Headline Sports podcast with Jerry Feitelberg: Griner accused of drug smuggling in Moscow; Where MLB and players stand in lockout; plus more

The Phoenix Mercury star player Brittney Griner (42) is in a holding cell in Moscow as Rep Barbara Lee has demanded for her release. Griner has been detained for at least three weeks. (AP file photo)

On Headlines podcast with Jerry F:

#1 Phoenix Mercury and WNBA All Star Brittney Griner as it was learned that she had already been in a Russian prison for three weeks when it was announced on Saturday that a dog sniffing for drugs at the Moscow Airport flagged her suit case for cannabis. Griner is looking at ten years if convicted of illegal drug smuggling.

#2 Jerry on two issues surrounding the MLB lockout should the players consider relenting on the luxury tax and the players said the would relent on going from 12 to 14 teams for playoffs.

#3 Jerry another tough game for the San Jose Sharks on Saturday night against the Nashville Predators. The Sharks have lost ten of their last 12 games and the Predators have now won four of their last eight games. The Sharks were shutout for most of the game with the Preds carrying a 4-0 lead after two periods if you thought that was bad Nashville scored four more unanswered goals in the fourth period to crush the Sharks 8-0 in a shutout laugher.

#4 Back to baseball MLB and the players are still far apart on revenue sharing and the big market teams vs. small market teams, salary arbitration, and the MLB minimum salary.

#5 The Golden State Warriors (43-21) melted down in the fourth quarter 35-22 they just could get any offense going and struggled to even keep up with the Los Angeles Lakers (28-35) this is all kind of shocking as the Warriors have lost seven of their last eight games and have lost four games in a row.

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Headline Sports podcast with Jerry Feitelberg: Giants Belt will be a big part of Giants offense in 22; The shock and awe of 49ers upset over Rams; plus much more

San Francisco Giants first baseman Brandon Belt looks up at the ball he hit on May 4, 2021 at Coors Field in Denver vs. the Colorado Rockies signed a one year deal the Giants on Nov 17, 2021 (AP News file photo)

On Headline Sports with Jerry Feitelberg:

#1 Jerry, the San Francisco Giants signing of Brandon Belt for one more year at $18.4 million is something the Giants are glad to get settled on. Belt had such a great 2021 at the bat and in the second half of the season and was key for the Giants push to get to post season.

#2 Jerry, San Francisco Giants manager Gabe Kapler did what many didn’t think he could do when he first came to San Francisco and that’s win a Manager of the Year Award his chief accomplishment winning 107 games in one season surpassing what former Giant manager Dusty Baker did in 1993.

#3 The San Francisco 49ers shocked and upset the Los Angeles Rams on Monday Night Football 31-10. You couldn’t recognize the 49ers after they had lost four straight games and came into this game and took control in the first half with a 21-7 lead later to blow the Rams out including two Jimmie Ward interceptions and a return.

#4 The Las Vegas Raiders after winning two straight dropped two straight most recently to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday Night Football by a landslide 41-14 how much would you say the drop in performance is alluded to the Henry Ruggs and Damon Arnette crisis and do you think things could carry over into this Sunday against Cincinnati.

#5 The Golden State Warriors picked up their 12th win against two loses on Tuesday night in Brooklyn against the Nets 117-99. The Warriors Stephen Curry didn’t score 50 but ended up leading the Warriors in scoring with 37 points former Warrior and current Net Kevin Durant finished with a season low in scoring 19 points.

#6 Jerry, I know you have covered a number of Big Games for us and this one is no exception in terms of excitement for both the Cal Bears (3-6) and the Stanford Cardinal (3-7) and no matter where they are in the Pac 12 it’s always a great turn out and good TV ratings. Last Saturday The Bears are coming off a 10-7 loss in Arizona on Sat Nov 6 and Stanford got worked over by the Oregon State Beavers (6-4) 35-14 . Sat Nov 13.

