NHL podcast with Matt Harrington: Bruins Pastrnak and Kase were not disciplined for extra practices on social media

The Boston Bruins David Pastrnak show here during the Winter Classic was not disciplined with teammate Ondrej Kase for practicing in a different rink that was videoed and posted on social media both were ruled unfit for practice on Thursday and Friday (pinterest.com file photo)

On Headlines with Matt:

#1 Matt you remember when being called a goat meant you were at the bottom of the food chain on a sports roster but now being a goat is a great thing . The Greatest Of All Time for hockey right now stands with the Great One Wayne Gretzky.

#2 The Boston Bruins David Pastrnak missed his second straight day of practice as the B’s reported Pastrnak was unfit to practice and forward Ondrej Kase who practiced on Wednesday missed practices on Thursday and Friday.

#3 Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy was asked if the missed practices were related to social media photos of Pastrnak and Kase working out at a different rinks. Cassidy said no that is not the case and no one has been disciplined.

#4 Pastrnak was in practice on Wednesday as he was held up due to quarantine issues when he returned from the Czech Republic but was not out due to discipline issues on Thursday and Friday practices.

#5 The Bruins take on the Washington Capitals, Tampa Bay Lightning, and the Philadelphia Flyers for the round robin Stanley Cup qualifiers in Toronto and it all gets started on August 1st.

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Headline Sports podcast with Matt Harrington: Bruins enter post season coming off 100 point season; Rangers Lundqvist glad to be back in NHL camp; plus more

nhl.com file photo: The Boston Bruins had a 100 point lead tops in the NHL before the regular season was suspended due to the pandemic

On Headline Sports podcast with Matt Harrington:

#1 The Boston Bruins had an 100 point lead and should be have been the number team for the Stanley Cup Playoffs but with the playoff format despite the 100 points it looks more like a level playing surface going into these playoffs.

#2 Talk about David Pastrnak who became the first player since Phil Esposito to lead the NHL tied with the Washington Capitals Alex Ovechkin at 48 goals. Goalie Tuukka Rask had a 2.12 goals against average the Bruins finished ninth in the NHL with a 3.24 goals against average.

#3 How big is it for 38 year old New York Rangers goalie Hendrik Lundqvist to return back to camp after working out in Sweden

#4 The Rangers 37-25-5 during the regular season will be in the qualifiers and are the No.11 seed in the post season they’ll face off against No.6 Carolina Hurricanes 38-25-5 in the best of five series.

#5 The San Jose Sharks have $648,000 in cap space and with a frozen salary cap according to CBA guidelines with contracts expiring for Joe Thornton, Melker Karlsson, and Aaron Dell. Considering a $50,000 bump up it will put the cap at $750,000 for the next four years how difficult will it be to bring them back?

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Headline Sports podcast with Matt Harrington: Edmonton and Toronto gets the Stanley Cup Playoffs; All Canadian post season a great idea

Scotiabank Arena the home of the Toronto Maple Leafs has been named as one of the two Canadian cities to host the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs (sports.yahoo.com file photo)

On Headline Sports podcast with Matt:

#1 Matt the NHL is considering playing the Stanley Cup Playoffs in Canada away from a spiking US Coronavirus epidemic.

#2 Ten cities in the NHL were vying for a shot at being the hub to host the playoffs but the league after the last two weeks of Covid-19 spiking in the US places like  Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis/St. Paul and Pittsburgh are losing ground as Canada is looking more viable for hosting post season.

#3 After Vancouver dropped out due to political recommendations to avoid Covid-19 inflating, Edmonton and Toronto are leading favorites to host the games.

#4 With Alberta’s success in maintaining social distancing, face masking, and sheltering  they are excited about being rewarded and prepared to host the Stanley Cup Playoffs as Edmonton has flattened the curve and are anxious for some post season hockey.

#5 How important is it for Toronto and Edmonton to host the Cup and how much of risk is it for these two hubs to host.

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Headline Sports podcast with Matt Harrington: How risky is it that NHL will not quarintine players?; Corona spiking in US as Vancouver drops out to be bubble city; plus more

AP file photo: Fans prepare for the Feb 15, 2020 Los Angeles Kings vs. Colorado Avalanche out door game at Falcon Stadium at Air Force Academy in Colorado

Matt Harrington podcast with Matt Harrington:

#1 Matt Carolinas Medical Center medical director of infection prevention Katie Passaretti said that NHL players who travel together and have been exposed to a number of people to individuals who were asymptotic as the NHL is not planning to quarantine players.

