Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Cam scrum shows he’s ready to instagram and compete; Raiders hang onto win in Carolina; plus more

New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton (1) gets into a scuffle with the Miami Dolphins on Sunday after Newton said the Dolphins defenders were trying to pull the chain around his neck. Newton had posted a language laced instagram before the game regarding the Dolphins (photo from msn.com)

On Headline Sports podcast with Barbara:

#1 The New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton got into it on opening day with the Miami Dolphins players. Towards the end of the game on Sunday two Dolphins players were trying to reach for his chains he wore and Newton had to be restrained after the chain grabbing attempt.

#2 In the fourth quarter the Dolphins got within three points when at 4:10 Justin Howard carried for a yard to score to cut the Patriots lead 14-11. The Patriots Sony Michel carried for a one yard run for the clincher at 5:23 in the fourth quarter as the Pats put it away 21-11.

#3 Despite the Carolina Panthers best attempt to come back in the fourth quarter against the Las Vegas Raiders with 15 points on Sunday. The Raiders maintained a four point win 24-20 it was the very first win as the Las Vegas franchise.

#4 Its onto Monday Night Football for the Raiders on Sep 21st against the New Orleans Saints for the Raiders first game ever in Las Vegas with a 5:15pm start. Season ticket holders only Barbara how do you see this match up?

#5 Last night before the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants on Monday Night Football you saw Little Richard sing the MNF theme “Rip it up” instead of having Hank Williams Jr who was previously pulled from singing the MNF theme. Williams had been pulled in 2011 by ESPN for comparing President Barack Obama who played golf with former speaker of the house John Boehner to Hitler playing golf with (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu).” Williams came back in 2017 to do more “Are you Ready” recordings but for this season with all the social justice, Black Live Matters issues, and knowing Williams ultra right wing politics, his statement about Obama which didn’t sit well with the players ESPN made the change.

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Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Lakers make comeback in game 2; Giannis absence keeps Bucks fighting win game 4 ; plus more

The Milwaukee Bucks key player Giannis Antetokounmpo injures his ankle during the first half of the Eastern Conference Semi Final with the Miami Bucks on Sun Sep 6th at Lake Buena Vista Florida (AP News photo)

On Headline Sports podcast with Barbara:

#1 How does the Lakers survive blowing a 21 point lead to beat the Houston Rockets 117-109 in Game 2 is that the sign that the Lakers played a good team or they are faltering and have to regroup just to get back into the game? The series is tied 1-1 with game 3 Tuesday night.

#2 The Milwaukee Bucks Giannis Antetokounmpo was out for most of game 4 but the Bucks had to come back from behind and got an overtime win over the Miami Heat 118-115. The Heat do lead in the series 3-1. Antetokounmpo will not play in game 5.

#3 Turning to baseball former St Louis Cardinal and Hall of Famer Lou Brock passed away on Sunday at the age of 81 Brock held the all time base stealing record at 118 in 1974 until the Oakland A’s Rickey Henderson broke the record with 130 in 1982.

#4 The San Francisco Giants are pushing to get a playoff birth. After promoting their starting catcher from the minor leagues in August Joey Bart things started clicking for SF they went on a six game win streak and strung some key wins together. They have this month of September to try and catch up for a wild card birth.

#5 The Oakland A’s get a big win over the Houston Astros to keep the win streak going in the Houston series at two with a 4-2 win in the first game of the doubleheader. The A’s Khris Davis hit his second home run of the season, Davis is hitting .155.

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Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Can A’s bounce back after Covid shutdown; Seattle series has been postponed

The Oakland A’s who acquired Tommy LaStella (9) is seen here after a first inning home run against the San Francisco Giants while LaStella was with Los Angeles Angels in the Tue Aug 18th game at Angels Stadium. LaStella is expected to be in the line up Friday night in Oakland (AP News photo)

On Headline Sports with Barbara:

#1 The Oakland A’s cancelled their game Sunday with the Houston Astros due to a traveling member of the team contracting Coronavirus that member was not identified and the Astros were chirping about the A’s cancelling the game. Houston Astros coach Josh Reddick a former Athletic was vocal about the game being canceled what were some of the things he said and the Astros said criticizing the A’s?

