Headline Sports podcast with Marko Ukalovic: As AHL season canceled NHL will have call ups concern

AHL and NHL images from bellyupsports.com

On Headline Sports with Marko:

#1 With the cancellation of the AHL season does that set the backdrop for the NHL to cancel it’s season?

#2 AHL president David Andrews said on Monday after further review that continuing the season would not be feasible.

#3 Translation of the AHL cancellation most likely the league is bleeding money on staff, personnel, and paying players while the season has been suspended and the AHL couldn’t withstand the hit anymore.

#4 Also how much of a concern should the NHL have as they contemplate their return and how practical is it that they would come back?

#5 Also how would the NHL handle not having a crop of players to call up if they do come back and have injuries during a second half of a NHL season and there is no AHL to make call ups from?

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Headline Sports podcast with Marko Ukalovic: Daly talks about how testing will go in the NHL; Sharks Thornton shaves beard plus more

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly says talks will go on on how to proceed with resuming the NHL season that is currently suspended (thehockeynews.com file photo)

On Headline Sports podcast with Marko:

#1 With a soft opening and patient numbers going down at least in the Bay Area would you say hockey is still a long, long, way off from returning?

#2 NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly in an interview with 630 CHED in Edmonton saying that testing would be the key issue to coming back. “We will not test asymptomatic players ahead of symptomatic people who are unable to get tested. It’s just something we will not do.” Said Daly.

#3 San Jose Shark Joe Thornton’s daughter Ayla did a video with her father standing by with a full beard and then the next without his beard when Ayla played a genie who tapped her head forward and gone. The Thornton beard was a staple for the longest time and since there’s no hockey and no growing a playoff beard necessary off it came.

#4 The Florida Panthers forward Grigori Denisenko was signed to a three year entry level contract with the Panthers. Denisenko was the No.15, 2018 draft and came out of the Russian 2020 World Juniors, he had 12 points, six goals, six assists in 38 games last season.

#5 The former Montreal Canadiens Georges Laraque says that having Covid-19 “is the worst thing ever” Laraque says he could remember being able to go running for miles two weeks ago and do many things. At 43 and retired he says having Coronavirus is a struggle just to brush his teeth because the disease has attacked his lungs. He did receive well wishes from many former and active NHL players.

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Headline Sports podcast with Marko Ukalovic: US hits one million Covid-19 cases but pro sports could open soon; Did Brady violate NFL rules with intended coach visit?; plus more

Former Arizona Cardinal assistant coach and current Tampa Bay Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich was Bucs quarterback Tom Brady’s intended house to visit but Brady accidently walked into the wrong house raising the ire of NFL teams about doing business during the Covid-19 quarantine (Arizona Cardinals file photo)

On Headline Sports with Marko:

#1 With one million Coronavirus cases reported in the US does it somewhat surprise you that professional sports wants to get back to business and that a number of states are open for business.

#2 Did Tampa Bay Bucs quarterback Tom Brady violate the rules when he accidently walked into the wrong house looking for Buc offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich

#3 New England Patriots kicker Justin Rohrwasser said he will remove a far right wing militia group tattoo from his arm called the Three Percenters. Rohrwasser said he thought this was a colonists tattoo that supported them in their fight against the British during the Revolutionary war. It turned out that it was a far right wing tattoo. The Three Percenters say their not a racist group but when the Black Lives Matters group were protesting the murder of Michael Brown by a Ferguson Policeman the Three Percenters facebook page got numerous racist comments on their facebook page.

#4 In the Jordan documentary “Last Dance” on ESPN former Detroit Piston Isiah Thomas said that before the Bulls swept the Pistons in 1991 with the Bulls on the verge in Detroit Thomas said the Bulls had a press conference saying the Pistons were bad characters and play dirty that’s when the Pistons decided they were not going to shake hands after the game with the Bulls and walk off.

#5 Marko talk about Manuel Wiederer of the San Jose Barracuda being named the 2019- 2020 IOA/American Specialty Man of the Year with three goals, nine assists and 12 points.

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Headline Sports podcast with Marko Ukalovic: What a Brady-Gronk reunion means for Bucs; Jordan’s Last Dance draws 6.1 million viewers; plus more

Rob Gronkowski (87) and Tom Brady (12) are excited to be reuniting in Tampa Bay this season after Gronkowski signed a deal with his new team the Tampa Bay Bucs (yahoo.sports.com)

On Headline Sports pod with Marko:

#1 What does it mean for the Tampa Bay Bucs and their quarterback Tom Brady to have tight end Rob Gronkowski uniting with Brady for this season.

#2 Gronkowski has not played since 2017 how ready do you see him after a two year layoff?

#3 Marko talk about ESPN’s “Last Dance” documentary on the Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan’s last championship with the Bulls. The documentary got 6.1 million watching.