#2 Vancouver is out of the bubble running of the three Canadian cities vying for a shot to host the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Reports say that politicians in Vancouver are listening to local medical professionals who have leaned on the side of caution and said it would be best not to have people from all over who have been exposed especially after learning 11 players in the NHL have come up positive.

#3 That leaves Edmonton and Toronto left to be one of the hub cities but with the recent spike in the states could they back out too?

#4 The NHL Seattle francise team president Tom Leiweke announced that Key Arena that has been newly refurbished will now be called Climate Pledge Arena and will be the first carbon neutral arena in the NHL that will be powered by renewable energy instead of using natural gas.

#5 Matt how safe is it now that the NHL has got report of several players coming up positive for Corona but they will loosen up the rules allowing 12 players to workout up from six players?

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Headline Sports podcast with Matt Harrington: Covid-19 cases spiking; NHL playoffs in doubt; Lighting have three players who tested positive

globalnews.com file photo: Rogers Arena in Edmonton which sits empty at the moment is vying for a chance to be one out of three Canadian cities to host the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

Matt on Headline Sports podcast:

#1 There are a number of NHL players hesitating regarding returning back especially with the huge spike in Covid-19 cases in Florida 3,000 a day and how returning will be handled.

#2 Previously Canadian players can’t leave the U.S. because if they go home there is a 14 day quarantine involved. Also Nashville Predators general manager David Poile said there a number of players who have showed up for practice but the NHL is not mandating players to show up as practice is voluntary.

#3 Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he would welcome the Stanley Cup Playoffs in the following Canadian hubs Edomonton, Vancouver and Toronto. Trudeau is set to waive the 14 quarantine and bubble the players in those venues for the players.

#4 Kaapo Kakko right winger of the New York Rangers had tested negative for Covid-19 and according to New York’s president John Davidson he’s been approved to play. Kakko has diabeties Davidson said he’s been tested and is ready to get in the line up.

#5 The Pittsburgh Penguins are 40-23-6 and are in the qualifiers with the Montreal Canadiens for the first round of the playoffs. They are said they most likely will start Matt Murray in goal. Murray is 20-11-5 with 2.87 goals against and an .899 save percentage.

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Headline Sports podcast with Matt Harrington : CBJ’s coach Tortorella changes stance on taking a knee; Could Vancouver be a playoff hub?; plus more

Columbus Blue Jackets head coach John Tortorella says he has a different view of players taking a knee previously he had a rule that any player sitting during the anthem will sit for the entire game (NESN file photo)

Headlines Sports podcast with Matt Harrington:

#1 Columbus Blue Jackets head coach John Tortorella has had a change of heart towards players taking a knee during the national anthem originally taking a knee would be out of the question and he would bench any player who sat during the national anthem after the murder of George Floyd and the protests Tortorella said he’s had a change of heart.

#2 The NHL Hockey Diversity Alliance headed up by the San Jose Sharks Evander Kane and Former Calgary Flame Akim Aliu took to social media and announced the Alliance wants diversity and an end to discrimination in hockey. Aliu had stated that he suffered many years of racial discrimination in the game of hockey. NHL vice president Kim Davis said that the NHL wants to work with the Alliance and wants action right away.

#3 Matt one of our favorite NHL cities Vancouver would like to be the hub city for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. British Columbia officials are trying to get the quarantine laws loosened so that Vancouver could serve as a representative city for post season.

#4 EA Sports has come out about having more diversity and getting on board with the Hockey Diversity Alliance but some players in the EA Sports Hockey League mode where players created dark skinned avatars that they gave the players derogatory racial names and insulting racial slogans.

#5 The Boston Bruins reported on Friday that they did have a player who tested false positive for Covid 19 but later took two tests and was asymptomatic and negative. All Bruins players who have returned in phase two have tested negative for the virus. Training camp opens July 10th.

