Headlines Sports podcast with Morris Phillips: If things go to schedule Cal to open Aug 29th in Vegas; Giants and A’s developments

Allegiant Stadium on the Las Vegas Strip where the Cal Bears will open up the 2020 season on August 29th against the UNLV Rebels (quarantine not withstanding) athlonsports.com photo

On Headline Sports with Morris:

#1 At the Cal campus there is news that the NCAA Division I council voted to return on June 1st through June 30th on a voluntary basis signaling that the football season will be on a fast track to start when school opens.

#2 The Bears 2020 season is scheduled to start on Saturday August 29th when Cal plays the UNLV Rebels at Allegiant Stadium in Vegas. By that time it’s the hope there is a vaccine and you can come to the stadium and not worry about social distancing. Worst case social distancing and the game will be played with no fans.

#3 The UNLV Rebels who have a good program in their own right have a new head coach Marcus Arroyo who took over for former head coach Tony Sanchez. Arroyo is from Oregon and was an assistant offensive coordinator for the last three seasons.

#4 The San Francisco Giants broke ground near McCovey Cove on their 27 acre parking lot  the team is constructing ten buildings for apartments, retail, a parking garage and a five acre park which is expected to be finished in seven to eight years.

#5 This week a group opposed to the building of an Oakland A’s Howard Terminal Stadium filed a lawsuit last Monday in Alameda Superior Court from the shipping, trucking and steel companies who work at the Port of Oakland. The lawsuit plans to slow down or stop a legislature that was signed by former California Gov Jerry Brown AB 734 a law that would fast track the construction of a new arena or stadium in California. The lawsuit is trying slow down the path of construction for the A’s. The opposing group says that Gov Gavin Newsom has no authority to certify the construction of the A’s park under AB 734.

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Headline Sports with Morris Phillips podcast: MLB owners on conference call today with players to open season July 1st

New York Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner and MLB owners will be on a conference call with player representatives to go forward in starting the MLB season on July 1st (New York Daily News file photo)

On Headline Sports with Morris Phillips podcast:

#1 MLB is holding a conference call today regarding opening the regular season on July 1st. The discussion will include where they’ll play, the schedule will be done, social distancing and mandatory mask wearing.

#2 MLBPA executive and St Louis Cardinals pitcher Andrew Miller said that there will be no agreement until MLB can guarantee the safety for it’s players, coaches, umpires and family.

#3 Morris until there is some guarantee for the safety of the players and MLB personnel which also includes the news media covering the events there might not be a baseball season.

#4 Also the players want their a guaranteed salary before they get back on the field. In the event one or more persons are positive during the season and they have to suspend play again the players want a guarantee that they will be paid for the season.

#5 Baseball is proposing playing in regional home parks of the NL East and AL East and AL West and NL West for 80 games with no fans.

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Headline Sports podcast with Morris Phillips: Matt Keough was part of the A’s five aces

si.com file photo: The Five Aces of the Oakland A’s in 1981 Rick Langford, Steve McCatty, Brian Kingman (left to right top) and Matt Keough and Mike Norris (left to right front)

On Headlines pod with Morris:

#1 Former Oakland A’s pitcher Matt Keough who passed away on Saturday was remembered for his days with those Billy Martin teams in the early 80s after going a career worst  2-17 in 1979 Keough came right back with a 16-13 the next season.

#2 Keough was part of a solid pitching rotation for the A’s which consisted of Mike Norris, Brian Kingman, Steve McCatty, and Rick Langford.

#3 Keough pitching on that 1981 Oakland A’s team that went to the playoffs during the strike shortened season going 10-6. The A’s did lose to the Yankees in post season.

#4 Billy Martin led that colorful team and Billy’s antics were just as colorful with the Billy Ball brand of baseball of speed and stealing bases and pitchers almost throwing the distance and going to the bullpen if he had to.

#5 Keough also was a team executive for the A’s who gave advice to pitchers on the team and team vice president Billy Beane said that Keough left an unforgettable impression on everyone he touched in baseball.

