Las Vegas Raiders podcast with Tony Renteria: Getting to the bottom of the real reason why Brady and Gronk were not signed by Raiders

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady leaves the field after playing against the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC playoffs. Brady was seriously interested in joining the 2020 Las Vegas Raiders until former head coach Jon Gruden vetoed any notion of the idea of Brady coming to Vegas. (AP News file photo)

On the Las Vegas Raiders podcast with Tony Renteria:

#1 Tony, Las Vegas Raiders owner Marc Davis said involving a past move to get quarterback Tom Brady and tight end Rob Gronkowski was something he had no knowledge about.

#2 UFC president Dana White tried to bargain the idea but then Raiders head coach Jon Gruden shut down the deal and said it was not happening. Davis said yesterday quote “I don’t know man” regarding any deal for Brady or Gronkowski.

#3 White said that Brady was ready to be quarterback in Las Vegas for the 2020 season but Gruden for no given reason didn’t want either Brady or Gronkowski coming to Vegas. White said that Brady and Gronkowski were ready to sign with the Raiders and maybe the dynamic of the Raiders would have changed.

#4 Brady was eager and ready to play for the former Bay Area team as Brady comes from San Mateo and was excited about the idea and Gronkowski was ready for it too. If you had to speculate do you think jealousy played a part that had Gruden keep them out?

#5 The Raiders host Brady and Gronkowski’s former team the New England Patriots this Friday night and there is talk that the Raiders are about to release running back Kenyan Drake, Drake has 545 yards and three touchdowns in scrimmage and scouting reports say at 28 years old he’s got a lot of football left in him. Drake has a duel skillset in the running and passing game wouldn’t they Raiders need someone with that kind of talent?

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Las Vegas Raiders podcast with Rich Perez: Incognito announces his retirement after 15 yrs in NFL; ex-punter King says ex-coach Gruden hated him

Former Las Vegas Raider Richie Incognito announced his retirement Thu Jul 14, 2022 and said he was retiring a Raider after playing for four different teams and 15 years in the NFL (AP News photo)

On the Raiders podcast with Rich Perez:

#1 Las Vegas Raiders guard Richie Incognito a four time Pro Bowler has announced his retirement from the Raiders and football.

#2 Incognito played for four different NFL teams but said after playing 15 years he wanted to retire a Raider saying that “I love the Raiders organization, and Mr. Davis means the world to me. It’s why after four teams and 15 years, I’m retiring a Raider.”

#3 Former Oakland Raider Marqutte King says the reason why former head coach Jon Gruden let him go in 2018 was purely because of Gruden’s hate for King. King said Gruden never even spoke to him and that Gruden let King go simply because he hated King.

#4 At one time King was one of the most exciting punters in the NFL, King with his athletic ability and was a favorite among the fans.

#5 Raiders quarterback Derrick Carr said he was very excited about working with running back Josh Jacobs saying he’s one of the best running backs and has worked very hard to get into shape for the 2022 season.

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Las Vegas Raiders report: Ex Raiders president says he was fired for being a whistleblower

Former Las Vegas Raiders team president Dan Ventrelle was let go by Raiders owner Mark Davis said he was fired for reporting Davis and the Raiders to the NFL for a hostile work environment that Davis showed little concern for regarding the complaint. (file photo from The Legal 500)

By Rich Perez

LAS VEGAS–On Friday Las Vegas owner Mark Davis had announced that team President Dan Ventrelle had left the Raiders and that Davis did not give a reason for the departure. Ventrelle was a little more vocal than the Davis’ statement saying he was no longer with the organization because he raised “hostile work environment” issues at the Raiders to the attention of the NFL.

Ventrelle had received complaints from employees about a hostile work environment at the Raiders and when the employees came back to Ventrelle again and again with complaints Ventrelle tried to get those issues to the attention of Davis who what Ventrelle told the Las Vegas Review-Journal “he was dismissive and did not demonstrate the warranted level of concern.”