#4 Minor league baseball is planning to eliminate at least 42 teams which would include the San Francisco Giants minor league affiliate in Keizer Oregon and the Oakland A’s affiliate in Burlington VA.

#5 The San Jose Giants single A club is a huge part of the San Jose community how do you see their security as a minor league organization avoiding the chopping block.

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Headline Sports podcast with Marko Ukalovic: Looking back on the career of Kaline; Covid 19 could force baseball season to be played in Arizona; plus more

Former Detroit Tiger the late Al Kaline, Marko talks about the loss of a great A.L. player and his legacy (nytimes.com photo)

Headline Sports podcast with Marko Ukalovic:

#1 The Detroit Tigers great Al Kaline who passed away on Monday at 85 years old who had a storied career. Kaline after retiring from baseball worked as a TV analyst and in the Tigers front office.

#2 How big will the idea of playing in Arizona for this season will go over. Using 32 MLB teams to play all their regular season games in empty ball parks for the whole season.

#3 This year will mark the first time their will be no British Open since WWII. PGA officials are trying to reschedule the Masters for Nov 12-15 and the British Open.

#4 What are the possibilities for NBA draftees Tyrese Maxley from Kentucky and Louisville forward Jordan Nwora to be drafted on time this year.

#5 Marko how do you see it, the NHL and NBA are canceling their seasons does it seem even practical for them to even come back.

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Headline Sports podcast with Marko Ukalovic: Goodell won’t bend on draft despite critics; Bay Area fishing to be cancelled; plus more

photo from ap file photo: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has warned NFL personnel not to say anything against holding the draft in April or face the consequences

Headline Sports podcast with Marko Ukalovic:

#1 NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is receiving lots of criticism for moving forward to with the NFL draft

#2 Goodell also said anyone from any NFL team has been warned not to criticize his decision to move forward with the draft as planned between Apr 23-25

#3 The Bay Area Sports Salmon will not be opening Apr 11th as the season will be canceled however commercial fishing which is considered essential will be back and will provide to the stores and wholesalers to feed the masses.

#4 Marko, How much of a hit will NHL teams take if the rest of the season is wiped out and this would be the second time since the 2005 lockout that their will not be Stanley Cup Playoffs and Finals.

#5 The San Jose Barracuda hope to come back for more AHL action, they may not be a cup contender but the team would like to return on a high note once they get the O.K. to return from the Governor’s office maybe in May.

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Headline Sports podcast with Marko Ukalovic: Chiefs and Jets donated generously to charity to help struggling communities; Ionescu voted AP women’s player of the year; plus more

photo from sfgate.com file photo: The Oregon Ducks Sabrina Ionescu has her game face on as she wins the AP pick for player of the year in the women’s basketball poll

On Headline Sports pod with Marko:

#1 The Kansas City Chiefs front office said they will match the food donations of the Chiefs players towards families in the greater Kansas City area. Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill has donated 6,000 meals, and tight end Travis Kelce donated 12,000 meals and 15 weeks worth of food to Operation Break Through.

#2 The New York Jets players and owners have donated $1 million to United Way agencies who are working hard during this crisis

#3 The San Francisco Giants have donated food toward the Scottsdale veterans. In turn the vets have donated portions of the food to other veterans in Arizona.

#4 The Oregon Ducks Sabrina Ionescu who was voted AP’s Women’s basketball player of the year. Ionescu scored 2,000 points, grabbed 1000 rebounds, and had 1,000 assists.

#5 The Los Angeles Rams are moving into So Fi Stadium and have changed their uniform logos just in time for their new digs. It will be the fifth season back in LA since moving from St Louis.

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Headline Sports podcast with Marko Ukalovic: In spite of quarantine NFL does business as usual; NBA hoping to be back by June; plus more

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins in this January 11th photo throwing against the San Francisco 49ers at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara in the NFC Division game has reupped with the Vikings for two more years (ap photo)

On Headlines podcast with Marko:

#1 The NFL was criticized for power brokering deals while the shelter in place law is in effect even Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins who signed a two year deal worth $66 million while quarantines continued.

#2 Wide receiver De’Andre Hopkins was traded to the Arizona Cardinals from the Houston Texans on Monday where he’ll be receiving from quarterback Kyler Murray

#3 The NFL has canceled a public event that is normally held on the Las Vegas strip at this time of the year but because of Covid 19 quarantines the event has been canceled. The event had over 600,000 people last year.

#4 The NBA will wait until June to resume play. The league expects to play it’s Championship games in August.

#5 Now to talk about the team your regularly cover the AHL’s San Jose Barracuda. Minor league players have to be suffering the financial brunt of the shutdown because all players don’t get paid top dollar and will have to figure things out.

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