#2 Sunday was the third game out of five games that the A’s were involved in with postponements. The first was in Texas on Thursday as the A’s and Rangers honored  paying tribute to shooting victim Jacob Blake. The second was Friday in Houston where the Astros and A’s agreed to cancel after walking off the field with a Black Lives Matter T shirt on home plate and the third on Sunday.

#3  The A’s who had Monday off and were supposed to travel to Seattle were in quarantine in Houston their games in Seattle have been canceled. The A’s took Covid tests on Sunday and all the results come back negative they should be back in the Bay Area tonight and host the San Diego Padres on Friday night at the Oakland Coliseum.

#4 The A’s who made a trade for Rangers pitcher Mike Minor on Monday in exchange for two players to be named later are hoping Minor who is 0-5 can get on track and help the club. Minor in his last outing pitched shutout ball for six inning against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

#5 The A’s who lost a doubleheader on Saturday needed to shore up some holes and they had to make some deals getting Tommy LaStella from the Angels. The A’s who had a pretty good July and August saw the Astros come up from second place as Houston is just 2 1/2 games back of the first place A’s.

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Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Giants Pence says he understands the move; NBA news from Orlando

San Francisco Giant outfielder Hunter Pence loses the ball in the lights at Dodger Stadium and Giants starter Johnny Cueto loses his bid for a no hitter on Aug 8th’s game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Pence was given his unconditional release Sat Aug 22 before the Angels-Giants game at Oracle Park. (sfgate.com file photo)

Headline Sports podcast with Barbara:

#1 One thing you could say about the departure of former Giants outfielder Hunter Pence he understood the move by Giants manager Gabe Kapler after Pence hit .096, started the season 0-23 and lost a fly ball in the lights at Dodger Stadium a play that broke up pitcher Johnny Cueto’s no hitter.

#2 Pence left the team with class saying that he knew the time was coming and that he knew he had to bring more to the table than what he was.

#3 Pence said that the pandemic was first and foremost concern right now over baseball that being released by the Giants is not as important as other people’s health and he was really more focused on that.

#4 Turning to the NBA after losing four straight playoff games to the Boston Celtics the Philadelphia 76ers fired head coach Brett Brown on Monday. The 76ers general manager Elton Brand indicated there will be more front office changes. Critics of Brown said that the 76ers didn’t use Ben Simmons enough.

#5 The Milwaukee Bucks who are some 1,000 miles away playing in a bubble in Orlando shared their feeling about Kenosha Wisconsin resident Jacob Blake who was shot in the back seven times by police as Blake was trying to get into his car, Blake survived but is paralyzed. The Bucks George Hill said that the police are disappointed they didn’t kill Blake because they wanted him dead and Hill added thank God he’s alive.

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Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: 49ers WR Jalen Hurd looking at knee surgery; Cleveland pitcher says he’ll leave team if Clevinger and Plesac stay

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Jalen Hurd (17) is facing knee surgery, he had a MRI, Hurd missed most of the 2019 season from a back injury (sfgate.com photo)

Headlines with Barbara podcast:

#1 The San Francisco wide receiver 49ers Jalen Hurd is going to have major knee surgery, Hurd missed last season due to a back injury and was diagnosed with a torn ACL after having an MRI.

#2 Hurd during the pre season last year had three catches for 31 yards and had two touchdowns for 20 yards and four yards of the opening game of the pre season but was shelved for the rest of the season when back trouble started.

#3 Cleveland relief pitcher Oliver Perez said he would leave the team if pitchers Mike Clevinger and Zach Plesac were allowed to stay with the team. Although Clevinger and Pleasac were both tested negative for Coronavirus and had apologized for leaving the team hotel to meet with friends when the club was in Chicago violating team policy regarding Covid-19 protocols. Both were optioned to the team’s alternative site.

#4 During a team meeting on Friday teammates were very vocal about what Clevinger and Plesac did put the club in jeopardy as both players apologized. Teammates were angry that Clevinger took a team flight after being in contact with meeting with friends and Pleasac who was caught trying to sneak back into the hotel by MLB security was forced to drive back to Cleveland from Chicago.

