Howard Terminal Ballpark-Lawsuit has 270 days of life

Artists rendition of the Oakland A’s Howard Terminal Ballpark at Jack London Square in downtown Oakland (image from the San Francisco Chronicle)

Howard Terminal Ballpark – Lawsuit have 270 days of Life-

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

OAKLAND–Howard Terminal New Ballpark. A huge project that would transform the City of Oakland.

-$12 Billion private investment

-$1 Billion for the construction of the ballpark

-3.000 units of housing

-1.5 million square feet of office space

-270,000 feet of retail space

-400 room hotel

-18 acres of parkland

-$450 million in community benefits

In 2014 California Judicial Council approves new court rules, (below)

  • New court rules will significantly expedite the timeline for lawsuits brought under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) to challenge the certification of the environmental impact report (EIR) or the granting of any project approvals that require the actions or proceedings for certain large “leadership” development projects certified by the Governor.
  • For these leadership projects, the CEQA lawsuit, including appeals, must be resolved within 270 days of certification of the administrative record.

The A’s are facing two lawsuits, one by the Union Pacific Railroad Company and another by the East Oakland Stadium Alliance, which is a coalition of marine, port and transportation.  Both lawsuits are challenging the certification of the ballpark’s environmental impact report, another important part of process to approve the project.

Most recent good news for the A’s came in early May, from the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission which said a report that the land where the A’s proposed to build the ballpark is not needed by the Port of Oakland.

This was a preliminary recommendation, although a positive step, now the Commission will decide on June 30 whether to accept that recommendation. If that hurdle is cleared, the A’s are running between-second and third, on their way to score the new ballpark in Oakland.

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary podcast: Kaval and A’s jump another hurdle as BCDC on board with Howard Terminal project

Artists rendition of Oakland Howard Terminal ballpark as the A’s face several lawsuits regarding environmental and traffic issues after getting assurance from the Bay Conservation and Development Commission who plan to vote in favor of the project on Jun 2. (photo from NBC Sports Bay Area)

On That’s Amaury News and Commentary podcast:

#1 The Bay Conservation and Development Commission who are to vote on Jun 2 on the Howard Terminal ballpark and project development said they will vote to move forward with the project and A’s president Dave Kaval called it a “massive deal.”

#2 Kaval said that with the vote from the Oakland City Council and now with the assurance of the BCDC it looks as if the project has a good chance to move forward.

#3 The East Oakland Stadium Alliance filed a lawsuit said that environmental protocols weren’t followed and that the Alliance wants the ballpark built at the existing location here at the Oakland Coliseum.

#4 Amaury not to mention there are shipping, steel, and the port groups that have filed environmental impact violation lawsuits against the project. The Alliance spokesman says the city process failed to meet environmental standards regarding the luxury condominiums, office and retail development.

#5 Kaval added that removing port designation puts the A’s on a path towards building at Howard Terminal.

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Oakland A’s podcast with Jerry Feitelberg: Manaea dealt to Padres pitches against old team on day one; Lawsuit against A’s has team seriously looking to Vegas

The Tropicana Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas strip is being considered for a future destination for the Oakland A’s new ballpark if the A’s and the Howard Terminal project is voted down on Jun 2, 2022 by the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC)  (photo from

On the A’s podcast with Jerry F:

#1 The East Bay Alliance who have filed a lawsuit with co plaintiffs Schnitzer Steel, Pacific Merchant Shipping Association, Harbor Trucking Association, California Trucking Association, International Longshore and the Warehouse Union. At issue is their dispute regarding the California Environmental Impact Quality Act regarding non compliance.

#2 The East Bay Alliance wants the A’s to stay at their current site at the Oakland Coliseum saying that the Coliseum meets all the standards of traffic, public transit, freeway access and plenty of room with no jobs to be concerned about getting cut.

#3 A’s team president David Kaval disputes that notion saying that the East Bay Alliance and the plaintiffs lawsuit is absolutely crazy, “We think they should drop the lawsuit. It’s an odd way to use an environmental law to prevent the environmental review from being completed.”