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Sports Headlines podcast with Michael Duca for Jerry Feitelberg: What scenario will World Series be remembered for?; Cal BB player tests positive practices canceled; plus more

MLB vehemently informed Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner seated right of manager Dave Roberts (left) that he was in violation of Covid-19 protocols on Tuesday night after the Dodgers won the World Series in game 6. Turner refused to listen to MLB security to get off the field and came on the field to celebrate with his teammates. A fine and a suspension most likely are forth coming for Turner. (AP News photo)

On Headline Sports with Michael Duca for Jerry F:

#1 The Los Angeles Dodgers Justin Turner’s game 6 positive test was something that was of topic more than the discussion of the Dodgers winning the World Series.

#2 How will historians look back on this series, the Typhoid Turner Series, Tampa Bay Rays manager Kevin Cash the goat for taking Black Snell out too early in favor of Nick Anderson, or after more than 32 years of waiting the Dodgers are World Champions.

#3 Turning to Cal Basketball an unidentified player was positive but was asymptomatic. Cal head coach Mark Fox said that for eight months the program has been using caution and protocols but practices have been ordered to stop.

#4 Pac 12 basketball will start November 25 there is still discussion about safety issues and concerns about traveling to schools where it might be spiking.

#5 Becky Hammon 43, assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs who played in the WNBA, is a prime candidate for the head coaching job for the Oklahoma City Thunder. She got huge props from former Spurs player Pau Gasol who said coach Hammon can coach period.

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Oakland A’s podcast with Jerry Feitelberg: Puk to return to A’s in two weeks; Trump says Giants made him get over the game; Kapler says kneeling was the right thing to do

Oakland A’s left hander AJ Puk will sit out the next two weeks due to left shoulder pain. Puk took an injection in the left shoulder to ease the pain (athleticsnation.com file photo)

Oakland A’s podcast with Jerry F:

#1 A’s left handed pitcher AJ Puk received a injection on Monday for his left shoulder that was giving him pain he’s expected to be out for two weeks. What will it be like for Puk to recover from an injury like that.

#2 Jerry, talk about Ramon Laurenano he was in the A’s line up against the Giants on Tuesday night after sitting out the night before on Monday night with a calf injury how did he look on Tuesday and how the calf feeling?

#3 Trump criticized San Francisco Giants manager Gabe Kapler and the club for taking a knee during the national anthem on Monday night saying “the game is over for me” or the other hand Kapler said nobody should stop us from doing the right thing.

#4 Former A’s catcher Bruce Maxwell was asked what he thought of Kapler and the Giants taking a knee ironically where Maxwell became the first MLB player to do it at the Oakland Coliseum Maxwell said he “felt joy”

#5 The Giants Mike Yastrzemski went deep in the first inning at Oracle Park Tuesday night nearly putting the ball into the Cove but landed in the left field stands.

#6 On Monday night the A’s outfielder Stephen Piscotty went deep with his swing and where the ball landed it looks as he hasn’t missed a step.

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Headline Sports podcast with Jerry Feitelberg: A’s working out at Coliseum and in San Jose; Fiers says Astros scandal is behind him; plus more

Oakland A’s pitcher Mike Fiers says the Astros sign stealing scandal is behind him and it’s time to move forward (athleticsnation.com file photo)

On Headline Sports with Jerry F:

#1 Jerry talk about how the Oakland A’s will workout at the Oakland Coliseum and the club will also use the San Jose Giants single A affiliate park Excite Park for other players who most likely will not be with the club during opening week.

#2 Oakland A’s pitcher Mike Fiers says he’s putting the Houston Astro scandal behind him. It was Fiers who came out and said that the Astros were using electronic devices and using a garbage can to drum to the hitters the next pitch coming some players called him a snitch and to look out has all this time off cooled that thinking?

#3 A’s pitcher Jesus Luzardo who tested positive for Coronavirus says he’s feeling good and is ready to come back. That said still is there a risk for anyone who was positive could have spread Covid-19 to teammates and team personnel. If one gets it is it risky to continue to even have a season?