#5 The Oakland A’s who took another loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks 10-1 tonight and that makes A’s (16-8) and Yankees (16-6) behind the Dodgers (18-7) for the best record in baseball.

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Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Kings playing out the string face Pelicans tonight

Houston Rockets’ Austin Rivers (25) passes over Sacramento Kings’ DaQuan Jeffries (19) and Harry Giles III (20) during the second half of an NBA basketball game Sunday, Aug. 9, 2020, in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (AP Photo/Ashley Landis, Pool)

On Headline Sports with Barbara Mason:

#1 Barbara another tough loss for the Sacramento Kings on Sunday this time to the Houston Rockets and they couldn’t hold the lead past the first quarter of play.

#2 The first thing that Kings head coach Luke Walton has to think of when in front of the bench is how he has to shut down the Rockets James Harden not an easy task seeing the Kings came into ESPN World Wide of Sports Arena having lost four of their last five games.

#3 Harden after that weak first quarter lit it up and left that first quarter as just a memory driving to the basket and taking some outside shots that got him 32 points for the game.

#4 The Rockets Austin Rivers had 41 points leading the Rockets and when you get Rivers and Harden with the hot hands the Kings would virtually need their entire line up to contribute on offense to catch up.

#5 The Kings will face their only team they defeated since the re-start of the regular season and that’s Zion Williamson and the New Orleans Pelicans on tonight can the Kings do it?

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Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Reds reported outbreak has Tigers concerned; Will individual teams decide to shut it down?; plus more

Cincinnati Reds second baseman Mike Moustakas throws a runner out in the fourth inning of Fri Jul 24th’s game against the Detroit Tigers at Citizens Bank Ball Park. Moustakas reportedly is sick no confirmation if he is positive with Covid-19 (USA Today photo)

Headline Sports podcast with Barbara:

#1 The Cincinnati Reds third baseman Mike Moustakas has reportedly come up sick  and after the breaking story on Monday morning regarding the Miami Marlins having at least 17 players and two coaches that came down with Covid-19 will this outbreak force MLB to shut down the season?

#2 How irresponsible will it be if MLB was to continue playing on after all these reports of new outbreaks.

#3  The Philadelphia Phillies over the weekend hosted the Marlins and now are very concerned about playing on and the New York Yankees worried are in Philadelphia as they take on the Phillies a series which was schedule to start on Monday night.

#4 Detroit Tigers manager Rob Gardenhire says he’s become nervous about the Reds situation since the Tigers are in the same division as the Reds and have to face them with Moustakas out and now Reds outfielder Nick Senzel sick, Gardenhire says he knew it was going to happen sooner or later.

#5 Although the idea of shutting down the season would be a practical one from the stand point of safety do you see MLB teams independently deciding for the common good just like two MLS teams did in soccer by just shutting it down.

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Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Fed Ex, Nike sponsorship would be dropped if Washington didn’t change the name and mascot; Where St Mary’s College is with opening up athletics; plus more

Racist logo and name of the Washington Redskins will be dropped after Nike, Fed Ex, Amazon and other sponsors said they would drop out as team sponsors if Washington didn’t remove the Redskins name. The new name of the team has not been announced yet. (NBC Sports file photo)

On Headlines podcast with Barbara:

#1 Barbara, the Washington Redskins name is no more, Washington owner Dan Snyder has agreed to change the name after much pressure. He at one time said he would never change the name of the team but after the demonstrations regarding the murder of George Floyd and racial injustices and the possibility of losing Nike and Fed Ex as sponsors that all changed for Snyder.

#2 Snyder is not doing this because it’s the right thing to do but economically he has no choice but to make that choice and if didn’t change the name after all of that he would suffer economically when his sponsors start to pull out. Is it pretty obvious where Snyder’s heart is in all of this?

#3 How concerned should an athletic collegiate program like St Mary’s be regarding the future of their sports program. The obvious thing with the virus has everyone concerned and most likely they could have an athletic program much like what is happening in the Pac 12 being forced to close it down due to heavy spiking of Covid-19?

