Legends send off Candlestick

By: Phillip Torres

SAN FRANCISCO-On Saturday night the Legends and All Stars came together to send away Candlestick Park. Former San Francisco 49ers legends such as Joe Montana, Steve Young, Jeff Garcia, Jerry Rice, and many more showed up to play in the last ever game at “The Stick”.

Perhaps the most important person playing on the field was Eddie D. Bartolo. The man who is forever connected to the San Francisco 49ers. The heart and sole of the Franchise caught the game winning touchdown from 49ers legend Joe Montana.

The legends beat the All Stars 45-40 in the last game ever at Candlestick Park. The Stick concluded with a great send off to over 40 plus years of games.

49ers report: Team gets ready to bid fond adieu to 55 yr old Candlestick Park

by David Zizmor

SANTA CLARA–The last game ever at Candlestick Park this coming Monday night will feature a lot of pomp and circumstance as the 49ers close out the old park with the Atlanta Falcons. You will see a lot of superstars coming to bid the old park goodbye which includes Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Dwight Clark, Eddie DeBartolo Jr, Steve Young, just about everybody you could think of whose still alive and kicking. There’s a rumor that some former baseball Giants might come out and say goodbye to the old place too.

So anyone that had anything positive to do with the park over the years will be at Candlestick to celebrate the final game of this old and crumbling stadium before the 49ers move down to Levis Stadium down in Santa Clara. It’s been a long run for Candlestick it’s not the greatest stadium and anyone whose been there knows it’s past it’s prime. Even in it’s prime I wouldn’t call it a great stadium it was always a hulking mass.

It’s way too cold and way too hard to get to it’s one of those places that you like it because but it’s not a Soldier Field in Chicago or a Lambeau Field in Green Bay. Fans are going to miss it but they also look forward to going to their new stadium in Santa Clara they’re kind of crossing their fingers that it will have the same impact that it did like AT&T Park had in the city for the Giants when they moved at the end of the 1999 season.

When the Giants moved to AT&T Park pretty much everybody agreed that AT&T is one of the top stadiums in baseball and hopefully the 49ers new stadium will have an equal impact and it will be like as much as AT&T Park that’s kind of the gold standard. It will be sad to see it go.

Fans have a lot of memories there I first met Lee Leonard at that stadium so it’s even historical for Sportstalk radio we had our moments there. Good times, good memories but it’s time to move from Candelstick before it crumbles to the ground and the next time we talk about it is when they blow it up which everybody would like to go and see that because it’s going to be really cool.

49ers and Falcons preview: The Falcons have a lousy record but they might be better than what their record reflects. The Niners look really good, they got the running game going and Tampa had a good running defense last Sunday so that’s a good sign for San Francisco.

49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been in more control than he has in the last several weeks even in the win against Seattle this game was the best that Kaepernick has had in throwing against Tampa in five or six weeks. You also saw the defense playing well as it always has. This game coming up against Atlanta should be an interesting one.

First of all the Niners are playing the Falcons the team they beat to get into the NFC Championship game last season
but the fortunes have switched the Niners are still a very good team. The Falcons have an awful record this year they’ve been just sent reeling this year the bottom line is Atlanta has suffered a series really bad injuries and as a result they’re 4-10 so there’s no chance the Falcons are going to the playoffs. The Niners should have this game handled on Monday Night hands down.

David Zizmor covers the NFL for Sportstalk Radio

49ers Report: Kaepernick could very well be as good as Montana someday

by David Zizmor

 SANTA CLARA–We were just talking about how bad the NFC East is and no team better exemplifies that than the Washington squad their really bad and they displayed that last Monday night against the 49ers. It’s kind of surprising to think they made the playoffs last year and were kind of the toast of the league and Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III displayed his skills as he injured his knee in that playoff game last year against Seattle and it’s been a tough road ever since.

Washington is just not a very good team this season and Griffin is having a lot of trouble on offense he really has had trouble passing he doesn’t look right in fact if you look in the past game comments from 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks “we respect Robert Griffin he’s a good player he’s a warrior he also shouldn’t be out there, it’s just not right there’s something wrong he’s not healthy and he should take a break before he gets back out there” but you know what the 49ers don’t care.

The 49ers had two tough games against Carolina and New Orleans and the way they lost those two games was pretty tough they lost by a total of four points by one point to Carolina and three points to New Orleans and in that New Orleans game if you don’t like that penalty for the personal foul called on Brooks for the clothesline hit on Drew Brees late in the game when he fumbled you would think the 49ers had the game stolen from them.

They lost their two games in a very tough manner and everybody was claiming the sky was falling “the Niners stink, their going to miss the playoffs, Colin Kaeppernick he’s not as good as we thought he was” the offense needs to pick up the pace for sure but the defense has been playing great football and the Niners still are 7-4 right now this isn’t a team that hasn’t completely fallen out of the playoffs race. They had a couple of tough games and they were right in  those games if a couple of breaks go their way they could have got the win and everybody would be happy and nobody would be complaining and moaning.