#4 Meanwhile in spring training at Mesa: Former A’s pitcher Sean Manaea started against the A’s on Sunday after being traded to the San Diego Padres for two prospects Infielder Euribiel Angeles No.12 on their system, plus Adrián Martínez, a pitcher and No.26 prospect. The Athletics also sent minor league pitcher Aaron Holiday with Manaea to San Diego. Former A’s manager and Padres manager said that Manaea could have started with an A’s hat and a Padres jersey.

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary: No April Fool’s Joke–New Lawsuit Filed against the A’s Howard Terminal

Artists rendition of the Howard Terminal ballpark the Oakland A’s are seeking to build. The East Oakland Alliance is suing the City of Oakland and other defendants in their fight to keep the A’s at the Coliseum location in East Oakland (AP News photo)

No April Fool’s Joke: New Lawsuit Filed against the A’s Howard Terminal

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

OAKLAND–It was no April Fool’s joke. Today, April 1, 2022 a new lawsuit against the Oakland A’s and the building of their proposed new Howard Terminal Ballpark took another hit. This lawsuit was filed by the East Oakland Alliance, which wants the Oakland A’s to stay in Oakland but build the new ballpark in the current Coliseum location.

MLB does not approve the building of the new park at the actual location that is a no-go. The East Oakland Alliance is among the entities this time suing the team and the city of Oakland, together with shipping, steel, and port groups also suing.

Their spokesman says the A’s and city did not adequately disclose the negative effect the project will have on the existing waterfront operations and surrounding areas, among other things. A’s President Dave Kaval rejected those claims saying a new ballpark at Howard Terminal would be better for the environment and people in the Bay Area.

Back in February 2021, the A’s cleared a legal hurdle in their quest for the new ballpark at Howard Terminal, most recently this year the news was encouraging as the A’s received positive votes toward their ultimate goal of the $12 billion project, Oakland Howard Terminal.

But today another step backwards. The problem? Well, the ‘clock is ticking’. These groups that opposed the Howard Terminal project keep throwing grenades at the A’s and things (when they look like they’re moving along) they stall.

Major League Baseball Commissioner, Rob Manfred Jr. expects a yes or no (Oakland or Las Vegas) a final decision by summer 2022. In the meantime, the A’s continue to work with Las Vegas, in what Dave Kaval has called for a year now: “working on different parallels, with the same goal of a new ballpark for the A’s.”… by the bay or by the desert.

This was the statement today by the groups opposed to the Howard Terminal project:

“The Environmental Impact Report (EIR) certified by the City of Oakland for the Oakland A’s’ proposed project at Howard Terminal did not adequately disclose, analyze, or mitigate all of the significant adverse impacts this massive and disruptive redevelopment on the working waterfront will cause.

Every EIR is required to provide an objective and thorough analysis of impacts, alternatives, and mitigation measures under California law, but the City’s EIR and environmental process failed to meet this mandate.

The A’s proposal to build a stadium and luxury condominiums, office and retail development will cause major disruptions and impacts to both the surrounding community and the operations of the Port, yet the EIR did not fully address these concerns or mitigate these well-known issues.

It also failed to accurately compare the Oakland Coliseum site as an alternative which would have far less adverse effects. It is simply not proper to ignore or defer analysis or mitigation of so many of the significant impacts identified in the more than 400 comments submitted by community and supply chain stakeholders, and as a result our only alternative is to pursue legal recourse.” 

Mike Jacob — East Oakland Stadium Alliance

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That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: A’s Port of Oakland buildings, railroad and gondola

No word yet on the Oakland A’s Howard Terminal ball park but baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred is losing patience (artists rendition of Oakland A’s Howard Terminal ballpark image from Piedmont Exedra)

A’s- Port Of Oakland, Buildings, Railroad and Gondola.

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

Amaury Pi-González

Recently commissioner of Major League Baseball Rob Manfred said he is not optimistic about a new deal to keep the team in A’s in Oakland. He made the remarks to the Sports Business Journal and confirmed relocation is on the table for the A’s but not only to Las Vegas but as well to other locations in other cities.

