebels’ 53%. Prioleau was visibly upset and the Spartans shrugged off to the locker room with a 46-25 deficit at the half.

The Spartans’ turnovers and overall offense proved to be a continual problem in the second half. SJSU trailed 68-35 at the 11:58 mark.

Should we be surprised? Not really. The Rebels continued to play high-caliber basketball. Joel Ntambwe knocked down a triple. Hamilton followed up with a step-back jumpshot for 3.

Prioleau used every player on the Spartans’ bench in hopes of a scoring streak, but the Spartans’ offense was unable to score at an average or higher level. SJSU trailed by thirty, 77-47, with 7:21 left.

The Rebels put the game out of reach and expanded its lead to 85-49 with 4:49 seconds left. All the Spartans could do was wrap things up and gear up for their next opponent.

The Spartans never took the lead and used their final timeout with 50 seconds left. The Rebels hit at a sky-high rate, ran their offense and dribbled the game out. SJSU lost 94-56 for their eighth straight loss.

SJSU dropped to 3-14, 0-5 MW, while UNLV improved to 10-7, 4-1 MW.

SJSU heads to Laramie, Wyo. to take the Wyoming Cowboys Wednesday, January 23 at 6:00 pm PT.