Ventrelle had no other choice but to give it to the attention of the NFL offices saying, “Given, this, I informed the NFL of these issues and of Mark’s unacceptable response. Soon thereafter, I was fired in retaliation for raising those concerns. I firmly stand by my decision to elevate these issues to protect the organization and it’s female employees.”

Ventrelle was trying to protect the Raiders from any legal trouble and this was the same season (2021) where former Raiders head coach Jon Gruden has been fired for racial slurs, homophobic, and misogynistic slurs found on emails that Gruden had sent to former Washington Commanders president Bruce Allen.

When the story broke Davis had no choice but to let Gruden go. Gruden has since filed a lawsuit against the NFL saying the NFL forced him out at the Raiders. Ventrelle said he was trying to do the right thing by getting harassment in the work place under control and NFL spokeman Brian McCarthy said he is aware of the allegations and assures that the NFL will investigate.

Over the past year the Raiders have seen high level executives leave the team, Chief Financial Officer Ed Villanueva and controller Araxie Grant left with former team businessman Brian Badain. That’s a lot of top brass leaving all at the same time which Davis saying the reasons were “accounting irregularities.”

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Las Vegas Raiders podcast with Tony Renteria: What Gruden did goes against the organization’s history

Las Vegas interim head coach Rich Bisaccia (left) speaks with former head coach Jon Gruden (right) in file photo. Bisaccia prepares the Raiders this week as they prepare to face the Denver Broncos Sun Oct 17, 2021 at Mile High Stadium in Denver. Bisaccia’s first game as head coach since the resignation of Gruden. (file photo

On the Raiders podcast with Tony R:

The Las Vegas Raiders have a long history of being inclusive with open doors and giving professionals a chance that others wouldn’t give them. The Raiders managing partner the late Al Davis hired the first minority coach of the modern era with the hiring Tom Flores.

The Raiders backed that up by hiring the first African American coach in Art Shell not once but three different times. The Raiders also followed by having the first woman in charge of football with Amy Trask as CEO.

The Raiders have a history of inclusiveness and you treat people on their actions regardless of their outside appearances. What former head coach Jon Gruden did over a period of years is just really paramount and against what the Raiders are.

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Jon Gruden resigns as Raider coach: Homophobic, racist and misogynistic emails do him in

In the last photo of Jon Gruden as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders Gruden leaves the podium in the Raiders press room facility on Sun Oct 10, 2021 in a post game presser after coaching against the Chicago Bears. The media grilled Gruden about his emails to Bruce Allen which was the hotter subject than about the game the Raiders just lost. (AP News photo)

By Tony Renteria

Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden resigned Monday afternoon as more emails were uncovered that showed that the Raiders head coach had sent comments about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, remarks about women and former St Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher drafting gay player Michael Sam as reported by the New York Times on Monday afternoon.

The Wall Street Journal as reported on Thursday that Gruden sent out a July 2011 racist email about NFL Player Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith when Gruden was working as an analyst on ESPN.

Gruden wrote about Smith in an email to former Washington Football Team president Bruce Allen that Smith had lips “the size of Michelin tires.” Washington is under discrimination investigation by the NFL and the NFL have requested all documents and emails forwarded to the league office and it was there the Gruden emails were discovered.

Smith responded by saying that Gruden had issues dealing with people who look like him in executive positions and “The email from Jon Gruden and some of the reaction to it confirms that the fight against racism, racist tropes and intolerance is not over. This is not about an email as much as it is about a pervasive belief by some that people who look like me can be treated as less,” Smith said.

On Monday afternoon the Times disclosed that Gruden had emailed Allen saying of Goodell was a “fa****t” and a “clueless anti football p****y.” On Fisher and his having Sam an openly gay player who was drafted to the Rams in 2014 at that time Gruden said that Fisher shouldn’t have buckled under by drafting “queers.”

Gruden also wrote that he didn’t like women referees in sports and players taking a knee during the national anthem protesting for racial justice. Gruden and Allen according to the Times said that Gruden and Allen exchanged photos of topless women including a photo of one of the Washington cheerleaders.