Manfred said that Tampa Bay Rays and the Oakland A’s need new ballparks, but reiterated (as he has done in the past) that Oakland is the team right now that concerns him the most. Manfred said (quote) “Frankly, in some ways we’re not sure we see a path to success, in terms of getting something built in Oakland.”

The commissioner is following the situation in Oakland and could be worried about the points listed below, that seems to be on the table between both parties.

Below deals with some of these topics.

-Port of Oakland. How can the ballpark affect the Port of Oakland operations? Concerns that the port needs to expand to accommodate large cargo ships. That this would be more difficult with a baseball stadium at Howard Terminal. Port of Oakland workers have demonstrated in front of the A’s team owner John Fisher in San Francisco as they are against the proposal to build the new stadium at Howard Terminal. Workers say that will displace blue collar jobs.

-Buildings. The Athletics plan calls for Howard Terminal to build one (1) residential tower as high as 600 feet and another at 400 feet tall. These buildings would compete with designs such as the Ordway building, which is 400 feet tall and the tallest building in downtown Oakland. Ordway building is also known as #1 Kaiser Plaza.

-Railroad. The DRC (Oakland Design Review Committee) wants a safe way for the visitors to the park to avoid the railroad tracks altogether. The DRC is concerned with the safety of people to get to the park across the railroad crossings. AMTRAK trains travels right in front of Jack London Square. Note. Union Pacific controls the rails.

-Gondola. In 2019 the Oakland A’s proposed the idea of a gondola to take fans from BART to Howard Terminal. However, this idea was not in the plans and reviewed by the committee. The proposal was to move fans from downtown Oakland to a stadium at Howard Terminal. The fans would be “ferried” via an elevated gondola similar to what you might see at a ski resort to the stadium. Looks like the gondola is a No Go.

Above are some of the key points to be discussed by the Alameda Board of Supervisors this October 26. As of today the official agenda for the meeting still pending and has not been announced to the public.

It seems that Commissioner Rob Manfred, who has put a clock in baseball to ‘speed up’ the game, has also put the A’s on the clock when it comes to the new Howard Terminal ballpark.

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That’s Amaury News and Commentary: WWII took Six Years, A’s and City of Oakland since 2001

Artist’s rendering of an Oakland A’s Howard Terminal ballpark at Jack London Square in Oakland, the A’s say they will listen to Oakland Mayor Schaff and the City of Oakland and try and work with them on their offer for a new ballpark at Howard Terminal (image from Curbed SF)

WWII took Six years, A’s and City of Oakland since 2001

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

By Amaury Pi-González

OAKLAND–On Friday, Libby Schaaf Mayor of Oakland, said the City of Oakland agreed to resume talks about the proposed new Howard Terminal ballpark with the Oakland A’s if the A’s agree to its conditions as a starting point. The A’s declined to make a comment. Refreshing our collective memories, this effort to build a new park did not began just a couple of years ago.

In 2001 NHK Sports Inc had three (3) sites in Oakland proposed for the new A’s ballpark. Uptown Oakland neighborhood, the Oakland Coliseum, the Howard Terminal, plus one outside of Oakland (20 miles south) in Fremont, which quickly struck-out.

Negotiations/Talks have been going on since 2001 to the present. That is 20 years of talking between all parties in the saga to keep the A’s in Oakland. In 2001 Jerry Brown was the Mayor of Oakland, later Ron Dellums followed by Jean Quan and since 2015 to date by Libby Schaaf. The Second World War began in 1939 and ended in 1945, about six years.

Since the latest vote on July 20 by the City of Oakland, both sides have “rested” from renegotiating the construction of the 34,000 seat Howard Terminal ballpark. Since then Mr. David Kaval, President of the Athletics has visited Las Vegas multiple times, looking for sites in the desert.

There are still a lot of issues to be resolved. Will the A’s provide hundreds of affordable homes as required by Oakland city law, plus millions of dollars out of their own pockets, which will benefit the community? There is no guarantee.