#4 The A’s Franklin Barreto is trying to contend for a spot in the line up for second base. Barreto whose been hitting well in camp and back in March during spring training has been noted to fall off during the regular season?

#5 The Oakland A’s will host the San Francisco Giants on Mon Jul 20th at the Oakland Coliseum in a brief Bay Bridge Series and it’s off to the City at Oracle Park where the Giants will host the A’s to conclude exhibition play on Tue Jul 21st both are night games.

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Headline Sports podcast with Jerry Feitelberg: After two positive test results is it safe for the Giants?; A’s had to wait days for results; plus more

San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey gets his two bats ready for workouts at Oracle Park last Sunday. Workouts were canceled through Tuesday pending test results which came back negative and Wednesday workouts resumed (photo from AP)

Headline Sports podcast with Jerry Feitelberg:

#1 Jerry baseball training camp is underway some of the players have expressed safety concerns.

#2 The San Francisco Giants received test results from July 4th that showed all players are negative for the virus on Tuesday. Two unnamed Giants personnel were reported to be positive from results they received on Monday. Tests like these has everybody keeping their fingers crossed in a sports that is played almost everyday.

#3 If things go wrong in baseball does the blames squarely rest on a White House that has encouraged opening up and in some cases no social distancing in a country now that is exploding in the virus? In the matter of the recent spike does the buck stop there?

#4 How concerned are you about the Utah lab that baseball uses. Over the Fourth of July weekend test results were hung up in Oakland the A’s test results from Friday were still at the Coliseum on Sunday that needed to be in Utah. Has baseball since last weekend straightened out this problem?

#5 The Giants open on the road in Los Angeles and play four of their first six series on the road. How do you look at this as big trouble for the team or they’ll be road tested and come out if it just fine?

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Headline Sports podcast with Jerry Feitelberg: A’s excited for Soderstrom signing; Will more players drop out before opening day Jul 23rd?

The A’s 26th overall draft pick Tyler Soderstrom who can hit for average and has been said to be the A’s future catcher (spokeo.com/search-free file photo)

On Headline Sports with Jerry F:

#1 The Oakland A’s assistant general manager Billy Owens was proud assistant GM on Monday when the A’s announced that they signed catcher Tyler Soderstrom to a $3.3 million signing bonus and will be in training camp for the A’s.

#2 Soderstrom 18, was the A’s 26th overall pick and will be in camp this week. The A’s minor league starting pitcher Daulton Jefferies said he was taught by Soderstrom’s father Steve since age 9. Steve who played with the Royals and Rangers said Soderstrom is going to come into his own and could be a big help for the A’s.

#3 Soderstrom hit .450 hit for four home runs, 1.340 OPS, in 28 contests, Soderstrom hit an impressive .373 in 82 games at Turlock High School.

#4 With the Covid 19 pandemic spiking four MLB players former SF Giant Mike Leake, the Washington Nationals  Joe Ross and Ryan Zimmerman, and the Colorado Rockies Ian Desmond have decided to sit out the 60 game 2020 season out of caution.

#5 Oakland A’s team president David Kaval said he objected to a letter that was written by the Sierra Club stating that the A’s motivation and plans for building at Howard Terminal were solely based on taking “shortcuts and exemptions from environmental laws to avoid strict remediation on the land to meet a residential standard, which could seriously harm environmental and public health.”

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Headline Sports podcast with Jerry Feitelberg: Tigers and A’s setting up camp at home parks in Detroit and Oakland; Lets take a look

Comerica.ticketoffice.org file photo: Comerica Park in Detroit will be welcoming back the Detroit Tigers as workouts start June 26th and the regular season begins July 3rd

On Headlines pod with Jerry F:

#1 The Detroit Tigers were wasting no time as they will open up Comerica Park in Detroit to players and staff, no media and fans were allowed access on Wednesday July 1st. It was spring training take two as Tigers general manager Al Avila is bringing the team back from Lakeland Fla.

