Oakland A’s podcast with Charlie O: A’s Mengden working on his new delivery; A’s PA announcer Callahan will sit season out

Oakland A’s mascot Stomper and A’s PA announcer Dick Callahan stop for a photo behind home plate at the Oakland Coliseum in this file photo. Callahan will not work the PA this season due to a undisclosed health issue. (University of Waterloo file photo)

On Headline Sports with Charlie O:

#1 Oakland A’s right hander Daniel Mengden is noted for his delivery by throwing a double pump side step but altered his deliver during Covid-19 shut down by shortening up his arm stroke according A’s manager Bob Melvin.

#2 Melvin said Mengden’s delivery is also quicker and that he also has great rhythm. Will that be an improvement for Mengden to keep hitters off balance?

#3 Mengden said he tried to shorten up but said he was plagued by elbow discomfort but since he went elbow surgery for a bone spur last February he feels really good.

#4 The Oakland A’s have announced that they will be involved in refurbishing the field at McClymond’s High School in Oakland that will be used for softball and baseball and that the field will be named after former A’s pitcher Dave Stewart.

#5 The Oakland A’s announced on Wednesday that they PA Announcer Dick Callahan 79, will sit out the 2020 season due to a unnamed health issue unrelated to Covid-19. Callahan said he will stay on the side of caution and social distance away from the Oakland Coliseum for this season and says he’s recovering at home.

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Headline Sports podcast with Charlie O: Will Bagley’s return put a shot in Sacramento’s arm?

On Headline Sports podcast with Charlie O:

#1 How important is it to have forward Marvin Bagley III to return, after playing 13 games with the Kings before he went out on an injury can Bagley live up to the expectation and be a help for Sacramento in the last eight games of the regular season?

#2 Bagley is noted as being one of the key players on the Kings roster does he need to step up his game and how grateful should he be to return after four months of a general shutdown due to the pandemic?

#3 With Bagley back will head coach Luke Walton have to do some line up scrambling, he does have Richaun Holmes, Nemanja Bjelica, Harry Giles III and Alex Len.

#4 This season the Kings were a team in transition and they can clean the glass and Charlie talk about the Kings half court defense which has been blamed for some loses and falls.

#5 Charlie talk about the Kings and the NBA’s chances to really get this thing off the ground and getting this season finished with the US having a king size spike?

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Headline Sports podcast with Lewis Rubman for Charlie O: Taking a look at the A’s strengths following the draft

division1 file photo: Michigan Wolverines right hander Jeff Criswell who was selected by the Oakland A’s in the MLB draft the A’s will be taking a look at Criswell again once the players and MLB can reach an agreement

Headline Sports podcast with Charlie O:

#1 The Oakland A’s went pretty strong in their opening pick with catcher Tyler Soderstrom last week although he’s going to have to go through the minor league system to get to the show it’s his bat that the A’s are looking forward to.

#2 In the later rounds of the draft the A’s also strengthened their future pitching core in selecting Jeff Criswell who pitched for Michigan. Criswell pitched against the Texas Tech Red Raiders in two appearances pitched in five scoreless innings for two saves in the College World Series.

#3 The A’s like Criswell who throws 97 miles per hour and has a wicked breaking ball that could very well be his bread and butter pitch.

#4 Criswell in warm up tosses outside of the bullpen has be rumored to throw 100 MPH, Criswell can hurl and with some minor league experience he might get promoted up to the show pretty quickly.

#5 Also the A’s selected from the University of Washington pitcher Steve Emmanuels who went 2.35 ERA, with 65 strikeouts, 22 walks, in 53.2 innings as a reliever.

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Headline Sports podcast with Charlie O: Look for Irving and Durant to rest during Nets post season; Antetokounmpo willing to commit to Milwaukee; plus more

The Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant (35) and Kyrie Irving (11) are anxious to get to it in the NBA Playoffs once all the preliminaries are settled to start the season (si.com image)

On Headline Sports podcast with Charlie O:

#1 Charlie how do you see the returns of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant coming aboard with the Brooklyn Nets just in time for post season?

