Headline Sports podcast with Michael Duca: San Jose State hopes to snap two game losing streak Thursday against Fresno; Giants shopping Angels Cobb; plus more

The San Jose Spartans tight end Derrick Deese (87) who lost his helmet as he crosses the goal line for the score against UNLV at Allegiant Stadium on Thu Oct 21, 2021 against the UNLV Runnin Rebels. The Spartans host the Fresno State Bulldogs Thu Nov 25, 2021 (AP News file photo)

On Headline Sports with Michael:

#1 The San Jose State Spartans (5-6) have a big game with the Fresno State Bulldogs (8-3). San Jose State is trying to become bowl eligible. That should be a good Turkey Day game which Michael will be covering.

#2 San Francisco Giants manager Gabe Kapler must be excited about the thought of obtaining Los Angeles Angel pitcher Alex Cobb.

#3 The Giants signed Anthony DeSclafani for three years for $36 million and who says there’s no loyalty in baseball? DeSclafani will stay with the Giants for the next three seasons.

#4 It will be interesting to see how both sides of a work stoppage in Major League Baseball work one of the issues of arbitration out. This is a lockout that should not eat into the beginning of the 2022 season things should get worked out.

#5 Oakland A’s outfielder Chris Canha most likely will be leaving and the Giants have shown some interest in obtaining his services. He played college ball at Cal and he knows the Bay Area and this is what he knows and what he’s comfortable with.

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Sports Headlines podcast with Michael Duca for Jerry Feitelberg: What scenario will World Series be remembered for?; Cal BB player tests positive practices canceled; plus more

MLB vehemently informed Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner seated right of manager Dave Roberts (left) that he was in violation of Covid-19 protocols on Tuesday night after the Dodgers won the World Series in game 6. Turner refused to listen to MLB security to get off the field and came on the field to celebrate with his teammates. A fine and a suspension most likely are forth coming for Turner. (AP News photo)

On Headline Sports with Michael Duca for Jerry F:

#1 The Los Angeles Dodgers Justin Turner’s game 6 positive test was something that was of topic more than the discussion of the Dodgers winning the World Series.

#2 How will historians look back on this series, the Typhoid Turner Series, Tampa Bay Rays manager Kevin Cash the goat for taking Black Snell out too early in favor of Nick Anderson, or after more than 32 years of waiting the Dodgers are World Champions.

#3 Turning to Cal Basketball an unidentified player was positive but was asymptomatic. Cal head coach Mark Fox said that for eight months the program has been using caution and protocols but practices have been ordered to stop.

#4 Pac 12 basketball will start November 25 there is still discussion about safety issues and concerns about traveling to schools where it might be spiking.

#5 Becky Hammon 43, assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs who played in the WNBA, is a prime candidate for the head coaching job for the Oklahoma City Thunder. She got huge props from former Spurs player Pau Gasol who said coach Hammon can coach period.

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Headline Sports podcast with Michael Duca: Giants Posey drops out; Nashville FC second MLS team to drop out; plus more

San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey has stated before “what are we doing” regarding playing and working out while the virus is spreading like a wild fire throughout the country and with a pregnant wife is considering dropping out for the season (NBC Sports photo)

On Headline Sports with Michael:

#1 San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey had missed three days of workouts and announced he is dropping out as of Friday as the risks of contracting the virus has been off the charts as Posey and his wife adopted twins who born pre mature and Posey will stay at home to care for the twins. With Posey dropping out will this be an example for other players that it’s not safe?

#2 Nashville FC had ten players test positive and like FC Dallas they have elected to drop out could teams in MLB start doing the same things by dropping out.

#3 Things have been reportedly falling apart for testing in MLB with delays with their Utah lab but tests this week have come back and MLB teams continue to work out but managers and players are very nervous on how to proceed on a day to day basis on trying to keep it safe.

#4 Oakland A’s manager Bob Melvin said after A’s left hand pitcher Jesus Luzardo tested positive for Corona Luzardo would not be on the field and that he couldn’t comment any further on Luzardo and anyone else.

#5 Michael with the minor leagues shut down and some of the teams we talked about in MLS testing positive and the NFL mulling over how to play or not will baseball eventually have to cancel the season?

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Headline Sports podcast with Michael Duca: With the US spiking how practical is it to return to MLB; No hub cities everyone from all over coming in; plus more

Ballparks will remain empty through the 60 game regular season and post season as baseball is expected to open by July 24th with no hub cities and teams traveling. Reports of surging cases of Covid-19 could play a huge concern in the opening of the baseball season. This image describes some of the ground rules players will have to follow when returning back to work. (MLB image)

On Headline Sports podcast with Michael:

#1 Michael baseball will be using all sorts of caution when they return one of the first orders of the day no fans in the park and all the precautions taken. In spite of all of that three MLB training facilities had closed and several players have tested positive how practical is it to allow the return of the game when the country is also spiking?

#2 Baseball will not be doing hub cities like the NBA or NHL and using their home parks with that said how risky is it that in cities that are spiking like Houston, Arlington, Miami and Tampa Bay to name a few to return back to action.

#3 MLB said that they will not interfere or get involved in any individual team’s policy but at what stage will they feel they might have to get involved if more and more reports of positive tests come out?

#4 In the NBA the Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant said if his teammates wanted to play he’s cool with that but on the side of caution Durant said he probably wouldn’t and would just “chill” Durant’s teammate Kyrie Irving said there should be more of a push on the social issues of racial issues rather than return to play in risky conditions.

#5 MLB will soon set the ground rules up as to who will be allowed to have access to work at the park. Could you go over who will have access such as front office employees, trainers, medical staff, camera crews, media, security, custodians, players, coaches, and managers to name a few.