Gruden’s career as head coach in the NFL started with the Oakland Raiders from 1998 to 2001, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 2002-2008, he left to be an analyst from 2009-2017 for ESPN before coming back as head coach of the Raiders in 2018.

After this second wave of emails that was reported in the Times there was no way that Gruden could survived it and he knew it and had to resign. Gruden was in the fourth year of his ten year $100 million contract contract.

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Las Vegas Raiders podcast with Rich Perez: Will coach Gruden lose his job over racial email slur regarding NFLPA boss DeMaurice Smith

Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden (left) says he’s sorry about the email he sent July 2011 to former Washington Football Team president Bruce Allen saying NFLPA Executive director Maurice Smith (right) “has lips the size of Michellin tires” (photo from Sports Illustrated)

On the Las Vegas Raiders podcast with Rich Perez:

#1 Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden it was uncovered sent decade old email to former team president of the Washington Football Team Bruce Allen on July 2011 Gruden was a ESPN analyst at the time. The players’ union voted against the collective bargaining agreement setting Gruden off against Union Chief DeMaurice Smith emailing Allen saying ““Dumboriss Smith has lips the size of michellin [sic] tires.” 

#2 The email turned up as the NFL is conducting an investigation on discrimination by the Washington Football Team and Gruden had said he was sorry while being interviewed by the Wall Street Journal saying he meant “Rubber lips” meaning people who are lying.

#3 The NFL condemned the email saying, We condemn the statement and regret any harm that its publication may inflict on Mr. Smith or anyone else.” The NFL did not go onto say what steps if any there would be about the Gruden email.

#4 Rich, It’s too soon to say but how much something like this could be a distraction for the players, assistant coaches, and organization as the Raiders try and prepare for Sunday’s game against Chicago in Las Vegas?

#5 Rich, the Bears are coming off a ten point win against the Detroit Lions 24-14 from last Sunday their starting Justin Fields who threw for 209 yards, no touchdowns and one interception. The Raiders are coming off a 14 point loss to the Los Angeles Chargers on Monday Night Football. Tell us how you see this Sunday’s match up.

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NFL podcast with Rich Perez: Gruden says safety first as Raiders fully vaccinated; Former Eagles assistant Chung looking for a chance; plus more

Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden has learned a lot about Covid 19 protocols since this photo was taken during the second half against the New England Patriots on Sun Sep 27, 2020. Gruden says that most of the staff, coaches, front office and players are fully vaccinated going into camp 2021. (AP photo file)

On the NFL podcast with Rich:

#1 Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden said that maybe for five players most of the Raiders staff and players are fully vaccinated Gruden says while he respects people’s opinion he said he’s proud that most of the players, staff, coaches, and front office is fully vaccinated.

#2 Last season you might recall the Raiders were fined a hefty $250,000 and Gruden personally was fined $100,000 during week 2 during a home game at Allegiant Stadium. The Raiders were also fined an additional $50,000 when a non credentialed employee got access into the Raiders locker room after that same game.

#3 Former Philadelphia Eagles assistant coach and offensive tackles coach Eugene Chung was told that he “wasn’t the right minority” Chung 55, a Korean American is speaking out now that he hasn’t had an NFL job since 2017 and is seeking an audience from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell saying the term minority termed by the NFL is a little misleading and wants an another NFL opportunity.

#4 Former Raiders head coach Tom Flores 84, is being into the NFL Football Hall of Fame on August 8th. Flores is amongst a growing community of Latino coaches in football as College Division I has seven Latino coaches. Flores was hired by the late owner of the Raiders Al Davis in 1972 as quarterbacks coach and became head coach in 1979 to 1987. Flores is three time Super Bowl Champion once as assistant coach and twice as head coach.

#5 Aaron Rogers avoided the $50,000 daily fine and reported to the Green Bay Packers, Rogers skipped mini camp, and off season events with the Packers and could be fined $93,000 for those absences. One thing that could be said the Packers are happy to have Rogers back in camp. The Packers and Rogers are still working out details regarding Rogers contract.