#4 Barbara, It’s not going well in MLB not only with the departure of Buster Posey catcher of the San Francisco Giants leaving to take care of his twins, but Chicago White Sox pitcher Michael Kopech has opted out who reportedly was having issues with anxiety and depression.

#5  The Houston Astros pitching staff including pitching coach Brent Strom did not workout with the team over the weekend due to an Astro employee who contracted Covid-19 from someone outside of the organization. At this rate will it be a miracle if MLB could even complete a whole month of baseball?

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Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Washington minority owners trying to get out of ownership; Six coaches over 60 heading to WNBA bubble in Florida; plus more

espn.go.com file photo: Washington Mystics head coach Mike Thibault said he’s heading down to the WNBA Florida bubble. Thibault is one of six coaches over 60 heading to Orlando and said the bubble is a controlled environment it shouldn’t be a problem

On Headline Sports with Barbara:

#1 Washington football team minority owners Fred Smith, Dwight Schar, and Robert Rothman are seeking help from an investment banking firm to help them find buyers to buy their shares of ownership of the Washington football as majority owner Dan Snyder has refused to change the name Redskins to another name.

#2 Snyder has said he will explore changing the name with Washington head coach Ron Rivera. Rivera said that changing the name would be awesome.

#3 Barbara, five coaches in the WNBA are over 60 and in an interview with the Hartford Courant 69 year old head coach of the Washington Mystics Mike Thibault who has a likely chance to contract the virus is still heading to the WNBA bubble in Florida and said it’s a controlled environment but could he and the other coaches be making a big mistake?

#4 Barbara, there are six teams vying for the last and eighth spot in the NBA Playoffs Memphis, Portland, Sacramento, New Orleans, San Antonio, and Phoenix. The Mavericks have a magic number of one win and one Grizzlies loss to gain the seventh spot which is very possible.

#5 Former Penn State guard Rasir Bolton said that Penn State basketball head coach Pat Chambers had made racial remarks about a noose. According to Bolton in Bolton’s 2018-19 freshman year Chambers said to Bolton “I want to loosen the noose that’s around your neck,” Bolton’s parents went to see the Athletic Director about the remarks and Chambers who attended the meeting said he was impressed how “well organized” and “well spoken” Bolton’s parents were which are racial reference connotations assuming that black people are not organized or articulate.

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Headline Sports podcast with Barbara Mason: Kaepernick to have six part documentary on Netflix; 49er Sherman says Newton contract not right; plus more

In this combination photo, filmmaker Ava DuVernay appears at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Feb. 9, 2020, left, and Colin Kaepernick attends The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute benefit gala in New York on May 6, 2019. Kaepernick is joining with Emmy-winning filmmaker DuVernay on a Netflix miniseries about the teenage roots of the former NFL player’s activism. Neftlix says the limited series, titled “Colin in Black & White,” will examine Kaepernick’s high school years. (AP Photo)

Headline Sports podcast with Barbara:

#1 Barbara Netflix will be running a special on Colin Kaepernick that will document his high school years that took him all the way to his years of activism. This will be a six episode documentary and is expected to be timely and thoroughly riveting on Kaepernick’s rootsto his what brought him to taking a knee in the NFL.

#2 Kaepernick during his 49ers years in post game interviews used to give short worded answers and sentences until one day he spoke out after a game about racial injustices and injustices by law enforcement and announced he would take a knee during the national anthem until those justices were righted.

#3 It was a move that later got him banished from the NFL and rebuked by Donald Trump who said that any SOB taking a knee should be fired. This will be a huge part of the upcoming Kaepernick documentary.

#4 San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman is disgusted about Cam Newton’s deal with the New England Patriots questioning on twitter why he got the league minimum $1.5 million pay when he’s a seasoned veteran and other lesser quarterbacks are receiving $15-16 million?

#5 One other point why Newton took the deal from the Pats as it was reported no other team made Newton an offer. The Cleveland Browns had talks with Newton but nothing came to fruition.

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