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Headline Sports podcast with Matt Harrington: NHL is set to drop the puck at training camp Monday; Preparing for NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

photo from nhl.com: St Louis Blues head coach Chris Berube holds up the Stanley Cup after last season’s Stanley Cup Final. Berube says he and the team are anxious to get the post season going and hope to win their second consecutive championship

On Headline Sports podcast with Matt:

#1 The NHL says they’ve taken all the steps for phase two, all safety measures for enforcing mask wearing the all the practice and game rinks, social distancing, washing hands. The players and NHL seem to be in agreement on how safety measures will work.

#2 Teams reportedly will work out Monday and their will be only six players on the ice at anyone time. No coaches, trainers, officals will be permitted on the ice during practice sessions.

#3 The playoff format will be a best of seven series and as the Pittsburgh Penguins Kris Letang said everybody is used to the best of seven series format.

#4 The format will start with 16 teams an eight series qualifying round best of five, also there will a be a seeding round robin with four teams from each Western and Eastern conference.

#5 The St Louis Blues head coach Craig Berube said the Blues can’t wait to get into the playoffs. Berube says the team is hungry and they want to win a second consecutive Stanley Cup.

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Headline Sports podcast with Matt Harrington: Bettman says NHL coming back for fans benefit; Draisaitl wins Art Ross Award; plus more

Edmonton Oilers center Leon Draisaitl (29),center, battles for the puck against San Jose Sharks right wing Joonas Donskoi in a 2018 playoff game. Draisaitl won the Art Ross Trophy as NHL points leader in the shortened season. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

On Headline Sports podcast with Matt:

#1 When NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman says money is not what’s driving the return to hockey is that something that’s believable?

#2 Bettman said that monetization is not driving the return but the league has heard from fans who would like to see a conclusion to the 2019-20 season.

#3 A Buffalo Sabers fan actually posted a Craigslist ad putting the Sabers up for sale after the team failed to make the NHL Stanley Cup expanded playoffs.  The fan who goes by the name of Dahlin Forever also made complaints about owners Terry and Kim Pegula and their brining back general manager Jason Boterill .

#4 The Edmonton Oilers Leon Draisaitl won the Art Ross Award and Alex Ovechkin 35, became the third player in NHL history to lead the league in goals at age 34 or older in goals.

#5 Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said she’s excited about the possibility of hosting the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs saying,”I’m really enthusiastic about the possibility of getting hockey playoffs here in Chicago.” If that happens that will bring in badly needed income into Chicago after the Coronvirus shutdown that impacted the city’s economy.

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Headline Sports podcast with Matt Harrington: Stanley Cup Playoffs proposal 12 teams each in two locations

NHL image from nhl.com

On Headlines podcast with Matt:

#1 24 teams eight to nine sites for the Stanley Cup Playoffs is it an idea that most likely will get off the ground by June 1st?

#2 How rusty will the players be after having two months off?

#3 How bad of an idea is it to travel by plane to a province or a state that doesn’t practice sheltering in and social distancing for the playoffs?

#4 NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman also suggested playing in one location for a dozen teams with a schedule that would more or less reflect a March Madness format but with best out of seven series.

#5 Bettman is on the push to get this going because the owners want to get something for their money rather than pay players who didn’t play at all.

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Headline Sports with Matt Harrington podcast: Subban says he confident NJ can get in the Stanley Cup Finals; Who did wear No.88 the best in the NHL?; plus more

New Jersey’s PK Subban says he has every confidence the Devils can make it to the Stanley Cup and win a Norris Trophy (nhl.com photo)

On Headline Sports podcast with Matt:

#1 Not to beat his own drum New Jersey’s P.K. Subban said he’s one of the best defenseman in the NHL he says he’s confident New Jersey can win a Norris Trophy or a Stanley Cup in the future.

#2 Matt NHL.com asked in a recent article who did wear number 88 better was it the Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Kane, the San Jose Sharks Brent Burns or the Boston Bruins David Pastrnak?

#3 Montreal Canadiens forward Max Domi says he’s just fine with staying in Montreal and while he knows he could be a restricted free agent he would like to stay in Montreal and is not pushing for free agency.

#4 The Minnesota Wild’s Matt Dumba had his season end by an injury says he want to continue the season if and when it returns. Dumba had a great season going before he had to go in for pectoral surgery.

#5 The Boston Bruins Kevan Miller who had his third surgery on his knee and has not played for the Bruins in a year. He had his last surgery eight weeks ago how ready do you see Miller being by September?

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