Headline Sports with Michael Roberson: Houston Baptist University player shot and killed; WNBA star Griner’s call might have been prevented; plus more

Houston Baptist University forward Darius Lee jumps for a lay up against Arizona State during NCAA action on Nov 29, 2022 in Tempe AZ. Lee was shot and killed on Mon Jun 20, 2022 while eight others were wounded in the Bronx NY (AP file photo)

On Headline Sports with Michael Roberson:

#1 Darius Lee a 21 year old soon to be graduate at Houston Baptist University was shot and killed on Monday morning sometime after 12:30 AM EDT. Lee was home from school break in the Bronx in New York when he was killed and eight others were wounded. The shooting happens while there is a national concern about gun violence. Shootings in New York were down by 11% and murder was down by 12%.

#2 WNBA and Phoenix Mercury star Brittney Griner tried to call her wife on Saturday from the US Embassy but the call never made a connection because the phone line at the Embassy was not staffed. Griner could be released as early as July Griner wife Cherelle didn’t get a call from Griner and that there was speculation that the Russian authorities prevented the call.

#3 Daniel Snyder the owner of the Washington Commanders refused to testify before congress on June 22 regarding a toxic work environment. Carolyn Maloney NY-D chairman of the hearing committee gave Snyder a chance to testify virtually. Snyder’s council said that his appearing virtually does not address having council physically present with him. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will testify.

#4 Defense lawyers in the Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs case are asking that his blood evidence showing he was twice the legal amount to drive when he crashed his car into a Las Vegas woman’s car killing her and her dog. Ruggs lawyers say there was no probable cause to extract blood from Ruggs saying the mere fact that he had an accident didn’t give probable cause to withdraw his blood therefore it was taken from Ruggs unlawfully.

#5 Tony the Raiders Hunter Renfrow is coming off a 103 catch season and two seasons ago Darren Waller caught 107 passes and Davante Adams who caught 111 passes in three of the last four seasons will be on board for the Raiders. Do you see the receivers making up a bulk of the scoring for the Raiders this season?

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Las Vegas Raiders podcast with Rich Perez: Jackson expected to fill the Ruggs III void

Newly acquired wide receiver DeSean Jackson working out with the Las Vegas Raiders will be featured on Sunday Night Football Nov 15, 2021 as one of the keys to the Raiders offense as they host the Kansas City Chiefs at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas (photo by raiders.com)

On the Raiders podacast with Rich:

#1 Rich talk about how crucial it is for the Las Vegas Raiders (5-3) to get someone like veteran wide receiver DeSean Jackson and do you see him filling in the void left by former wide receiver Henry Ruggs III.

#2 Raider head coach Rich Bisaccia said that Jackson can run and that he was a big part of the Los Angeles Rams offense and could be expected to contribute big for the Raiders.

#3 Rich, we wanted to ask you about the 23-16 loss in New Jersey last Sunday to the New York Giants (3-6) did the recent troubles of Henry Ruggs and Damon Arnette play a role in the loss last week?

#4 Rich, just wanted to get your take on the Raiders Max Crosby being considered for defensive end of the year. Crosby does not lead the NFL in sacks but has been called one of the more consistent pass rushers in the league.

#5 Raiders host the Kansas City Chiefs (5-4) for Sunday Night Football the Chiefs have won four of their last six games they are a game just above .500 that said they have won their last two games and beat the Green Bay Packers (7-2) last Sunday 13-7. Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers was out due to Covid 19 protocols and was the center of remarks he walked back regarding be vaccinated. Was this an advantage for the Chiefs in beating the Packers last week?

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Las Vegas Raiders podcast with Tony Renteria: Ruggs under house arrest waiting for trial; Raiders in New Jersey to face Giants with heavy hearts

Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs III is seated at the Las Vegas Justice Court on Wed Nov 3 for multiple DUI charges and running into victim Tina Tintor’s SUV RAV4 killing her and her dog on Tue Nov 2, 2021. Ruggs in under house arrest at his Las Vegas home. (AP News photo)

On the Las Vegas Raiders podcast:

#1 Tony, going into New Jersey on Sunday to face the Giants at the Meadowlands how much preparation and just general counseling and comfort will the players need to give each other in getting ready for this game.

#2 Tony, to say the least a shock once everyone found out Tuesday what happened regarding wide receiver Henry Ruggs III a well liked player it was hard on everyone to know he will not be their teammate anymore.

#3 For Tina Tintor the 23 year old victim she could not get out of her RAV4 SUV three bystanders tried to pull her out but were overcome by smoke and had to back away. Her family was in court on Wed Nov 3 for the initial court appearance of Ruggs.

#4 Tony, after winning their last two games and having a bye week last Sunday things were looking up and positive for the Raiders but how do you come back from something like this?

#5 The Raiders face the New York Giants (2-6) at the Meadowlands for Sunday the Giants are coming off a 20-17 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs (4-4). Giants quarterback Daniel Jones threw 22-32 for 222 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception. The Giants are a struggling team but where the Raiders are right now how do you see this game?

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