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Las Vegas Raiders podcast report with Rich Perez: Mariota signs $3.5 M one yr deal with Raiders

Marcus Mariota quarterback for the Las Vegas Raiders on the run against the Los Angeles Chargers on Dec 17, 2020 signed for a one year deal with the Raiders on Wed Mar 24, 2021 (AP News file photo)

LAS VEGAS– The signing of Las Vegas Raiders back up quarterback Marcus Mariota shows that Mariota wants to stay with the Raiders organization. Mariota signs for a little more $3.5 million than what the Raiders wanted to pay. Mariota and starting quarterback Derek Carr are always working out quarterback situations together and head coach Jon Gruden was one who pushed to make this deal happen.

Mariota is a mobile quarterback and has that going for him a little more than Carr but their very close in what kinds of quarterbacks that they are and their going to be a great one and two quarterbacks going into this season. When Carr got the groin injury last season and Mariota stepped in against the Los Angeles Chargers Mariota although he played only one game for the Raiders threw for 226 yards, went 17-28 and has all the flare of stepping in and taking over for Carr if it’s necessary.

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Oakland Raiders podcast with Joe Hawkes Beamon: Raiders can postpone winning games until very late

Photo credit:

On the Raiders podcast with Joe Hawkes:

#1 What is it with the Raiders and winning their games late? Is it like some kind of torture?

#2 Head coach Jon Gruden certainly knows how to pull out all the stops, and even late in the game, he runs a play with running back Josh Jacobs carrying for 18 yards with 1:08 left in the game.

#3 Thursday Night Football Raiders looked like they really stepped up their game. This was a nail biter throughout the whole contest.

#4 Josh Jacobs is having himself a season. How much has his rushing and scoring made a difference for the Raiders in winning games?

#5 Next Sunday, the Raiders will play their third consecutive home game after winning the first two against Detroit and now Los Angeles. The Raiders hope to take out Cincinnati on Sunday. Joe sets this game up.

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Raiders report: Did Brown act deliberately so he could join Belichick and the Patriots? file photo: Former Oakland Raider Antonio Brown (84) in this August 20th photo tunes up with the team during practice. Brown was signed to the New England Patriots hours after getting released by the Oakland Raiders on Saturday.

By Jerry Feitelberg

You can only speculate and it’s anyone’s guess, but the timing was awfully quick and you might have saw  Oakland Raiders former running back Antonio Brown on video celebrating by running to the distance of close to 50 yards from his kitchen to his backyard fence when he learned that the Raiders released him.

It didn’t take long after learning that after leaving the Raiders he was sought by the New England Patriots. Could it be possible that Brown had foreknowledge that if he could somehow get out from under the Raiders and that he would be able to play for the New England Patriots?

It also was brought up by conspiracy theorists that the Pats rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers who will be facing the Pats for Week 1 this Sunday would have loved to have Brown in for Sunday’s game. Head coach Bill Belichick is always thinking and if anyone doesn’t think he just might have had knowledge of video gate, deflate gate, or any other gate would be naive. Hence, the playbook to get Brown on the Patriots by hook or crook.

Brown, who was signed by the Pats, didn’t make the roster missing the 4 p.m. deadline on Saturday in order to play in tomorrow’s game against the Steelers. Brown, if you watched the video, was just a little too happy upon learning of his release from Oakland, but be as it may, he joins the Patriots for $15 million on a one-year deal.

There is little doubt that the Patriots could use a guy like Brown and when all the fuss of the helmet, the missed practices and walk throughs, suspensions, fines, arguments with Raiders general manager Mike Mayock, photos of his fines from Mayock, recorded conversations with head coach Jon Gruden about wanting to be a Raiders or not, came out it was just a matter of time when Brown would be leaving the Raiders and the Patriots no doubt stood up and took notice.

You could be rest assured Brown will not fuss too much like he did in Oakland once he gets to New England. He won’t fuss about his helmet, going to practice, showing up for meetings, and getting along with Belichick. Let Brown experience just a few Sundays and he’ll be as happy as a clam because he feels like he’s with a real franchise now.