#2 The Alameda County Health Care Services said on Monday that the Oakland Coliseum is ready for use and the A’s will be bringing the show back to Oakland but with no fans in the park.

#3  In a statement from the A’s HCSA director Colleen Chawla “We are pleased to share that the A’s may resume operations and on-field practice as of June 26, 2020, and games without spectators may commence after July 3, 2020.”

#4 Although the Tigers and A’s are ready to throw around the old horse hide there is another side of caution at hand with the Colorado Rockies Charlie Blackmon and other Rockie players coming up positive for Corona also Philadelphia Phillies staff members and players also came up positive. Three teams have closed their training facilities the Toronto Blue Jays, San Francisco Giants and Phillies.

#5 MLB is developing safety guidelines for staff, stadium personnel, players, coaches, managers, equipment and medical staff the basics, facemasks, six feet apart, and lots of handwashing.

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Headline Sports podcast with Jerry Feitelberg: MLB proposal 60 games full prorated salaries; Dr.Fauci-second wave fears MLB should end post season by Sep 30th

Baseball America file photo: MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred (left) and MLB Players Representative Tony Clark (right) in 2017 at the World Baseball Classic sat down on Wednesday to discuss starting the MLB season in July sources report there is progress

On Headlines with Jerry F:

#1 Jerry Dr. Anthony Fauci said that baseball should wrap up it’s playoff season meaning the World Series by the end of September to avoid the coming second wave in the cold months.

#2 Dr. Fauci in an interview with the Los Angeles Times said he would end the season in September during the core summer months and avoid the cold months of October when temps can get down to the low 30s in some parts of the US and the flu season is back. Fauci felt the fall is the most vulnerable time for Covid-19.

#3 Baseball is at the tipping point and negotiations between the MLB players union and MLB are starting to show progress according to reports on Wednesday between the two sides. As MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred and Union Chief Tony Clark said one on one to iron out roadblocks to get the season started.

#4 One of those roadblocks is prorated play. The owners last offer a 70 plus game schedule at reduced pay for the players that was rejected by the union. In talks with Manfred and Clark on Wednesday the l proposal salaries will be at the full prorated pay and a 60 game schedule starting July 19th. Sources say they had a serious talk about expanded post season play.

#5 Clark and Manfred know there is really not much choice don’t play you already have a dwindling fan base you could lose more than 50% of your fans or play July through September and try to win more fans over. Choosing to play is really the only choice now.

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Headline Sports podcast with Jerry Feitelberg: Will owners take 89 game proposal from the players? Spencer Torkelson #1 overall draft pick to Tigers; plus more

Arizona State University’s Spencer Torkelson is the center of attention as he’s MLB’s overall number one draft pick headed to Detroit (photo file from ASU Athletics)

On Headlines with Jerry F:

#1 The MLB Players Association has proposed an 89 game schedule with the players getting paid full prorated salaries. The season would begin on July 11th and the World Series would be completed on October 11th weather permitting.

#2 The owners last proposal called for a 76 game schedule with the players taking another pay cut on top of their prorated salaries. How the owners will see the players latest proposal is yet to be seen but one thing for sure they don’t want to pay anymore than the have to.

#3 In the baseball draft the top ticket is Spencer Torkelson who played for the ASU Sun Devils is the number one overall pick and joins the Detroit Tigers. The Tigers wasted no time selecting Torkelson whose expected to add punch to the Tigers line up for the future.

#4 Torkelson says he studied Barry Bonds style of hitting, he hit .337 with a .463 on base percentage. His ASU career home run total of 54 home runs puts him two behind Bob Horner who played for the Atlanta Braves and Japanese baseball.

#5 Turning to the NFL, the San Francisco 49ers Richard Sherman has been very vocal about events surrounding the George Floyd killing and has said that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodall apologizing to the league’s players for taking a knee was acceptable but the next step is to get former 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick a job in the NFL protect players from being punished for taking a knee during the national anthem going forward.

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