Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Players and MLB on starting season July 1st

MLB Baseball and the players negotiated on Tuesday to play the regular season starting July 1st (MLB opening day baseballs image wsj.com)

Barbara Mason on Headlines Sports podcast:

#1 Barbara MLB was discussing today ways to open up the season with a target date of July 1st. The biggest concern is safety and how to prevent Covid-19 getting into the park and all the precautions for the players, front office staff, media, security, scouts, medical and trainer staff and so forth.

#2 The gate revenue will be 51 percent local gate revenue and 49 percent MLB total revenue. The players would receive an agreed upon amount of this revenue.

#3 Baseball at the very latest could start August 1st and run through October 31st. It would be an 81 game schedule with teams playing regionally only West, Central and East in each of the American and National Leagues.

#4 MLB said that teams would share 48% of it’s revenue with the players and the owners came away optimistic that the players would be on board with the idea when the go to vote on it on Tuesday.

#5 This will be the first time in MLB history that revenue will be lost at 20% but the owners were just relieved to get something in front of the players union and get some daylight into opening up the MLB season.

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Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Were the women’s soccer team punished for their success?; plus much more

The United States Women’s National Team poses for a team photo before a SheBelieves Cup women’s soccer match against Japan, Wednesday, March 11, 2020 at Toyota Stadium in Frisco, Texas. (AP file photo)

On Headline Sports with Barbara:

#1 On Friday Judge R.Gary Klausner ruled against the US Women’s soccer team who sued the US Soccer team for underpaying them less than the men’s team.

#2 The women’s soccer team played 111 games between Feb 2015-Nov 2018. The men’s team played 87 games . The women’s team during that time earned $24.5 million or $220,747 per woman. The men’s team earned $18.5 million, $212,638 per man. Giving the women more money per game.

#3 The argument is that the women’s success was used against them in court and the men’s team had played less games because they failed to make the playoffs and the women’s won the cup playing more games.

#4 In the Michael Jordan documentary “Last Dance” Chicago writer Sam Smith quoted Jordan in 1995 after being asked why he didn’t support Democratic Harvey Gantt who was running against Republican Jesse Helms for Illinois senator who was a well known racist. Jordan told Smith that he wasn’t into politics and reportedly told Smith “I’m not into politics, Republicans buy shoes too.” But according to Jordan spokesperson Estee Portnoy she told the Slate in 2016 that Jordan never said it.

#5 ESPN has struck a deal with the Korean Baseball Organization saying they will broadcast at least one Korean baseball game a day six games total a week. Karl Ravech, Jessica Mendoza, Eduardo Perez, Boog Sciambi and Kyle Peterson will serve as the in studio play by play and analysts during each game.

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Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Jordan has no love loss for Isiah Thomas; Vegas Raiders busy in draft; plus more

The Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan on defense against the Detroit Pistons Isiah Thomas. Jordan said he has a 30 year old grudge against Thomas and the Pistons for things that happened in the 1991 NBA Finals in the Jordan documentary “Last Dance” (photo from bleacherreport.com)

On Headline Sports with Barbara:

#1 The 1991 Detroit Pistons are a sore subject and it was brought up to Michael Jordan in the documentary “Last Dance” Jordan says he still hates I the Pistons, they swept the Pistons in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals in four games and they didn’t shake hands after that series, Jordan says he hates Isiah Thomas and the Pistons to this day.

#2 Barbara talk about the Las Vegas Raiders number 19 draft pick  Ohio State cornerback Damon Arnette. Arnette had 27 passes defensed (five interceptions; 22 pass break-ups) and 140 career tackles with Ohio State.

#3 Barbara talk about the New Orleans Saints quarterback Taysom Hill, he thrown no passes but yet he signed a deal with the Saints for $21 million a two year deal with $16 million in guaranteed money. Hill was the Saints third string quarterback behind Drew Brees and Teddy Bridgewater last season.

#4 Lots of down time for MLB and for Oakland A’s broadcaster Ray Fosse it’s no different. Fosse said on Monday the A’s should be having day off in Cleveland as he was interviewed on NBC Sports. For many broadcasters and MLB personnel it’s been a long lay off and it’s a question as to whether baseball will return this year or not?

#5 San Francisco Giants manager Gabe Kapler made it clear to quell all the talk about Yasiel Puig coming to San Francisco that Puig will not be joining the team. Kapler said that the very fact that the story was not covered about Puig coming to San Francisco says it all. There just a few reports talking about Puig coming to the Giants.

