MLB podcast with Bill Gould: Why was Don Orsillo the late Jeremy Remy’s broadcast partner at the Red Sox left out of Remy’s tribute?

Autographed signed photo of former Boston Red Sox broadcasters Jeremy Remy (left) and Don Orsillo (right) (photo from worth point)

Former Boston Red Sox broadcaster and former Sox second baseman Jeremy Remy who passed away after the 2021 season on Oct 30, 2021 had a tribute at Fenway Park at the Sox home game against the Toronto Blue Jays on Thu Apr 21.

What overshadowed the tribute was Remy’s longtime broadcast partner Don Orsillo was left out of the tribute. Orsillo and Remy broadcasted together on NESN Sports for 15 years. Remy did not renew his NESN contract and left the Sox broadcasts after the 2015 season and Orsillo left to do play by play TV for the San Diego Padres.

Remy who was given the tribute but most notably was Orsillo who was his broadcast partner all those years who had a prepared speech recorded on video was not presented on the Fenway Park video board. This was widely noticed by the media, fans, employees and front office people. Orsillo couldn’t make the tribute in person because he had to broadcast a Padres game but was also surprised when the video was not played during Thursday night’s tribute at Fenway.

Bill Gould Sportstalk analyst shares his views as to what happened and what a shame it was that the Orsillo video was not played recognizing one of the Red Sox most memorable TV analysts Jerry Remy.