Las Vegas Raiders podcast with Tony Renteria: Are Raiders still shook over loses of Ruggs and Arnette?; Las Vegas goes to Dallas with three game loss streak Thursday night

Las Vegas Raiders head coach Rich Bisaccia yells instruction to the his players during Sun Nov 21, 2021 game against the visiting Cincinnati Bengals at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas (AP News photo)

On the Raiders podcast with Tony Renteria:

After the Las Vegas Raiders (5-5) winning two straight games going to back on Oct 17th and 24th vs. the Denver Broncos (5-5) and Philadelphia Eagles (5-6). Then there was the bye week of Oct 31st when Henry Ruggs III was arrested for DUI by death and Damon Arnette who posted a video of himself with a automatic weapon with a scope saying he was going kill a someone.

After the loss of those two players the Raiders are currently in a three game losing streak with loses to the New York Giants (3-7), Kansas City Chiefs (7-4) and the Cincinnati Bengals (6-4). You had to wonder if the team fundamentally is off track or still shell shocked from the loses of Ruggs and Arnette.

The Raiders host the Dallas Cowboys (7-3) Thursday night for a Thanksgiving contest. The Cowboys are going well they have won seven of their last nine games and lost their most recent game against the Kansas City Chiefs last Sunday 19-9. The Cowboys scores were just three field goals and Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott was off throwing 28-43 for 216 yards, no touchdowns and two picks. Tony tells us how he sees this match up on Turkey night.

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Las Vegas Raiders podcast with Rich Perez: Raiders hope to snap two game skid against Bengals Sunday at Allegiant

Kansas City Chiefs running back Darrel Williams (31) catches a touchdown pass in the second half as Las Vegas Raiders safety Johnathan Abram (24) defends at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas Sun Nov 14, 2021 (AP News photo)

On the Raiders podcast with Rich Perez:

#1 What a way for the Kansas City Chiefs (6-4) to turn things around with a big win over the Las Vegas Raiders (5-4) on Sunday Night Football 41-14 and Chiefs quarterback Pat Mahomes got all the time he needed to throw the ball for five touchdowns.

#2 This was the third time for Mahomes to throw over 400 yards and five touchdowns since he was drafted in 2017 and became the first player have both of them without throwing an interception.

#3 Meanwhile the Raiders just simply looked like they were going empty handed it just seemed no matter what the defense did the Chiefs just found ways to break through the Chiefs never let up on scoring throughout the game.

#4 Former Raider wide receiver Henry Ruggs III failed to take an alcohol test on Wed Nov 17th as ordered by the court Las Vegas Judge Suzan Baucum ordered Ruggs back in court. Ruggs had been under house arrest he is waiting for his preliminary for felony DUI causing death and other serious charges. Ruggs attorney David Chesnoff told Baucum there was something wrong with the testing equipment. Baucum told Chesnoff it didn’t matter. Ruggs could get confinement in Las Vegas jail for missing the test as strict guidelines were made in order for Ruggs to get house arrest.

#5 The Raiders host the Cincinnati Bengals (5-4), the Raiders are coming off two straight loses and the Bengals have lost their last two games likewise. In their last game last Sunday the Cleveland Browns upended the Bengals 41-16. Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow threw 28-40 for 282 yards, and two interceptions. Rich how do you see this match up between the Bengals and Raiders this Sunday.

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Las Vegas Raiders podcast with Tony Renteria: Lawyers trying to keep medical records from prosecution; Ruggs formally charged could now face 50 years

Former Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs seen in Las Vegas Superior Court in the morning Tue Nov 2, 2021 in Las Vegas of the accident. Ruggs is expected in court as the Clark County DA are preparing to add more charges that could land Ruggs in jail for 50 years. (Las Vegas Review Journal photo)

On the Raiders podcast with Tony R:

#1 Former Las Vegas Raider wide receiver Henry Ruggs III who is now charged with four felonies which includes reckless driving and now additional felony DUI and a misdemeanor charge for possession of a firearm while intoxicated.

#2 Lawyers for Ruggs are trying to block medical records from becoming evidence at trial as the Clark County DA is considering adding a second felony DUI charge as Rugg’s girlfriend Kiara Je’nai Kilgo-Washington was injured in the accident. Under Nevada law a passenger who is injured could be addendum to a reckless DUI case which the DA is considering doing. Prosecuting lawyers say with the additional charges Ruggs could face from 46 to 50 years in prison.

#3 Attorneys for Ruggs David Chesnoff and firm partner Richard Schonfeld have sited a privacy law in trying to ask the court to block Ruggs medical records. Chesnoff said state law supersedes federal health records privacy requirements.

#4 Tony, the Raiders released Damon Arnette for taking a video of himself and saying he’s going to kill a fan who said he sucked on social media. With all that is going on with the Raiders after Ruggs and former head coach Jon Gruden will this team who will grip together and weather the storm or will they fall like a house of cards?