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Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Shutdown will most likely cancel almost half of the sports schedule; Marlins Jeter will not take a salary during shutdown; plus more

file photo from Miami Herald: Miami Marlins owner Derek Jeter announced that he will not take a salary from the Marlins and that his baseball operations staff will be paid through May 31st during the epidemic

Headline Sports podcast with Barbara:

#1 Barbara the Coronavirus epidemic will most likely cancel 47% of all sports with only 53% of all sports taking place this year.

#2 There are a number of CEOs taking a cut in pay and Miami Marlins owner Derek Jeter is no different Jeter who earns $5 million annually says he will forego his salary until the epidemic is over. Jeter also informed employees of the operations staff they will be paid through May 31st.

#3 The Louisville Slugger factory that produces Major League Baseball bats will shut it’s doors until the epidemic is over. Louisville said they have furloughed most of it’s employees. Louisville CEO John Hillerich IV said that he hopes they can stay solvent before they run out of cash.

#4 The WNBA’s Stephanie Dolson of the Chicago Sky said that her entire family has Covid-19 virus. Dolson said she came down positive and her mother had to be hospitalized for four days. Dolson thanks the health care workers at the hospital as her mom is back home safe and sound.

#5 The WNBA’s Commissioner Cathy Englebert said that the WNBA and NBA might play doubleheaders in the same building Indiana, Los Angeles, Minnesota, New York and Phoenix share the same building with an NBA team. Englebert also said that the Coronavirus epidemic “will change sports forever”

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Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Larson drives his career off the road with racial slur; High school graduates might play overseas; plus more

cnn.com file photo: NASCAR driver Kyle Larson who was fired from his sponsors and supporters admitted as much that his career in NASCAR is pretty much over after using the N word in a irace car conference call on Tuesday morning

On Headline Sports with Barbara:

#1 How could race car driver Kyle Larson of Japanese decent say the N word during a iracecar conference call on Tuesday with a good number of the race car driver community listening in to the live call? Needless to say Larson admitted himself that his career is toast after being suspended from race car driving.

#2 Many high school graduates lost their dream going to a big college division one school as the school season is shut down. They lost the senior year celebration, the prom, and the chance at their first year in college basketball. Some may choose now to play over seas instead of college.

#3 Barbara as you know this time of the year the NHL and the NBA are in the playoffs and post season but it looks like it won’t happen and if it does there is talk it could take place as late as July or August.

#4 MLB whose thinking about a two league, three division system played in two different states Florida and Arizona. Will a format like this work in an abbreviated schedule and will there be much fan interest?

#5 Easter celebration took a toll on the players and fans and their kids with all the shut downs and non traditional ways to celebrate the holiday. But none the less the purpose of it all is to stay safe.

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Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Will PGA Championship in San Francisco

photo from pga.com: PGA Championship at Harding Park in San Francisco logo

Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason:

#1 The PGA will announce next Monday that the PGA Championship will be held on Aug 6-9 in Harding Park in San Francisco. The Championship was canceled for May 14-17 due to Coronavirus outbreak.

#2 California Gov Gavin Newsom said he is not anticipating lifting the social distancing ban or shelter in place policy by Aug 6th. Newsom said a second wave had hit China after lifting their quarantine the first time. So the PGA Championship could very likely be rescheduled in 2021.

#3 Does holding the 2020 World Series in a neutral site seem practical will fans come to see teams from other cities for a neutral site World Series it would be first. Not to mention all the regular season games in Arizona.

#4 The San Francisco certainly would like to host the World Series as one those neutral site locations. they have 50 degree weather in October or November in the City at that time, one question would this idea be well received and if it works well will baseball adapt this as the new normal?

#5 The current plague is not expected to wear off as early as June or July or maybe by Christmas at the latest if that’s so the NBA or NHL could start their seasons in December. Cancelling baseball and football. Barbara how do you see those scenarios?

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Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: 49ers show confidence in Garoppolo over Brady; Will this season’s World Series be the third one cancelled in history?; plus more

photo from sfgate.com: San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) confers with 49ers head coach Kyle Shananhan during Super Bowl LIV on Feb 2, 2020 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami

On Headline Sports podcast with Barbara:

#1 How big of a choice was it for 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo that the 49ers thought enough of him not to try and obtain Tom Brady.