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Headline Sports podcast with Michael Duca: A’s and Giants strengthen their catching positions in draft

Former North Carolina catcher Patrick Bailey joins the Giants as their top pick in the draft on Wednesday (si.com file photo)

On Headline Sports podcast with Michael:

#1 Michael how surprised were that the Giants drafted a catcher in Patrick Bailey when they have catcher Joey Bart waiting in the wings to come up to the show soon. Is Bailey someone who is regarded to be a compliment for the future or what does his acquisition mean for Bart.

#2 Bailey can swing for the fences .302, 29 home runs, with a .411 on base percentage, slugging average .568 slugging average in 578 at bats he’s got a great resume.

#3 Taking a look at the Oakland A’s they drafted catcher Tyler Soderstrom on Wednesday, Soderstrom hit .357 hit a homer in five games just before his senior season that got shutdown by the Virus crisis. In Soderstrom’s junior year hit .450 with four home runs.

#4 Sodertstrom is the 26th pick in the draft, Kevin Mello the A’s scout from Northern California said Sodertstrom has a very good chance to be very, very good.

#5 Michael talk about Petaluma native Spencer Torkelson who was selected as the overall first round pick by Detroit Tigers hit .337 at Arizona State University last season. How important is this selection for the Tigers.

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Headline Sports podcast with Michael Duca: Twins Kepler mask offends many in Minneapolis; Texas gov to open up stadiums to 25% capacity crowds; plus more

photo from TMZ.com: Minnesota Twins outfielder Max Kepler posted a selfie wearing a Blue Lives Matter mask which supports police. Kepler received huge blowback in light of the killing of George Floyd and the Minneapolis protests about Floyd being killed by police.

On Headline Sports with Michael:

#1 Max Kepler of the Minnesota Twins had posted a Blues Live Matter face mask with a solid blue line on the bottom of the face mask which was interpreted to support for police. Kepler says he wasn’t aware what the mask represented. Kepler received a barrage of backlash for the mask. The timing on the mask wearing couldn’t have been with worse with all the rioting in downtown Minneapolis over the police killing of George Floyd. Kepler apologized for wearing it saying he didn’t realize it had a underlying inference.

#2 Tough week for the Oakland A’s organization with the loses of scoreboard operator Chester Farrow who passed away at 77 last Sunday and former A’s PA announcer Roy Steele who passed away on Thursday could you tell us about your experiences in working with Chester and Roy?

#3 With the uptick in Coronavirus cases is Texas governor Greg Abbott making the right decision allowing 25 percent capacity crowds in arenas and outdoor stadiums. Which brings to the question is it safe yet to do such a thing?

#4 MLB agent Scott Boras has advised the players not to budge in the fight against the owners regarding another pay cut. The players took a reduction already because of the number of lost games and are upset that they face additional cuts in revenue sharing with the owners if they return.

#5 The wife of the late Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay speaks out about Halladay’s pain killer addiction and mental issues. Brandy Halladay said that Roy would agree that we are not perfect. Halladay died while flying his plane in a 2017 crash. There is a new one hour documentary coming out on Halladay titled “Imperfect”

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Headline Sports podcast with Michael Duca: Teams taking stratospheric loses during shutdown; MLS discussing opening up training camps Jul 1st

photo by @herbling: The Oakland Coliseum as it looked when formerly called McAffee Coliseum will remain empty even if baseball  were to return July 1st because of a mandated statewide shutdown in California

On Headlines podcast with Michael:

#1 Michael we wanted to ask you about the loses during this pandemic that local teams are taking we’ll start with the San Francisco Giants although they made their last payment for Oracle Park the team is losing about 60% of it revenue that’s normally generated by the gate.

#2 The Oakland A’s biggest break is the rent they get playing at the Oakland Coliseum but are still taking a loss at $21.6 million. They earned $225 million last season. The A’s have been known to cut operating costs this will be no different when they return at the possible earliest in July.

#3 The Golden State Warriors who are in the first year of paying for Chase Center and the pandemic was the last thing they needed. They had to lay off 1700 employees and are facing a $30.4 million loss in revenue when they were projected to gross $440 million this season.

#4 The San Jose Sharks who were not selling out their games in the first place are projected to lose $8.9 million in the event the NHL does not return this season. The loses would have been in the three figure margin if they had lost the whole season.

#5 The San Jose Earthquakes barley started the MLS season hosting just two games before their they had to suspend the season. There has been discussion to start training camps and hope to play all their games in Florida by June 1st.   How a risky proposition is it for pro soccer to return?

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Headline Sports podcast with Michael Duca: A look at some of the greatest pitchers to ever play the game

Former Dodger pitcher Juan Marichal (right) and former Dodger catcher John Roseboro (left) pose in this 1980s photo

On Headline Sports with Michael Duca:

#1 MLB.com has been running a lot of trivia and a look back some of the best players over the years. We’ll start with former San Francisco Giant and Hall of Famer and everybody’s favorite Juan Marichal he had five seasons of 20 or more wins and 13 of them was with the Giants.

#2 Was former Los Angeles Dodger pitcher Don Drysdale most feared because of the kind of pitches that he can throw or was it because he can come inside and knock down a hitter?

#3 St Louis Cardinal Bob Gibson he was a force out on the mound and he seemed like another pitcher that could throw high and inside if he had to. Was he a lot like Drysdale that way?

#4 He had three 20 game winning seasons and was a pitcher that kept hitters off balance it was that kind of motion that forced him to retire early but when Sandy Koufax retired he went down in MLB history as one of the greatest pitchers in the game.

#5 Former San Francisco Giant Gaylord Perry had two 20 game winning season for the Giants if someone would ask what Gaylord’s best pitch was everyone knew the answer even though Perry would give you a different answer.

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