#5 The Raiders have added wide receiver veteran DeSean Jackson to the roster knowing his experience and what he can do in catching ball will he be a big help on the Raiders offense and quarterback Derek Carr.

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Las Vegas Raiders podcast with Tony Renteria: Raiders hope to keep roll going after bye week

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr (4) talks with running backs Hunter Renfrow (13) and Josh Jacobs (7) during the first half against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sun Oct 24, 2021 at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas (AP News photo)

On the Raiders podcast with Tony R:

#1 Tony after watching the Las Vegas Raiders (5-2) win their second straight game just how motivated are they after the head coaching change and the coaching job that Rich Bisaccia is doing.

#2 It seems like the attitude is much more positive and plays are getting finished they way they should and the players have responded to Bisaccia and the coaching staff on both sides of the ball.

#3 Raiders quarterback Derek Carr threw 31-34, 323 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. Carr has been laser beam focused and has directed the offense in the victories against Denver (3-4) and Philadelphia (2-5).

#5 Tony, can the Raiders keep it going they have a bye this Halloween Sun Oct 31st before resuming action on Sun Nov 7 against the New York Giants (2-5) at the Meadowlands in East Rutherford. The Giants crushed their last opponent the Carolina Panthers (3-4) 25-3 at MetLife Stadium last Sunday. How do you see the Raiders and Giants matching up on Nov 7th?

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Las Vegas Raiders podcast with Superbowl Wayne: Carr miracle come back starts game against Dolphins

The Las Vegas Raiders Derek Carr (4) drops back to throw against the Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami on Sep 23, 2018. Carr got to start against Miami after being listed as injured for 10-14 weeks in today’s game at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas Sat Dec 26, 2020.  ( file photo)

On the Raiders podcast with Superbowl Wayne:

#1 When Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr and the Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa started against each other on Saturday at Allegiant Stadium in Vegas it was a surprise come back of sorts for Carr who was expected to be out some ten to 14 weeks.

#2 At St Louis High School in Honolulu Raider back up quarterback Marcus Mariota mentored Tua as a fourth grade quarterback while he was throwing with the high school kids.

#3 Tua said he never forgot the opportunity that Mariota allowed him as a fourth grader to come throw with the high school players it’s a memory Tua won’t forget and said Mariota  is a humble guy and a hard worker.

#4 Superbowl your from Honolulu and your familiar with St Louis school in Honolulu it’s a special place for Mariota and Tua with long football ties to their early days there. They nearly opposed each other tonight for Sunday Night Football but Carr was feeling a lot better it would have been the first time two quarterbacks would have met from Hawaii had Mariota and Tua if they were to have started against each other.

#5 The Dolphins come in at 9-5 and the Raiders 7-7. The Raiders are coming of a tough Thursday Night Football loss to the Los Angeles Chargers 30-27 and the Dolphins are coming off a big win over the New England Patriots 22-12 last Sunday set this game up for us.

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Las Vegas Raiders podcast with Superbowl Wayne: Carr out for 10-14 weeks with groin injury; Moriota keeps Vegas in the game despite loss

No holds bar the Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert (10) gets a keeper over the goal line good enough for the game winning touchdown on Thursday Night Football at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas (AP News photo)

On the Raiders podcast with Superbowl:

#1 The Las Vegas Raiders (7-7) quarterback Derek Carr left with a left groin injury and the Raiders now have lost four of their last five games as their playoffs pretty are gone.

#2 Los Angeles Chargers (5-9) quarterback Justin Herbert saved the game with an overtime keeper to give the Chargers a 30-27 victory. Herbert reached over the goal line to get the game winning six points.

#3 The Raiders have played four AFC West teams all lost to all of them on the final play of the game.

#4 Raider back up quarterback Marcus Mariota played in his first NFL game since he was with the Tennessee Titans on Jan 19th vs. the Kansas City Chiefs. Mariota did keep Vegas in the game with 226 yards and one touchdown.

#5 Mariota will be the starter now as Carr is expected to be out with serious groin injury for 10-14 days.

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Las Vegas Raiders podcast with Rich Perez: Raiders take on football’s worst the Jets will it be another “any given Sunday” again?

The Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr (4) was scrambling for daylight all afternoon at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta against the Falcons on Sun Nov 29, 2020 (AP News photo)

On the Las Vegas Raiders podcast with Rich:

#1 Rich, how surprising was it for you after the Raiders (6-5) came off a three game win streak then lost to the Chiefs (10-1) in a close game but just totally got broadsided in Atlanta 43-6 last Sunday to the Falcons (4-7)?

#2 Raiders quarterback Derek Carr said it was by far the team’s worst game of the season with Carr himself turning the ball over four times for a total of five Raider turnovers.