#2 How important is it for the International Olympic committee in Tokyo to have chosen to move the summer games to 2021

#3 With construction put on the side due to Covid 19 the delay will take the Raiders off schedule to open up at their new Las Vegas stadium. The delay very well could force the Raiders to play another season back at the Oakland Coliseum.

#4 The new Indoor Football League team the Oakland Panthers were so excited and anxious to get their inaugural season going but had to suspend the season. Their opener was scheduled for Sat Mar 14th and now they might have to wait until next year to start.

#5 If the World Series is not played this year it will be the first World Series cancelled since the 1994 World Series due to a strike and the 1904 World Series because New York Giants manager John McGraw didn’t want to play against an inferior league the American League.

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Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Ta’mau locks up deal with St Louis; Oakland would have largest capcity in IFL; plus more

file photo from khon2.com: St Louis Battlehawks quarterback Jordan Ta’mau (10) throws during an XFL game. Ta’mau a former Kansas City Chief quarterback signed a three year deal with St Louis.

On Headline Sports with Barbara:

#1 Quarterback Jordan Ta’mau signed with the St Louis Battlehawks of the XFL. Ta’mau was formerly with the Kansas City Chiefs. Ta’mau before the season was suspended threw for 1,050 yards and led the XFL with 12 touchdowns. The signing is expected to strengthen the XFL’s brand and gives players who didn’t get a chance to stay in the NFL to get some playing time and a contract.

#2 The Indoor Football League’s Oakland Panther’s like the rest of the IFL season is on hold during the pandemic but if they ever get this season off the ground which would be the inaugural season for the Panthers and the 11th season for the IFL the Panthers would be the proud team to have the largest capacity in the league with some 19,596 seats at Oracle Arena in Oakland.

#3 Granted that the pandemic would come to an end by June or July there is that possibility that baseball could return. The teams might need June to play some more exhibition games and open the regular season through September and play the post season in October.

#4 Major League Soccer also shares that interest that they could return after playing only two weeks of the regular season after being suspended. MLS could return by June or July and play through October.

#5 The New York Yankees Aaron Judge has gone through the mill suffering a number of injuries even last season he sat some time out. This season after the MLB season went on suspension Judge had to recover from a rib injury and collapsed lung Judge says his condition has improved and he’s anxious to get back to work. The state of Florida has not imposed an essential shut down so players can stay and work out and continue to try and get prepared.

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Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Shelter in place, wash your hands, sing happy birthday two times

file photo from thehill.com: NBA floor displays the NBA Playoffs logo which the league plans to hold in August once the flu season is well over with

Headline Sports podcast with Barbara:

#1 Nine Bay Area counties have called for a Shelter in Place meaning to just stay at home and work from home what will that mean for millions of people who will be stuck at home.

#2 The NBA is already talking about having their season run through August if they can get back by either May or June and have the playoffs in August.

#3 14 to 15 Tahoe ski resorts have closed down due to the Coronavirus scare which have three to four feet of snow and skiers would have to leave the Tahoe Region. Some couldn’t leave because the roads were closed.

#4 The NFL approved a 17 game season and a three game pre season totaling 20 games. With higher salaries, more players on the roster and larger pensions for current and former players.

#5 Indoor Football League was the last league to cancel their games postponing their opening days last Saturday. The ban that allows 50 or less people to gather killed any chance for an indoor football opener.

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Headline Sports with Barbara Mason: Girls basketball canceled due to virus related issues; Sharks have they turned the corner?; plus more Sharks

ap photo: The San Jose Sharks Kevin LaBanc puts one on net against the Minnesota Wild’s goaltender Alex Stalock (32) last Thursday night at SAP Center in San Jose

On Headline Sports with Barbara Mason:

#1 Girls basketball game between Menlo Park-Ahterton and O’Dowd Oakland in the Interscholastic Federation Girls basketball league was canceled due to related concerns regarding Coronavirus.

#2 San Jose Sharks showing signs of improvement have won three of their last four games. They play back to back games this weekend Saturday and Sunday.

#3 Pac 12 Women’s Tournament in Vegas is underway the Cal Bears got a 71-67 win over Arizona State University. Cal senior Jaelyn Brown led Cal with 22 points.

#4 St Mary’s mens will play on Saturday a 9:15pm tip vs. Pepperdine in the WCC Tournament. St Mary’s head coach Randy Bennett said the WCC Tournament is meal to meal event.

#5 Oakland A’s pitcher AJ Puk was given a good news regarding his shoulder. Dr. Neal Elatrache said there are no structural issues.

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