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Headline Sports podcast with Morris Phillips: Michael Jordan documentary also gets some insight into who Dennis Rodman was; Red Sox penalty doesn’t sit too well with Big Papi; plus more

Michael Jordan sits for the production of Last Dance a documentary on Jordan with ESPN production director Jason Hehir (right) (from Steve Green twitter @stevebruin)

On Headline Sports with Morris:

#1 In the Michael Jordan documentary “Last Dance” which is getting stratospheric viewership the subject of Jordan’s former teammate Dennis Rodman came up and that Rodman sought the celebrity lime light but it came at a cost a complicated figure and who was one of the NBA’s best rebounder’s in the league.

#2 On the making of the “Last Dance” while sitting down with Jordan ESPN director Jason Hehir said that Jordan was as polite and as mannered as he could be saying to staff members during the filming calling them “sir” and ma’am. Hehir said that Jordan is a Southern kid at heart and got to see the inner workings of his well mannered self during the production.

#3 Morris 55 million viewers tuned into the NFL draft was this a matter of people really interested to see who will get drafted into the NFL or was it fans just hungry for sports content no matter what it is?

#4 Former Boston Red Sox David Ortiz said of the Red Sox losing a draft pick after MLB penalized the team for sign stealing saying on a Fox Sports digital cast that “What happened in Boston is what everybody is doing in the league right now, and I think the punishment was not fair.”

#5 Usually a good attitude helps when your sick or your trying to recover and that’s no exception in the case of former Los Angeles Dodger radio broadcast legend Vin Scully who took a fall at his house and was hospitalized last week Tuesday and even joked about the injury saying no more head first slides returned home and is reportedly resting comfortably.

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Headline Sports podcast with Morris Phillips: Cal announces no spectators will attend athletic events; fans can exchange tickets for refund

Cal vice chancellor of administration Marc Fisher announced that no spectators will be allowed to attend Cal athletic events. Only team personnel and the media would be allowed to attend. (UC Berkeley file photo)

On Headline Sports with Morris podcast:

#1 Cal vice chancellor of administration Marc Fisher announced that there will be no spectators attending intercollegiate events. Before the announcement it was understood that as opposed to on line studying and no in person classes athletics at Cal would go forward with spectators at events but the quickly scratched after Fisher taking in consideration that a carrier could set that spread of Covid 19.

#2 Somewhere between the mention that Cal athletics would allow fans and students to attend athletics it was brought to Fisher’s attention that people could get sick and that Fisher put out the statement games would not be played in front of fans until further notice.

#3 The statement from Fisher also said that only student athletes, coaches, sports medicine staff, game officials, credentialed media, operational and administrative staff would be allowed in the events

#4 Fans who are season ticket holders at Cal are advised that they could exchange tickets, they could request a refund or donate to a non profit charity of their choice.

#5 Cal basketball had just ended when shelter in place was introduced as state policy so the football and basketball programs just got their seasons in before March Madness was suspended.

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Headline Sports podcast with Morris Phillips: IOC says moving games to 2021 possible; What could have been baseball openers were suppose to happen this week; plus more

photo: Official Summer Olympic games insignia for 2020 games in Tokyo

On Headline Sports podcast with Morris:

#1 The International Olympic Committee are considering moving the Olympic games to 2021 in light of everything in sports being shutdown and the training of the athletes, the sponsors, and arranging the schedule for July seems unlikely

#2 The IOC also mentioned on Saturday that with 11,000 athletes from 205 nations, 8 million tickets sold and being in close quarters would not be such a good idea. That it was the IOC’s priority to insure everyone’s health and safety during this pandemic.

#3 Baseball season was suppose to start this week. The Twins were going to open in Oakland with the A’s and the Giants were going to open in L.A. That’s all gone now opening day is usually an exciting time of the year.

#4 Some baseball fans said they were done with the game for good over the Houston Astros sign stealing scandal. Will this extra time off cool these feelings and fans will return?

#5 The 2020 All Star break that was suppose to be held at Dodger Stadium is very likely to be canceled or rescheduled at best. Baseball could be back in June or July after the flu season.

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