In April the Oakland Athletics non-binding financial sheet, asked the city to create two tax assessment district, one financing improvements like streets, sidewalks and cleanup of the soil to prepare for the construction on the 55-acre Howard Terminal side, plus a village of 3,000 homes, offices, hotels, performing arts center, parks and open spaces. Alameda County is needed to help cover cost of the infrastructure. The A’s believe about $860 million would be generated from property tax growth by the project.

However, The City of Oakland promised to seek state and federal funds to pay the A’s the $352 million they need for all the off-site improvements.

That offer came as a surprise to Mr.Kaval and the A’s and the team would need to review it before deciding to continue with negotiations. The City of Oakland will be able to renew and consider voting on the request by September. Will this be enough to strike a deal?

The current lease with the Oakland Coliseum expires in 2024. I consider myself a positive man, but after 20 years it presents a tremendous challenge to A’s fans and obviously the Commissioner of Baseball who already ran out of patience and gave permission to the Athletics to look elsewhere.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the lead play by play announcer for the Oakland A’s Spanish radio flagship station 1010 KIQI LeGrande San Francisco and does News and Commentary at

A’s environmental report for Jack London Square ballpark released: City of Oakland goal park to be a destination

Oakland A’s team president David Kaval stands by the glass door at the Oakland Coliseum. Kaval  hopes if everything works out the construction of the A’s new park at Howard Terminal at Jack London Square should break ground by 2023 (file photo from the San Francisco Chronicle)

By Jerry Feitelberg and Joe Hawkes (SRS staff writers)

OAKLAND–The City of Oakland released an environmental impact report on Friday that proposes a new state of the art stadium for the Oakland A’s on the waterfront site at Howard Terminal. The new park would included 35,000 seats, 3,000 units of residential condos, housing, apartments, office working space consisting of 1.5 million feet and retail business space of 270,000 feet.

The A’s who have offices at Jack London Square will move the rest of their operations from their offices at the Oakland Coliseum to Jack London Square when the park is ready. The city said that they had envisioned big plans and ideas for the waterfront site and to convert it into a neighborhood for living, shopping, entertainment, and the A’s new park.

This is the A’s second attempt to get a park built in downtown Oakland their first attempt was at the Laney College location located at Lake Merritt but that was shot down after the college’s faculty staff objected to the A’s building a stadium at the site and it would disrupt business and traffic.

The A’s are now seeking the Howard Terminal site this time they have the city behind them on this project not to mention the 2018 legislation bill AB734 which the legislature passed which requires all complaints against the construction of the new park be filed under 270 days.

If the A’s can not move to Howard Terminal it had been suggested that the A’s could stay at the Oakland Coliseum location but the A’s and Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred are all in for moving to Howard Terminal and that the Coliseum location for a new park is not an option.

Kaval said that he was pleased about getting the environmental impact report out and looked at it as a step forward towards getting started on the new Howard Terminal ballpark “We are really excited to get our draft out there, and to advance the project forward so it can be voted on by the City Council this year, which is really our key goal.”

Opponents to the new park have stated that traffic, parking, poor transit access are some of the issues that dockworkers and maritime residents have said they are concerned about. The port is concerned about conducting their business while their are ball games taking place, traffic from retail, restaurants, and housing residents.

Stadium opponents spokesman Mike Jacob vice president of the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association said “that Oakland’s working waterfront is no place for a stadium, office and luxury condominium complex at this location.”

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Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Kings on a three game win streak came to end to Bucks?; Will Wiggins be go to guy on Warriors?; plus more

The Sacramento Kings De’Aaron Fox (4) puts the defense on against the San Antonio Spurs Derrick White (4) on Saturday night at Golden One Center in Sacramento

On Headline Sports with Barbara:

#1 The Sacramento Kings won three in a row they struggled previous to that but after they beat the Minnesota Timberwolves, Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs but lost a tough one to the Milwaukee Bucks 123-111 on Monday night?

#2 The Golden State Warriors showed they weren’t bashful at the trade deadline and dealt Glen Robinson III, Alec Burks, and De’Angelo Russell and for their trouble got three second round picks from the Philadelphia 76ers and Andrew Wiggins from the Minnesota Timberwolves

#3 The San Francisco Giants got to re-introduce outfielder Hunter Pence at the Giants Fan Fest on Saturday at Oracle Park, Pence said he was excited about being back in San Francisco.