#2 Giannis Antetokounmpo said recently in an interview that there is no reason not to stay in Milwaukee for 10, 20, 25 years as long as they have a plan to win championships, stay competitive he’s willing to commit to the Bucks does that pour water on the Golden State Warriors hopes in picking up a Antetokounmpo?

#3 De’Aaron Fox of the Sacramento Kings just recently tweeted a rebuttal from radio talk show host Laura Ingram comments telling LeBron James and Kevin Durant to “shut up and dribble” and praising Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Fox tweeted that no one should be surprised that Ingraham told basketball players to shut up and dribble and white player is entitled to his view.

#4 In baseball the players are interested in a 82 game season down from the 114 game proposal they previously offered MLB but the owners are offering a 50 game season and are only willing to agree to a longer season if the players are willing to take a pay cut.

#5 MLB said that if local governments allow fans in the stadiums they would be willing to work with the local policies. That said the state of Texas is allowing 50% capacity for the Texas Rangers at the Ball Park in Arlington and at Minute Maid Field in Houston. Is this a safe idea seeing that their is no vaccine, a recent finding of two Japanese players who contracted Corona, and how safe distancing will work at the park?

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Headline Sports podcast with Charlie O: Napear resigns as Kings play by play announcer over Black Lives Matter remarks

NBC Sports California Grant Napear, right, shown with Doug Christie, has been placed on administrative leave by radio station KHTK 1140 Sacramento (photo from mercurynews.com)

Charlie O on Headline Sports:

#1 Charlie O your a full time beat reporter for print and radio covering the Sacramento Kings how surprised were you that 1140 KHTK talk show host Grant Napear tweeted to former Sacramento King DeMarcus Cousins “All lives matter” that has been interpreted as a racist retort said by racist people regarding #BLM.

#2  Napear under heavy criticism from the players and public at large resigned did this come as any surprise?

#3 Former Sacramento King Matt Barnes tweeted that Napear is a closet racist. Cousins asked the question to Napear what he thought about Black Lives Matter and it seemed like Cousins wasn’t surprised about Napear’s answer?

#4 Some of the reporters knew Napear can be standoffish, wouldn’t engage in too many conversations with those covering Kings basketball can you confirm these descriptions from various reporters.

#5 Do you think the fans at large had any inkling about Napear and what Barnes meant when he said Napear was a closet racist?

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Headline Sports podcast with Charlie O: Michael Jordan was offered a chance to play with the Oakland A’s in 1994; plus more headlines

Former Chicago White Sox Michael Jordan taking an at bat against the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley before swinging for an RBI double in 1994 (cbssports.com file still)

On Headline Sports with Charlie O:

#1 The Michael Jordan documentary “Last Dance” has been the talk of the sports town. With it’s well received viewership on ESPN at 6.1 million viewers some of the topics have been interesting and extraordinary.

#2 The one story that stands out is when Jordan had retired from the NBA to play baseball in 1994 Jordan got an offer from then former Oakland A’s general manager Sandy Alderson who asked Jordan’s agent at the time if he would be interested in joining the A’s on their Major League roster. Jordan in double A for the Birmingham Barons declined saying he was loyal to White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf and didn’t want to upset the big leaguers who worked hard to get to the show by skipping grades to get to the A’s.

#3 Charlie how crucial is it for the state and the Sacramento community to have the state paying the Sacramento Kings $500,00 a month to rent Arco arena as a field hospital for incoming Coronavirus patients.

#4 Charlie could you fill us in on the MLB video game tournament that will be televised live and will there be a lot of ribbing and joshing amongst the players during a tournament like this?

# 5 Former Los Angeles Dodger play by play announcer Vin Scully certainly hasn’t lost his sense of humor after taking a tumble at home saying he’s done with head first slides.

#6 Charlie can you tell us about the Boston Red Sox losing a draft pick for sign stealing and that the penalty was far less than the penalties the Houston Astros got.

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