Fans and media would be saying that the Niners would need to be doing a couple more things and “hey their winning so who cares” this is a good team and Kaepernick has not been quite as dynamic as he was last year but lets’ remember this is a guy who started only 20 football games in his young career and after 20 games former 49ers quarterback Joe Montana was still struggling a little bit in fact if you look at Montana’s statistics for his first 20 games their almost identical to Kaepernick’s it’s almost scary how close they are in terms of their numbers.


Kaepernick and Montana were in different eras their not one to one comparable but Kaepernick still has a lot of room to grow and you won’t be surprised and you’ll see him grow and become a much better quarterback as time passes the offensive line has struggled a bit this season that’s played a part in Kaepernick’s struggles and we all know the problems of the 49ers with their wide receivers being unhealthy.

As the receivers get healthy and they get more weapons on offense back in the fold you see Kaepernick get better, also the coaching staff needs adjusting their realizing there are some things they need to help Kaepernick with so their doing their best to make things a little easier for him. The most important thing is the wide receivers. Mario Manningham is getting better each week you saw him in this week’s game against Washington catching several slant passes.

Which you might remember back in the 80s and 90s under former head coaches of the 49ers Bill Walsh and George Siefert those were the bread and butter of the 49ers offense with receivers like Jerry Rice, John Taylor, Freddie Solomon, Dwight Clark, and many others were catching slants left and right. You couldn’t stop them it’s a great play and if you catch it and you get tackled you get seven yards and if you catch and you break a tackle you could go for a long one.

David Zizmor covers the NFL for Sportstalk radio

Niners take on the Jaguars in London

By Pearl Allison Lo

London – The San Francisco 49ers will be playing their third international game, second at historic Wembley Stadium, while the host Jacksonville Jaguars will be playing their first, when the two teams meet on the field Sunday, October 27th at 5pm London Time. This is a part of the NFL’s International Series with the help of the Mayor of London.

Re the scene before the game for the public, I haven’t seen much besides the Fan Rally, but there were glimpses. I’ve seen ads in the subway, on street vehicles and banners hanging between buildings. There were multiple going-ones during the week though.

Yet to be back in San Francisco, after arriving in London Monday, the team got together with the famed Tottenham Hotspurs for a community event encouraging young ones to be more active. Both sporting teams got to indulge in each others’ respective sport.

NikeTown hosted an evening on Tuesday that centered around Jacksonville Jaguars’ players.

After 49ers practice on Friday, re the yet to win Jaguars, coach Jim Harbaugh said his players “respect the team…They play with great effort, very physical, so I’ll just say that. I haven’t had to say anything along those lines. They’ve seen it on the tape.” Re his own 5-2 team, Harbaugh expressed, “hopefully we play our best football. That’s what we’re looking for. We’ve played good football, but I think we could do better…”

When asked about plans for London, Harbaugh pulled out a list that included Marble Arch, Park Lane, Buckingham Palace and Parliament Square to received laughter. He grinned while inquiring afterward; “think we’re hitting the right spots?”

NFL jerseys started popping up Saturday on the day of the fan rally on the train, before the Commisioner’s Fan Forum and after the rally elsewhere. They were most prominent, however, with the 49ers heavily supported, decorating the invited fans at the forum who were to be bused to the rally after Q&A. Commissioner Roger Goodell, 49er quarterback legend Joe Montana and former Jacksonville Jaguars’ offensive Tony Boselli, who sat in a circle in the middle of the fans, were the other components of the equation.

Eager questions surrounded the possibilities of Monday and Thursday night games, 2015, women in the NFL and the Super Bowl to a collective intake of inhaled breaths and gasps. When asked if a Los Angeles franchise or a U.K. franchise would be first, Goodell stated, “it doesn’t matter to me. I would like to be able to continue to expand our game,” but moreover, emphasized “success” and “doing things right…Ultimately, I would love to see us doing both.” Goodell also mentioned the possibility of women in the NFL as referees.

Bare chested young men sported painted letters, numbers and symbols during the off part of off and on rain at the rally, with a message that read, ‘U.K. Franchise in 5 years? Odds 8/1.’

We’ll see Sunday if the game can help with the “success” Goodell emphasized during the forum, thereby improving the odds and the possibility of more burgeoning American football fans not only in the U.K., but Europe.

NOTES: My experience being in London so far is that people are pretty nice, friendly and helpful. The roads being reversed and other oddities like the light switches being the opposite way, cell phone stores being called car phone warehouses, a lot of hookah bars, the European smoke and free wifi in telephone booths provide additional interest. The UK accents are quintessential.