#4 Barbara wanted to ask you about a recent Chronicle poll showing that 62% of Oakland residents prefer the Oakland A’s stay at the Oakland Coliseum location rather than move to Jack London Square 29% of those polled wanted to see the A’s move to Jack London Square

#5 MLB Commissioner said that if the A’s do not get a stadium built at Howard Terminal they would leave Oakland for Las Vegas.

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That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: What’s Next Regarding the A’s Howard Terminal Park?

Photo credit:

By Amaury Pi-González

“We’re excited to enter into this next phase of negotiations with the A’s to ensure they remain rooted in Oakland!”

That was the last statement issued by City of Oakland Officials right after the city dropped lawsuit over Alameda County over the possible sale of the Oakland Coliseum to the Oakland Athletics.The team offered to buy out both halves of the 112-acre Oakland Coliseum site, with the goal of building a new ballpark at Howard Terminal.

So what’s next? EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) was founded by the US government in 1970 about concern of environmental pollution. They will conduct studies about the location and what challenges they will encounter at Howard Terminal about the environment.

The New York Mets’ City Field was inaugurated in 2009, but was built with the highest environmental standards, with 95% recycled steel and a green roof to decrease energy needs along with water conserving measures like hand-free faucets and automated flush valves that save millions of gallons of water. It is not only the New York Metropolitans, but most new stadiums today are built similarly and the Bay Area is not different,

Earlier this year, KGO reported that the Bay Area is the most expensive place in the world to build. According to a report by United Kingdom-based consultant Turner and Townsend, the average construction cost in the Bay Area is $417 per square foot, surpassing New York’s $338. It is good news because the A’s will privately finance the park, so it will never go to a local election. When that happens here in the Bay Area,and there is an election to approve or disapprove the construction of a professional sports facility. The vote is “no” and you can just ask the San Francisco Giants.

Unlike states like Texas, Georgia or Missouri, the Bay Area is not easy to build a sports facility for a major league franchise. There are many decisions to be made and this is a project that involves hundreds of millions of dollars. This is the only professional big league franchise left in the City of Oakland, a once proud city that was named “City of Champions” in the 1970’s when the A’s, Raiders and Warriors all won titles, respectively. Obstacles remain and we will be talking about this until it happens or not. If the Howard Terminal location cannot be the place, the same place where they have been playing since 1968 to date would be the most sensicble solution for the A’s future. BART and Highway 880 are also not moving.

Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: People still asking are 49ers for real; Raiders continue out of town trip in Green Bay Sunday; plus more

Photo credit:

On Headline Sports with Barbara:

#1 Are the San Francisco 49ers an optical illusion or are they for real? People are pinching themselves over the Niners at 5-0 and their amazing performance on both sides of the football.

#2 The Oakland Raiders continue their long strange trip this time against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on Sunday. The Raiders play their fourth game out of the last five weeks out on the road and they’ve won their last two games.

#3 MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said for the Oakland City Council to get its act together soon or the Oakland A’s will move to Vegas. Some question if Manfred was more on the hasty and demanding side, while the city has put a legal hold on the A’s ability to buy the Coliseum property. In the meantime, CA Gov. Gavin Newsom said he will try to expedite the construction of the A’s new stadium at the Howard Terminal.

#4 The Cal Bears are coming off a tough loss to Oregon October 5th and host OSU at Cal this is expected to be a much better game this Saturday than their last game in Oregon.

#5 No one would have thought that San Jose Sharks’ Patrick Marleau would be the difference in turning things around after the Sharks went 0-4 and now they’re up to 2-4 and could close in on .500 on Wednesday night with a win over the Carolina Hurricanes at SAP Center.

#6 Calls went against the Detroit Lions Trey Flowers for hand to the face on Monday Night Football on the second hands to the face call it forced the Lions into their own red zone and the Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers took a knee twice and with just a little over a minute left the Packers kicker Mason Crosby kicked a 23 yard field goal for the 23-22.

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