#3 Carr threw for 215 yards and threw for one interception Carr just couldn’t get anything going when the Raiders got in the red zone and Carr was constantly scrambling was this because he wasn’t getting protection from the offensive line or because the Falcons just were able to force Carr to turn the ball over?

#4 Further more the Raiders were able to score a field goal in just each of the second and third quarters that was all the offense they could muster up. The Falcons came on like one of those legendary New England Patriot teams from their championship days.

#5 The Raiders now travel to New Jersey to play at the Meadowlands against footballs only remaining winless team the New York Jets (0-11) the Jets got whipped on their own home field against the Arizona Cardinals 30-10. Taking that into account do you see this one being a cinch for the Raiders or one of those “on any given Sunday” games?

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Las Vegas Raiders podcast with Rich Perez: Raiders and Broncos both coming off two straight wins meet Sunday in Vegas

The Las Vegas Raiders running back Devonte Booker (23) carries for a first half touchdown against the Los Angeles Chargers in the Raiders last game Sun Nov 8th at Inglewood (AP News photo)

On the Raiders podcast with Rich:

#1 Rich the Raiders since taking that very tough loss to Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back on Sun Oct 25th by a final of 45-20 have really got back on track with two straight wins against the Browns and Chargers.

#2 Rich, those two wins improved the Raiders record to 5-3 and they got those two wins on the road whereas in previous years the Raiders really struggled as a road team.

#3 Talk about the coaching strategy that head coach Jon Gruden has really put into improving the team there no doubt that he’s studied film with both sides of the football and has been effect in all facets of his last two wins.

#4 The last game the Raiders were in Los Angeles against the Chargers and it was a razor close game with quarterback Derek Carr throwing for 165 yards and two touchdowns and all the scoring the Raiders could get in that one was crucial because it came right down to the wire in that contest.

#5 The Raiders face the Denver Broncos, the Broncos have won two of their last five games and have a couple narrow games in their last two beating the Atlanta Falcons 34-27 and taking a close win against the LA Chargers the week before 34-27. Talk about how you see this game Sunday at Allegiant Stadium between the Broncos and Raiders.

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Las Vegas Raiders podcast with Rich Perez: Raiders have big Covid protocol issues and fines to match too

Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden on the sidelines during Sun Nov 1, 2020 game in Cleveland against the Browns in the second half (AP News photo)

On the Raiders podcast with Rich Perez:

#1 The Las Vegas Raiders who were fined Thursday by the NFL for violations regarding the Raiders Trent Brown’s coronavirus protocol violations were billed $500,000 and head coach Jon Gruden was fined $150,000.

#2 The Raiders were also stripped of a top draft pick because of the mishandling of Brown’s positive test. The Raiders do take a lot of pride on their selection of draft picks having the draft taken away how do you see that impacting them for their future?

#3 The Raiders are the first team in the NFL that have been penalized by losing a draft pick also the league gave the Raiders the stiff penalty because they already were scrutinizing Damon Arnette who was already was a positive.

#4 On Oct 19th Brown didn’t wear a mask and was found to be positive the next day Oct 20th and that forced four other starting offense players to also go into quarantine as they were high risk factors.

#5 The Raiders (4-3) are in Los Angeles to play the Chargers who are (2-5) the Chargers have lost five of their last six games. The Raiders are coming off a big win in Cleveland  Rich set this game up for us.

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Las Vegas Raiders podcast with Rich Perez: Raiders will have their hands full with Bills on Sunday

The Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (17) tries to hold back the Los Angeles Rams Aaron Donald from the pass rush but was called for a facemask penalty on this play last Sun Sep 27, 2020 at Overland Park NY. Allen threw for four touchdowns against the Rams. (AP News photo)

On the Raiders podcast with Rich:

#1 Rich, the Raiders (2-1) will be hosting the Buffalo Bills on Sunday one of the toughest teams in the NFL at 3-0. The Bills have been noted for their offense and they’ve been in some close games but quarterback Josh Allen has been able to deliver.

#2 Allen threw four touchdown passes against a very challenging Los Angeles Rams team last Sunday in a narrow three point win 35-32 do you see him operating in the same fashion against the Raiders this Sunday?

#3 On the other hand the Raiders are coming off a tough 16 point loss to the New England Patriots 36-20. The Raider defense just got held back by a very talented Patriots offensive line and it gave Patriots quarterback Cam Newton lots of time to throw.

#4 For the Raiders quarterback Derek Carr he also had time to throw he threw for two touchdowns but the key quarter of last Sunday’s game was the third quarter as the Patriots defense shut the Raiders out.

#5 As Carr and the Raiders offense draw up the playbook for this Sunday’s game who do you see them matched up against the Bills defense coming into this one?

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